IJRITCC June 17 Volume 5 Issue 6

1. Design and Implementation of an Advanced Home Automation System using WiFi Technology  

Authors: Jaspalsinh Prafulsinh Yadav, Prof. Riyaj Kazi

Page No.: 01 – 04


2. Oblong Mean Prime Labeling of Some Snake Graphs  

Authors: Sunoj B S, Mathew Varkey T K

Page No.: 05 – 07


3. Compressive Study on Wireless 3d Printer Using Lua Code  

Authors: Chetan P, Arun S, Megha M, Sarfrazkhan F, Maltesh I.G.

Page No.: 08 – 14


4. Two stage Decision Tree Learning from Multi-class Imbalanced Tweets for Knowledge Discovery  

Authors: Salina Adinarayana, E. Ilavarasan

Page No.: 15 – 19


5. Variability in Behavior of Application Service Workload in a Utility Cloud  

Authors: Monika Sainger, Dr. K. P. Yadav, Dr. H. S. Sharma

Page No.: 20 – 25


6. Security & Privacy Issues of Big Data in IOT based Healthcare System using Cloud Computing  

Authors: Md. Zahid Ibna Alam, Prof. Hiral M. Patel

Page No.: 26 – 30


7. Study of Ancient and Recent Methods of Green Buildings  

Authors: Dr Awari Mahesh Babu

Page No.: 31 – 36


8. An Optimization Framework for IEEE 802.11s Based Wireless Mesh Network  

Authors: Veenu Mor, Harish Kumar

Page No.: 37 – 41


10. Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm to Diagnose Breast Cancer  

Authors: Dr. W. Abdul Hameed, Dr. Shaik Sharief Basha

Page No.: 46 – 50


11. Development of Artificial Pancreas  

Authors: Ananya Mathur, Apoorva Chaudhary

Page No.: 51 – 55


13. Worldwide Consumption of Sodium and Its Impact on Human Health  

Authors: Sonal Dhemla, Dr Kanika Varma

Page No.: 62 - 67


14. Prediction of Conflicts in Transportation Services using Real-Time Data  

Authors: Wali Salman Khan, Ankita Sheetlaprasad Upadhyay, Anjali Ashok Chidrawar, Namrata Rajkumar Kore, Balaji. Bodkhe

Page No.: 68 - 73


16. Graph Based Disambiguation of Named Entities using Linked Data  

Authors: Arpa H. Mirani, Mansi A. Radke

Page No.: 78 – 86


17. Multilevel Security System for Bank Locker  

Authors: Aishwarya Shah, Akshay Wadatkar ,Santosh Verma, Prof. M. P. Sardey

Page No.: 87 – 92


18. Digital Image Steganography: Study of Current Methods  

Authors: Arun Kumar Singh

Page No.: 93 – 96


19. Some Properties of Fuzzy Evidence Graph  

Authors: Mathew Varkey T.K, Sreena T.D

Page No.: 97 – 99


20. A Semantic-Based Friend Recommendation System for Large-scale System  

Authors: Miss. Bhavana Zambare, Mrs. Madhuri Zawar

Page No.: 100 - 104


21. A Comprehensive Survey on Sixth Sense Technology  

Authors: Reema Dhiman, Navneet Kaur

Page No.: 105 – 108


22. Brain Computer Interface based Robot Design for Physically Disabled Person  

Authors: Shradha S Salunke, Prof. Riyaj Kazi

Page No.: 109 – 112


24. MPPT for Photovoltaic Systems with SEPIC Converter Counting Steady-State and Drift Analysis  

Authors: Mr. Narayan L. Khiste, Mrs. K. S. Gadgil

Page No.: 119 – 127


25. A Novel Reliability Management Technique by Reduced Replication in Cloud Storage Applications  

Authors: C. Afzal, M. Atheequllah Khan, M. Sudhakar

Page No.: 128 – 133


26. Data Transfer via Human Body  

Authors: Shubham Rathod, Bhavana Kate, Sandip Bhange, Mrs. H. D. Shinde

Page No.: 134 – 136


27. Electrical Power Line Theft Detection  

Authors: Mr. Jitendra S. Atkari, Mr. Shubham A. Sutar, Mr. Vivekanand G. Birajdar, Ms. A. B. Kanwade

Page No.: 137 – 141


28. Modification of Current Weather Indicating System used at Airports  

Authors: Sagar Tathod, Somesh Joshi, Umair Yelurkar, S.V. Lohar

Page No.: 142 – 144


30. DIP Based Smart Door Lock System  

Authors: Ms. Uzma Fatima Shaikh, Ms. Usha Shinde, Prof. M. P. Sardey

Page No.: 150 – 153


31. Data Analysis using Hierarchical Computing  

Authors: Aliasger Kagalwala, Ankush Khurana, Shashwat Kaul, Govind Pole

Page No.: 154 – 158


32. Divergence among Students for E- Learning Skills in Different Districts of Jammu & Kashmir  

Authors: Wasim Akram Zargar, Manoj Kumar, Jagbir Ahlawat

Page No.: 159 – 169


33. Comparative Analysis of Different Tools Business Process Simulation  

Authors: Jayesh J. Gamar, Dr. B.S. Agrawal

Page No.: 170 – 174


34. Air and Sound Pollution Monitoring System using IoT  

Authors: Sarika Deshmukh, Saurabh Surendran, Prof. M.P. Sardey

Page No.: 175 – 178


35. Review of performance of various Big Databases  

Authors: Mallika Wadhwa, Er. Amrit Kaur

Page No.: 179 – 182


36. Business Process Simulation: Transformation of BPMN 2.0 to Discrete Event System Specification  

Authors: Jayesh J. Gamar, Dr. B.S. Agrawal

Page No.: 183 – 186


37. Characteristics and Challenges of Big Data  

Authors: Piyush Bhardwaj, Dr. Suruchi Gautam, Dr. Payal Pahwa, Neha Singh

Page No.: 187 – 190


38. Enhanced DCP filter for Real-World Hazy Scenes  

Authors: Sanjay Sharma, Padma J Bonde

Page No.: 191 – 196


39. Energy Efficient Network Selection in Heterogeneous Network using TOPSIS  

Authors: Priyanka Rani, Silki Baghla, Dr.Himanshu Monga

Page No.: 197 – 202


40. Car Black Box System  

Authors: Miss. Umeda Anil Yeole, Miss. Kirti Narendra Deshmukh, Mrs. Mohini P. Sardet

Page No.: 203– 205


41. Big Data Harmonization – Challenges and Applications  

Authors: Prof. Jigna Ashish Patel, Dr. Priyanka Sharma

Page No.: 206 – 208


42. Construction Project of Residential Building in 3-Tier City  

Authors: Tejas Sanjay Nikumbh, Dipak P. Patil

Page No.: 209 – 211


44. A Single Phase Five Level Inverter based on switched DC sources with Reduced Number of Total Component Count by Novel Topology  

Authors: Mrs. Bharati S.Mathapati, Prof. Shubhangi S.Landge, Prof.Pushkaraj V.Sakhare, Mr.Jadhav Dnyaneshwar N.

Page No.: 218 – 223


45. Simulation and Analysis of Modified RSA Cryptographic Algorithm using Five Prime Numbers  

Authors: Dharitri Talukdar, Lakshmi Prasad Saikia

Page No.: 224 – 228


46. Application of Inventory Management in Construction Industry  

Authors: Jyoti Sanjeev Mohopadkar, D. P. Patil

Page No.: 229 - 231


47. Personnel Identification Using Handwriting, Tested On Indian Writers  

Authors: Anish Raj, Apoorva Chaudhary

Page No.: 232 – 235


48. An Exploration of Security Issues in Cloud Environment  

Authors: Tharani P, Kalpana A M

Page No.: 236 – 243


49. UWB MIMO Antenna with Band-Notched Characteristic  

Authors: D. Krupa Rani, J.V.K. Ratnam

Page No.: 244 – 247


50. Internet of Things: A World of Need and Opportunity  

Authors: Vikas Kumar, Dr. Neetu Sharma

Page No.: 248 – 252


51. Generalized Coding Theorem with Different Source Coding Schemes  

Authors: D. K. Sharma, Sonali Saxena

Page No.: 253 – 257


52. An Integrated Approach for detecting DDoS attacks in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Sarat Akasapu

Page No.: 258 – 261


53. Speed Control of Induction Motor using Fuzzy Logic  

Authors: Miss. Ritita. R. Lavate, Mrs. K. S. Gadgil

Page No.: 262 – 265


55. GUI Based Test Case Generation- A Review  

Authors: Mrs. Aarti Chugh

Page No.: 273 – 276


57. A Survey on Brain Tumor Classification & Detection Techniques  

Authors: Mrunal H. Suthar, Yeshvanht Birla

Page No.: 283 – 286


59. The Sum-Eccentricity Energy of A Graph  

Authors: Mohammad Issa Sowaity, B. Sharada

Page No.: 293 – 304


60. Hybrid Recommendation System Using Clustering and Collaborative Filtering  

Authors: Roshni Padate, Priyanka Bane, Jayesh Kudase, Adarsh Gupta

Page No.: 305 – 310


61. Hybrid Cooler Works on DC Motor  

Authors: Pranali Nitnaware, Ajay Mahawadiwar

Page No.: 311 – 317


63. Electronic Counseling System for the Visually Impaired in Enugu State Nigeria  

Authors: Okeke Ogochukwu Clementina, Ndigwe Chinwe F.

Page No.: 324 – 329


64. An Overview of Image Steganography: Survey and Analysis  

Authors: Arun Kumar Singh

Page No.: 330 – 332


66. Monitoring of Temperature and Analysis of Image Degradation in EFMRI System  

Authors: Renuka, Prof. Shahla Sohail

Page No.: 338 – 341


67. Analysing Amino Acids in Galanin Graph Theoretical Approach  

Authors: Suresh Singh G., Akhil C. K.

Page No.: 342 – 346


68. Metallographic Image Fusion  

Authors: V. K. Bairagi, Ekbote Shrutika A., Bhosale Akshada R.

Page No.: 347 – 352


69. Advancements in Multi-Layer Perceptron Training to Improve Classification Accuracy  

Authors: K. Hemalatha, K. Usha Rani

Page No.: 353 – 357


70. Spur Gear Damage Analysis Using Variation of Speed Range  

Authors: Deepika S.

Page No.: 358 – 362


71. Enhancing Accuracy of Disease Prediction of KNN and Euclidean Distance using Hybrid Approach  

Authors: Amandeep Kaur, Varinder Kaur Attri

Page No.: 363 – 367


72. Enhancing Performance in Terms of Energy Consumption of Cluster Based Protocol by the use of Priority Queue  

Authors: Kiranpreet Kaur, Asst. Prof. Neena Madan

Page No.: 368 – 373


73. An Evolutionary Algorithm based Parameter Estimation using Pima Indians Diabetes Dataset  

Authors: Dr. Chandan Banerjee, Sayak Paul, Moinak Ghoshal

Page No.: 374 – 377


74. Content Based Image Retrieval using CMM+GWT and SVM Classifier  

Authors: Rocky S. Upadhyay, Dayashankar Pandey, Ritesh Yadav

Page No.: 378 – 381


75. (N,N) Share Generation using Key Share approach for RGB image in VCS  

Authors: Shivam S. Upadhyay, Niresh Sharma, Ritesh Yadav

Page No.: 382 – 386


76. Solve Non-Linear Parabolic Partial Differential Equation by Spline Collocation Method  

Authors: P. B. Choksi, A. K. Pathak

Page No.: 387 – 391


77. Remotely Sensed Image Inpainting With MNLTV Model  

Authors: Rohini B. Late, Prof. N. G. Dharashive

Page No.: 392 – 398


78. Spatial Analysis of Crime with Public Alliance System  

Authors: Amandeep Kaur, Dr. Neetu Sharma

Page No.: 399 – 404


81. E-CAPTCHA: A Two Way Graphical Password based Hard AI Problem  

Authors: Sudarshan Soni, Dr. Padma Bonde

Page No.: 418 – 421


82. Performance Enhancement of Channel Estimation Technique in Broadcast and Multicast Mode  

Authors: Onkar Singla, Harjeet Singh, Navdeep Choudhary

Page No.: 422 – 425


83. Feasibility and Stability of Steel Girder Bridge on Basis of Corrosion  

Authors: Reshma Biswakarma, Er. Manjit Kaur

Page No.: 426 – 431


84. Software Test Automation with Robot Framework  

Authors: Harsha T, B A Sujatha Kumari

Page No.: 432 – 433


85. Polarity Classification of Twitter Data using Sentiment Analysis  

Authors: Arvind Singh Raghuwanshi, Satish Kumar Pawar

Page No.: 434 – 439


86. Cocoa Care - An Android Application for Cocoa Disease Identification  

Authors: Harivinod N, Pooja P, Nithesh Kumar H, Ashritha B S, Gururaj G Hegde

Page No.: 440 – 444


87. BFSMpR:A BFS Graph based Recommendation System using Map Reduce  

Authors: Vivek Pandey, Dr. Padma Bonde

Page No.: 445 – 449


88. Design of Solar-Biomass-Biogas Based Hybrid System for Rural Electrification with Environmental Benefits  

Authors: Priyanka Anand, Sarbjeet Kaur Bath, Mohammad Rizwan

Page No.: 450 – 456


89. Attribute Based Encryption with Verifiable Time Stamped Decryption  

Authors: Miss. Madhavi Phalak, Mr. Rahul Gaikwad

Page No.: 457 – 461


90. Implementation of RDH in Encrypted Image  

Authors: Miss. Harshali Phalak, Mr. Rahul Gaikwad

Page No.: 462 – 466


91. Enhancing Security of Android Phones  

Authors: Tejaswini Bhandarkar, Prof. Rajesh Babu

Page No.: 467 – 470


92. Clone Detection for Efficient System in WSN Using AODV  

Authors: Ms. Rupika Yadav, Prof. Roshani Talmale, Prof. Vishal Tiwari

Page No.: 471 – 478


93. A Review Paper on Design Analysis of Connecting Rod  

Authors: Magesh Kumar, Prof. Ankush K Biradar

Page No.: 479 – 481


94. Investigation of Mechanical Properties and Phase Analysis in Boiler Plate ASME SA-516-60 Grade by Welding Process  

Authors: Arvind B. Totey, Kartik Bamrautwar, Chiranjeevi Shetye, Niti Shesh

Page No.: 482 – 485


95. A Survey on Meta-Heuristic Scheduling Optimization Techniques in Cloud Computing Environment  

Authors: Shubhdeep Kaur Sandhu, Anil Kumar

Page No.: 486 – 492


96. Analyzing the Effect of Scintillation on Free Space Optics  

Authors: Jasjot Kaur Sahota, Divya Dhawan

Page No.: 493 – 496


97. A Study on Hyper Spectral Remote Sensing Pest Management  

Authors: A. Swarupa Rani, S. Jyothi

Page No.: 497 – 503


98. A Survey on Classification of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Vennu Lavanya, Prof. C. Kalyana Chakravarthy

Page No.: 504 – 510


99. Advanced Transport Management System  

Authors: Maheshwari Kale, Sayali Bhadale, S. V. Lohar

Page No.: 511 – 513


100. Automated Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy: A Survey  

Authors: Pradeep Kumar K G, Dr. Karunakara K, Dr. Thyagaraju G S

Page No.: 514 – 520


102. Light Monitoring on a Management Tool  

Authors: Naveena. Anumala, Dr. R. Kumar

Page No.: 525 – 531


103. Niobium Superconducting Cavity for Radio Frequency: A Review  

Authors: Sachin Rishishwar, Raghavendra Sharma

Page No.: 532 – 535


104. Security System by Motion Detection and Light Mechanism  

Authors: Lipika Shah, Heena Sayyed, Rohini Temkar

Page No.: 536 – 539


105. Design and implementation of JAMB Computer-Based Test System with Voice Command  

Authors: Dr. M. O. Onyesolu, Ezenwegbu Nnamdi Chimaobi

Page No.: 540 – 548


107. Implementation of Anomaly Detection Using Data Mining Technique  

Authors: Ragini, Mahesh Kumar

Page No.: 554 – 556


108. From Traditional to 360-Degree Feedback in Performance Evaluation of Bhutan  

Authors: Sagar Bhujel, Rinchen Zangmo, Sonam Wangmo, Yeshi Wangchuk, Kezang Jurmey

Page No.: 557 – 565


109. G-Task: Proposal for Development of a Freelancing Android Based Mobile Application in Bhutan  

Authors: Sonam Wangmo, Tashi Phuntsho, Kailash Rai , Tshewang Tenzin, Nima Dukpa

Page No.: 566 – 570


110. Evaluation of Student Data Storage System and Development of Student Information System  

Authors: Ney Dorji, Rinzin Dema, Sonam Tenzin, Tshering

Page No.: 571 – 577


112. PI Controller Based New Soft-Switching Boost Converter With A Coupled Inductor  

Authors: Amala Asokan, P. Sundaramoorthi

Page No.: 599 – 604


113. Real Time Respiration Rate Measurement Using Temperature Sensor  

Authors: Abhishek Singh, Apoorva Chaudhary

Page No.: 605 – 607


114. Phishing: A Continual Threat for Cyber World  

Authors: Somnath Basak, Chandrani Ray Chowdhury

Page No.: 608 – 612


115. Proof Verification and Attribute Based Re-Encryption of Shared Data over Public Cloud  

Authors: Mr. Swapnil R. Patil, Prof. N. D. Kale

Page No.: 613 – 618


116. Signal Capturing on VLSI Systems in Real Time  

Authors: S. Khadar Bhasha, B.H.K. Bhagat Kumar

Page No.: 619 – 624


117. Sign Language Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks  

Authors: N. Priyadharsini, N. Rajeswari

Page No.: 625 – 628


118. An Analytical Survey on Vein Pattern Recognition  

Authors: Lovepreet Kaur, Navjot Kaur

Page No.: 629 – 634


119. Gujarati Word Sense Disambiguation using Genetic Algorithm  

Authors: Zankhana B. Vaishnav

Page No.: 635 – 639


121. POTC model for Safe and Secure Cyber Communication as well as Transactions  

Authors: Desai Ami Shaileshkumar, Dr. Sanjay Buch

Page No.: 643 – 649


122. Research Proposal on Distinct Study and Significant of Search Techniques in Web Mining  

Authors: Tiruveedula Gopikrishna, Prof. Dr. K. V. N. Sunitha

Page No.: 650 – 654


123. Design & Performance Analysis of 8-Bit Low Power Parity Preserving Carry-Look Ahead Adder  

Authors: Palak Sharma, Amandeep Singh Bhandari, Dr. Charanjit Singh

Page No.: 655 – 664


124. Squential Step Towards Pattern Warehousing  

Authors: Harshita Jain, Dr. Akhilesh Tiwari

Page No.: 665 – 670


125. A Systematic Literature Survey on IDS  

Authors: Palash Chaturvedi, Amit Saxena

Page No.: 671 – 676


126. Modeling used for Software Product Line Engineering  

Authors: Satinderjit Kaur Gill, Dr. Amita Sharma

Page No.: 677 – 679


127. Efficient Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithm for text Classification  

Authors: Dr. M. Durairaj, A. Alagu Karthikeyan

Page No.: 680 – 688


128. A Pragmatic Review on Security and Integrity in Wireless Networks  

Authors: Shina Arora

Page No.: 689 – 692


129. Personal Assistance using Artificial Intelligence for Computers  

Authors: Bharathi K, Prathmi Naik V, Shamanth A P, Shreyas S, Shyam Thejaswi

Page No.: 693 – 695


130. Arithmetic Operations on Intuitionistic Hexagonal Fuzzy Numbers Using ? Cut  

Authors: Dr. A. Sahaya Sudha, M. Revathy

Page No.: 696 – 704


131. Predictor Analysis of the Non-parametric Bulk Arrival Fuzzy Queueing System  

Authors: Sivaramalingam Geetha, Bharathi Ramesh Kumar, Sankar Murugesan

Page No.: 705 – 709


132. Design of An Efficient Image Enhancement Algorithms Using Hybrid Technique  

Authors: Mohammad Abdul Ramiz, Prof. Ruhina Quazi

Page No.: 710 – 713


133. Sharing Data with Secure Advancing ABE method using Timestamp  

Authors: Miss. Sharayu Bonde

Page No.: 714 – 718


135. Wind Power Control Using MPPT and SEPIC Converter  

Authors: Rakshith P, Jahnavi R Bhat, Ashvini M, Rakshitha C R, Vinay Kumar Sharma

Page No.: 722 – 726


137. An Approach to the Detection of Retinoblastoma based on Apriori Algorithm  

Authors: Pradeep Kumar K G, Dr. Karunakara K, Dr. Thyagaraju G S

Page No.: 733 – 738


138. Intuitionistic Hesitant Fuzzy Filters in BE-Algebras  

Authors: Hamid Shojaei, Neda shojaei

Page No.: 739 – 745


139. Challenging Problems in Data Mining and Data Warehousing  

Authors: Esha Rana, Dashrath Mane

Page No.: 746 – 752


140. Effect of Welding Parameters on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of BQ Plateastm SA 516 – 60 Grade  

Authors: Arvind B. Totey, Abhishek Lad, Aditya Takote, Kiran Dhawale, Bhaskar Yadav

Page No.: 753 – 756


141. Dynamic Policy Update on Cloud for File Access  

Authors: Shrikant Malge, Prof. Snehal D. Chaudhary, Priyanka Paygude, Shrikala Deshmukh

Page No.: 757 – 761


145. DC Line-to-Ground Fault Analysis for VSC Based HVDC Transmission System  

Authors: Ashwini K. Khairnar, Dr. P. J. Shah

Page No.: 773 – 778


146. BSRS: Best Stable Route Selection Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Applications  

Authors: Shivali Shrivastava, D. Srinivasa Rao, G. Sriram

Page No.: 779 – 785


147. Analysis and Design of Power Gated Low-Power, High Performance Latch Dynamic Double-Tail Comparator  

Authors: Ramprakash Gupta, Mr. Charanjeet Singh

Page No.: 786 – 793


149. Wireless Sensor Node for Industry 4.0  

Authors: Anantharama Somayaji, V Nattarasu

Page No.: 797 – 799


150. Development of a New Model for Population Prediction in Anambra State, Nigeria  

Authors: Okeke, Ogochukwu Clementina, Dr. Onyesolu, Moses Okechukwu, Ndigwe, Chinwe F.

Page No.: 800 – 805


151. Securing Communication in MANET through E-GAMAN Algorithm  

Authors: Deepali Aggarwal

Page No.: 806 – 810


152. EHG Signal Classification for True and False Pregnancy Analysis  

Authors: Uzma Fatima, Prof. Tirupati Goskula

Page No.: 811 – 814


154. An Innovative Method to approach Operational Feasibility Study for Making the Software Popular  

Authors: Prof. Rasendu Mishra, Prof. Rushabh Shah, Prof. Ajaykumar M Patel

Page No.: 823 – 825


155. Comparison of Microstrip Patch Antenna using Different substrate Material for Multiband Application  

Authors: Mohd Gulman Siddiqui, Kamakshi, Abhishek Saroj, Prof J. A. Ansari

Page No.: 826 – 831


156. Artificial Neural Network-based Approach for Plate Segmentation and Character Recognition  

Authors: Ms. Shabnam Sangwan, Nitin Dalal

Page No.: 832 – 837


157. A Neural Network-based Approach for the Machine Vision of Character Recognition  

Authors: Ms. Shabnam Sangwan, Nitin Dalal

Page No.: 838 – 841


158. Matrix Transformation between Geometric Difference Sequence Spaces  

Authors: Khirod Boruah

Page No.: 842 – 851


159. Fuzzy Analysis for Nodes Deployment Strategies in Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Vishal Choudhary, Dr. S.Taruna

Page No.: 852 – 855


160. Public Integrity Auditing for Dynamic Data Sharing With Multiuser Modification  

Authors: Dr. B. Sateesh Kumar, Ms. V Uma Rani, Mustafa Saad

Page No.: 856 – 859


161. EOAODV: Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Network  

Authors: Shishir Borkar, Dr. S. M. Ali, Anam Quadri

Page No.: 860 – 864


162. Hybrid TUI Abacus Model: An Advance Tool for Learning Math  

Authors: Shyamsunder G. Goswami, Suraj Kutteri, Mona Deshmukh

Page No.: 865 – 870


163. Continuous and Discrete Time Analysis of Network in NS2  

Authors: Preeti Wadhwa, Himanshi Saini

Page No.: 871 – 875


165. Measures for Cost Escalation in Bridge  

Authors: Rahul Munde, Prof. Ashish Waghmare

Page No.: 881 – 885


166. Optimization of Solar Energy Tapping by an Automatic Solar Radiation Tracker  

Authors: Bikash Monger, Jigme Namgyel, Kelzang Tenzin, Namgay Dorji, Dechen Lhamo

Page No.: 886 – 892


167. Cap Like and Star like Complex Functions  

Authors: Dr. T. Ravi

Page No.: 893 – 908


168. Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion: A Case Study of Punjab  

Authors: Neha Sharma

Page No.: 909 – 916


169. Clustering of Bootstrap for Web Service Discovery  

Authors: S. Sagayaraj, M. Santhoshkumar

Page No.: 917 – 921


171. Solution of Variable Coefficient Fuzzy Differential Equations by Fuzzy Laplace Transform  

Authors: Komal R.Patel, Narendrasinh B.Desai

Page No.: 927 - 942


172. Review Paper on Zigbee based Secured Wireless Communication by using DES Encryption  

Authors: Renuka Londhe, Shalmali Kumawat, Pooja Gaware, C. K. Bhange

Page No.: 943 – 944


173. Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generators by Using Voltage Indexing & Heuristic Method  

Authors: Aadesh Kumar Arya, Amit Kumar, Akhilendra Yadav

Page No.: 945 – 949


174. Meter Data Acquisition System  

Authors: Sonia, Dr. Neetu Sharma

Page No.: 950 – 953


176. Ad-hoc Networks Energy Management Techniques  

Authors: Arun Kumar Dey, Padma Bonde

Page No.: 960 – 964


177. An Extended Review on Fabric Defects and Its Detection Techniques  

Authors: M. Dhivya, Dr. M. Renuka Devi

Page No.: 965 – 977


180. Preventing and Detecting Technique of Black Hole Attack in MANET AOMDV  

Authors: Kavita Rani, Surender Singh

Page No.: 990 – 993


182. Internet Search Tool with Query Builder for Users in Rural Area  

Authors: Reena Lokare

Page No.: 1002 – 1004


183. An Efficient Cross-Domain Recommendation Technique in Cold-Start Situations  

Authors: V. Kiran Kumar Reddy, K. Ramesh, T. Subramanyam

Page No.: 1005 – 1010


185. Donut Shaped Ultra wideband Antenna for Cognitive Radio Application  

Authors: Anam Quadri, Dr. S. M. Ali, Shishir Borkar

Page No.: 1017 – 1019


186. Optimization of Path Selection in MIMO  

Authors: V. Santhiya, Dr. M. Uma Devi

Page No.: 1020 – 1025


187. Working Model of Refrigerator cum Air conditioner  

Authors: Sharma Vivekkumar Kiritbhai

Page No.: 1026 – 1033


189. Internet of Things Based Technology for Smart Home System: A Generic Framework  

Authors: Markandeshwar Jerabandi, Mallikarjun M Kodabagi

Page No.: 1038 – 1046


190. Avoidance of Black Hole and Gray Hole Attack in MANET using Hash Function based  

Authors: Munish Wadhwa, Ashwani Sethi

Page No.: 1047 – 1051


191. Control bit Based Congestion Control in Mobile Ad-hoc Network using OLSR Protocol  

Authors: Sukhwinder Singh, Vijay Laxmi

Page No.: 1052 – 1056


192. Overview of Indexes Used in NOSQL Databases of MongoDB Architecture  

Authors: Ms. Poonam Verma, Ms. Arpana Chaturvedi

Page No.: 1057 – 1059


193. Time Efficient Dynamic Processing of Big Data for Remote Sensing Application  

Authors: Mr. Vikas Dudhe, Prof. Gunjan Agre

Page No.: 1060 – 1066


194. Conceptual Approach of Hybrid DWT and SVD based Digital Image Watermarking for Fingerprint Security  

Authors: Zareen Khan, Prof. Tirupati Goskula

Page No.: 1067 – 1072


195. A Dynamic Parallel and Pipelined Architecture for Intra Prediction in H.265 Standard  

Authors: Diwakar K.R, Swamy T N, K Ramesha

Page No.: 1073 – 1077


196. SHED: Spam Ham Email Dataset  

Authors: Upasana Sharma, Surinder Singh Khurana

Page No.: 1078 – 1082


197. A Novel Framework for Big Data Security Infrastructure Components  

Authors: Manpreet Kaur, Alpa Shah

Page No.: 1083 – 1088


199. A Approach to Optimal Strategy for Energy Efficiency in Cloud System  

Authors: Shruti Dadhich, Prof (Dr.) Vibhakar Pathak

Page No.: 1097 – 1101


200. Role of EYCDFA for Optical Communication System  

Authors: Kulwinder Singh, Karan Goel, Kamaljit Singh Bhatia, Hardeep Singh Ryait

Page No.: 1102 – 1106


202. A Preface on Android Malware: Taxonomy, Techniques and Tools  

Authors: Rashmi Rupendra Chouhan, Alpa Kavin Shah

Page No.: 1111 – 1117


203. Importance of HRIS: A Critical Study on Service and Auto Sector  

Authors: Prof. Swati Bankar, Prof. Dr. M. D. Kakade

Page No.: 1118 - 1121


204. Architecture Analysis of NIASN  

Authors: Amardeep Gupta

Page No.: 1122 – 1124


205. Fuzzy Clustering in Web Mining  

Authors: Dr. A. B. Raut

Page No.: 1125 – 1130


207. Introduction to Fluids in Motion  

Authors: V. Manjula, Dr. K. V. Chandrasekhar

Page No.: 1137 – 1139


208. Discrete Wavelet Transformation Implementation in GPU through Register Based Strategy  

Authors: Hemkant Balasaheb Gangurde, M. U. Kharat

Page No.: 1140 – 1145


209. Review Analysis of Automated Mobile Application Testing  

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