Volume 5 Issues - (October 17 Volume 5 Issue 10)

1. E-Mail Security Using Spam Mail Detection and Filtering System  

Authors: K. Ravikumar, P. Gandhimathi

Page No.: 01 - 03


3. Analysis of the Potential MSW to Energy Generation in the State of Sikkim  

Authors: Tenzing Dorjee Pradhan, Srijana Rai

Page No.: 09 - 11


5. Study of Various Waste to Energy Production Techniques and its Potential in India  

Authors: Tenzing Dorjee Pradhan, Srijana Rai

Page No.: 16 - 18


6. Some New Exercises on Computability Theory Associated with Turing Machine  

Authors: B. P. Tanana, B. Cassy

Page No.: 19 – 22


7. Predicting Fraud Apps Using Hybrid Learning Approach: A Survey  

Authors: K. Aishwarya, C. Selvi

Page No.: 23 - 31


9. High PSNR Based Image Steganography  

Authors: Bhoomika Parmar, Rakesh Kumar

Page No.: 37 – 40


11. Some Classes of Cubic Harmonious Graphs  

Authors: Mathew Varkey T.K, Mini.S.Thomas

Page No.: 49 - 53


12. Review on Optic Disc Localization Techniques  

Authors: G.Jasmine, Dr. S. Ebenezer Juliet

Page No.: 54 - 58


13. To Improve Data Storage Security Levels in the Cloud  

Authors: Kolluru Venkata Nagendra, N. Haritha

Page No.: 59 – 63


15. A Review on Edge Detection Algorithms in Digital Image Processing Applications  

Authors: R V Ramana, T V Rathnam, A Sankar Reddy

Page No.: 69 – 75


16. Secure Credits for Micro Payments Scheme using Encrypted Techniques  

Authors: S. Libiyareslin, A. Senthil Kumar

Page No.: 76 – 79


17. An Analysis of DDoS Attack Detection and Mitigation Using Machine Learning System  

Authors: R. Sindhu Nayaki, A. Senthil Kumar

Page No.: 80 - 82


18. Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing using Revocable Storage Identity- Based Encryption  

Authors: S. Kalaivani, A. Senthilkumar

Page No.: 83 – 86


19. Multiservice Delivery in Wireless Networks Management  

Authors: K. Ravikumar, H. Bakyasri

Page No.: 87 – 90


20. Trust Management for Secure Routing Forwarding Data Using Delay Tolerant Networks  

Authors: K. Aravindha, A. Senthil Kumar

Page No.: 91 - 94


21. Zigbee based System for Individuals with Multiple Handicapness in Household Environment  

Authors: Shraddha R. Parashar, Devendra S. Chaudhari

Page No.: 95 - 98


22. Clone Node Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: K. Anitha, A. Senthilkumar

Page No.: 99 - 102


23. Movie Buzz: Forecasting Movie’s Success  

Authors: Sanjana Anaokar, Ria Marwaha, Pooja Karkera, Chaitali Tanawade

Page No.: 103 – 106


25. Android Encrypted Network Traffic to Identify User Actions  

Authors: K. Ravikumar, R. Thanga

Page No.: 112 - 116


26. Enhance Crawler For Efficiently Harvesting Deep Web Interfaces  

Authors: Sujata R. Gutte, Shubhangi S. Gujar

Page No.: 117 - 121


28. Minimum Component Based Sinusoidal Oscillator Using Single OTRA  

Authors: Rupam Das, Biplab Bhowmick

Page No.: 130 – 133


29. Automated Microwave Irrigation for Moisture Leve Control using Airblower System  

Authors: Shubhangi P. Lonagre, Devendra. S. Chaudhari

Page No.: 134 - 138


30. Digital Currency: The Future of Money  

Authors: Malav Shah

Page No.: 139 – 141


31. Novel Energy Management System for a DC MicroGrid  

Authors: Ashan Imantha Bandara, Prabath Binduhewa, Lilantha Samaranayake, Janaka Ekanayake

Page No.: 141 – 152


32. A Novel Architecture for Privacy Preserving Using obfuscated Attribute In e-Health Cloud  

Authors: Patel Switi, Jayesh Mevada, Krunal Suthar

Page No.: 153 - 156


33. High Speed Unified Field Crypto processor for Security Applications using Verilog  

Authors: N. Kumaresan, S. Kodeeswaran

Page No.: 157 – 161


34. Effective Computations and Foundations of Science  

Authors: Petro P. Trokhimchuck

Page No.: 162 – 171


35. Remote Video Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi 3 and GPRS Module  

Authors: Mrs. S. N. Kale, Mr. R. D. Patil

Page No.: 172 - 176