Volume 4 Issues - (November 16 Volume 4 Issue 11)

1. Adaptive Technique for Image Zooming Based on Image Processing Technique  

Authors: Chitra Arora, Dr. Amit Sanghi, Sunita Chaudhary, Dr. Meenu Dave

Page No.: 01 - 08


2. Review of Techniques for Predicting Epileptic Seizure using EEG Signals  

Authors: Raj A. Sadaye, Sagar J. Parekh

Page No.: 09 – 13


3. Cornering the Queen  

Authors: R Sivaraman

Page No.: 14 - 18


4. Generalized Pigeon Hole Principle and its Applications  

Authors: R. Sengothai

Page No.: 19 - 21


5. Partitions and Compositions  

Authors: R. Sengothai

Page No.: 22 - 27


6. Study of Amplitude Modulation Transmitter  

Authors: Shiv Kumar Singh

Page No.: 28 – 33


7. Comprehensive Survey on the Techniques used in Weighing and Recording Systems  

Authors: G. A. Thakur, A D Vishwakarma, Nitesh P. Sonawane

Page No.: 34 – 40


8. Review Paper on Named Entity Recognition and Attribute Extraction using Machine Learning  

Authors: Hiba Momin, Shubham Jain, Hemil Doshi, Prof. Ankush Hutke

Page No.: 41 – 46


9. Enhanced Distributed File Replication Protocol for Efficient File Sharing in Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.  

Authors: Patil Ajinkya K., Gaikwad Rutuja K., Suthar Lalit, Bhamare Bharat B., Prof. H. D. Sonawane

Page No.: 47 – 54


10. Breast Cancer Prediction using Data Mining Techniques  

Authors: Jyotsna Nakte, Varun Himmatramka

Page No.: 55 – 60


11. High Speed TWDM PON - A Review  

Authors: Sonakshi, Divya Dhawan

Page No.: 61 – 65


12. Comprehensive Survey on Automatic Reminder Systems  

Authors: Nitesh P. Sonawane, Vijay D. Chaudhari, Ganesh Thakur

Page No.: 66 – 70


13. Multimedia Communication  

Authors: Mrs. A. G. Andurkar

Page No.: 71 - 77


14. Simulation of Parallel Pipeline Radix 2^2 Architecture  

Authors: Ankita. S. Dubey, Prof. Nilesh P. Bodne

Page No.: 78 - 83


15. Software Piracy Root Detection Framework Using SVM Based On Watermarking  

Authors: Harshali Jagtap, Samruddhi Rawool, Priyanka Waghmode, Kalyani Malve, Kavita Kumavat

Page No.: 84 - 90


16. Internet Of Things Based Nashik Smart City  

Authors: Ajinkya Kishor Deshmukh, Roshan Dinkar Gaikwad, Shital Ashok Gaikwad, Megha Nandram Avhad, Mr. H. D. Sonawane

Page No.: 91 - 94


17. Digital Transformation in Insurance Sector  

Authors: Rajesh R. Gawali, Dr. Shivaji D. Mundhe

Page No.: 095 - 103


19. Nasrullaev Nurbek Baxtiyorovich, Islomov Shahboz Zokirugli, Zokirov Odiljon Yoqubjonugli, Murtozaev Sherzod Abdullaevich  

Authors: Nasrullaev Nurbek Baxtiyorovich, Islomov Shahboz Zokirugli, Zokirov Odiljon Yoqubjonugli, Murtozaev Sherzod Abdullaevich

Page No.: 108 - 112


20. Automated WSN based System for Emission level and Air pollution Detection in Vehicles  

Authors: Tanvir Ahmed, Mohammad Ashraful Hoque

Page No.: 113 - 117


21. Advanced Security Methodologies in IoT based Automated Office  

Authors: Kshitij Halankar, Aditya Tembulkar, Kushal Vartak, Ankush Hutke

Page No.: 118 - 120


22. Stock Market Prediction and Analysis Using Naïve Bayes  

Authors: Mahajan Shubhrata D., Deshmukh Kaveri V., Thite Pranit R., Samel Bhavana Y., Prof. Chate P.J

Page No.: 121- 124


23. Content Authentication and Forge Detection using Perceptual Hash for Image Database  

Authors: Ms. Gauri Barse, Prof.S.D.Satav

Page No.: 125- 129


24. A Survey: Spider Monkey Optimization Algorithm  

Authors: Neetu Agarwal, Kushboo Gupta, Shailesh Porwal, Prof S.C. Jain

Page No.: 130 - 139


27. A Review: Efficient Encrypted Searching and Traffic Reduction As Mobile Cloud Services  

Authors: Mr. Pavan Kulkarni, Mr. Aditya More, Mr. Rahul Patil, Mr. Ganesh Pawar, Mr. Sushil Padaghan

Page No.: 151 - 153


28. Cryptography Based Hybrid Security Architecture for Mobile Multi Agents  

Authors: Swati Singhal, Heman Pathak

Page No.: 154 - 159


29. Real Time Packet Classification and Analysis based on Bloom Filter for Longest Prefix Matching  

Authors: Ms. Namita N. Kothari, Mr. R. S. Bhosale

Page No.: 160 – 166


30. A Review on Automated Storage/ Retrieval Systems and Shuttle Based Storage/Retrieval Systems  

Authors: Kalyanaraman, P.; Keerthika, C.

Page No.: 167 – 171


31. Evaluation of Financial Ratio Analysis Performance between Selective Construction Companies  

Authors: Arvind G. Atrale, Abhijit N. Bhirud

Page No.: 172 – 174


32. Comparative Study of Conventional Material Management with Advanced SAP Technique  

Authors: Ganesh Ashok Patare, Pravin.R.Minde

Page No.: 175 – 179


33. Adopting Cloud ERP in Small and Medium Enterprises: Benefits and Challenges  

Authors: R. Meganathan, P. Jeyanthi

Page No.: 180 – 183


34. Legal Issues in E-Commerce Transactions - An Indian Perspective  

Authors: K.Susheel Barath, Dr. V.Mahalakshmi

Page No.: 184 – 191


35. Implementation of Heart Rate Measurement Device  

Authors: Utkarsha P. Thatte, Mrs. K. M. Bogawar

Page No.: 192 – 195


36. Remote Health Monitoring System using Non-Invasive Mobile Technology  

Authors: Rohini Kaninde, Ankita Gosavi, Harshvardhan Kariwala, Nilesh Rathod

Page No.: 196 – 199


37. Research paper on Vegetation Health Monitoring Using Agricultural IOT  

Authors: Pooja Kharat, Ameya Salvi, Omkar Sawant, Nilesh Rathod

Page No.: 200 – 202


38. Design of an Intelligent Controller for Armature Controlled DC Motor using Fuzzy Logic Technique  

Authors: J. Velmurugan, R. M. Sekar, B. Pushpavanam, S. Muthukumaran

Page No.: 203 – 207


39. External Commercial Borrowings in India - An Overview  

Authors: Mr. A. Arunperumal

Page No.: 208 – 213


40. Emerging Trends of Cloud Computing  

Authors: Mr. Mahesh .A. Mahant, Mr,. Sujit N. Deshpande, Mr. Bhushan B. Shaharkar

Page No.: 214 – 218


41. Automation of Information Flow between BIM and QR Code  

Authors: Pavan Meadati

Page No.: 219 – 222


42. Design of Simulator for Alarm Modules  

Authors: Smita Kashid, Prakarsha Saxena, Smita Chopde

Page No.: 223 – 226


43. An approach to solve a Small File problem in Hadoop by using Dynamic Merging and Indexing Scheme  

Authors: Mr. Shubham Bhandari, Mr. Suraj Chougale, Mr. Deeepak Pandit, Mr. Suraj Sawat

Page No.: 227 – 230


44. Research Approaches for Cloud Bank Risks Identification, Mitigation, and Coping  

Authors: Mohammad Nashir Uddin, Prof. Li Tong, Prof. Li Hao

Page No.: 231 – 234


45. Implementation of Real Time Image Processing for a Human Eye Computer Interaction System  

Authors: Miss. Namrata V. Khope, Prof. M. S. Burange, Prof. A. B. Gadicha

Page No.: 235 – 239


46. Cloud Computing: A Prospective and Development Study  

Authors: Mohammad Nashir Uddin

Page No.: 240 - 244


47. A Low-Power and High-Speed Frequency Multiplier for DLL-Based Clock Generator  

Authors: Priyadharshini M, Paul Richardson Gnanaraj J

Page No.: 245 - 251


48. A Modified Multiband U Shaped and Microcontroller Shaped Fractal Antenna  

Authors: Shweta Goyal, Yogendra Kumar Katiyar

Page No.: 252 - 256


49. Image Forensics for Forgery Detection using Contrast Enhancement and 3D Lighting  

Authors: Ms. Manisha Fegade, Prof. Nilima D. Nikam, Prof. Vaishali Londhe

Page No.: 257 - 260


50. Dynamic Resource Allocation on Virtual Machines  

Authors: Naveena Anumala, Dr. R. Kumar

Page No.: 261 - 266


51. Contrast Enhancement of Images and videos using Histogram Equalization  

Authors: Pratiksha M. Patel

Page No.: 267 - 270


52. Decompression of JPEG Document Images: A Survey Paper  

Authors: Miss. Punam N. Kamble, Mr.C. J. Awati

Page No.: 271 - 273


53. A Frame Work for Ensuring Security and Privacy of PHR’S  

Authors: G Kumari, M Naveen Kumar, Dr. A Marysowjanya

Page No.: 274 - 277


54. Optimized Bus Management System through Analysing the Density of Bus Commuters and Delay  

Authors: Prof. Mrs. S. R. Vispute, Nikita V. Shahane

Page No.: 278 - 282


55. A Study On Secure Data Storage In Public Clouds  

Authors: T. Dhanur Bavidhira, C. Selvi

Page No.: 283 - 287


57. A Search Based Face Annotation (SBFA) Algorithm for Annotating Frail Labeled Images  

Authors: J. Aswani, Dr. A Mary Sowjanya

Page No.: 292 – 294


58. Fundamentals and Literature Review of Discrete Fourier Transform in Digital Signal Processing  

Authors: N. D. Narkhede, Dr. J. N. Salunke, Neha Narkhede

Page No.: 295 – 298


59. Effective Method of Image Retrieval Using Markov Random Field with Hough Transform  

Authors: Mohana Sundari.L, Nivetha.R

Page No.: 299 – 304


60. Mammogram Image Analysis for Breast Cancer Detection  

Authors: A.P. Charate, S.B. Jamge

Page No.: 305 – 308


61. Study of Grayscale Image in Image Processing  

Authors: Pramod Kaler

Page No.: 309 - 311


63. A Study on privacy for Sensitive Data by DM algorithms  

Authors: Dr. Halkar Rachappa

Page No.: 316 - 318


64. A Survey on Challenges of G-Cloud and Cloud Computing  

Authors: Dr. Ganga Shirisha M S.

Page No.: 319 – 321