Volume 6 Issues - (January 18 Volume 6 Issue 1)

1. Black Hole Attack, in P2P based VoD Service, and its Effects on Swarm Sizes and Seeders  

Authors: Sudipta Majumder, Md. Anwar Hussain

Page No.: 01 - 05


3. Green IT towards Digitalizing India  

Authors: Krati Bansal, Pratik Kurle, Priyanka Chawla

Page No.: 12 - 20


4. Live Image Colour Segmentation Using Different Methods of ANN  

Authors: Rosan Patel, Seema Baghel, Sweta Patel, Rosy Mishra

Page No.: 21 - 26


5. A Survey on Implementation of Homomorphic Encryption Scheme in Cloud based Medical Analytical System  

Authors: Mr.Rajesh S. Raut, Prof. P. B. Sambhare, Prof. C. J. Shelke

Page No.: 27 – 30


7. Dynamic Temperature Modulation Sensing Technique of Electronic Nose: A Review  

Authors: Huaisheng Cao, Pengfei Jia

Page No.: 35 - 40


8. Application of Inventory Management in Construction Project  

Authors: Jyoti Sanjeev Mohopadkar, D. P. Patil

Page No.: 41 – 46


9. Cyber Crime and Security  

Authors: Jushmita Mishra

Page No.: 47 - 48


10. Analysis of Flat Slab Connection System for Seismic Loads  

Authors: Sumedha, Naveen Hooda

Page No.: 49 – 54


11. Big Data Reference Architecture for e-Learning Analytical Systems  

Authors: K. Palanivel, T. Chithralekha

Page No.: 55 – 67


13. Analyzing Methods and Opportunities in Software-Defined (SDN) Networks for Data Traffic Optimizations  

Authors: Yasir Ali Matnee, Chasib Hasan Abooddy, Zainab Qahtan Mohammed

Page No.: 75 – 82