Volume 5 Issues - (March 17 Volume 5 Issue 3)

2. Realtime IRIS Recognition & Authentication System  

Authors: Ms. Megha Goel, Ms. Dhanshri Nikaju, Ms. Lata Parate, Ms. Vaishnavi Balpande, Ms. Minal Ambagade, Ms. Ganga Khandekar

Page No.: 05 - 09


3. Multi-Drive File Operation with Secure Authorized Data De-duplication  

Authors: Prof. Snehal P. Chavhan, Ms. Kratika Pawar, Ms. Riya Gaur, Ms. Mrunali Dogare, Ms. Snehal Lande, Ms. Harshita Danwate

Page No.: 10 – 14


4. Design and implementation of Cell Tracking system and Sync with cloud  

Authors: Mrs. P. Gotmare, Monika D. Nandankar, Lekha N. Bhange, Shamal D. Wankhede, Khushboo V. Choudhari

Page No.: 15 - 18


6. An Alternate Control Scheme for Reconfigurable Virtual Instruments  

Authors: R.Sundaramurthy, P.Dananjayan

Page No.: 26 – 31


7. A Efficiency & Latency based Compression of Hierarchical Network and Flat Network  

Authors: Dr. Dilip Sharma, Dinesh Dahima

Page No.: 32 – 35


8. A Survey: Massive MIMO for next Generation Cellular Wireless Technologies  

Authors: Bharathi C, Manjunatha Reddy H S

Page No.: 36 – 40


9. A Non-Invasive Method for Extraction of Fetal Heart Sound Signals using a Statistical Tool  

Authors: Trushna Kamdi, Naziya Pathan, Shyam Bhure

Page No.: 41 – 44


10. Framework for Identification and Prevention of Direct and Indirect Discrimination using Data mining  

Authors: Mr. A.I.Sheikh, Ms.Monika Kohale, Ms.AishwaryaWadurkar, Ms. Ashanka Bute, Ms. Dhanashri Baramkar, Ms. Aishwarya Ainchwar

Page No.: 45 - 48


12. Improving privacy and security of data using Secured Distributable Cloud Storage (SDCS)  

Authors: Padmanaban K, Lakshmi.B, Keerthana R, Hemavaasanthi E

Page No.: 58 – 61


13. Design of Arithmetic and Logic Coprocessor based on Logarithmic Number System  

Authors: Abraham N R Singh, T.k. Sethuramalingam

Page No.: 62 – 66


14. Minimizing Energy Consumption Using Internet of Things  

Authors: Abinaya. S, Akshaya. G, Dhivya. J, Madhan. S

Page No.: 67 – 70


16. Location and Preference based Recommendation System using Social Network  

Authors: Balachandran.A, Dinesh.R, Iyyasamy.N, Sugumaran V.R.

Page No.: 80 - 83


17. A Real Time Image Fusion based Framework for Concealed Weapon Detection  

Authors: Rajasekar M, Vignesh J, Viladhimeer T, Gopikrishnan R

Page No.: 84 - 87


18. Security Enhancement using Color Based Alphanumeric on Cloud  

Authors: Bharani. M, Naveena. R, Priyadharshini. V, Sridharan. S

Page No.: 88 - 90


19. Public Opinion Analysis Using Hadoop  

Authors: Pratik Balasaheb Jharikar, Shalvi Naresh Raut, Ashwini Ratan Patil, Mukul Hemant Sakharkar, Abhay Patil

Page No.: 91 - 96


20. Biomedical Signal Transmission Using VLC  

Authors: Manju.I, Archana.G, Archana.P ,Divya Bharathi.R, Muthu Selvi.V

Page No.: 97 - 99


21. Implementation of Automated Training & Placement  

Authors: Ayushi A. Jain, Upasna I. Khare, Sonu D. Wagh, Koyal K. Dutta, Shubham S. Pandit, Prof. Ramanand Samdekar

Page No.: 100 - 108


22. Multi-Label Classification Using Noise Reduction Technique  

Authors: Ms. Shrutika Yawale, Prof. Vaishali Suryawanshi.

Page No.: 109 - 114


23. Forensic Facial Reconstruction from Skeletal Remains  

Authors: Tabassum Khan, Apurva Sonavane, Sannan Momin, Prof. Mansing Rathod

Page No.: 115 - 120


24. Optimized Pricing Scheme in Cloud Environment Using Dedupication  

Authors: R.Menaga, R.Sangoli, M.Priyadharshini, S.Jayaraj,

Page No.: 121 - 126


25. A Review: Dynamic Database Using Hibernate and Angular JS  

Authors: Priya S. Zopate, Mrs. Girish Talmale

Page No.: 127 – 129


26. A Review: Runtime Environment for Addition Services for TOMCAT and MYSQL using JAVA Swing  

Authors: Sayali G. Patinge, Mrs. Girish Talmale

Page No.: 130 – 132


27. Literature Review of Software Process Assessment Methodology ISO/IEC 15504  

Authors: Jayesh J. Gamar, Dr. B.S. Agrawal

Page No.: 133 – 136


28. A Study on Advancements on the Zone Routing Protocol of Hybrid Ad Hoc Networks  

Authors: Suhaas K P, Dr. S Senthil

Page No.: 137 – 140


30. Hands-Free Gesture and Voice Control for System Interfacing  

Authors: Tanvish Thakker, Shrenik Ashar, Vaibhav Chopda, Nasim Shah

Page No.: 144 - 147


32. BICRYPTO: An Efficient System to Enhance a Security Protection  

Authors: R.Manimozhi, G.Priyadharshini, J.ThamizhThendral, A.R.Narendrakumar

Page No.: 154 – 158


33. Mobile Secure Examination System  

Authors: Cyril Alosious P, Sundar raj M, Manojikumar V, Jayaraj S

Page No.: 159 – 162


34. A More Effective Approach Securing Text Data Based On Private Key Cryptography  

Authors: Ekta Agrawal, Dr. Parashu Ram Pal

Page No.: 163 – 168


35. An Optimization Model for Integrated Capacity Management and Bed Allocation Planning of Hospitals  

Authors: Suryati Sitepu, Pasukat Sembiring, Herman Mawengkang

Page No.: 169 – 173


36. Automated Fuel Station with Fake Currency Detection  

Authors: Shagun Somani, Shilpa More, Shalabh Mishra, Prof. Nilam Pradhan

Page No.: 174 – 176