Volume 5 Issues - (May 17 Volume 5 Issue 5)

2. A Study: Can MFCC be accepted as a Better Feature for Speech Emotion Recognition  

Authors: Akalpita Das, Purnendu Acharjee, Pranhari Talukdar

Page No.: 10 – 11


3. Smart Car System using Raspberry pi  

Authors: Anusha M R, Bhumika S Kumar, Bhuvana Priya, Poornima B S, Asst. Prof. Rakesh M B

Page No.: 12 – 15


6. A Review on Intelligent Scene Text Recognition of Natural Images  

Authors: Pooja P. Kohapare, Prof. N. Kottawar, Prof A. Manusmare

Page No.: 26 – 28


7. A Review Paper on an Approach to Track the Driver Gaze and Eyes of the Road System to Avoid the Accidents  

Authors: Kanchan S. Bobade, Prof. N. Kottawar, Prof. Ashish Manusmare

Page No.: 29 – 31


8. Design and Implementation of a Distributed Encryption System for the Cloud  

Authors: Arun Mohan, Sudheep Elayidom

Page No.: 32 – 36


9. Adsorption of arsenic (III) by a novel adsorbent prepared from Ocimum sanctum  

Authors: D. Gnanasangeetha, D. Sarala Thambavani

Page No.: 37 – 42


10. Identification of Cotton Leaf Diseases Using Raspberry Pi  

Authors: Navin V. Dumare, Prof. S. S. Mungona

Page No.: 43 – 44


11. Using Custom Mininet Topology Configuring L2-Switch in Opendaylight  

Authors: Guruprasad E, Sindhu G

Page No.: 45 – 48


13. Online Signature Verification and Authentication using Smart Phones  

Authors: Harshil Shah, Pranav Pawar, Mr. S.P. Khachane, Shikhar Sharma, Shrey Pithava

Page No.: 54 – 58


14. Unique Approach to Manage Patient Medical Records using Firebase  

Authors: Amit Koppad, Kunal Katdare, Tejas Rathod, Umanng Kolhe, Bhushan Patil

Page No.: 59 – 61


15. An Analytical Approach to Analyze Big Web Data  

Authors: Sandeep, Sachin Kumar Chauhan, Reema, Shabnam Sangwan

Page No.: 62 – 69


18. Social Network Analysis and Visualization with R  

Authors: Kim Gye-Soo

Page No.: 83 – 86


19. Ranking Product Aspects Based on Consumer Reviews  

Authors: Prof. C. M. Jadhav, Ms. Swapnali G. Patil

Page No.: 87 – 90


20. Innovation in E-Attendance System using Biometrics  

Authors: Chaitanya Sunil Khachane, Dr. S. M. Jadhav

Page No.: 91 – 93


21. Comparative Study and Analysis of Federated and Non-federated Data Warehouse Architecture  

Authors: Bikramjit Pal, Sunanda Bharti, Mallika De

Page No.: 94 – 99


22. A Survey on Development of Mobile Technology  

Authors: Mrs. Punam Gurlhosur, Mrs. Pranita Nagpurkar

Page No.: 100 – 104


23. Network Engineering through Skip List Data Structure for Federated Cloud Data Center  

Authors: Dr. Vibhakar Pathak, Shabana Patel

Page No.: 105 – 107


24. Evaluation of Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) for EHR in Fog Computing Environment  

Authors: Aisha Mohammed Alshiky, Seyed M. Buhari, Ahmed Barnawi

Page No.: 108 – 117


25. Securing Patient Data Access using Segmented Key Management Approach  

Authors: Dr. M. Sughasiny, C. Sengamalai

Page No.: 118 – 124


26. Evaluation of Road Traffic Congestion by Shock Wave Theory and Reduction Strategies  

Authors: Dr. Neeta Saxena, Dr. Neha Jain

Page No.: 125 – 129


27. Matching Domination of Lexicograph Product of Two Graphs  

Authors: P Bhaskarudu

Page No.: 130 - 134


28. Designing Techniques for Low Power Multipliers: A Review  

Authors: Swarnalika Nagi, Ms. Jagandeep Kaur, Ms. Nisha Charaya

Page No.: 135 – 138


29. Cloud Data Security using Elliptical Curve Cryptography  

Authors: Dr. P. Srivaramangai, J. Rajeshwari

Page No.: 139 - 144


30. Proposed Energy Aware Scheduling Algorithm in Data Center by using Map Reduce  

Authors: Dr. M. Sughasiny, G. Murali

Page No.: 145 - 150


31. Using Semantic Recommenders for Personalized Recommendations  

Authors: Tanuja Lonhari, Sandhya Gundre, Shilpi Arora

Page No.: 151 – 154


33. Proposing Optimus Scheduler Algorithm for Virtual Machine Placement Within a Data Center  

Authors: Dr. M. Sughasiny, M. Hari Prakash

Page No.: 159 – 165


34. Bio medical Waste Management : A Case Study of Pune City  

Authors: Vaishali D. Jaysingpure, Ashwin A. Mali, Samadhan D. Raut, Pranav S. Shinde

Page No.: 166 – 169


35. Pattern Based Mining For Relevant Document Extraction  

Authors: Priyanka R. Magar, C. S. Biradar

Page No.: 170 – 173


36. A Cryptographic Solution to the Predefind Bound of Ciphertext Classes in KAC  

Authors: Mr. Rahul Suresh Tamkhane, Mr. Nilesh S. Vani, Mr. Pramod B. Gosavi

Page No.: 174 – 178


37. The Study of Vander Waals (vdW) Coefficients for Chalcogenide Semiconductor Compound (ChSCs)  

Authors: Dr. Alka Singh, Dr. Navin Kumar

Page No.: 179 – 182


38. Implementation of Data Hiding Approach by Diverse Image Media  

Authors: Miss. Sweeti. A. Parwatkar, Prof. V. B. Bhagat.

Page No.: 183 – 186


39. Wavelets and Their Application in Image Processing with Future Research Prospect  

Authors: Y. S. Thakur, Ajay Maurya

Page No.: 187 – 190


40. QoS Web Service Composition  

Authors: Jaspreet Bedi, Rydhm Beri

Page No.: 191 – 193


41. Analysis of Black Hole Attack in MANET Based on Simulation through NS3.26  

Authors: Neelam Janak Kumar Patel, Dr. Khushboo Tripathi

Page No.: 194 – 205


42. A Review on Software Architecture Optimization Methods  

Authors: Akshay Jadhav, Dr. Sanjay Agrawal

Page No.: 206 – 211


43. Sentiment Classification using Machine Learning: A Survey  

Authors: Kushall Pal Singh, Sanjay Agrawal

Page No.: 212 – 216


44. Ferry Route Design with MAC Protocol in Delay Tolerant Networks  

Authors: Chaitra T K, Dr. A S Poornima

Page No.: 217 – 222


45. Custom Annotation for Execution of Data Manipulation Commands in a Generic Manner – A Case Study  

Authors: Dr. Poornima G. Naik, Mr. Girish R. Naik

Page No.: 223 – 232


46. An Efficient Approach towards Tidal Power Production Using Vertical Planar Motion  

Authors: Dhanalakshmi.S, Murugalakshmi.A

Page No.: 233 – 236


47. Performance Characteristics of Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor based Immunosensor  

Authors: Dr. P. Geetha, Dr. N. Vidyalakshmi

Page No.: 237 – 240


49. Vehicle Health Monitoring System Using ARDUINO and IOT  

Authors: Chaitra B, Raziya Begum M, Aishwarya K, Sachin Patil

Page No.: 252 – 254


50. Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna using Ads Tool  

Authors: Rajaneesh Ganiger, Nanda Hunagund, Shruti Surangi, Suman Patil, Sachin Patil

Page No.: 255 – 258


51. Rakshak - A Rescue Bot  

Authors: Laxmi T, Nikhat B, Suryaprabha M C, Vijaylaxmi V S, Basavaraj Soratur

Page No.: 259 – 261


52. An Empirical Study to Examine the Role of Manufacturing Informatics in Smart Manufacturing  

Authors: Jaspreet Singh Randhawa, Amanpreet Singh Sethi

Page No.: 262 - 269


53. To Study The Impact of Information and Communication Technology Tools on Society of Hilly and Rural Area of Bhor Taluka, District- Pune, Maharashtra  

Authors: Atul Dattatrya Newase, Dr. Jitendra Sheetlani, Dr. Ranjit D. Patil

Page No.: 270 – 279


54. Literature Survey on Keystroke Dynamics for User Authentication  

Authors: Brajesh Singh, Saurabh Sonawane, Yash Shah, Vaishakh Singh

Page No.: 280 – 282


55. Border Security System  

Authors: Nitin Srivastava, Neeraj Gupta, Bittu Verma, Prashant Tiwari, Lakshay Verma, Manjeet Kaur

Page No.: 283 – 285


56. Reliable Taxi Ride Sharing System  

Authors: Prof. K. K. Chhajed, Gauri Bhade, Harsha Khapre, Neha Gawande, Dhanashri Lokhande, Snehal Gawai

Page No.: 286 – 290


57. A Color Image Watermarking Scheme Based On QR Factorization, Logistic and Lorentz Chaotic Maps  

Authors: Kamred Udham Singh, Dr. Achintya Singhal

Page No.: 291 – 296


58. Biometric Fusion and Recognition  

Authors: Supriya S. Laykar, S. B. Patil, A. N. Jadhav

Page No.: 297 – 301


59. Bandwidth Enhancement of Different Patch Shaped Antennas  

Authors: Simran Goyat, Kapongo Ilunga, Anil Kumar, Ved Prakash

Page No.: 302 – 306


60. Programming Languages: A Survey  

Authors: Krishan Kumar, Sonal Dahiya

Page No.: 307 - 313


61. Securing Web Accounts Using Graphical Password Authentication through MD5 Algorithm  

Authors: Siddheshwar A. Suratkar, Rahul A. Udgirkar, Pratik D. Kale, Amit A. Shelke, Mohsin H. Shaikh, Prof. D. C. Dhanwani

Page No.: 314 – 319


62. A Survey of Azure ML Recommender System  

Authors: Tanvi D.Patel, Ankita Gandhi

Page No.: 320 – 324


63. Variable Size 2D DCT with FPGA Implimentation  

Authors: Monika Rani Jha, Mr. Neeraj Gupta, Ms. Shruti Karkra*

Page No.: 325 – 332


64. A Study of Supervised Learning in Context with Decision and Regression Tree  

Authors: Prof. Neeraj Bhargava, Dr. Ritu Bhargava, Kapil Chauhan

Page No.: 333 – 337


65. Numerical Investigation of Thermal Performance Factor for different Twisted Tape Configurations  

Authors: B.Pramila Devi, Ch. Kiran Kumar, K.Pavan Kumar

Page No.: 338 – 345


66. Compendious Discourse Concerning MANET Routing Protocols & Simulation Tools  

Authors: Sandeep Kaur, Rydhm Beri, Satbir Singh

Page No.: 346 – 349


67. Survey on Hybrid Anonymization using k-anonymity for Privacy Preserving in Data Mining  

Authors: Binal Upadhyay, Sumitra Menaria

Page No.: 350 – 355


68. Implementation of Energy Saver Circuit using 8051 Microcontroller  

Authors: Goutam Kumar Maity, Arunava Karmakar, Pradip Kumar Das, Sandip Mandal

Page No.: 356 – 360


69. A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Banks in India  

Authors: Habiba Abbasi

Page No.: 361 – 370


70. Optical Quadruple Feynman Gate using SLM and Savart Plate  

Authors: Animesh Bhattacharya, Goutam Kumar Maity, Amal K Ghosh, Kazi A H Taslim Arif

Page No.: 371 – 375


72. Non Linear Chaotic Map for Secure Data Transmission  

Authors: S Sankar, S Nagarajan

Page No.: 380 - 384


74. Power Amplifier Linearization using Singular Value Decomposition Algorithm  

Authors: Er. Sanjeev Goyal, Er. Harpreet Kaur, Er. Harisharan Aggarwal

Page No.: 389 – 392


75. Analysis of Channel Models for Memory Less Nonlinear System  

Authors: Er. Sukhwinder Partap Rana, Er. Harisharan Aggarwal

Page No.: 393 – 395


76. An Empiral Study and Discussions on Multiple Object Tracking: Current State of Art  

Authors: Adinarayana Ekkurthi, Dr. G.Sudhavani

Page No.: 396 – 399


77. Review on Performance Analysis of Square Pixel and Hexagonal Pixel Structure in Image Processing  

Authors: Snehali A. Dakhore, Prof. K. B. Bijwe

Page No.: 400 – 403


78. IoT based Smart Hospital for Secure Healthcare System  

Authors: Sejal Patel, Narendra Singh, Sharnil Pandya

Page No.: 404 – 408


79. A Survey of VPN Performance Evaluation  

Authors: Avani J.Patel, Ankita Gandhi

Page No.: 409 – 413


80. Performance Analysis of OOK-NRZ and OOK-RZ digital Modulation Techniques for Free Space Optical Communication System  

Authors: Er. Manjit Singh Bhullar, Er. Harpreet Kaur, Er. Harisharan Aggarwal

Page No.: 414 – 416


81. Miscellaneous Properties Of Full Graphs  

Authors: Shadi Ibrahim Khalaf, Veena Mathad, Sultan Senan Mahde

Page No.: 417 – 419


82. IoT Based Automated Car  

Authors: Bhumit Patel, Sharnil Pandya, Satvik Patel

Page No.: 420 – 422


83. Secure E-mailing System Using Pair Based Scheme and AES with Session Password  

Authors: Mandar A. Joshi, Vikrant S. Shendarkar, Khushbu Solanke, Monika Chandelle, Nidhi Iche

Page No.: 423 – 428


84. Performance Enhancement of Routing in MANETs by using EOMD  

Authors: D Venkatesh, A Subramanyam

Page No.: 429 – 432


85. Simulative Investigations on Log-Normal Turbulence Model for Free Space Optical Communication  

Authors: Er. Darshan Singh Dhillon, Er. Harisharan Aggarwal

Page No.: 433 – 435


86. Design and Performance Evaluation of An Arduino Based Activity Tracker  

Authors: Aditya Garg, Prateek Kumar Yadav, Tushar Taneja, Manoj Kumar Pandey, Tejender Singh Rawat

Page No.: 436 – 439


87. Quality Assessments of Various Digital Image Fusion Techniques  

Authors: D. A. Deshmukh, Prof. Dr.P. V. Ingole

Page No.: 440 - 445


89. Effective Method of Image Retrieval Using BTC with Gabor Wavelet Matrix  

Authors: Mohana Sundari. L, Nivetha. R

Page No.: 453 – 458


90. Impact of Demonetization on E-Commerce Websites& Payment Systems  

Authors: Deepika Dhamija, Ankit Dhamija

Page No.: 459 – 463


91. Generation of High Voltage DC using Diodes & Capacitors in Ladder Network  

Authors: Pooja. S. A., Revathi. S., Lavanya. C. K., Somashekar. B.

Page No.: 464 – 469


92. Parallel Page Rank Algorithms: A Survey  

Authors: Atul kumar Srivastava, Mitali Srivastava, Rakhi Garg, P. K . Mishra

Page No.: 470 – 473


93. Exploring Relationship between Software Product Quality Metrics  

Authors: Rashmi Gupta, Ruchi Kamra

Page No.: 474 – 477


95. Comparative Study of Spurious Power Suppression Technique Based Carry Look Ahead Adder And Carry Select Adder  

Authors: Swarnalika Nagi, Ms. Jagandeep Kaur, Ms. Nisha Charaya

Page No.: 498 – 504


96. Design of High Speed Carry Select Adder using Spurious Power Suppression Technique  

Authors: Swarnalika Nagi, Ms. Jagandeep Kaur, Ms. Nisha Charaya

Page No.: 505 – 511


98. Twitter Sentiment Analysis of Current Affairs  

Authors: Mahavar Anjali B, Priya Pati, Abhishek Tripathi

Page No.: 517 – 521


99. A Review On Green Cloud Computing  

Authors: Anjali Verma, Dr. Priyanka Tripathi

Page No.: 522 – 528


100. Automated Control System for Air Pollution in Vehicle  

Authors: Aleena Mary Anson, Dr. Priti Singh, Manish Kataria, Sachin Dabas, Mansi Bajaj, Dr. Karamjit

Page No.: 529 – 532


101. Data Safeguarding against Internal and External Threats  

Authors: Aditi S. Dixit, Abhilasha C. Devkar, Shreya S. Kela and Amruta S. Kulkarni

Page No.: 533 – 536


102. Models for Self-Balancing of Two Wheeled Vehicles: A Review  

Authors: Rahul Kumar, Ayush Mathur, Tejender Singh Rawat, Rajat Butola

Page No.: 537 – 539


106. A Review of Intrusion Detection System  

Authors: Mr. Utpal Shrivastava

Page No.: 556 – 558


107. Supervised Intrusions Detection System Using KNN  

Authors: Mr Utpal Shrivastava

Page No.: 559 – 562


109. Distributed Software Requirement Specification- An Overview  

Authors: Neha Bhateja

Page No.: 570 – 572


111. HMOS: Head Control Mouse Person with Disability  

Authors: Madhvendra Mishra, Aditi Bhalla, Shraddha Kharad, Deepanshu Yadav

Page No.: 576 – 583


112. Outage Probability Analysis of Coded Cooperative Communication  

Authors: Dr. N. Hariharan, Chinnu. S

Page No.: 584 – 587


113. A New Subthreshold Current-Mode Four Quadrant Multiplier  

Authors: Swagata Bhattacharya

Page No.: 588 – 593


114. Sustainable Construction by Provisions of Bio-Sanitation  

Authors: Alistair Lobo, Santosh Ghatage, Shivani Tapas, Shubham Tonpe, Surabhi Joshi

Page No.: 594 – 596


115. Solution Development to Prevent Crime Rate  

Authors: Dr. A.S Poornima, Harshith. R. N

Page No.: 597 – 601


116. Developing Charity Web Application to Eradicate Poverty in Bhutan  

Authors: Cheten Dema, Sangay Zangmo, Tshering, Veelash Mongar, Kezang Dema

Page No.: 602 – 608


117. An Approach of Business Decision Making based on E-Learning and Knowledge Management  

Authors: E. Megder, K. Bendou, C. Cherkaoui

Page No.: 609 – 616


118. Performance Analysis of Petrol Engine using Producer Gas with Variable CR  

Authors: Bhavin C.Patel, Imran Molvi

Page No.: 617 – 621


119. Wavelet Based Image Transmission Analysis For Wireless VOIP  

Authors: Sarvjit Singh, J.S. Sohal

Page No.: 622 – 627


120. IR Based Home Appliances Control System  

Authors: Ankit Jandial, Sujit Kumar, Rajat Butola, Manoj Kumar Pandey

Page No.: 628 – 631


122. Speech Compression Techniques: An Overview  

Authors: Juhi singh

Page No.: 637 – 640


123. Comprehensive Study of Deep Learning  

Authors: Juhi Singh

Page No.: 641 – 645


125. An Overview of Genetic Algorithm Based Information Retrieval  

Authors: Suman, Pinki Rani

Page No.: 652 – 655


126. Studies on a Domestic Refrigerator Cabinet Temperature by Forced Convection Condensing Coil  

Authors: Vivek Aggarwal, Peeyush Chauhan, Pavan Kumar

Page No.: 656 – 661


127. Medium Access Control Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Study  

Authors: Shivali Dhaka

Page No.: 662 – 665


128. Performance Analysis of Resource Allocation with Successive group in Dense Femtocell Networks  

Authors: Rajesh. L, Bhoopathy Bagan. K, Tamilarasan.K

Page No.: 666 – 672


129. A Review on Combined Techniques of Cryptography and Steganography using Color QR code  

Authors: Monika Pipalde, Dr. Sanjay Agrawal

Page No.: 673 – 677


130. A Survey On Data Mining Techniques and Applications  

Authors: Sunil Kumar Patel, Kshipra Soni

Page No.: 678 – 682


131. Identify Cryptanalytic Brute-Force Attack Using Frequent Pattern Mining  

Authors: Jitendra Jain, Dr. Parashu Ram Pal

Page No.: 683 – 686


132. Video Steganography Techniques: A Survey  

Authors: Kamred Udham Singh, Dr. Achintya Singhal

Page No.: 687 – 695


133. Study of Types and Practice of Network Convergence  

Authors: Shaikh Abdul Azeem, Dr. Satyendra Kumar Sharma

Page No.: 696 – 699


135. Railway Accident Monitoring  

Authors: G.J.Deepika, Gurpreet Kaur, Neha Kumari, Suruchi Rathod, Sonal Dahiya, Mahendra Singh Meena

Page No.: 704 – 706


136. Use of Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulator (TENS) for localized Pain relief – A REVIEW  

Authors: Jyotsana Tripathi, Sakshi Sethi

Page No.: 707 – 710


137. A Survey on Active Defense Honeypot Mechanism for Information Security  

Authors: Binal S. Naik, Harshal Shah

Page No.: 711 – 714


138. An Expository Perception on Code Clone  

Authors: Shagun Arora

Page No.: 715 – 717


139. Parking Management System: A Review  

Authors: Yashaswi, Manoj Kumar Pandey, Jagandeep Kaur, Siddharth Saini, Megha Verma, Deepanshu Dua

Page No.: 718 – 721


140. A Review on Prevention against Sun Damage  

Authors: Anmol Sharma, Bhawna Jethani, Sakshi Sethi

Page No.: 722 – 725


141. A Novel Method on Video Segmentation based Object Detection using Background Subtraction Technique  

Authors: M.Mary Shanthi Rani, P.Chitra, G.Shanthi

Page No.: 726 – 730


142. Review on Seuring Data by Using Data Leakage Prevention and Detection  

Authors: Rashmi S. Kadu, Prof. V. B. Gadicha

Page No.: 731 – 735


143. Regenerative Braking: Review Paper  

Authors: Khushboo Rahim, Mohd. Tanveer, Sandeep Soni, Jagandeep Kaur, Shruti Karkra*

Page No.: 736 – 739


144. Design of Ka-Band Low Noise Amplifier Using CMOS Technology  

Authors: Aditya Mudgal, Prof Dr. Janak B Patel, Mr. Neeraj Gupta

Page No.: 740 – 745


145. Plant Recognition using Hog and Artificial Neural Network  

Authors: Jasti Vishnu Vardhan, Dr. Karamjit Kaur, Mr. Upendra Kumar

Page No.: 746 – 750


146. Analysis of Studies on Applications and Challenges in Implementation of Big Data in the Public Administration  

Authors: Wesley Lourenco Barbosa, Antonio Manoel Batista da Silva, Vinicius Silva Flausino

Page No.: 751 – 759


147. Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds- A Study on Selected Equity Linked Saving Funds in India  

Authors: Dr. Mekala Tulasinadh, Dr. Rampilla Mahesh

Page No.: 760 – 765


148. Wireless Cellular Technologies and Convergence  

Authors: Shaikh Abdul Azeem, Dr. Satyendra Kumar Sharma

Page No.: 766 - 772


149. Unmanned Ground Vehicle  

Authors: S. Ilavarasu, Nikku Yadav, Hemant Dakoria, Arvind Nain, Shruti karkra, Nisha charya

Page No.: 773 – 775


151. Empowering Data Dynamic and Indirect Mutual Trust for Distributed Management Storage System  

Authors: Amarjeet T. Tharkar, M S. Emmi

Page No.: 780 – 783


152. Performance Enhancement of Android Application Testing using Android Devices as a Service Cloud Model  

Authors: Dr. N. N. Pise, Prasad P. Purnaye, Malay Dube, Mratyunjay Prasad Mishra, Manas Pandey, Rishi Jain

Page No.: 784 – 787


153. An LBP based Iris Recognition System using Feed Forward Back Propagation Neural Network  

Authors: Ms. Supriya Mahajan, Mr. Karan Mahajan

Page No.: 788 – 795


154. Automated Testing of Infotainment System  

Authors: Akshay Pola, B A Sujatha Kumari

Page No.: 796 – 798


155. A Study on Economy by Application of Agricultural Waste Materials for Improvement of Sub-grade of Flexible Pavement  

Authors: Saibal Chakraborty, S.P. Mukherjee, B.C. Chattopadhyay

Page No.: 799 – 806


156. DSRC Performance Analysis in Foggy Environment for Intelligent Vehicles System  

Authors: Mostafa El-Said, Samah Mansour, Alexander Arendsen

Page No.: 807 – 812


160. Implementation of Heart Rate Measurement Device using Wireless System  

Authors: Utkarsha P. Thatte, Mrs. K.M. Bogawar, Mrs. P.J. Suryawanshi, Ms. Sharda G. Mungale

Page No.: 832 – 836


161. Cloud Computing Systems Exploration over Workload Prediction Factor in Distributed Applications  

Authors: Ankit Sharma, Dr. Vinod Kumar Verma

Page No.: 837 – 841


162. Home Automation with Personal Assistant  

Authors: Mr. Upendra Kumar, Mr. Neeraj Gupta, P. Dinesh Reddy, Pawan Kumar Ojha, Munuana Arnold, Apoorva

Page No.: 842 – 845


163. Analysis of the Leaf Fractal Dimension  

Authors: Mr. K. Nithiyanandhan, Prof. T. Bhaskara Reddy

Page No.: 846 – 851


164. Analysis of the Shape and Fractal Dimension of Medicinal Leaves by using Image Processing Techniques  

Authors: Mr. K. Nithiyanandhan, Prof. T. Bhaskara Reddy

Page No.: 852 – 859


165. ARDUINO based Approach to Provide Optimum Conditions for Indoor Cultivation  

Authors: Hitesh Pathak, Manoj Kumar Pandey, Tejender Singh Rawat

Page No.: 860 – 863


166. Approximate Compressors for Multiplication  

Authors: Pooja Rathee, Rekha Yadav

Page No.: 864 – 868


167. Cognitive Radio : A Solution for Issues in Network Convergence  

Authors: Shaikh Abdul Azeem, Dr. Satyendra Kumar Sharma

Page No.: 869 – 874


168. Energy Harvesting Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review  

Authors: Mrs. Sonam Khera, Dr.(Mrs.) Neelam Turk, Dr.(Mrs.) Navdeep Kaur

Page No.: 875 – 878


169. Some Chain–Type Estimators for Population Variance in Two Phase Sampling  

Authors: A. Bandyopadhyay, P. Parichha, Pitambar Das

Page No.: 879 – 885


170. Feature Extraction and Classification of Welding Defects using Artificial Neural Network  

Authors: Amandeep Kaur, Puneet Garg

Page No.: 886 – 889


171. Comparison in Behavior of FSO System under Clear Weather and FOG Conditions  

Authors: Mohammad Yawar Wani, Prof.(Dr). Karamjit Kaur, Ved Prakash

Page No.: 890 – 895


172. Critical Survey of Different Clustering Algorithm for Effective Tumor Detection  

Authors: Rajeev Kumar, Dr. K. James Mathai

Page No.: 896 – 899


173. Analysis of the Different Medicinal Leaf with Fractal Dimension  

Authors: Mr. K.Nithiyanandhan, Prof.T. Bhaskara Reddy

Page No.: 900 – 906


174. Contemporary Approach for Technical Reckoning Code Smells Detection using Textual Analysis  

Authors: Dr. P. Sengottuvelan, M. Sangeetha

Page No.: 907 – 911


175. Impact of Cloud Computing in E-Learning: A Study  

Authors: Dr. Mayank Aggarwal, Rinkey, Dr. Piyush Gupta

Page No.: 912 – 922


176. Real Time and Continuous Detection of Phishing Websites  

Authors: Priyanka.M, Prasanna Kumar K.R

Page No.: 923 – 928


178. A Survey on True-reputation Algorithm for Trustworthy Online Rating System  

Authors: Chanakya G. M, G. Uma Mahesh

Page No.: 935 – 941


179. Effectiveness of Social Media as Marketing Strategy  

Authors: Neha Kuhar

Page No.: 942 – 944


180. Comparison between Routing Technologies of Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Shivali Dhaka

Page No.: 945 – 948


181. Review on Classification Methods used in Image based Sign Language Recognition System  

Authors: Hemina Bhavsar, Dr. Jeegar Trivedi

Page No.: 949 – 959


182. Performance Boosting Components of Vedic DSP Processor  

Authors: Anuradha Savadi, Raju Yanamshetti

Page No.: 960 – 964


183. A Survey on Lock Screen for User Authentication Method in Android  

Authors: Yash Thakur, Ravi Raj Chauhan

Page No.: 965 – 970


184. Under Publication Process  

Authors: Under Publication Process

Page No.: 971 – 975


185. Mindfulness Meditation and Brain Signals: A Review  

Authors: Seema S. Kute, Sonali B. Kulkarni

Page No.: 976 – 980


186. In Silico Structural, Functional and Phylogenetic Analyses of Corynebacterium Aspartokinase: An Enzyme of Aspartate Family of Amino Acids  

Authors: Krishnendu Pramanik, Pooja Rajbhar, Tithi Soren, Tushar Kanti Maiti

Page No.: 981 – 987


187. Notes on Interval-Valued Hesitant Fuzzy Soft Topological Space  

Authors: Manash Jyoti Borah, Bipan Hazarika

Page No.: 988 – 1000


188. Recognisation of Outlier using Distance based method for Large Scale Database  

Authors: Madhav Bokare, V.M Thakare

Page No.: 1001 – 1006


189. Triple Security in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Aakansha Sharma, Dr. Sachin Gupta

Page No.: 1007 – 1009


190. Web Mining Evolution & Comparative Study with Data Mining  

Authors: Anu

Page No.: 1010 – 1014


191. Reliable method for Authorized Deduplication by Using Hybrid Cloud Environment  

Authors: Bhaskar G., Navya

Page No.: 1015 – 1019


192. Implementation of Efficient Class B Large Signal Amplifier using Multisim  

Authors: L.Manjunath, R.Ganesh

Page No.: 1020 – 1024


193. Fuzzy Logic Use for Decision Making in Construction Industry  

Authors: Prathamesh Brid, Raju Narwade

Page No.: 1025 – 1028


194. Review Paper on Automatic Scratch Lines Noise Removal from Video  

Authors: Vaibhav S. Manikpure, Prof. Sagar Ghormade

Page No.: 1029 – 1032


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215. High Performance Fault-Tolerant Hadoop Distributed File System  

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216. A Study on Brand Awareness of Chevrolet in and around Delhi  

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219. Evidence Of Global Warming In Nigeria  

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220. Automation of Requirement Analysis in Software Engineering  

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221. Synchronization of Solar and MSEB  

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222. Automated Pollution Control System in Vehicles: A Review  

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225. Simulation of Cylindrical Resonator with Spiral Neck and Straight Neck to Attenuate the Low Frequency Noise of Muffler  

Authors: Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta, Devesh Kumar Ratnavat

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226. Satellite Data Classification Based On Support Vector Machine, Rough Sets Theory & Rough-SVM  

Authors: Lekha Bhambu, Dr. Dinesh Kumar

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227. Computational based Structural, Functional and Phylogenetic Analyses Of 3-Deoxy-D-Arabino-Heptulosonate 7-Phosphate (DAHP) Synthase of Corynebacterium Spp  

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228. Improved Trial Division Algorithm by Lagrange’s Interpolation Function  

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230. An Optimization of Energy Saving in Cloud Environment  

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231. Embedding Error Based Data Hiding in Color Images for Distortion Tolerance  

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232. Integrity Estimation Model: Fault Perspective  

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233. Performance Analysis of Pre-Processing Techniques with Ensemble of 5 Classifiers  

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234. Exploit Cloud Computing for Next Generation Sequencing Analysis  

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239. Image Compression Using Run Length Encoding (RLE)  

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241. A Brief Review of RIDH  

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242. Mapping of Salt Affected and Waterlogged Areas using Geospatial Technique  

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244. Extraction of User Navigation Pattern Based on Particle Swarm Optimization  

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245. An Automatic Detection System for Entry of Wild Animals  

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246. Assisting Blind Using Facial Recognition and Voice Assistance  

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250. Decision Making Support Systems with VIKOR Method For Supply Chain Management Problems  

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251. Saw-Dmss Model For Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multi Attribute Decision Making Problems  

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