Volume 5 Issues - (January 17 Volume 5 Issue 1)

2. Applicaton of USB Serial Communication to Radon Measuring System  

Authors: Chung-Hyuk Yim, Tae-Gue Oh, Gyu-Sik Kim

Page No.: 06 – 09


3. Secure Data Storage on Cloud through Networking  

Authors: Mr. Uday Nalavade, Prof. Vina M. Lomte

Page No.: 10 – 14


4. Survey on Various Trust Management Issues in Cloud Environments  

Authors: Mr. Uday Nalavade, Prof. Vina M. Lomte

Page No.: 15 – 18


5. Review on Different Searchable Encryption Schemes for Cloud Computing  

Authors: Mr. Hanumant B. Raut Mali, Mr. Shrikant Nagure

Page No.: 19 – 22


6. Internet of Things Security Using Proactive WPA/WPA2  

Authors: Mustafa Kamoona, Mohamed El-Sharkawy

Page No.: 23 – 32


7. NDIR-Type CO2 Measuring and Monitoring System  

Authors: Chung-Hyuk Yim, Gyu-Sik Kim

Page No.: 33 – 36


8. Multi level DVR with Energy Storage System for Power Quality Improvement  

Authors: V. Omsri, G. Annapurna

Page No.: 37 – 43


9. Survey paper comparing ECC with RSA, AES and Blowfish Algorithms  

Authors: A Arjuna Rao, K Sujatha, A Bhavana Deepthi, L V Rajesh

Page No.: 44 – 47


10. Opportunities of E - Learning Adapting Mobile and Cloud Computing Techniques  

Authors: Dr. P. Radha, S. Deepa

Page No.: 48 – 51


11. A Study of Authentication Scheme for Wireless Access Network using APEA Framework  

Authors: Kavita R. Wagh, Prof. I. R. Shaikh

Page No.: 52 – 55


12. An Elementary Proposal on Fault Tolerant Devices for Memory Scenario  

Authors: P.Lavanya , N.S.Murti Sarma, Ch.S.V.Maruthi Rao

Page No.: 56 - 61


13. Comprehensive Review of Open Source Tools and Cross Layer Approach for Fast Growing Android Market  

Authors: Er. Vikram Dhiman, Prof. Dr. Manoj Kumar, Prof. Dr. Ajay Sharma

Page No.: 62 – 68


14. A Survey Paper on Information Leakage in Malicious Environment  

Authors: Sheetal Suryawanshi, Prof.I.R.Shaikh

Page No.: 69 - 71


15. PAPR Reduction of OFDM Using Modified Selective Mapping and Clipping Technique  

Authors: Amrita Soni, Kumar Gaurav

Page No.: 72 - 74


16. Geo-Skip List Data Structure – Implementation and Solving Spatial Queries  

Authors: Mansi A. Radke, Vaibhav Varshney, Umesh A. Deshpande

Page No.: 75 - 84


17. A Study of G-Fuzzy Congruence Relations  

Authors: Limna Raj, Reshmi Poulose, Mary George

Page No.: 85 - 87