Volume 5 Issues - (November 17 Volume 5 Issue 11)

2. Design of Hybrid System Using Reflector for Isolated Areas  

Authors: Saravanan A, Subhashini A, Deepak. M, Shadhik. M

Page No.: 10 - 12


3. Optimization Model for Group Decisions Based on Consensus in Social Network  

Authors: Fajriana, Herman Mawengkeng

Page No.: 13 - 16


4. Natural Language Interface for Java Programming: Survey  

Authors: Archana R. Shinde

Page No.: 17 - 20


5. Framework on Retrieval of Hypermedia Data using Data mining Technique  

Authors: Nakhatha Arun Kumar, Dr. S. Sathish Kumar

Page No.: 21 - 23


6. Influence of Air pollution on Central Nervous System –An Overview  

Authors: Dr. B. Hemavathi, Dr. A. Shobha Rani, Dr. Burra Vijitha, Prof. D. Bharathi

Page No.: 24 - 31


8. Role of ICT in Higher Education in Global Era  

Authors: Dr. Ravindra Marathe

Page No.: 44 - 46


9. Methods of Data Access in Cloud Computing and It’s Challenges in Network Security  

Authors: Varsha Sharma, Bhawna Suri, Dinesh Kumar

Page No.: 47 – 51


10. Activity Tracker Wrist Band for Children Monitoring using IOT  

Authors: T. Bhanupriya, Dr. T. VP. Sundarajan, S. Raja

Page No.: 52 - 57


11. A Survey on Auto Live Migration Mechanism in Cloud Environment  

Authors: Mayuri B. Katosana, Prof. Hetal A. Joshiyara

Page No.: 58 – 61


13. Prediction & Survival Rate Prostate Cancer Patient using Artificial Neural Network  

Authors: Er. Sameer Dixit, Shraddha Srivastava, Er. Amit Srivastava

Page No.: 68 – 71


14. Tracking of Fluorescent Cells Based on the Wavelet Otsu Model  

Authors: W. Nancy, D. Ruban Thomas

Page No.: 72 - 74


15. Ricci Solitons in an Kenmotsu Manifold admitting Conharmonic Curvature Tensor  

Authors: S. K. Pandey, R. L. Patel, R. N. Singh

Page No.: 75 - 85


16. Privacy Preserving by Anonymization Approach  

Authors: Hetaswini J. Thathagar, Vimalkumar B. Vaghela

Page No.: 86 - 90


17. Time Series Least Square Forecasting Analysis and Evaluation for Natural Gas Consumption  

Authors: Prabodh Kumar Pradhan, Sunil Dhal, Nilayam Kumar Kamila

Page No.: 91 – 99


18. A Survey on: Hyper Spectral Image Segmentation and Classification Using FODPSO  

Authors: Jha Soni Vinit, Prof Sachin Bojewar, Prof. Deepali Patil

Page No.: 100 - 103


19. Sentiment Analysis for Stock and Share Marketing  

Authors: Shubham Jain, Mark Kain, Neha Singh

Page No.: 104 – 108


21. E-Learning: Implications for Mathematics Educators  

Authors: Nwigbo Stella N., Dr. MadhuB.K., Eze F, B

Page No.: 116 – 120


22. The Effect of Funding on the Educational System  

Authors: Nwigbo Stella, N, Dr, Madhu B,K, Nwigbo Tambari S

Page No.: 121 – 124


23. Using Multimedia System as an Instructional Strategy: Implication and Challenges  

Authors: NwigboStella N., Dr. MadhuB.K

Page No.: 125 – 128


26. Efficient and Robust Detection of Duplicate Videos in a Database  

Authors: Ragho Soni R., Shah H. P.

Page No.: 139 – 142


27. A Survey of Non -Relational Databases with Big Data  

Authors: Bansari H. Kotecha, Prof. Hetal Joshiyara

Page No.: 143 – 148


28. Analysis of Different Buffer Management Strategies in Delay Tolerance Network Routing  

Authors: Apexa A. Dabhi, Prof. Reshma Dayma

Page No.: 149 – 152


29. Survey on Cyber Attacks and Initial methods for its avoidance  

Authors: S. Swapna, Farhana Begum, Girija Rani S

Page No.: 153 - 156


30. Implementation of Banker’s Algorithm Using Dynamic Modified Approach  

Authors: Mrinal Gaur, Dushyant Singh

Page No.: 157 – 163


31. Assessment of Perform Achieve and Trade (Pat), Cycle in India and Conceptualization of its Future Performance  

Authors: Syeda Fouzia Hafeez, Dr. Santosh D Dalvi

Page No.: 164 – 173


32. Routing Protocols for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review  

Authors: Mamta R. Chaudhari, Prof. Uday Rote

Page No.: 174 – 183


33. Mass Segmentation Techniques For Lung Cancer CT Images  

Authors: Rakesh Kumar Khare, G. R. Sinha, Sushil Kumar

Page No.: 184 – 187


34. A Survey on Big Data, Hadoop and it’s Ecosystem  

Authors: Jyotsna Y. Mali, Abhaysinh V. Surve, Vaishali R. Khot, Anita A. Bhosale

Page No.: 188 – 193


35. Performance Improvement of Solar PV Cells using Various Cooling Methods: A Review  

Authors: Chetan Patel, Pavit Shah, Amit I. Pandey

Page No.: 194 – 198


36. Design and Fabrication of Remote Operated Robot with Bomb Detection using MEMS Technology  

Authors: N VijayaRami Reddy, Dr. K Sudhakar Reddy, B Rajnaveen

Page No.: 199 – 205


38. Survey of Diesease Prediction on Plants with the Helps of IOT  

Authors: Mr. P. S. Chopade, Mr. S. A. Korde

Page No.: 212 - 215


40. A Review of Elastic Search: Performance Metrics and challenges  

Authors: Subhani Shaik, Nallamothu Naga Malleswara Rao

Page No.: 222 – 229


41. The Impact of Using Lean-centered Model to Increase the Achievement of the Learners in English Language Teaching  

Authors: FilizYALCINTilfarlioglu, HunarNasih M. Faraj

Page No.: 230 - 237


42. A study on the Challenges and the Prospects of Advocate  

Authors: Sowmya. S, Ms. Poornima

Page No.: 238 – 242


43. Towards Optimal Copyright Protection Using Neural Networks Based Digital Image Watermarking  

Authors: Mokhtar Hussein, Dr. B. Manjula

Page No.: 243 – 249


44. Authentic and Anonymous Data Sharing with Data Partitioning in Big Data  

Authors: Mr. Shriniwas Patilbuwa Rasal, Prof. Hingoliwala Hyder Ali

Page No.: 250 – 253