Volume 5 Issues - (February 17 Volume 5 Issue 2)

2. Support Vector Machine to Detect Hypertension  

Authors: Zainab Assaghir, Ali Janbain, Sara Makki, Mazen Kurdi, Rita Karam

Page No.: 06 - 09


3. Design Parameters and Shape Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna (A Review)  

Authors: Vishal Mehta, Priya, Vikas Mehta

Page No.: 10 - 13


4. Wireless Servo Motor Control using RF and MCU  

Authors: Sarthak Chakraborty

Page No.: 14 – 16


5. Securing User’s Data on Cloud Using AES  

Authors: Miss. Gauri Wagh, Miss. Shruti Gurav, Mr. Sagar Vira, Mr. Mitesh Dung, Prof. Archana Chaugule

Page No.: 17 – 20


7. A Review Paper On Motion Estimation Techniques  

Authors: Satish Kumar Sahu, Mrs. Dolley Shukla

Page No.: 26 – 32


8. Survey on Data Mining Techniques for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Breast Cancer  

Authors: Anupama Y.K, Amutha .S, Ramesh Babu.D.R

Page No.: 33 – 37


9. A Novel Cross-Site Product Recommendation Method in Cold Start Circumstances  

Authors: Avinand Reddy D, R.Venkata Ramana, M.Sudhakar

Page No.: 38 – 43


10. Ultra Thin White Topping  

Authors: Vinesh S. Thorat, Rajas T. Mannur, Pranav V. Deshmukh, Kedar R. Joshi, Akshay P. Pasalkar, Nikhil S. Lobhe

Page No.: 44 – 46


11. An Enhanced Initialization Method to Find an Initial Center for K-modes Clustering  

Authors: S. Saranya, Dr.P.Jayanthi

Page No.: 047 - 053


12. Password Authentication Key Exchange Mechanism using Identity Based System  

Authors: R. A. Tijare, Prof. V. B. Gadicha

Page No.: 54 - 56


15. Brief Introduction about CVSD (Continuous variable slope Delta Modulation)  

Authors: Piyush Gupta, Prof. Amrita Soni

Page No.: 73 – 74


16. Dynamic Secure-Aware Real Time Scheduling Algorithm for Packet Switched Network  

Authors: Girish Tiwari, Dheeresh Mishra

Page No.: 75 – 79


17. Fixed Point Results for Certain Contractive Self–Mappings in D-Metric Space  

Authors: C. D. Bele, U. P. Dolhare

Page No.: 80 – 83


18. Smart Diary –A Guide to Man’s Daily Planning  

Authors: Divya Varma, Jayshree Nimse, Nikita Vishnani,Vaishali Valdor, Kiran Avhad

Page No.: 84 - 89


19. Using the Advantages of NOSQL: A Case Study on MongoDB  

Authors: Divya Chauhan, K. L. Bansal

Page No.: 90 – 93


20. Analysis & Classification of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia using KNN Algorithm  

Authors: Pratik M. Gumble, Dr.S.V.Rode

Page No.: 94 – 98


21. Hybrid LAN Monitoring and Controlling  

Authors: Ms. Sarika Dadasaheb Lokhande

Page No.: 99 – 102


22. Various Component handling services for Software Defined Networking (SDN)  

Authors: Deepak Kumar, Manu Sood

Page No.: 103 – 106


23. Election Analysis and Prediction Using Big Data Analytics  

Authors: Omkar Sawant, Chintaman Taral, Roopak Garbhe, Deepali Nayak

Page No.: 107 – 111


25. Design and Implementation of CANBus like Protocol for Indian Automobile  

Authors: Dipali Chordiya, Pranita Bavaskar, Ashwini Gangurde, Pragati Gorde, Prof. Pankaj Badgujar

Page No.: 119 - 122


26. A Review on Meta-material based Micro strip Antenna  

Authors: Shah Shefa, Nimesh Prabhakar

Page No.: 123 - 127


27. Fabric Fault Detection Using Digital Image Processing  

Authors: Farida S. Nadaf, Nayana P. Kamble, Rohini B. Gadekar

Page No.: 128 – 130


28. E-Voting System  

Authors: Prachi Shriram Gurav

Page No.: 131 - 132


29. Selective Video Coding based on Bezier Curves  

Authors: Srividya B V, Dr. Akhila S

Page No.: 133 – 143


30. Breast Cancer Detection using Two Dimensional Principal Component Analysis and Back Propagation Neural Network  

Authors: Dr. A. Venkataramana, G. Prashanth, G. Mounika, R. Vinay Krishna

Page No.: 144 – 147


31. Clustering of Images from Social Media Websites using Combination of Histogram and SIFT Features  

Authors: M.Vadivukarassi, N. Nanthini, N. Puviarasan, P. Aruna

Page No.: 148 – 153


32. Analysis and Review of Fabry Perot Resonator Antennas (FPRA)  

Authors: Darshan.V.Bhatt, Anil.K.Sisodia

Page No.: 154 - 158


33. Certificate Management System Using Fuzzy Based Clustering Approach  

Authors: S.Benazir begam, M.Chandralekha, U.Preethi, N.Radhika

Page No.: 159 - 162


35. A Visual Cryptography Scheme for User Authentication  

Authors: Miss.Vaishali Bhagat, Rida Ansari, Roshani Thakre, Neha Patiye, Snehal Kolte, Latika Chaudhari

Page No.: 168 – 172


36. Use of Artificial Neural Network for pre Design Cost Estimation of Building Projects  

Authors: Vinayak Raghunath Ambrule, Prof. Abhijit. N. Bhirud

Page No.: 173 – 176


37. IOT Based Smart Agriculture Monitoring System  

Authors: Dr.N.Suma, Sandra Rhea Samson, S.Saranya, G.Shanmugapriya, R.Subhashri

Page No.: 177 – 181


38. Effective Usage of Traffic Detection System  

Authors: Ms.S.Revathi, P.Srinivasan

Page No.: 182 – 187


39. Energy Efficient unauthorized Intrusion Detection in mobile Ad-Hoc Neworks  

Authors: Ms. P. Rajeswari, Prof. R. Vijayalakshmi

Page No.: 188 – 191


40. To Develop and Implement Text-To-Speech Wireless Communication System Using Raspberry-Pi  

Authors: Sayali Mukesh Tenpe, Akash Vijay Chunne, Tejaswini Rajendra Badhe, Rutuja Mohanrao Nakhale, Rucha Vivek Butle, Dr. R.M. Rewatkar

Page No.: 192 – 195


41. Capsulization of Weather Broadcasting System using Raspberry pi  

Authors: Prof. Shyam D. Bawankar, Mr.Sumit S. Abhyankar, Mr.Ajinkya R. Khode, Ms.Pooja P. Ughade

Page No.: 196 – 198


42. Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring and Protection of High Voltage Transformer  

Authors: Mr. Vaibhav Borkar, Prof. Ms. Sonal Honale

Page No.: 199 – 202


43. Detection of Epileptic Seizure Using EEG Sensor  

Authors: Mrs. Sandhya Shinde, Ms. Shreya Jhala

Page No.: 203 – 206


45. A Review :Implementation of Reed Solomon Error Correction & Detec-tion For Wireless Network 802.16  

Authors: Priyanka J. Jambhulkar, P. A. Salunkhe

Page No.: 214 - 217


47. A Comparative Analysis of Lexical/NLP Method with WEKA’s Bayes Classifier  

Authors: Karuna Gull, Sudip Padhye, Dr. Sandeep Sharma, Dr. Subodh Jain

Page No.: 221 - 227


48. Review Paper on Frequency Multiplier at Terahertz Range  

Authors: Dhruvi.D. Prajapati, Prof. Usha Neelkanthan

Page No.: 228 - 232


49. Review on Data Security in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Ashwini D. Pradhan, Prof. K. K.Chhajed

Page No.: 233 – 238


50. A Review :Design and Development of Smart Automated Door Control System For Dam  

Authors: Mukul S. Mahajan, Swapnili P. Karemore

Page No.: 239 - 241


51. Energy Efficient Unauthorized Intrusion Detection in Mobile AD-HOC Networks  

Authors: Ms.P.Rajeswari, Prof.R.Vijayalakshmi

Page No.: 242 - 245


52. Effective Usage of Traffic Detection System  

Authors: Ms. S. Revath, P. Srinivasan

Page No.: 246 – 251


53. A Review: Multipurpose Garbage Monitoring System Using IoT  

Authors: Benish I. Shaikh, Prachi P. Pawade, Tejaswini A. Jirapure, Kajal M. Wanjari, Sagar P. Wankhede

Page No.: 252 – 255


54. A New Technology of Smart Shopping Cart using RFID and ZIGBEE  

Authors: Komal Machhirke, Priyanka Goche, Rupali Rathod, Rinku Petkar, Manohar Golait

Page No.: 256 – 259


55. Security System for Industrial Gate And Generation of Gate Pass  

Authors: Yogesh S. Watile, Ankita R. Sabal, Harshala V. Gode, Komal B. Gaulkar, Apurva R. Gawande

Page No.: 260 – 264


56. A Novel Approach for Operating Electrical Appliances Using Hand Gesture Recognition  

Authors: Riya Lanjewar, Mansi Agarkar, Kimaya Gawande, Shrishti Tiwari, Smita Nagtode

Page No.: 265 – 268


57. Solar Operated Coin Based Universal Mobile Battery Charger  

Authors: Anjali Tote, Pratiksha Hatwar, Sayali Komalwar, Shramika Wankhade

Page No.: 269 – 272


58. Attendance System Using Face Recognition and Class Monitoring System  

Authors: Prof. Arun Katara, Mr. Sudesh V. Kolhe, Mr. Amar P. Zilpe, Mr. Nikhil D. Bhele, Mr. Chetan J. Bele

Page No.: 273 – 276


59. Design and Development of Automatic Operated Seeds Sowing Machine  

Authors: Kunal A. Dhande, Omkar R. Sahu, Megha S. Bawane, Achal A. Jiwane, Priyanka S. Chaware,

Page No.: 277 – 279


60. Design of QSD Multiplier Using VHDL  

Authors: Pooja s. Rade, Ashwini M. Khode, Rajani N. Kapse, Ankita M. Sor, Smruti G. Bhasme, Prashant Y. Shende

Page No.: 280 - 285


61. Smart Automation System and Control Using Raspberry PI and ESP 8266  

Authors: Miss. Prachi Bhure, Miss. Naziya Pathan, Mr. Shyam Dubey

Page No.: 286 – 290


62. A Real Time operation and Control of Devices using Power Line Communication  

Authors: Ms. Dipalee Kate, Sanket S. Mange

Page No.: 291 – 293


63. Design and Analysis of Two Spindle Amber Charkha- A Review  

Authors: Mr. Gaurao D. Surkar, Dr. G. V. Thakre, Dr. M. J. Sheikh, Prof. U. D. Gulhane

Page No.: 294 – 297


64. A Review: Implementation of Advance Adaptive Traffic Light Control System Using DIP and Embedded  

Authors: Miss. Shweta S. Malekar, Prof. Yogesh Bhute

Page No.: 298 – 301


65. A Review : The Real Time Water Quality Monitoring System based on IoT Platform  

Authors: Mr. Swapnil Katole, Prof. Yogesh Bhute

Page No.: 302 – 305


67. An Implementation of Smart Notice Announcement System on Linux Platform with Raspberry PI: A Review  

Authors: Rahul Fating, Prof. Shubhangi Borkar, Prof. Jagdish Pimple

Page No.: 311 – 313


68. An Intelligent Analysis of Crime through Newspaper Articles – Clustering and Classification  

Authors: Ashwini B. Bais, Prof. G. Rajesh Babu, Prof.Jayant Adhikari

Page No.: 314 – 318