Volume 5 Issues - (March 17 Volume 5 Issue 3)

2. Realtime IRIS Recognition & Authentication System  

Authors: Ms. Megha Goel, Ms. Dhanshri Nikaju, Ms. Lata Parate, Ms. Vaishnavi Balpande, Ms. Minal Ambagade, Ms. Ganga Khandekar

Page No.: 05 - 09


3. Multi-Drive File Operation with Secure Authorized Data De-duplication  

Authors: Prof. Snehal P. Chavhan, Ms. Kratika Pawar, Ms. Riya Gaur, Ms. Mrunali Dogare, Ms. Snehal Lande, Ms. Harshita Danwate

Page No.: 10 – 14


4. Design and implementation of Cell Tracking system and Sync with cloud  

Authors: Mrs. P. Gotmare, Monika D. Nandankar, Lekha N. Bhange, Shamal D. Wankhede, Khushboo V. Choudhari

Page No.: 15 - 18


6. An Alternate Control Scheme for Reconfigurable Virtual Instruments  

Authors: R.Sundaramurthy, P.Dananjayan

Page No.: 26 – 31


7. A Efficiency & Latency based Compression of Hierarchical Network and Flat Network  

Authors: Dr. Dilip Sharma, Dinesh Dahima

Page No.: 32 – 35


8. A Survey: Massive MIMO for next Generation Cellular Wireless Technologies  

Authors: Bharathi C, Manjunatha Reddy H S

Page No.: 36 – 40


9. A Non-Invasive Method for Extraction of Fetal Heart Sound Signals using a Statistical Tool  

Authors: Trushna Kamdi, Naziya Pathan, Shyam Dubey

Page No.: 41 – 44


10. Framework for Identification and Prevention of Direct and Indirect Discrimination using Data mining  

Authors: Mr. A.I.Sheikh, Ms.Monika Kohale, Ms.AishwaryaWadurkar, Ms. Ashanka Bute, Ms. Dhanashri Baramkar, Ms. Aishwarya Ainchwar

Page No.: 45 - 48


12. Improving privacy and security of data using Secured Distributable Cloud Storage (SDCS)  

Authors: Padmanaban K, Lakshmi.B, Keerthana R, Hemavaasanthi E

Page No.: 58 – 61


13. Design of Arithmetic and Logic Coprocessor based on Logarithmic Number System  

Authors: Abraham N R Singh, T.k. Sethuramalingam

Page No.: 62 – 66


14. Minimizing Energy Consumption Using Internet of Things  

Authors: Abinaya. S, Akshaya. G, Dhivya. J, Madhan. S

Page No.: 67 – 70


16. Location and Preference based Recommendation System using Social Network  

Authors: Balachandran.A, Dinesh.R, Iyyasamy.N, Sugumaran V.R.

Page No.: 80 - 83


17. A Real Time Image Fusion based Framework for Concealed Weapon Detection  

Authors: Rajasekar M, Vignesh J, Viladhimeer T, Gopikrishnan R

Page No.: 84 - 87


18. Security Enhancement using Color Based Alphanumeric on Cloud  

Authors: Bharani. M, Naveena. R, Priyadharshini. V, Sridharan. S

Page No.: 88 - 90


19. Public Opinion Analysis Using Hadoop  

Authors: Pratik Balasaheb Jharikar, Shalvi Naresh Raut, Ashwini Ratan Patil, Mukul Hemant Sakharkar, Abhay Patil

Page No.: 91 - 96


20. Biomedical Signal Transmission Using VLC  

Authors: Manju.I, Archana.G, Archana.P ,Divya Bharathi.R, Muthu Selvi.V

Page No.: 97 - 99


21. Implementation of Automated Training & Placement  

Authors: Ayushi A. Jain, Upasna I. Khare, Sonu D. Wagh, Koyal K. Dutta, Shubham S. Pandit, Prof. Ramanand Samdekar

Page No.: 100 - 108


22. Multi-Label Classification Using Noise Reduction Technique  

Authors: Ms. Shrutika Yawale, Prof. Vaishali Suryawanshi.

Page No.: 109 - 114


23. Forensic Facial Reconstruction from Skeletal Remains  

Authors: Tabassum Khan, Apurva Sonavane, Sannan Momin, Prof. Mansing Rathod

Page No.: 115 - 120


24. Optimized Pricing Scheme in Cloud Environment Using Dedupication  

Authors: R.Menaga, R.Sangoli, M.Priyadharshini, S.Jayaraj,

Page No.: 121 - 126


25. A Review: Dynamic Database Using Hibernate and Angular JS  

Authors: Priya S. Zopate, Mrs. Girish Talmale

Page No.: 127 – 129


26. A Review: Runtime Environment for Addition Services for TOMCAT and MYSQL using JAVA Swing  

Authors: Sayali G. Patinge, Mrs. Girish Talmale

Page No.: 130 – 132


27. Literature Review of Software Process Assessment Methodology ISO/IEC 15504  

Authors: Jayesh J. Gamar, Dr. B.S. Agrawal

Page No.: 133 – 136


28. A Study on Advancements on the Zone Routing Protocol of Hybrid Ad Hoc Networks  

Authors: Suhaas K P, Dr. S Senthil

Page No.: 137 – 140


30. Hands-Free Gesture and Voice Control for System Interfacing  

Authors: Tanvish Thakker, Shrenik Ashar, Vaibhav Chopda, Nasim Shah

Page No.: 144 - 147


32. BICRYPTO: An Efficient System to Enhance a Security Protection  

Authors: R.Manimozhi, G.Priyadharshini, J.ThamizhThendral, A.R.Narendrakumar

Page No.: 154 – 158


33. Mobile Secure Examination System  

Authors: Cyril Alosious P, Sundar raj M, Manojikumar V, Jayaraj S

Page No.: 159 – 162


34. A More Effective Approach Securing Text Data Based On Private Key Cryptography  

Authors: Ekta Agrawal, Dr. Parashu Ram Pal

Page No.: 163 – 168


35. An Optimization Model for Integrated Capacity Management and Bed Allocation Planning of Hospitals  

Authors: Suryati Sitepu, Pasukat Sembiring, Herman Mawengkang

Page No.: 169 – 173


36. Automated Fuel Station with Fake Currency Detection  

Authors: Shagun Somani, Shilpa More, Shalabh Mishra, Prof. Nilam Pradhan

Page No.: 174 – 176


37. Penalty Generation System and Traffic Violation Detection at a Street Intersection  

Authors: ShiwanandD.Wasankar, ShitalN.Rathi, Snehal A. Deshamukh, Pooja M. Dhekankar, Komal V. Bawane, AnkitaK.Ramekar

Page No.: 177 – 179


38. My Privacy My Decision: Control of Photo Sharing on Online Social Networks  

Authors: Ms. Khandagale Dipali P., Prof. Khandagale Satyawan P, Prof. Mrs. Satarkar Prajakta A.

Page No.: 180 – 184


39. MODBUS Protocol for Reading Parameter of AC Drive  

Authors: Kunal Yogeshkumar Parikh, Mayur Jain, Sweta Shah, Jugal Lotia

Page No.: 185 – 187


40. Developing a Mobile App for Kids in Dzongkha Learning  

Authors: Kesang Dolkar, Sonam Tshering, Chencho Bidha, Damcho Thinley, Parshu Ram Dhungyel

Page No.: 188 – 191


42. Sugarcane Plantation with Inner Seed Sowing Machine  

Authors: Mr. Swapnil S. Patil, Mr. Abhishek D. Mohite, Mr. Ramachandra S. Pawar, Mr. Vikram D. Parekar, Prof. Pravin D.Babar

Page No.: 198 – 203


43. Implementation of Event Planner  

Authors: Vinay Mishra, Madhuri Dubey, Priya Banerjee, Pooja Wankhede, Pallavi Raipure, Ajvita Jumale

Page No.: 204 – 212


44. Advanced Door Level Security For Theft Detection  

Authors: Sayali V. Patil, Shital S. Patil, Mr. H. D. Gadade

Page No.: 213 – 217


45. PAPR Reduction Using Low Complexity PTS to Construct OFDM Signal  

Authors: Tanvi Manvatkar, Dr. Dilip Sharma

Page No.: 218 – 221


46. Android Application for Password less Login to Web Application  

Authors: Aakash Kanvinde, Swapnil Panchal, Shamini Palrecha, Prof. Reena Lokare

Page No.: 222 – 224


47. A Survey on Home Automation System Using IOT  

Authors: Yadnya Adhiya, Shriya Ghuge, H. D. Gadade

Page No.: 225 – 228


48. Efficient Fine Grained Access Control with Semantic Keyword Search on Encrypted Cloud Storage  

Authors: Mr. D. Maria Manuel Vianny, M. Nithya, R. Bhuvaneshwari, B.Priyanga, G. Gnanapriya

Page No.: 229 – 231


49. Calculation of Swirl Angle Using CFD  

Authors: Harsh R. Patel, Faizanali M. Saiyed

Page No.: 232 – 234


50. Gain and Noise figure analysis of L-band EDFA  

Authors: Avneet Kour, Dr. Neena Gupta

Page No.: 235 – 237


51. Survey on Automated Bugs Triage System  

Authors: Iffat Tanveer Ansari , Mirza Moiz Baig

Page No.: 238 – 240


52. Study of Irrigation Project In View of Cost and Time Overruns  

Authors: Mr. Shripad Bhagat A., Prof. S. S. Patil

Page No.: 241 – 243


53. Mobile Cloud Encrypted Searching and Traffic Reduction  

Authors: Pavan Kulkarni, Aditya More, Ganesh Pawar, Sushil Padghan, Rahul Patil

Page No.: 244 – 247


54. Optimal Fire Detection Using Image Processing  

Authors: Anagha V. Joshi, Nikita Hattiwale, Mr. H. D. Gadade

Page No.: 248 – 252


55. Environmental Monitoring & Impact Assessment of Wasni (BK) Dam  

Authors: Mr. Metkar Rishiraj V., Prof. Bhalerao Nikhil V.

Page No.: 253 – 256


56. Smart Agriculture Using Internet of Things  

Authors: Aditi Pardeshi, Bhagyashri Pawar, Mr.H.D.Gadade

Page No.: 257 – 260


57. Struts, Hibernate and Spring Integration – A Case Study  

Authors: Dr. Poornima G. Naik, Mr. Girish R. Naik

Page No.: 261 – 268


58. A Survey on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics  

Authors: Sawalaram A. Damake, Prof. P. V. Kale

Page No.: 269 – 273


59. Data Security using Reversible Data Hiding with Optimal Value Transfer  

Authors: Mrs. Darshana N. Tambe

Page No.: 274 – 280


60. Radar Like Device Using Sonar Technology for Object Detection and Analysis  

Authors: Abhinav Kumar, Pratik V Nilajkar, Sanket Thomre, H. D. Gadade

Page No.: 281 – 284


62. IPv6 TO IPv4 TUNNEL  

Authors: Asst. Prof. Ms.Rachana B.Thombare, Miss Shweta A.Patil

Page No.: 292 – 293


63. Double Encryption Based Auditing Protocol Using Dynamic Operation in Cloud Storage  

Authors: M.Mahindha, S.Muthu, R.Ranjitha, Mr.D.Maria manuel vianny

Page No.: 294 – 299


64. Enhanced Searchable Public Key Cipher Text With Hidden Structures For Fast Keyword Search  

Authors: Avhad Shivaji A., Varade Jyoti K., Aulagar Naveen S., Prof. S.A. Handore

Page No.: 300 – 303


65. 2LQR Code for Private Message Sharing and Document Authentication  

Authors: Mayuri Baheti, Samidha Dandare, Komal Shende, Priyanka Shinde

Page No.: 304 – 306


66. Synthesis and Characterization of Homogeneous Water Oxidation Catalyst Containing Single Metal Site  

Authors: Shantaram Vitthal Kalel, Jyoti Shantaram Kalel

Page No.: 307 – 312


67. Virtual Machines Overloaded In Cloud Computing Using Cloudsim  

Authors: S.Harini, N.Suruthi, D.Thiruveni, K.Satheesh Kumar

Page No.: 313 – 316


68. Android Application for Ticket Booking using QR-Code  

Authors: Dhruvesh Papade, Abhishek Gabhale, Prathamesh Phadtare, Deepali Gawali

Page No.: 317 – 320


69. Greenhouse Parameters Monitoring and Controlling System Using Arduino and Android  

Authors: Priyanka M. Dongare, Bhakti V. Nikam, Prerana R. Ekande, PushkarTerwadkar, Prof. (Dr.) S. A. Patil

Page No.: 321 – 326


70. Review on Content Management System using SharePoint  

Authors: Swapnil Panchal, Guru Sakhalakar, Mansur Patel, Vikas More

Page No.: 327 – 328


71. Web Portal for “Sagari Niwara Beach Resort”  

Authors: Harshala Vikas Patil, Shrutika vitthal Pawaskar, Yogita Dilip Prabhu, Gamare P.S.

Page No.: 329 – 331


72. Adaptive Display Intensity Control Using Digital Signal Processor  

Authors: Surinder Singh, Ritu Rani

Page No.: 332 – 334


73. GSM Based Health Assistant for People with Chronic Diseases  

Authors: Arun Prasath N., Keerthanna M., Nachimuthu J., M.R. Thiyagupriyadharsan, Prashanth Shinde P., Senthur Pandian M.

Page No.: 335 – 340


74. Residential Complex Management System  

Authors: Ms. Harshali Parwate, Ms.Vrushali Paste, Ms. Prajakta Tanavade, Mr. Gamare P. S

Page No.: 341 – 343


75. Online Recommendation of Electronic Goods  

Authors: Abhijit Patil, Niraj Pawar, Avdhut Marne, Swaroop Wagh

Page No.: 344 – 346


76. Post Disaster Management of Mithi River Flood after July -2005 by HAVOC  

Authors: Mr. Narkar M. S. Dr. More A. B.

Page No.: 347 – 349


77. Integrated Environmental Management of Suitable Resource for Cost Optimization of V-iMEET Campus.  

Authors: Mr. Shirsath Abhishek D., Prof. Ambure Sagar

Page No.: 350 – 352


78. Cost Comparison of Superstructure for Bridges: A Review  

Authors: Rajesh B. Jadhav, Ashok B. More

Page No.: 353 – 356


79. IMG-GUARD: Watermark Based Approach for Image Privacy in OSN Framework  

Authors: Rishvinbanu E, Sujitha T, Subathra R, Gopikrishnan R

Page No.: 357 – 363


80. Cost Effective Treatment Of Waste Water By Using Root Zone Treatment Theory  

Authors: Mr.Gaikwad Akshay satish, Mr.Kadam Akshay Suresh, Mr.Jagtap Ashish Sanjay, Mr.Karande Karan Tarachand

Page No.: 364 - 367


81. Comparative Financial Analysis of Construction Companies in India  

Authors: Mr. Nishane Niranjan C., Prof. Bhalerao Nikhil V.

Page No.: 368 – 371


82. A Method for Obtaining Electronic Voting Systems based Voter Confidentiality and Voting Accuracy  

Authors: P. Ravichandran, J. Sangeethan, S. Vignesh, A. R. Narendrakumar,

Page No.: 372 – 376


83. Transformation of Images Using Wavelet Transform For Image Watermarking of Text in Binary Images  

Authors: Himani Bhardwaj, Sunita Chaudhary, Meenu Dave, Neha Goswami

Page No.: 377 – 380


85. A Review on Adjustable Gain Clamping in Semiconductor Optical Amplifier  

Authors: Hardeep Kaur, Dr. Neena Gupta

Page No.: 383 – 386


86. Intelligent Street Light System Automated Street Lights Based on Vehicle Detection  

Authors: Saumil Madgavkar, Akshay Hankare, Anish Pai, Prof. Neha Chankhore

Page No.: 387 – 390


88. Enhanced Security Using Biometrics and Elliptic Curve Cryptography  

Authors: Himanshu Ganu, Soniya Jadhav, Neeraj Mhatre, Gargi Patil, Pramila Shinde

Page No.: 396 – 398


89. Android App for AAROHAN Portal  

Authors: Rakesh Khandare, Rajendra Dafale, Abhishek Anerao, Vikas More

Page No.: 399 – 400


90. Secure Effective Detection Approach for Detecting Malicious Facebook Application  

Authors: Patil Gaurav S., Kharche Chetan S., Habib Khan, Kulkarni Shekhar, H.D.Sonawane

Page No.: 401 – 406


91. A study and Comparative Analysis of HUL and ITC  

Authors: Habiba Abbasi

Page No.: 407 – 417


92. A Distributed Control Law for Load Balancing in Content Delivery Networks  

Authors: Mr. Shendage Swapnil Sunil, Dr. Deshmukh Pradeep K, Prof. Dhainje Prakash B.

Page No.: 418 – 421


93. Six Step Control vs Direct Torque Control comparative evaluation for BLDC drive  

Authors: Hassan Hadeed, Achim Gottscheber

Page No.: 422 - 427


94. A Review on Full Duplex Radio Over Fiber Using Fiber Bragg Grating  

Authors: Vibhuti Sharma, Neena Gupta

Page No.: 428 – 430


95. On (2,2)-Domination in Hexagonal Mesh Pyramid  

Authors: D. Antony Xavier, Elizabeth Thomas

Page No.: 431 – 434


96. Comparative Study of Cost and Power Consumption of HVAC System Using Phase Change Material  

Authors: Ashish Somani, Ajay Kumar Chaurasiya, Shubham Basu, Kajal Dubey, Dr. K.H. Dhanawade

Page No.: 435 – 439


97. Discovery of Ranking Fraud for Mobile Apps Evidence Aggregation Based Ranking Fraud Detection (EA-RFD)  

Authors: Patil Gokul A., Shewale Sandip K, Barhate Roshan D., Patil Tushar S., Prof. S.A.Handore

Page No.: 440 – 444


98. A Suffix Based Morphological Analysis of Assamese Word Formation  

Authors: Bipul Roy, Bipul Syam Purkayastha

Page No.: 445 – 449


99. Analysis of Image Enhancement Techniques  

Authors: Apoorva Sundaresan, Pavitra Iyer, Priyanka Patil, Kavita Tewari, Rupali Patil

Page No.: 450 – 454


100. A Brief Review On Image Retrieval Techniques and its Scope  

Authors: Shreya Bansod, Asst. Prof. Dinesh.S. Gawande, Asst. Prof. Roshan Thakur

Page No.: 455 – 459


101. QR Based Smart Shopping  

Authors: Mr. Abhishek Vernekar, Mr. Pralhad Kolambkar, Mr. Ajinkya Teli, Mr. Mitesh Chavan, Prof. Harshali Rambade

Page No.: 460 – 462


102. College Enquiry Chat Bot  

Authors: Pratik Salve, Vishruta Patil, Vyankatesh Gaikwad, Prof. Girish Wadhwa

Page No.: 463 – 466


103. Improving Security in Group Data Sharing Using Multicast Key Agreement  

Authors: Pallavi Wadkar, Prof. Sonal Honale

Page No.: 467 – 469


104. Pomegranate Fruit Separation Using MATLAB Based on Size  

Authors: Nikhil Kailas Kumbhar, Vaibhav Shrimant Pawar, Omkar Pandurang Kumbhar, Pankaj Suresh Kadu

Page No.: 470 – 473


105. Review Paper on Energy Generation with Restaurant Waste  

Authors: Kumar Mrinal, Surendra Agarwal

Page No.: 474 – 477


106. Advanced Moving Object Detection and Tracking for Video Surveillance  

Authors: Patil Shital Manohar, Anuradha B Pawar

Page No.: 478 – 483


107. A review on Person Authentication using Finger Vein Technique  

Authors: Prashant Rangrao Chaudhari, Mr. Vinodkumar P. Patil

Page No.: 484 – 486


108. Brain Tumor Segmentation Techniques: A Review  

Authors: Sagar C. Kadam, Anuradha B Pawar

Page No.: 487 – 491


109. A Brief Review on Plant Leaf Disease Detection Using Auto Adaptive Approach  

Authors: Neha Ashvin Relan, Mr. Manish M.Patil

Page No.: 492 – 495


110. Moving Object Detection and Tracking for Video Surveillance: A Review  

Authors: Patil Shital Manohar, Anuradha B Pawar

Page No.: 496 – 502


111. Intelligibility Enhancement of Synthetic Speech: A Review  

Authors: Prafulla S. Hire, Mr. Manish M. Patil

Page No.: 503 – 507


112. Review on Efficient Contrast Enhancement Technique for Low Illumination Color Images  

Authors: Swati Sharma, Prof. R. N. Mandavgane, Prof. A. P. Bagade

Page No.: 508 – 511


113. Review on Color Image Encryption Algorithm based on Pseudorandom Number Key  

Authors: Miss. K. S. Butle, Prof. R. M. Mandavgane, Prof. D. M. Khatri

Page No.: 512 - 515


114. Review on Power Line Interference Removal from ECG Signal Using Adaptive and Error Filter  

Authors: Ms. Disha Nandeshwar, Prof. Mrs R. N. Mandavgane, Prof. Ms. J. D. Dhande

Page No.: 516 – 519


115. Simulation for proposed DTN algorithm & Analysis  

Authors: Mr. Anand Mothghare, Mr. Jayant Adhikari, Mr. Rajesh babu

Page No.: 520 – 525


116. Intrusion Detection in Mobile Adhoc Network with Bayesian model based MAC Identification  

Authors: Bhagyashali Kokode, Prof. Mukul Pande, Prof. Sarvesh V. Warjurkar

Page No.: 526 – 530