Volume 5 Issues - (July 17 Volume 5 Issue 7)

1. Time Efficient VM Allocation using KD-Tree Approach in Cloud Server Environment  

Authors: Moiz Husain Bohra, Prof. Sandeep Raghuwanshi, Dr. Yogendra Kumar Jain

Page No.: 01 – 05


2. Effect of Variation in Geometrical Parameters on the Roof Trusses  

Authors: Vikas, Bhupinder Singh

Page No.: 06 – 10


3. Simulation and Performance of AC Drives Using SVPWM Technique  

Authors: B.Sujatha, K.Bhavya

Page No.: 11 – 18


4. Simulation of Five Level Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter  

Authors: P. Anil Kumar, K. Kartheek, B. Madhukar

Page No.: 19 – 24


6. Polarity Categorization on Product Reviews  

Authors: Mixymol V. K.

Page No.: 28 – 31


7. A Review on Various Types of Noise in CMOS Devices  

Authors: Neha Shukla, Karan Chandel

Page No.: 32 – 34


8. An Adaptive Teaching Model For Flipped Classroom  

Authors: Meltem Ery?lmaz, Aisha Ahmed

Page No.: 35 - 39


9. A Review on Wireless Home Automation Systems based on Zigbee Technology  

Authors: Avinash Rai, Dr. Vineeta (Nigam) Saxena,

Page No.: 40 – 45


10. Automatic Lawn Mower using Green Energy Sources  

Authors: Kanchana K, Pheba Cheriyan, Anoop K J

Page No.: 46 – 49


11. Collation of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Protocols  

Authors: Bharti Rohilla, Dr. Poonam Singal

Page No.: 50 – 53


12. The Constitutional Legislation against Child Labour in India  

Authors: Gayathri. U

Page No.: 54 – 56


14. Designing of Pick and Place Robotic Arm  

Authors: Upendra Kumar

Page No.: 61 – 64


15. Object Detection using Deep Learning with Hierarchical Multi Swarm Optimization  

Authors: T. Venkata Ramana, K. Venugopal Rao

Page No.: 65 – 68


16. Importance of Land Use Planning and its Considerations  

Authors: Ar. Tulsi N Patel, Ar. Parul Shastri

Page No.: 69 – 71


17. A Review of ECG signals for Human Emotion Detection  

Authors: Deepak Kumar, Prof. Hemant Kumar Gupta, Prof. Rahul Shrivastava

Page No.: 72 – 76


19. Evaluation of Path Lengths in Proposed Triangle Network  

Authors: Amardeep Gupta

Page No.: 85 – 86


21. Challenges in Dynamic Resource Allocation and Task Scheduling in Heterogeneous Clouds  

Authors: Ms. Ragini Karwayun, Dr. H. S. Sharma, Dr. K. P. Yadav

Page No.: 93 – 97


22. Energy Efficient CNTFET Based Full Adder Using Hybrid Logic  

Authors: Priya Kaushal, Rajesh Mehra

Page No.: 98 – 103


23. A Framework for Improving the Performance of MANET by Controlling Data Traffic using Proposed Mechanism  

Authors: Sushama Sainwar, Prof. Vishal Shrivatava

Page No.: 104 – 110


24. In Silico Molecular Insights on the Structure-Function Aspects of ACC Deaminase of a Non-Pathogenic Klebsiella Pneumoniae  

Authors: Krishnendu Pramanik, Pallab Kumar Ghosh, Tushar Kanti Maiti

Page No.: 111 – 115


25. Low Leakage and PDP Optimized FinFET based 8T SRAM Design  

Authors: Ayushi Gagneja, Dr. Rajesh Mehra

Page No.: 116 – 120


26. Real-Time Vehicle Classification and Counting Via Low-Cost Collaborative Sensing  

Authors: Ms. Shital Ramrao Tayade

Page No.: 121 – 131


27. Developing New Drug Antagonist for Alpha Adrenergic Receptors for Hypertension Diseases  

Authors: N. Naveen Kumar, K. Sowmyasree

Page No.: 132 – 135


28. Big Data Analytics Issues and Challenges: A Survey  

Authors: Dr. D. Lakshmi Sreenivasa Reddy, Dr. Mudumbi Krishna Murthy

Page No.: 136 – 140


29. Secure Transaction Model for NoSQL Database Systems: Review  

Authors: Mrs. Chaitra M, Md Aquib Raza Usmani, Priyanshu, Ranjan Mishra, Rashid Ahmed

Page No.: 141 – 144


31. Review of Digital Image Forgery Detection  

Authors: Jigna J. Patel, Dr.Ninad Bhatt

Page No.: 152 – 155


32. Migration Control in Cloud Computing to Reduce the SLA Violation  

Authors: Deeksha Bundela, Major Singh Goraya

Page No.: 156 – 161


33. Analysis of Privacy Issues in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Neetu Anand, Dr. Tapas Kumar

Page No.: 162 – 167


34. Statistical Feature based Blind Classifier for JPEG Image Splice Detection  

Authors: Surbhi Gupta, Neeraj Mohan

Page No.: 168 – 174


35. Web Page Recommendation Using Domain Knowledge and Improved Frequent Sequential Pattern Mining Algorithm  

Authors: Ms.Harshali H. Bendale, Prof. H. A. Hingoliwala

Page No.: 175 – 180


36. Under Publication Process  

Authors: Under Publication Process

Page No.: 181 – 185


37. Single Arc Truncated Suspended Rectangular Microstrip Antenna  

Authors: Suryakanth Nirate, R. M. Vani, P. V. Hunagund, S. L. Mallikarjun

Page No.: 186 – 188


39. A Review on Non Linear Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Face Recognition  

Authors: Ms. Preeti Sharma, Dr. R. P. Saxena

Page No.: 195 – 200


40. Hardware Implementation of SPWM Based Diode Clamped Multilevel Invertr  

Authors: Darshni M. Shukla

Page No.: 201 – 205


41. An Image Based PCB Fault Detection and Its Classification  

Authors: Sridhar B K, V Nattarasu

Page No.: 206 – 210


44. Natural Language Processing Semantical and Syntactical Analysis for English  

Authors: Gayatri P Patil, Mallamma V Reddy, Suman P Gouda, Nishali R Nandarage

Page No.: 219 – 222


45. BER Analysis of OFDM Systems with Varying Frequency Offset Factor over AWGN and Rayleigh Channels  

Authors: Amandeep Singh Sehmby, Dr. Harjit Pal Singh, Er. Navneet Gill

Page No.: 223 – 227


46. Clustering Approaches for Evaluation and Analysis on Formal Gene Expression Cancer Datasets  

Authors: Ramachandro Majji, Ravi Bramaramba

Page No.: 228 – 235


47. Egocentric Activity Recognition Using HOG, HOF and MBH Features  

Authors: K. P. Sanal Kumar, R. Bhavani

Page No.: 236 – 240


49. Digital Forensic Analysis through Document Clustering  

Authors: R Priya Vaijayanthi

Page No.: 245 – 248


51. A Survey on the Use of Pattern Recognition Techniques  

Authors: Raj Kumar Goel, Saurabh Srivastava

Page No.: 258 – 262


52. On Demand Feedback Analysis for Certification Process  

Authors: A M Chandrashekhar, Muktha G S

Page No.: 263 – 268


53. A Survey on Wireless Sensor Network For Agriculture  

Authors: Mr. Shankar Pujari, Mr. Nagaraju Bogiri

Page No.: 269 – 272


55. Threats –Solutions in Cloud security  

Authors: Ranjit Kumar, L. Venkateswar Reddy

Page No.: 279 – 282


57. Implementation of Digital Basket to Ease the Waiting Time during Customer Check-Out  

Authors: Puneet Palagi, Dr. Ashok Kumar PS

Page No.: 288 – 292


58. Prediction of Default Customer in Banking Sector using Artificial Neural Network  

Authors: W. S. Kanmani, B. Jayapradha

Page No.: 293 – 296


59. Reconstruction of Time Series using Optimal Ordering of ICA Components  

Authors: Amr Goneid, Abear Kamel

Page No.: 297 – 305


60. Elective Subject Selection Recommender System  

Authors: Rishi Kumar Dubey, Umesh Kumar Pandey

Page No.: 306 – 310