Volume 5 Issues - (April 17 Volume 5 Issue 4)

1. A Survey on Performance Analysis of AODV in MANETS  

Authors: Jalpa Khamar, Jayana Kaneriya, Avani Dadhania

Page No.: 01 - 04


2. A Safety Device for Women’s Security Using GSM/GPS  

Authors: Miss. Ashwini .P. Thaware, Prof. Kshitija. V. Shingare

Page No.: 05 – 07


3. UGC-HRDC Academic Staff College Websites and Naive Users  

Authors: M N Quadri

Page No.: 08 – 11


4. Traffic Congestion Control  

Authors: Shrikumar Patil, Prathmesh Sawant, Yuvraj Shivtare, Sarthak Singh, Saylee Gharge

Page No.: 12 – 15


5. Techniques in Image Segmentations, its Limitations and Future Directions  

Authors: Twisha Pardhi, Prof. S. B. Lanjewar, Prof. S. A. Sahare

Page No.: 16 – 20


6. Literature Survey on Employee Activity Tracking Tool in an Intranet based System for Security and Performance Evaluation  

Authors: Mrs. Rashmi Rane, Akshay Velankar, Harshal Tayade, Omkar Rajmane, Rushikesh Joshi

Page No.: 21 – 23


7. Radiation Effects and Optimum Radiation  

Authors: Mrs. A. G. Andurkar

Page No.: 24 – 28


9. Analysis and Process for Uninteresting Time Compensators with Smith Predictor and Virtual Sensor  

Authors: Vikash Kumar Gupta, D. Kosale, Raj Kumar Verma

Page No.: 32 – 39


10. A Expermental Study of Stabilization of Expansive Soil by using Fly Ash and Rice Husk Straw Ash  

Authors: Pravin R. Minde, Suresh B. Solanke, Khushal S. Kanade, Suhas B. Zinge, Devesh S. Khairnar

Page No.: 40 – 42


11. TiO2 coated MWCNT decorated by Fe3O4 nanoparticle as electrode material for Supercapacitor Application  

Authors: M.C. Adhikary, M. H. Priyadarsini, Chapal K. Das

Page No.: 43 – 46


12. Bike Location and Road Obstacle Tracking Using Smart Helmet  

Authors: Er. Nitin Agarwal, Parul Saxena, Priya Pathak, Aman Sharma, Vishnu Kumar

Page No.: 47 – 49


13. Analysis and Design of Vertical Post-Tensioned Precast Shear Wall  

Authors: Rutuja Chavan, M. Ramesh Kannan

Page No.: 50 – 54


14. Super-Resolution Technique for MRI Images Using Artificial Neural Network  

Authors: Dhruti G Prajapati, Kinjal R Sheth

Page No.: 55 – 58


15. Coverage and Capacity Planning of LTE Network for-Taizz City  

Authors: Abdullah A.M. Ghaleb, Adnan S. A. Kaid , Hassan W.H Ali, Haithem A. Esmaeel , Mahmoud A.M. Sadeq , Waseem M. Abdulsalam , Younis T.K Ahmed , Dr. Mahdi H A Ahmed

Page No.: 59 – 63


16. MMC: Multiple Metric Cost Routing Metric for Wireless Mesh Networks  

Authors: Anuradha Jadiya, Akshata Raut, Swati Kulkarni

Page No.: 64 – 68


17. Non-Invasive Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Body Temperature Monitoring Device  

Authors: Miss. Shubhangi Shripati Kadam, Mr. Sameer S. Nagtilak

Page No.: 69 – 72


18. Container Tracking and Security using RFID  

Authors: Shardul Baradkar, Hitesh Bherwani, Shraddha Bhalerao, Skand Kale, Nusrat Ansari

Page No.: 73 – 76


19. A Survey on Recommendation System in E-Commerce  

Authors: M.B.Nirmala, Manushree H K

Page No.: 77 – 80


20. Review of Pulse Monitoring System  

Authors: Anish Kale, Gaurav Patel, Abhay Marathe, Mrs. Nisha Vanjari

Page No.: 81 – 83


21. Introduction to Generalised Spatial Modulation  

Authors: Prof. K.S. Solanki, Abhilasha Singh

Page No.: 84 – 85


22. Efficient and Trustworthy Review/Opinion Spam Detection  

Authors: Sanketi P. Raut, Prof. Chitra Wasnik

Page No.: 86 – 94


23. A Survey on Cloud based Business Intelligence and Analytics  

Authors: Deepika B, M B Nirmala

Page No.: 95 – 99


24. A Review Paper on PAPR Reduction in OFDM using SLM and Adaptive Clipping  

Authors: Rashi bindal, Pradeep Gupta

Page No.: 100 – 104


25. Review Paper on Smart Systems  

Authors: Mrs. Nisha Vanjari, Mr. Ketan Pansare, Mr. Saurabh Chaugule, Mr. Rohan Mishra

Page No.: 105 – 108


27. Data Security in Cloud System  

Authors: Aishwarya Rajendran, Renuka Ramesh Teli, Potdar Parag Kishor

Page No.: 115 – 118


28. Smart Third Eye with Optimum and Safe Path Detection Based On Neural Networks for Blind Persons Using Raspberry-Pi  

Authors: Sarita Chauhan, Aasif Dyer, Anshum Joshi, Gagan Kumar Choudhary, Vivek Kumar Derodia

Page No.: 119 – 124


29. Visual Cryptography with Chaotic Encryption for Biometric Templates  

Authors: Smitha Jacob, Mereya Baby

Page No.: 125 – 130


30. Denoising of ECG Signal using Soft Thresholding and Empirical Mode Decomposition  

Authors: Somesh Morya, Dr. Sudhir Agrawal, Shivangini Morya

Page No.: 131 – 137


31. Analysis and Design of Hollow Reinforced Concrete Columns  

Authors: Siddharth A. Gaikwad, Ramesh Kannan

Page No.: 138 – 142


32. Event Transformation for Browser Based Web Devices  

Authors: Dilip Prajapati, Dr.Sudhir Rathi, Deepika Gupta, Mrs. Manju Kumari

Page No.: 143 – 147


33. Black Hole Attack detection in Zone based Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Dr. Shreenath K N, Manasa V M

Page No.: 148 – 151


34. Wireless Biometric Attendance Management System  

Authors: Shaikh Sardar Salim, Jamdade Sonam Baburao, Patil Pranoti Jotiram, Pawar Abhishek Vikas, Mrs. Sagare Varsha

Page No.: 152 – 156


35. Grid Computing: Technicalities and Overview  

Authors: Ashish Adinath Vankudre

Page No.: 157 – 160


36. Proofs for Integrity of Data in Cloud Storage  

Authors: Roopa G. K, Radhika Shetty D S

Page No.: 161 - 165


37. Problems Facing by Construction Orgainsation and Construction Labour  

Authors: Kamlesh Prakash Bhagat, Abhijit N. Bhirud

Page No.: 166 – 169


38. Semantic Analysis Based Text Summarization  

Authors: Harsh Desai, Hamza Moiyadi, Dhairya Pawar, Geet Agrawal, Prof. Nilesh Patil

Page No.: 170 – 175


39. Drowsy Driver Detection System (DDDS)  

Authors: Sudeep Deepak Ghate, Vaibhav Jaiprakash Kheraria, Mayur Prashant Vanmali, Diyog Sevalal Yadav, Prof. Yogita Ganage

Page No.: 176 – 184


40. Implementation of Congestion Awareness and Adaptivity in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  

Authors: Mr Jaicky R. Sancheti, Dr. A B Raut

Page No.: 185 – 190


41. The Employment of Women Professionals in Organizational Practice  

Authors: Priti Baheti

Page No.: 191 – 193


42. Security in Cloud Computing using AES & DES  

Authors: Shabnam Kumari, Reema, Princy, Sunita Kumari

Page No.: 194 – 200


43. Review of Techniques to enhance the Accuracy of GNSS Receiver  

Authors: Riya Mehta, A. K. Sisodia

Page No.: 201 - 207


44. Design & Implementation Interface for Electrical or Electronics Lab Simulator  

Authors: Saurabh Saoji, Upendra Nath Maurya, Prem Ranjan Dutta, Himanshu Ojha

Page No.: 208 - 212


45. Anti-Diabetic Activity of Methanolic Extract of Prunus Domestica  

Authors: Sai Teja Nayudu, K.Sowjanya

Page No.: 213 - 220


46. Soil Classification Support for Farming Decisions  

Authors: Prof. Nilesh Patil, Apoorav Singh, Piyush Patel, Nisarg Joshi, Pranav Pawaskar

Page No.: 221 – 225


47. Quad Band Microstrip Antenna for Mobile and GNSS Application  

Authors: Bhargavi N Fanat, Nimesh M Prabhakar

Page No.: 226 – 228


48. Development of Dual Band Dual Polarized Patch Antenna System for Indoor Application  

Authors: Muniraehmad I. Tai, Anil K. sisodia

Page No.: 229 – 233


49. Static Structural Analysis of Frame of an Commercial Autorickshaw to Reduce Accidental Damage Using Ansys  

Authors: Harsh Doshi, Prof. Prakash Patel, Prof. Sujal Thakkar

Page No.: 234 – 237


50. A Survey on IRIS Recognition System: Comparative Study  

Authors: Supriya Mahajan, Karan Mahajan

Page No.: 238 – 242


51. A Study of Attack Detection and Localization Scheme Using Enhanced Hash Technique  

Authors: Prof. Sunny G. Gandhi, Prof. Anand G. Sharma

Page No.: 243 – 246


52. Online Restaurant Table Booking System  

Authors: Ms.Dipti D.Pawar, Shubham Kumar, Prashant Sahay, Tushar Chandra

Page No.: 247 – 250


53. Design & Implementation of Motion Controller for Industrial Paper Cutting Machine  

Authors: Manikandan V. Reddiar, Dr Anil Suthar

Page No.: 251 – 257


54. Development of 100W Solid State Power Amplifier at 13.56±1MHz  

Authors: Patel Avani M., Mr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. S. V. Kulkarni, Mr. N. M. Prabhakar

Page No.: 258 – 262


55. Multiple Classifier Fusion With Cuttlefish Algorithm Based Feature Selection  

Authors: K.Jayakumar, S.Karpagam, R.Ashok

Page No.: 263 – 267


56. Design and Analysis of Wide-Band Planar Antenna using Meta-material for S-Band Applications  

Authors: Shah Shefa, Nimesh Prabhakar

Page No.: 268 – 272


58. Optimized Curricular Generator Using Genetic Algorithm  

Authors: Akshit Thavani, Rupesh Parekh, Chinmay Joshi

Page No.: 277 – 282


59. Performance Improvement of GNSS Receiver by Mitigation of Multipath Effects  

Authors: Riya Mehta, A. K. Sisodia

Page No.: 283 – 296


60. Find Intruder Application for Smartphone  

Authors: Dr. N. Usha Rani, C. Srinivasulu, M. Gowtham Kumar, G. Reethu Royal

Page No.: 297 – 301


61. Perform Evaluation of Modified Katz Algorithm to Predict Link in Social Network  

Authors: Netri Shelat, Dr. Amit Gantra

Page No.: 302 – 306


62. Parallel Imaging Reconstruction by Sense Algorithm  

Authors: Sachin Dubey, P Mor, Jag Mohan Keller

Page No.: 307 – 310


63. Watermarking based on DWT and SVD Algorithmin Medical Image  

Authors: Ms. Shubhangi D. Mashalkar, Prof. S. S. Shirgan

Page No.: 311 – 314


64. ACO Based Routing in Internet of Things  

Authors: Ravi Malik, Dimple

Page No.: 315 - 320


65. What can the structure of the palmprint tell us?  

Authors: Boon Kok Chin, Dr. Li Fang, Luella Chen

Page No.: 321 - 326


66. Efficient Implementation of Multilevel inverter with new modulation scheme for Reducing THD  

Authors: Bashist Narayan Singh, Gurpreet Singh, Vikash Kumar Gupta, Gautam Singh

Page No.: 327 - 339


67. Image Inpainting For Gap Filling and Text Abstraction by Using Optical Character Recognition  

Authors: Smita Shikare, Jyoti Karpe, Gayatri Shahane, Vidya Jagtap

Page No.: 340 – 344


68. Dynamic Time Warping Approach for User Authentication of Smartphones Using Single-handed Shakes  

Authors: Athithyaa Selvam, Anandrajalu R, Bharat Chandra C, Rajeswari Natarajan

Page No.: 345 – 350


69. Image Stitching Based on Corner Detection  

Authors: Poonam D.Mind, Prof. P. P. Gumaste

Page No.: 351 – 354


70. Automatic Irrigation System  

Authors: Mr. Ashish Charbe, Mr. Sagar Soitkar

Page No.: 355 – 357


71. Study of Challenges in Sensor Node Deployment in Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Mrs. Saswati Bal, Mrs. Jayashree Dev

Page No.: 358 – 364


72. Email System Based on Voice and Biometric Authentication  

Authors: Nikhil V. Jagmalani, Mayur V. Tayde, Dinesh D. Jumnani, Harshwardhan Y. Meshram, Priyadarshan L. Joshi, K. B. Bijwe

Page No.: 365 – 369


73. Secure Routing Environment with Enhancing QoS in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks  

Authors: Gautam M. Borkar, Anjali R. Mahajan

Page No.: 370 – 376


74. Study of Image Fusion Using Discrete Wavelet and Multiwavelet Transform with MATLAB Simulink  

Authors: Priyanka Gaikwad, Prof. Y. S. Thakur

Page No.: 377 – 379


75. Survey on Data Leak Detection of Sensitive Data Exposure for Preserving Privacy  

Authors: Avanti M. Ganorkar, Prof. Praful B. Sambhare

Page No.: 380 – 384


76. Design of Asynchronous Viterbi Decoder for Low Power Applications  

Authors: Surekha K. Tadse, S.L.Haridas

Page No.: 385 – 389


77. Pixel Threshold Adjustment for Enhancing Degraded Frames of Uncompressed AVI  

Authors: Miss. Nikita Pande, Prof. Komal B. Bijwe

Page No.: 390 – 394


79. Fast Search Processing Over Encrypted Relational Data Using K-Nearest Neighbour Algorithm  

Authors: Bhagyashree Ambulkar, Prof. Gunjan Agre

Page No.: 398 – 401


80. Survey Paper on Pattern-Enhanced Topic Model for Data Filtering  

Authors: Chandrakant S. Aher, Dr. Rekha Rathore

Page No.: 402 – 406


81. Big Data Analytics  

Authors: Sandeep, Sachin Kumar Chauhan, Reema, Shabnam Sangwan

Page No.: 407 – 410


82. Domestic Child Labor Students and Mathematics Learning  

Authors: Dr. Bed Raj Acharya

Page No.: 411 – 415


83. An Automated Solution to Training and Placement Cell Activities  

Authors: Ms. Taheniyath Shua, Ms. Shubhangi Chikte, Ms. Priya Sakharkar, Ms. Seema Bundele, Ms. Nikita Wankar, Prof. S. R. Sontakke

Page No.: 416 – 420


84. Study of Behavior & Strengthening of Beam-Column Joint  

Authors: Miss. Kane Krutika R., Miss. Samarth Gauri V.

Page No.: 421 – 424


85. Remote Access Tool Using Metasploit  

Authors: Prakhar Ahlawat, Sushant Dhar, Samruddha Wagh, Amit Koppad

Page No.: 425 – 427


86. Wireless Autonomous Communication and Energy Transfer  

Authors: Sumanta Karmakar, Amritesh Nandy, Sneha Saha, Richa Tiwary, Urvashi Sinha, Priyadarshini Sharma

Page No.: 428 – 431


87. Green Building: Load Management Scheme for Flattening Household Electricity Usage or Demand  

Authors: Ajinkya Sawant, Prof. S. B. Patil

Page No.: 432 – 443


88. A Network Structure for Diagnosis of Four Types of Faults in Reed-Muller Canonical Circuits  

Authors: V. Geetha, P. N. Neelakantan

Page No.: 444 – 450


89. Comparative Analysis of Classification Models on Income Prediction  

Authors: Bhavin Patel, V. Kakulapati, VVSSS Balaram

Page No.: 451 – 455


90. Automatic Wiper Control and Pothole Detection System  

Authors: Renuka, Goutami Panchal

Page No.: 456 – 458


91. Authentication System Using Text Passwords Along With Persuasive Cued Click Points  

Authors: Ms. Anita Lahane, Samruddha Wagh, Shreyans Jain, Mandeep Singh, Gurunath Vishwakarma

Page No.: 459 – 464


93. Android System Authentication Types  

Authors: Sachin Kumar Chauhan, Sandeep

Page No.: 469 – 471


94. Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage Stabilizer with Higher & Lower Cut-Off  

Authors: Miss. Yogita Manohar Ramteke, Dr. Hari Kumar Naidu

Page No.: 472 – 474


96. Effect of Fractional Order of Repeated Roots in Pole Motion  

Authors: Sucheta Moharir, Narhari Patil

Page No.: 480 – 483


97. An Interactive Android Application for Training and Placement System  

Authors: Mayur Wadje, Yuvraj Madake, Gireedhar Rodge, Shahaji Yadav

Page No.: 484 – 487


98. Mobile App Based Feature Extraction of a Speech Signal  

Authors: Dipti Kumari, Sandeep Singh Solanki, Kumari Rambha Ranjan

Page No.: 488 – 490


99. Grid Connected Wind Generator  

Authors: Dr. Deepak P. Kadam

Page No.: 491 – 495


100. The Role of IT in Supply Chain Management  

Authors: Habiba Abbasi

Page No.: 496 – 498


101. A Context-Aware Mobile Recommender System for Places of Interest  

Authors: Shraddha Borkar, Prof. Roshani Talmale

Page No.: 499 – 502


102. A Survey Disease Detection Mechanism for Cotton Leaf: Training & Precaution Based Approach  

Authors: Ekant R. Tekam, Prof. Jagdish Pimple

Page No.: 503 – 505


103. Video Recommendations and Re-Ranking based on Semantic Tags  

Authors: Sandip Nakshine, Prof. Sonal Hanole

Page No.: 506 – 508


104. Cloud Security using Image based Attribute Encryption Scheme  

Authors: Mahesh Parbatey, Prof. Pragati Patil

Page No.: 509 – 512


105. Security in Cloud IaaS using Encryption and Deduplication  

Authors: Mr. Sanket P. Farkade, Prof. Pragati Patil

Page No.: 513 – 516


106. Visual Data Mining with Information Visualization  

Authors: Miss. Ankita V. Suramwar, Prof. Anup Gade

Page No.: 517 – 523