Volume 5 Issues - (January 17 Volume 5 Issue 1)

2. Applicaton of USB Serial Communication to Radon Measuring System  

Authors: Chung-Hyuk Yim, Tae-Gue Oh, Gyu-Sik Kim

Page No.: 06 – 09


3. Secure Data Storage on Cloud through Networking  

Authors: Mr. Uday Nalavade, Prof. Vina M. Lomte

Page No.: 10 – 14


4. Survey on Various Trust Management Issues in Cloud Environments  

Authors: Mr. Uday Nalavade, Prof. Vina M. Lomte

Page No.: 15 – 18


5. Review on Different Searchable Encryption Schemes for Cloud Computing  

Authors: Mr. Hanumant B. Raut Mali, Mr. Shrikant Nagure

Page No.: 19 – 22


6. Internet of Things Security Using Proactive WPA/WPA2  

Authors: Mustafa Kamoona, Mohamed El-Sharkawy

Page No.: 23 – 32


7. NDIR-Type CO2 Measuring and Monitoring System  

Authors: Chung-Hyuk Yim, Gyu-Sik Kim

Page No.: 33 – 36


8. Multi level DVR with Energy Storage System for Power Quality Improvement  

Authors: V. Omsri, G. Annapurna

Page No.: 37 – 43


9. Survey paper comparing ECC with RSA, AES and Blowfish Algorithms  

Authors: A Arjuna Rao, K Sujatha, A Bhavana Deepthi, L V Rajesh

Page No.: 44 – 47


10. Opportunities of E - Learning Adapting Mobile and Cloud Computing Techniques  

Authors: Dr. P. Radha, S. Deepa

Page No.: 48 – 51


11. A Study of Authentication Scheme for Wireless Access Network using APEA Framework  

Authors: Kavita R. Wagh, Prof. I. R. Shaikh

Page No.: 52 – 55


12. An Elementary Proposal on Fault Tolerant Devices for Memory Scenario  

Authors: P.Lavanya , N.S.Murti Sarma, Ch.S.V.Maruthi Rao

Page No.: 56 - 61


13. Comprehensive Review of Open Source Tools and Cross Layer Approach for Fast Growing Android Market  

Authors: Er. Vikram Dhiman, Prof. Dr. Manoj Kumar, Prof. Dr. Ajay Sharma

Page No.: 62 – 68


14. A Survey Paper on Information Leakage in Malicious Environment  

Authors: Sheetal Suryawanshi, Prof.I.R.Shaikh

Page No.: 69 - 71


15. PAPR Reduction of OFDM Using Modified Selective Mapping and Clipping Technique  

Authors: Amrita Soni, Kumar Gaurav

Page No.: 72 - 74


16. Geo-Skip List Data Structure – Implementation and Solving Spatial Queries  

Authors: Mansi A. Radke, Vaibhav Varshney, Umesh A. Deshpande

Page No.: 75 - 84


17. A Study of G-Fuzzy Congruence Relations  

Authors: Limna Raj, Reshmi Poulose, Mary George

Page No.: 85 - 87


18. Applications of Ambient Intelligent Systems  

Authors: Prof. Jotsna Sambhu Saindane

Page No.: 88 - 89


19. A Survey on Big data Analytics in Cloud Environment  

Authors: Miss. Sohile Kent, Dr. Lakshmi Prasad Saikia

Page No.: 90 - 94


20. Hardware Implementaion of Image Acquisition system using FPGA & ARM  

Authors: Ms. S. R. Lad, Mr. P.C. Bhaskar

Page No.: 95 - 98


21. Design of Fast Integer Pipelined Multipliers for CMOS 64-bit Synchronous and AsynchronousLogic with Adaptable Latency  

Authors: L.Malathi, Dr.A.Bharahi, Dr. A.N.Jayanthi, S.Munaf

Page No.: 99 - 102


22. Review Paper on Visual Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Handling Disaster Management Issue  

Authors: Prof. S.O.Dahad, Mr.Mayur S. Malokar

Page No.: 103 - 109


23. Semantic Search and Social-Semantic Search as Cooperative Approach  

Authors: Ms. Priya B. Pandharbale, Mr.Rahul S.Kadam, Mr.Jaydeep B. Patil

Page No.: 110 - 114


24. Study on Total Quality Management and Reward (TQMR)  

Authors: N S Veeresh Rao, Prof. Abhijit. N. Bhirud

Page No.: 115 - 118


25. A Review on Attacks in Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET)  

Authors: Amandeep Kaur Grewal, Asst. Prof. Gurpreet Singh

Page No.: 119 - 124


26. Design and Implementation of Coal Mine Physiological Parameters Monitoring Protocol  

Authors: Swarup S. Mathurkar, Shubhada S. Thakare

Page No.: 125 - 130


27. A Review for Digital Microscope Using Raspberry Pi  

Authors: Komalpreet Kaur, Jaspal Singh

Page No.: 131 - 132


28. Data Sharing using BFID Encryption for Privacy Preseration of Data in Cloud  

Authors: Mr. Swapnil P. Deshmukh, Prof. Yogesh S. Patil, Prof. Dinesh D. Patil

Page No.: 133 - 136


29. Design of Dual and Swing Restored Complementary Pass Transistor Logic for Low Power Ripple Carry Array Multiplier  

Authors: Revathi M, Sekata Olika Abdenaa, Abreham Teshome Metaferia

Page No.: 137 - 141


30. A Review on Codec’s for Crosstalk Avoidance in VLSI Interconnects  

Authors: R. Sridevi, Dr. P. Chandra Sekhar, Dr.B. K. Madhavi

Page No.: 142 – 144


31. A Review On Real Time Embedded System For Asscessment Of Potable Water Quality  

Authors: Pradip R. Bhakare, S. S. Mathurkar

Page No.: 145 - 148


33. Comparative Analysis of Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Jagdeep Singh, Manju Bala, Varsha

Page No.: 158 - 162


34. Design Modules for the Application Software Development for Mobiles  

Authors: Navyashree T M, Spurthi BS

Page No.: 163 – 166


35. User Interface for Visually impaired Person  

Authors: Prachi Shriram Gurav

Page No.: 167 – 168


36. Review of Student Profile Management System Using QR Code  

Authors: Maid Madhuri D., Bansode Mugdha P., Prof.SalveVeenaya P., Dhole Vivek R., DhokneDhiraj V.

Page No.: 169 – 172


37. Design and Implementation of Ration Distribution System to Stop The Corruption Using AVR  

Authors: Ms.Chaudhari Rita Ravindra, Prof. M. R. Dhotre

Page No.: 173 – 177


38. Password Cracking Detection System with Honeyword  

Authors: Florita Sylvester Tuscano

Page No.: 178 – 181


39. Addressing the challenges of Visually Impaired using IoT  

Authors: Vanishree M L, Sushmitha S, Roopa B K

Page No.: 182 – 186


41. Android Based Department App – Using Smart Phone  

Authors: Priyanka Jichkar, Kalyani Gawande, Arshadkhan Pathan, Prof. Gangotri Nathaney

Page No.: 190 – 193


42. Object Detection Methodologies for Blind People  

Authors: Miss. Kirti P. Bhure, Mrs. J. D. Dhande

Page No.: 194 – 198


43. Implementation of Paper Genealogy in Subgraph Mining  

Authors: Miss. Monika Deshpandey, Mrs. Sonali Bodkhe

Page No.: 199 – 202


44. Smart Energy Metering System  

Authors: Amol Devidasrao Ugale, C.N. Deshmukh

Page No.: 203 - 209


45. Review of an Efficient Face Recognition System Using Hybrid Methodology  

Authors: Mr. Laxmikant S. Bhattad, Prof. K. B. Bijwe, Prof. V. B. Bhagat

Page No.: 210 – 212


46. Review on Service Recommendation System using Social User’s Rating Behaviors  

Authors: Atul K. Jamnekar, Prof. P. B. Sambhare, Prof. P. D. Soni

Page No.: 213 – 216


48. Impact of Non Linear Load on Power Quality  

Authors: Miss. Shital G. Bankar, Mr. Ashutosh R. Bhedarkar, Mr. Aniket P. Bhurbhure, Asst. Prof. B. S. Rakhonde

Page No.: 223 – 226


49. Real-Time, Dynamic Hardware Accelerators for BLAS Computation  

Authors: Raymond J. Weber, Brock J. LaMeres, Justin A. Hogan

Page No.: 227 – 236


50. Implementation and Design of Customer Relationship Management for Openbravo  

Authors: Sachin Kulkarni, Aditya Shah, Shubham Barai, Hrishikesh Paramane

Page No.: 237 – 238


52. Low Power Dissipation in Johnson Counter using DFAL Technique  

Authors: Veena Battula, Vishal Moyal

Page No.: 244 – 247


53. Review on Secure Auditing, Preserving and Integrity of Data Using TPA on Cloud Storage  

Authors: Sayali Vichare, Rupesh Shinde, Pooja Patil, Pankaj Pawar, Prof. Swati Gajbhiye

Page No.: 248 – 251


54. Clustering of Nodes in Layered-Tree Topology for Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Kyung Tae Kim, Hee Yong Youn

Page No.: 252 – 260


55. The Preprocessing Methods of Mammogram Images for Breast Cancer Detection  

Authors: A.P.Charate, S.B.Jamge

Page No.: 261 – 264


56. Biometric System Based Electronic Voting Machine  

Authors: Kavita Shinagare, Priyanka Mahimkar, Pallavi Karbhari

Page No.: 265 – 267


57. Comparative Study of PI Controller and PID Controller for Power Quality Improvement  

Authors: Ms. Ankita A. Yeotikar, Mr. Swapnil B. Mohod

Page No.: 268 – 271


58. Review of Solar Energy Measurement System  

Authors: Prof. Sumedh V. Dhole, Saurav Kumar, Anmol Grover, Prof. Vikas P. Kaduskar, Jitendra Kumar

Page No.: 272 - 275


59. Train a Grande Vitesse  

Authors: Miss. Geetanjali Laxminarayan Naidu, Prof. Shukracharya Sampatti Gore

Page No.: 276 – 280


60. Watermarking Technique for Tamper Detection of Cheque Image in CTS  

Authors: Siddharth Hubli, Arati S. Nayak

Page No.: 281 – 284


61. Review Paper on Healthcare Monitoring System  

Authors: Mrs. A. G. Andurkar, Ms. Suvarna S. Patil, Ms. Rupali B. Tankar

Page No.: 285 - 293


62. Automatic Brain Tumor Segmention Using Modified FCM (MFCM)  

Authors: Pravina Khandagale, Kajal Bile, Monika Raste, Ujjwala Kamble, Prof.Dhananjay Linge

Page No.: 294 – 297


63. Detection of Abnormality in Endoscopic Images using Endoscopic Technique  

Authors: Shrikant D. Kale, Dr. S. B. Kasturiwala

Page No.: 298 – 302


65. Detection and Removal of Noise from Images using Improved Median Filter  

Authors: Sathya Jose S. L, Dr. K. Sivaraman

Page No.: 309 - 313


66. Muzzle Print Recognition Using Fuzzy Eigen Face Method  

Authors: Anusha Edwin, Jerrin Thomas Panachakel

Page No.: 314 – 316


67. Network Intrusion Detection Demystified Using Classification Trees  

Authors: Zainab Assaghir, Antoun Yaacoub, Sara Makki

Page No.: 317 - 320


68. Graphical Password Scheme Resistant to Shoulder Surfing  

Authors: Prof. P. Goel, Vipin Gaur, Rahul Roy, Vaibhav Gupta, Al-Mishbha Khan

Page No.: 321 - 325


69. Collection System and Recommendation of Academic Texts with OCR Functions  

Authors: Francisco Hidalgo Bueno, Daniel Alfonso González Cervantes, Paola Nayeli Cortez Herrera, Carlos de la Cruz Sosa, Itzamá López Yáñez

Page No.: 326 – 329


70. Object Based Augmented Reality Case Study- Literature Survey on Application based approach towards Augmented Reality  

Authors: Prof. Mohini Kamat, Shreya Wagh, Prajakta Mangaonkar, Aditya Upadhyay

Page No.: 330 - 332


71. Employee Monitoring using Image Processing  

Authors: Tejaswini Dhupad, Shubhada Waghmare, Nikita Mandhan, Monal Chokshi

Page No.: 333 - 336


72. Smart Crawler a Three Phase Crawler for Mining Deep Web Databases  

Authors: Savita D. Dahake, Prof. Daithala Sreedhar, Dr. B. Satyanaryana

Page No.: 337 – 341


75. Cooperative Diversity based WBAN by using STBC  

Authors: Mridula Arora, Mohammad Sabir

Page No.: 352 – 353


76. Impact of Globalization in India  

Authors: Manpreet kaur

Page No.: 354 – 358


77. Survey on Smart Home Automation System Using Arduino for Real Time Application  

Authors: Shashikant M. Saryam, Prof. Yogesh Bhute

Page No.: 359 – 362