IJRITCC August 17 Volume 5 Issue 8

2. Importance of Dimensionality Reduction in Image Processing  

Authors: Jigna J. Patel

Page No.: 21 – 24


3. Warehouse Review Classification Using Naïve Bayes Classifier  

Authors: Sinchana T N, Dr. Jharna Majumdar

Page No.: 12 – 15


4. Valuation Model for Commercial Properties in PMC  

Authors: Sneha Mokalkar, Prof. Pravin Minde

Page No.: 16 – 20


5. Sentiment Analysis in Marathi Language  

Authors: Snehal V. Pawar, Prof. Swati Mali

Page No.: 21 – 25


6. Identity Resolution across Different Social Networks using Similarity Analysis  

Authors: Neha Talokar, Swati Mali

Page No.: 26 – 30


7. Identification, Analysis & Empirical Validation (IAV) of Object Oriented Design (OO) Metrics as Quality Indicators  

Authors: Dr. Brajesh Kochar, Shailendra Singh Gaur, Dinesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Page No.: 31 – 40


8. Implementation of High Speed Railway Mobile Communication System  

Authors: Prof. K. S. Solanki, Kratika Chouhan

Page No.: 41 – 44


9. A Dynamic and Improved Implementation of Banker’s Algorithm  

Authors: Ms. Kshipra Dixit, Dr. Ajay Khuteta

Page No.: 45 – 49


10. Nature of offences for Wildlife Conservation in India  

Authors: Prof. D. Bharathi

Page No.: 50 – 53


11. Detection and Privacy Preservation of Sensitive Attributes Using Hybrid Approach for Privacy Preserving Record Linkage  

Authors: V. Uma Rani, Dr. M. Sreenivasa Rao, Kotra Sai Srujana

Page No.: 54 – 58