Volume 5 Issues - (December 17 Volume 5 Issue 12)

1. Number Plate Recognition  

Authors: Shailendra Somani, Siddhesh Bangade, Milind Rane

Page No.: 01 - 03


2. Smart Street Light System using Embedded System  

Authors: Yash Chaurasia, Shailendra Somani, Siddhesh Bangade, Ajay Kumar, Prof S. M. Tayde

Page No.: 04 - 08


3. A Result Paper on: Power Grid Associated With Web Using Non-Conventional Energy Source  

Authors: Kalpesh Rasane, Prakash Baviskar

Page No.: 09 – 14


4. Information Retrieval on Text using Concept Similarity  

Authors: Dr. Reshmy Krishnan

Page No.: 15 – 19


5. Method for Creating Uniqness of a Brand Color  

Authors: Yash Chaurasia, Milind Rane

Page No.: 20 – 23


6. Automatic Attendance Using Face Recognition  

Authors: Ms. Pooja Humbe, Ms. Shivani Kudale, Ms. Apurva Kamshetty, Ms. Akshata Jagtap, Prof. Krushna Belerao

Page No.: 24 – 27


7. An Advanced Caching Solution to Cluster Storage Environment  

Authors: Aaishazun Basheer, Dr. Shantharam Nayak

Page No.: 28 – 32


8. Online Secure Payment system using Steganography and Cryptography  

Authors: Mrs. Rakhi Bhardwaj, Mr. Anurag Rachcha, Ms. Rujuta Desai, Mr. Saneesh Jose, Mr. Saurabh Vibhute

Page No.: 33 - 36


9. A Study on the Role of Political Parties in Tamilnadu  

Authors: Sowmya. S, Dr. D. Vezhaventhan

Page No.: 37 - 44


10. A Survey on Secure Block Storage and Access Control Using Big Data Environment  

Authors: K. Jamuna Rani, T. Soumya, V. Madhavi

Page No.: 45 – 48


11. Cointegration of Interest Rate- The Case of Albania  

Authors: Brunilda Lufi, Prof. Dr. Valentina Sinaj

Page No.: 49 – 53


12. Smart Health Monitoring System using Sensors  

Authors: Mr. Suhas Pindiproli, Mr. Harshal Marathe, Ms. Rakhi Mallesh, Ms. Shubhada Palase, Prof. Pavan Kulkarni

Page No.: 54 – 56


13. Advanced Women Security System Based on IOT  

Authors: Ms. Sayali Varade, Ms.Tejshree Itnare, Ms. Harshada Parande, Ms.Pooja Sonawane, Prof. Rakhi Bhardwaj

Page No.: 57 – 61


14. Image based Search Engine for Online Shopping  

Authors: Sumit Mene, Arshey Dhangekar, Abhijeet Gurav, Harshal R. Randad, Rupali Tornekar, Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Gaikwad

Page No.: 62 – 66


16. Ripple Algorithm to Evaluate the Importance of Network Nodes  

Authors: WANG Yan-Peng, YU Ming

Page No.: 72 - 75


17. Efficient Method of Removing the Noise using High Dynamic Range Image  

Authors: P. Archana, S. M. Umarani

Page No.: 76 - 79


18. Reversible Data Hiding Methods : A Survey  

Authors: Ms. Mili Els Jose

Page No.: 80 - 82


19. Review on Multimodal Biometric  

Authors: Er. Munish Kumar, Er. Prabhjeet Singh

Page No.: 83 – 86


20. GIHAT: An Efficient Prediction Technique for Measure for Diabetes Mellitus  

Authors: R. Vanathi, Dr. A. Shaik Abdul Khadir

Page No.: 87 – 94


21. Research Paper on Firefly Optimized Leach to Reduce Energy Consumption  

Authors: Dimple Rani, Ravi Malik

Page No.: 95 – 99


22. Restricting Barrier and Finding the Shortest Path in Wireless Sensor Network Using Mobile Sink  

Authors: Mis. S. Kalaivani, Dr. P. Radha

Page No.: 100 – 106


23. Internet based Social Networking Services  

Authors: Mrs. R. Suganthi, Dr. K. Prabha

Page No.: 107 – 109


25. Innovative Non Depleted Solar Energy: A Review  

Authors: Bhaskar R. S.

Page No.: 117 – 120


26. An Improved Intrusion Prevention Sytem for WLAN  

Authors: S V Athawale, M A Pund

Page No.: 121 - 123


27. Smart Manufacturing using IOT  

Authors: Mateen Majgaonkar, Payal Yadav, Hardik Bamb, Pushkaraj Dhole, Avinash Plave

Page No.: 124 - 126


28. Secure Data Sharing with Data Partitioning in Big Data  

Authors: Mr. Shriniwas Patilbuwa Rasal, Prof. Hingoliwala Hyder Ali

Page No.: 127 – 130


29. An Improved Iris Recognition System with Template Security using CT and SVD  

Authors: Shailesh Arrawatia, Priyanka Mitra, Mohit Saxena, Brij Kishore

Page No.: 131 – 136


30. A Novel DWT-CT approach in Digital Watermarking using PSO  

Authors: Sachin Gupta, Priyanka Mitra, Abhigya Saxena, Brij Kishore

Page No.: 137 – 141


31. Precision Agriculture for Water Management Using IOT  

Authors: Mrs. Suvarna J. Patil, Mr. Amol Patil

Page No.: 142 – 144


32. Analysis of GF (2m) Multiplication Algorithm: Classic Method v/s Karatsuba-Ofman Multiplication Method  

Authors: Manish Kumar Goyal, Shiv Karan Meghwal

Page No.: 145 – 149


34. Implementation of Privacy Policy Specification System for User Uploaded Images over Popular Content Sharing Sites  

Authors: Miss. Minal R Hirulkar, Prof. Vinod Gangwani

Page No.: 156 – 160


35. Distribution of Rationing using Automation like RFID and GSM Technology  

Authors: Ms. Ankita Murabatte, Ms. Neha Saste, Ms. Priya Deshmukh, Mr. Pratik Mane

Page No.: 161 – 163


36. Integration of E-learning and Cloud Computing – A Review  

Authors: Zahoor Ahmad Lone, Dr Priyanka Chawla

Page No.: 164 – 170


37. Automated Agricultural System for Multipurpose Activities of Farmers  

Authors: Ramesh B, Tejaswini C N. Anisha M G Sara Ateeq. Vibha Satyam

Page No.: 171 – 175


38. A Novel Approach for Clustering of Heterogeneous Xml and HTML Data Using K-means  

Authors: Meena Saini, Yashwant Soni

Page No.: 176 – 180


39. A Detailed Dominant Data Mining Approach for Predictive Modeling of Social Networking Data using WEKA  

Authors: Ravi Arora, Kuldeep Kumar Somvanshi

Page No.: 181 – 188


40. Smart Wall Painting System  

Authors: Mr. P. V. Prasad Reddy, N. Vijaya Rami Reddy, Dr. S Madhava Reddy, Dr. K Sudhakar Reddy

Page No.: 189 – 194


41. Baymax- Your Mental Health Care Companion - An Artificial Intelligence based Chat bot for Mental Health Care  

Authors: Prof. Megha V Gupta, Manasi Acharya, Shraddha Malkar, Jyoti Singh

Page No.: 195 – 199


42. Smart Cities and NICT  

Authors: Alami Sara, Hanoune Mostafa, Benzrioual Souhail

Page No.: 200 – 203


43. DANES: Diet and Nutrition Expert System for Meal Management and Nutrition Counseling  

Authors: Prof. Megha V. Gupta, Ms. Priya Bhattacharjee, Ms. Navya Kotian, Ms. Grishma Vipat

Page No.: 204 – 208


44. Prediction of RNA 3D Structure using Parallel Algorithm  

Authors: Mrs. Ujjwala H. Mandekar, Dr. S. Khandait

Page No.: 209 – 216


45. G-Code Controlled 2D Robotic Plotter  

Authors: T. Joby Titus, P. Vinitha, M. Nivetha, M. Vasanthaalakshmi

Page No.: 217 – 219


46. Implementing Clinical Decision Support System Using Naïve Bayesian Classifier  

Authors: Trupti S. Mokati, Prof. Vijay B. Gadicha

Page No.: 220 - 225


49. FESCCO: Fuzzy Expert System for Career Counselling  

Authors: Prof. Megha V Gupta, Prof. Pranali Patil, Sanika Deshpande, Sravani Arisetty, Shraddha Asthana

Page No.: 239 - 243