Volume 5 Issues - (August 17 Volume 5 Issue 8)

2. Importance of Dimensionality Reduction in Image Processing  

Authors: Jigna J. Patel

Page No.: 21 – 24


3. Warehouse Review Classification Using Naïve Bayes Classifier  

Authors: Sinchana T N, Dr. Jharna Majumdar

Page No.: 12 – 15


4. Valuation Model for Commercial Properties in PMC  

Authors: Sneha Mokalkar, Prof. Pravin Minde

Page No.: 16 – 20


5. Sentiment Analysis in Marathi Language  

Authors: Snehal V. Pawar, Prof. Swati Mali

Page No.: 21 – 25


6. Identity Resolution across Different Social Networks using Similarity Analysis  

Authors: Neha Talokar, Swati Mali

Page No.: 26 – 30


7. Identification, Analysis & Empirical Validation (IAV) of Object Oriented Design (OO) Metrics as Quality Indicators  

Authors: Dr. Brajesh Kochar, Shailendra Singh Gaur, Dinesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Page No.: 31 – 40


8. Implementation of High Speed Railway Mobile Communication System  

Authors: Prof. K. S. Solanki, Kratika Chouhan

Page No.: 41 – 44


9. A Dynamic and Improved Implementation of Banker’s Algorithm  

Authors: Ms. Kshipra Dixit, Dr. Ajay Khuteta

Page No.: 45 – 49


10. Nature of offences for Wildlife Conservation in India  

Authors: Prof. D. Bharathi

Page No.: 50 – 53


11. Detection and Privacy Preservation of Sensitive Attributes Using Hybrid Approach for Privacy Preserving Record Linkage  

Authors: V. Uma Rani, Dr. M. Sreenivasa Rao, Kotra Sai Srujana

Page No.: 54 – 58


12. Applying Linear Algebra in Solving the Lights Out Puzzle through Programming in Sage  

Authors: Zheng Chen, Joe Omojola, Gino P. Loverde

Page No.: 59 - 64


14. Level-Headedness in Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Dr. G. Naga Satish, G. Naga Srikanth, Dr. P. Suresh Varma

Page No.: 69 - 73


16. Software Effort Estimation using Neuro Fuzzy Inference System: Past and Present  

Authors: Aditi Sharma, Ravi Ranjan

Page No.: 78 – 83


17. Hadoop and its role in Facebook: An Overview  

Authors: Divya Ramadoss, Chandra P

Page No.: 84 – 87


18. A Biometric Fusion Based on Face and Fingerprint Recognition using ANN  

Authors: Navneet Kaur Sandhu, Manjeet Singh Patterh

Page No.: 88 – 92


19. Energy Consumption Minimization in WSN using BFO  

Authors: Nidhi Malik, Anju Bhandari

Page No.: 93 – 98


20. Prediction of Heart Disease using Machine Learning Algorithms: A Survey  

Authors: Himanshu Sharma, M A Rizvi

Page No.: 99 - 104


22. Issues and Methods in Meditation Research  

Authors: Dr. Ratnashil N. Khobragade

Page No.: 110 - 112


23. Internet of Things: Definition, Applications, Issues and Future Prospective  

Authors: Srishti Sharma, Dr. Hiren B. Patel

Page No.: 113 - 116


24. Application of Elliptical Curve Cryptography in Empowering Cloud Data Security  

Authors: T. Venkat Narayana Rao, Vanaparthy Sai Praneeth, K. Sai Sharath

Page No.: 117 – 121


25. Illustration of Medical Image Segmentation based on Clustering Algorithms  

Authors: Harsmeet Singh, Jagbir Singh Gill

Page No.: 122 - 127


26. Optimized Parameter of Wavelet Neural Network (WNN) using INGA  

Authors: Nithya. S, Subhashini. R, Sudha. D

Page No.: 128 – 131


28. Data Aggregation & Transfer in Data Centric Network Using Spin Protocol in WSN  

Authors: Prathima Kadlikoppa, Indira Umarji, Sachin Patil

Page No.: 142 – 149


30. Mathematical Operations on Basic Discrete Time Signals with MATLAB Programming  

Authors: N. D. Narkhede, Dr. J. N. Salunke, V. N. Shah

Page No.: 154 - 158


32. Some Properties on Strong Roman Domination in Graphs  

Authors: G. Suresh Singh, Narges Mohsenitonekboni

Page No.: 164 – 174


33. Human Computer Interaction Employing Hand Gestures in Lieu of Mouse Movements  

Authors: T. Venkat Narayana Rao, B. Ravi Krishna, M. Vinayak Preetham

Page No.: 175 – 178


34. Technology Supported University Evaluation System for an Affiliated University Administration  

Authors: Bijamma Thomas, Rajan Varughese

Page No.: 179 – 183


35. Survey on Computer Worms  

Authors: Darsh Shah, Vaibhav Shah, Harsh Shah, Professor Pratik Kanani

Page No.: 184 – 194


36. An IT Application for Student's Access to Services in a University Establishment  

Authors: Mouad Mammass, Fattehallah Ghadi

Page No.: 195 – 199


37. A Study of Affordable Roofing Systems with Composite Slab  

Authors: Sheik Rizwan S M, Ravindra R

Page No.: 200 – 205


38. Online Handwriting Recognition using HMM  

Authors: Ms. Sarika Dadasaheb Lokhande

Page No.: 206 – 210


39. Developments in Control of Time-Delay Systems for Automotive Powertrain Applications  

Authors: Prof. G. M. Talele, Dr. R. V. Kakade

Page No.: 211 – 213


41. On Cubic Graceful Labeling  

Authors: Mathew Varkey T. K, Mini. S. Thomas

Page No.: 220 – 223


42. Performance Assessment of Polyphase Sequences Using Cyclic Algorithm  

Authors: M. Rajasekhar, Dr. P. Rajesh Kumar

Page No.: 224 – 229


43. Finger Vein Recognition Based on PCA Feature using Artificial Neural Network  

Authors: Lovepreet Kaur, Navjot Kaur

Page No.: 230 – 234


44. Smart Frame - A Location Sensing Picture Frame using IOT  

Authors: Dr D Durga Bhavani, Nithin Kumar Panjala

Page No.: 235 – 239


45. An Energy Efficient and High Speed Image Compression System Using Stationary Wavelet Transform  

Authors: V Srinivasa Rao, Rajesh K Panakala, P. Rajesh Kumar

Page No.: 240 – 243


46. A New Born Child Authentication System using Image Processing  

Authors: Mr. Akash Ulhas Nandurkar, Prof. Zeeshan I. Khan

Page No.: 244 – 248