Volume 4 Issues - (October 16 Volume 4 Issue 10)

1. Data Mining for Customer Relationship Management: A Review  

Authors: Mihin Sumaria, Nishita Sheth, Mrs. Sindhu Nair

Page No.: 01 - 06


2. Modeling of PV Array to Study The Effects of Partial Shading on Its Characteristics and MPPT  

Authors: Ramprasad M. Thorat, Prof. G. S. Chaudhari, Prof. S. S. Sane

Page No.: 07 - 12


3. Effect of Blast Load on Soft Storey Building  

Authors: Patil Vijay.B, Bhilare .L.S, Patil .G.R

Page No.: 13 - 20


4. Finite Element Analysis of Steam Turbine Rotor of 210 MW Power Plant  

Authors: A. H. Ingle, Dr. A. V. Vanalkar, Dr. S. S. Khandare

Page No.: 21 - 33


5. Kinetics and Thermodynamic Studies of Dextrin Adsorption on Modified Coal Surface  

Authors: Nwoko Christopher Ikpe Amadi, Okoji Josephine Nkechi

Page No.: 34 - 41


6. Text Independent Open-Set Cell phone Identification  

Authors: Gyanendra Kumar Rahul, Devendra Singh

Page No.: 42 - 48


7. Minimizing the Cost and Enhancing the Security for Cloud Hosting Service  

Authors: N. A. Sheerin Tai, Dr. M. Sreedevi

Page No.: 49 - 52


8. Car Security System  

Authors: Sayali Warankar, Suraj Nawale

Page No.: 53 - 56


9. Design and Simulation of Micro Strip Patch Antennas  

Authors: D.Anil kumar, Prof G. Uma Maheswar Reddy

Page No.: 57 - 60


10. Access Constraint Of Intelligent System Over Wi-Fi Network - A Propose Plan  

Authors: Gayatri Lokhande, Pradeepti Shrivastava, Shefali Tajne, Bhagyashri Tijare, Snehal Ambulkar

Page No.: 61 - 64


11. An Automatic Traffic Sign Recognition for Autonomous Driving Robot  

Authors: Ms. Shalaka Satish Manore, Prof. Dimple Chaudhari

Page No.: 65 - 67


12. An Approach for Design Search Engine Architecture for Document Summarization  

Authors: Bijoy Kumar Mandal, Rajesh Mukherjee, Payel Majumder, Supravat Mondal, Arindam Biswas, Dr. A K Bandyopadhyay

Page No.: 68 - 73


13. Review on Methods used in Remote Mobile Access  

Authors: Mr. Omkar Malgaonkar Mr. Siddhesh Kshirsagar Ms. Priyanka Kamble Mr. Manish Prabhu

Page No.: 74 - 76


14. Extracting Maximum Power from Photovoltaic System using MPPT Techniques  

Authors: Ms Gulrez Aslam Bodhle, Prof. Gopal Chaudhari, Prof. Sharvari Sane

Page No.: 77 - 80


15. Securing Cloud from Tampering and Duplication  

Authors: Mr. Pratik Sawarkar, Ms. Sheetal Singh, Ms. Priti Nitnaware, Ms. Rasika Tiwari, Ms. Akriti Shrivastava, Ms. Pooja Dubey

Page No.: 81 - 85


16. Retrieval of Medical Details using Biometrics for a Smart City  

Authors: Ravi Giri, Yashika Agarwal, Rucha Bagewadi

Page No.: 86 - 89


17. Effectiveness of C6T and W5H in Lean documentation  

Authors: T. Hari Kumar, Prof. C. Uma Shankar, Dr. S. Kiran

Page No.: 90 - 93


18. Adaptive Technique for Document Annotation to Identify Attributes of Interest  

Authors: Nupoor Gade, Prof. Rugraj

Page No.: 94 - 97


20. An Enhanced Cluster based Multi-hop Routing Technique in Wireless Sensor Network Using AODV Protocol  

Authors: V. Perumal, Dr. K. Meenakshi Sundram

Page No.: 108 - 112


21. Blowfish Algorithm with Verifiable Outsourced using Cryptography  

Authors: Bawya. M, Raja. K, Dr. G. Tholkappia Arasu

Page No.: 113 - 116


23. Optimization of Drilling Parameters for GFRP with Full Factorial Method  

Authors: Reetesh Akbari, Prof.Jigar Patel, Umang Soni

Page No.: 120 - 128


24. Traffic Density Management using Round Robin scheduling with Varied Time Quantum and Traffic Analysis  

Authors: Gaurav Dudeja, Aman Awana, Manish Jathan, Sharmila Gaikwad, Anuj Mehta

Page No.: 129 - 133


25. Big Data in Health Care Analytics  

Authors: Rohil Shah, Ria Echhpal, Sindhu Nair

Page No.: 134 - 138


26. Fractal Sequences  

Authors: R. Sivaraman, Dr. Sonal Bharti

Page No.: 139 - 142


27. Application of Groups to Word Problems  

Authors: R. Sivaraman, Dr. Sonal Bharti

Page No.: 143 - 146


28. A Literature Survey on Web Content Mining  

Authors: V. David Martin, Dr. T. N. Ravi

Page No.: 147 - 152


29. Connell Sequences  

Authors: R. Sivaraman, Dr. Sonal Bharti

Page No.: 153 - 156


30. Randomized Encryption Cryptosystem  

Authors: R. Sivaraman, Dr. Sonal Bharti

Page No.: 157 - 160


31. Survey on 2D-DCT Based Image Watermarking with High Implanting Limit and Robustness  

Authors: K. Namrata, R. C. Karpagalakshmi, Dr. D. Tensing

Page No.: 161 - 164


32. A Comparative Study of Pixel by Pixel and PCA Technique in Serial Multimodal Biometric  

Authors: Pranali Nalange, Prof. M. M. Ambekar

Page No.: 165 - 167


33. Review Paper on Home Automation System using Raspberry PI  

Authors: Chirag Atha, Kshitij Baranwal, Varad Desai, Dr Sunil Wankhade

Page No.: 168 - 172


34. Study of IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Network with Applications and Interference Mitigation Technique  

Authors: K. S. Solanki, Manmohan Singh Dangi

Page No.: 173 - 175


35. Effective use of Cloud Computing in Educational Organizations  

Authors: R. Meganathan, P. Jeyanthi

Page No.: 176 - 179


36. Method of Building Parallel Data Mining Algorithms by Thread-Safe Functional Blocks  

Authors: Karshiev Zaynidin Abduvaliyevich, Kupriyanov Mikhail Stepanovich

Page No.: 180 - 183


37. Drowsy Driver Detection System  

Authors: Sudeep Deepak Ghate, Vaibhav Jaiprakash Kheraria, Mayur Prashant Vanmali, Diyog Sevalal Yadav, Prof. Rashmi Chawla

Page No.: 184 - 188


38. Study and Development of Digital Task Scheduling at Hierarchical Level on Cloud as Per Demand  

Authors: Mr. Adarsh Chittora, Mrs. Iti Sharma

Page No.: 189 - 192


39. Review Paper on NEO News Recommender Junction  

Authors: Jyotsna Nakte, Nisha Panchal, Riddhi Patil, Namrata Prabhu, Govind Wakure

Page No.: 193 - 197


40. Traffic Pattern-Based mostly Content Leak Detection for Trustworthy Content Delivery Networks  

Authors: Sapkal Pratiksha Sharad, Jagdio Simran Jagjeet Singh, Ghaywat Vaishali Navnath, Rule Sujata Dinesh

Page No.: 198 - 202


41. Optical Properties of Ho3+ Doped in Tellurite Glass  

Authors: Shiv Kumar Singh

Page No.: 203 - 207


42. Monitoring System for Traffic Analysis Using Twitter Stream  

Authors: Chaudhari Bhavesh N., Dalvi Rajat R., Divate Karishma A., Narkhede Charulata T., Prof. Handore Sonali A.

Page No.: 208 - 213


43. An M-Learning Application to Enhance Children’s Learning Experience  

Authors: Dr. Chery Seals, Qian Zhang, Dr. Tony Cook

Page No.: 214 - 222


44. Review Paper on Reaction of Alkaline Solution in GEO-Polymer Concrete  

Authors: M. Poojidha, K. Nirmalkumar

Page No.: 223 - 227


46. Security of User Data in Local Connectivity Using Multicast Key Agreement  

Authors: Manoj Kumar Chaurasiya, Prof Kailash Patidar, Manoj Yadav, Rishi Kushwah

Page No.: 238 - 242


47. Physical Study of the Paper Mill Effluent  

Authors: Manish Singh

Page No.: 243 - 247