Volume 5 Issues - (September 17 Volume 5 Issue 9)

1. Ease Of Using Payment Banks In India With Suitable Application Of Software Technology  

Authors: Nidhi Bhaskar, Mohammed Mushtaq Ahmed Ali, Heera Rajput Bhattu

Page No.: 01 - 05


3. Comparision study of MobileIPv4 and MobileIPv6  

Authors: Dr. Sridevi

Page No.: 11 – 17


4. Mutual Coupling Reduction Techniques between MIMO Antennas for UWB Applications  

Authors: K. Jayanthi, Dr. A. M. Kalpana

Page No.: 18 – 22


6. Implementation of a Knowledge Management Methodology based on Ontologies :Case of Tourism  

Authors: Mouhim Sanaa, Tatane Khalid, Cherkaoui Chihab Eddine, Douzi Hassan, Mammas Driss

Page No.: 27 - 34


7. PID Controller based DC Motor Speed Control  

Authors: V. V. Kulkarni, Dr. V. A. Kulkarni, Romharshal Talele

Page No.: 35 – 38


8. Wh Question In-Situ and Movement in Najdi Dialect  

Authors: Mohammad Fayyad M. Alqasem

Page No.: 39 – 43


9. Effective Feature Selection for Feature Possessing Group Structure  

Authors: Yasmeen Sheikh, Prof. S. V. Sonekar

Page No.: 44 – 46


10. Dynamic Select Approach for Memory Allocation  

Authors: Jyoti Raina Bakaya

Page No.: 47 – 55


11. A Study of Method in Facial Emotional Recognitation  

Authors: Khem Singh Solanki, Yatendra Singh Makwana

Page No.: 56 – 59


12. Performance Analysis and Optimal Detection of Spatial Modulation  

Authors: Prof. K. S. Solanki, Abhilasha Singh

Page No.: 60 – 63


14. Biofuels – An Eco-Friendly Energy Source  

Authors: Prof. D. Bharathi, K. Chandrakala Bharathi

Page No.: 75 – 80


15. NYMBLE: Servers Overcrowding Disobedient Users in Anonymizing Networks  

Authors: R. Ravikumar, J. Ramesh Kumar

Page No.: 81 – 83


17. In Silico Structural and Functional Insights into the Lipoxygenase Enzyme of Legume Cajanus Cajan  

Authors: Pallavi, Prassan Choudhary, Alok Kumar Singh, Shailendra Singh, Naveen Kumar Singh

Page No.: 87 – 91


18. Smart License Plate Recognition Using Optical Character Recognition Based on the Multicopter  

Authors: Sanjaa Bold, Batchimeg Sosorbaram

Page No.: 92 – 96


19. QoS Issues in MANET: A Comparative Study over Different Routing Protocols  

Authors: Ram Shiromani Gupta, Girish Tiwari

Page No.: 97 – 100


20. A New Method for Figuring the Number of Hidden Layer Nodes in BP Algorithm  

Authors: Chang Mu, Bo-Zhang Qiu, Xiu-Hai Liu

Page No.: 101 - 114


21. A Survey on Hybrid Techniques Using SVM  

Authors: Kolluru Venkata Nagendra, Dr. Maligela Ussenaiah

Page No.: 115 – 120


22. Designing of Advanced and Efficient Tree Routing in Zigbee Wireless Network  

Authors: Kamini Shukla, Prof. Jayant Adhikari

Page No.: 121 – 124


25. Mitigating the Problem of Packet Dropping & Energy Management in AD-HOC Wireless Network  

Authors: Mr. Umesh Samarth, Prof. S. V. Sonekar

Page No.: 134 – 138


26. Brief Introduction on Working of Web Crawler  

Authors: Rishika Gour, Prof. Neeranjan Chitare

Page No.: 139 - 142


27. A Comparative Study on the Methods Used for the Detection of Breast Cancer  

Authors: Dr. T. Ramaprabha, T. Sathya priya

Page No.: 143 – 147


28. A Survey on Autism Spectrum Disorder and E-Learning  

Authors: S. Padmapriya, S. Murugan

Page No.: 148 – 152