Volume 4 Issues - (September 16 Volume 4 Issue 9)

3. Feature Based Sentiment Analysis on Movie Review Using SentiWordNet  

Authors: Piyusha, Satish Kumar Alaria

Page No.: 12 - 15


4. Electricity from Rice Husk A Potential & Eco- friendly Way to Electrify India  

Authors: Mr. Shrikant Satish Manore, Prof. Gopal Chaudhari, Prof. Sharvari Sane

Page No.: 016 - 019


7. Acknowledgement Based Secure Intrusion Detection System Against Worm Hole Attack For Manets  

Authors: Pritam B. Bhadane, Prof. Ajay Kumar Kurra

Page No.: 29 - 32


8. Introduction of Online Trading  

Authors: Dr. Surwade Dayanand

Page No.: 33 - 34


9. Secure Algorithm for File Sharing Using Clustering Technique of K-Means Clustering  

Authors: Rashmi Sharma, Mr. Satish Kumar Alaria

Page No.: 35 - 39


10. Study on Travel Application  

Authors: Smit Chheda, Kaivan Shah, Rashmi Chavan

Page No.: 40 - 41


12. Smart Assistive Shoes for the Blind People  

Authors: Shristhi Thakur, Pankaj Sharma, Parth Dhall, Shubham Rastogi, Rishav Agarwal

Page No.: 47 - 49


13. Segmentation of the overlapping Kannada Characters  

Authors: Soumyadeep Sinha

Page No.: 50 - 51


14. EPTR: Energy Proficient Timestamp based Routing Approach, Survey and Analysis  

Authors: Gayatri Bendale, Prof. Sameeksha Shrivastava

Page No.: 52 - 54


15. The Control of DFIG for MPPT and application of STATCOM for grid stability  

Authors: Kiran Kumar J, Prof. Ashwini kumari P

Page No.: 55 - 61


16. A Fundamental Study on Research Challenges Associated with Social Network Analysis  

Authors: K. K. Uma, Dr. K. Meenakshisundaram

Page No.: 62- 65


17. Online Signature Verification: Present State of Technology  

Authors: Manas Singhal, Maitreyee Dutta

Page No.: 66- 68


19. A Review: Embedded System for Dynamic Location based Advertisement using Google Maps API  

Authors: S.B. Chaudhari,Taher Ajnawala, Aaqib Shaikh Balu, Jaybhaye, Ranganath Pujari

Page No.: 73- 75


20. Development of Visual Cryptography Technique for Authentication Using Facial Images  

Authors: Prof. Gopal krishna D. Dalvi, Prof. Dr. D. G. Wakade

Page No.: 76- 83


21. Confidential Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Coding Theory  

Authors: Kanusu Srinivasa Rao, Ratnakumari Challa

Page No.: 84- 85


22. A Review on Separable Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Image  

Authors: Swapnil W. Daware, Prof. Ajay Kumar Kurra

Page No.: 86- 88


23. A Review : Biometric Fingerprint Recognition For Bus Ticket System.  

Authors: Mr. S.B.Chaudhari, Mr. Ashitosh Belge, Mr. Snehal Gadade, Mr. Prashant Gaikwad, Ms. Sanchita Lachke

Page No.: 89- 91


24. Detecting Packet Droppers and Modifiers in Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Ayushi Nainwal, Arvind Kalia, Jawahar Thakur

Page No.: 92- 95


26. A Survey on Fog Computing: Services, Data and Security  

Authors: Palash Hinglaspurkar, Bhanuprasad Harinkhede, Ankit Meshram, Jayesh Patel, Sagar Fale, Prof. Shailesh Kurzadkar

Page No.: 100 - 102


27. Increasing Throughput by Efficient Target Localization in WSN  

Authors: Suhas K C, Mahesh N

Page No.: 103 - 107


28. Offline Handwritten Kannada Numerals Recognition  

Authors: Sushritha S, N Lohitesh Kumar

Page No.: 108 - 111


29. Survey on Ranking Fraud for Mobile Apps  

Authors: Priyanka Shete, Shradha Dip, Vinaya Kallarakal, Priti Mithari

Page No.: 112 - 115


30. Vehicle HVAC controller using Multi Variable Kalman Fusion  

Authors: Anusha Mathew

Page No.: 116 - 118