Volume 4 Issues - (May 16 Volume 4 Issue 5)

1. RDH in Image with Asymmetric Key Cryptography  

Authors: S.A.Vajiha Begum, Dr. M.Pushpa rani

Page No.: 01 - 04


2. A Survey on Detection of Macular Retinal Edema  

Authors: A.Kavitha, Dr.M.Pushpa rani

Page No.: 05 - 08


3. Creation of FRIENDSPERK Platform for Social Network  

Authors: Anitha Gracy J, Dr.M.Pushpa rani

Page No.: 09 - 10


4. Analysis of Early Leave Pest Detection  

Authors: P.Brinda, Dr.M.Pushparani

Page No.: 11 - 13


6. Helmet Using GSM and GPS Technology for Accident Detection and Reporting System  

Authors: Lakshmi Devi P, Bindushree R, Deekshitha N M, Jeevan M, Likhith M P

Page No.: 18 - 21


7. Robotic Remote Surveillance and Control through Speech Recognition  

Authors: Ms. Isha P. Tamhankar, Mr. Sukrut B. Tamhankar, Mr. Somesh P. Patil, Prof. Sachin D. Ruikar

Page No.: 22 - 25


8. Secured Aggregation for Privacy and Efficiency in Energy in WSN  

Authors: N Sunil nag, P Raghuveer Kumar, Vaddi Naveen

Page No.: 26 - 29


10. Wearable Device for Prognosis of Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy  

Authors: Prof. Kanchan S. Gorde, Supriya Mangalpalli

Page No.: 36 - 39


12. An Enhanced Reversible Data Hiding Technique for Coloured Images  

Authors: Ms. Nilam N. Shaikh, Prof. Amit B. Chougule

Page No.: 44 - 47


13. ShopZoo: A Grocery Shopping Mobile Application with Smart Recommendation System  

Authors: Rahul Lad, Jayti Lal, Minal Laad, Karan Thanvi

Page No.: 48 - 51


14. Single Object Tracking System By Using Labview  

Authors: Divya M, Dr. Ravi kumar A V

Page No.: 52 - 56


15. Web Page Annotation Using Web Usage Mining and Domain Knowledge Ontology  

Authors: Poonam P. Chavan, Prof. Sonal Bankar

Page No.: 57 - 61


16. Collision Avoidance In Cognitive Radio Adhoc Networks Using Leach Algorithm  

Authors: Arnab Ghosh, B Abhishek Reddy, Devjani Dhar, A Bhavani

Page No.: 62 - 65


17. Baseband Data Handling System Using LEON3FT Processor  

Authors: Arun. N, Dr. S Revathi

Page No.: 66 - 71


18. Algorithms of Distance, color & Shape Detection for 2-D Images  

Authors: V. K. Patil, Gajanan Alaspure, Trupti Jakkulwar, Ganesh Pawar, Aishwarya Bajoriya, Sampada Bulbule

Page No.: 72 - 77


19. An A3P approach towards Image Privacy on Social Sites  

Authors: Mr. Rishiraj C. Bhosale, Mr. Harsh A. Patel, Prof. P. T. Borse, Ms. Kasturi K. Ghonsikar, Mr. Taher K. Lakdawala

Page No.: 78 - 80


20. Brain Tumor Analysis –An Overview  

Authors: M. Kanmani, Dr. M. Pushparani

Page No.: 81 - 83


21. Development of Association Rule Mining with Efficient Positive and Negative Rules  

Authors: Kavita.S.Yadav, Prof. Pravin Kulurkar

Page No.: 84 - 88


22. Hybrid Approach of Nu-Mob, Mobil and MOBILAP for Face Recognition System  

Authors: Ratnamma V Patil, Shreenivas P Gudi

Page No.: 89 - 91


23. A Review Paper on Smart Glove - Converts Gestures into Speech and Text  

Authors: Kanika Rastogi, Pankaj Bhardwaj

Page No.: 92 - 94


24. An Efficient Approach of Optic Disc Normalization and Segmentation for Glaucoma Detection  

Authors: Pooja Koushik M, Tejaswini M. L

Page No.: 95 - 97


25. A Study on: Opinion/Review Spam Detection  

Authors: Sanketi P. Raut, Prof. Chitra Wasnik

Page No.: 98 - 100


26. ZIGBEE Protocol Based Low Power Health Care Monitoring System  

Authors: Kayalvizhi S, Vamshi Kumar Rao Mahendrakar, Akhil Para, Surendra Gottipati

Page No.: 101 - 104


27. Image Compression Using Hybrid(DCT+DWT) Technique- A Comparative Study  

Authors: Asjah Ul Ain, Supriya Khaitan

Page No.: 105 - 111


28. “Study of Quality Assurance and Quality Management System in Multistroyed RCC Building”  

Authors: Dheeraj A Bumb, D. M. Ghaitidak

Page No.: 112 - 113


29. Non Conventional Principles of Cost Effectiveness in Construction  

Authors: Rajesh Saxena, A. A. Warudkar

Page No.: 114 - 118


30. Parallel Seismic 2-D Reverse Time Migration  

Authors: Tejaswi Rajendra Jadhav, Vaishali Maheshkar

Page No.: 119 - 122


31. Signature Verification through Pattern Recognition  

Authors: Asst. Prof. SoniyaHingu, Asst. Prof. Macwan Kiran

Page No.: 123 - 127


32. Artificial Neural Network Based Automatic Number Plate Recognition System  

Authors: Yash Mali, Anuja Tambade, Mrunmayi Magdum, Dr. B. G. Patil

Page No.: 128 - 131


33. Atomic Clock and Atomic Magnetometer  

Authors: Nikhil D. Kothawade, Prof. Dr. M. H. Nerkar

Page No.: 132 - 135


34. Area Efficient Current Mode all Passes Filter and Notch Filter using Single CDBA  

Authors: Rajesh Kumar Dubey, Mis. Jigyasha Maru

Page No.: 136 - 140


35. An LMI based Robust H? SOF Controller for AVR in an SMIB System  

Authors: Justin Mathew Joy, Ramya R

Page No.: 141 - 146


36. Support Vector Machine IDS Rule Extraction Mechanism from Honeypot Data  

Authors: Saba Farooq, Kavita Patel

Page No.: 147 - 155


37. Analysis of EDFA-WDM Optical Network System  

Authors: Piyush Gautam, Prof. S. Revathi

Page No.: 156 - 159


38. A Survey on Counting People with Low Level Features  

Authors: Rajshri Vaswade, Prof. Nitin Dawande

Page No.: 160 - 163


40. Protecting Scattered Database by Enforcing Data Preservation Using Data Protection Facilitator  

Authors: Akhilesh Kumar Misra, Surya Pratap Singh, Harsha Gupta, Dr. Upendra Nath Tripathi

Page No.: 169 - 172


41. A Review on Computer Forensics  

Authors: Ms. Vishakha R. Bhadane, Mr. Rahul C. Patil

Page No.: 173 - 178


42. Children Activity Alert System Using Accelerometer and GSM Technology  

Authors: Mohamed Shafiulla S, Madhusharath M, Akshatha D B, Manovikas D M, Chaithra S J

Page No.: 179 - 182


43. Comparison of Various Optical Amplifiers on Performance of 16-64channels WDM System  

Authors: Inderpreet Kaur, Jagneet Kaur, Kamal Kant Sharma

Page No.: 183 - 187


44. Design of SPI(Serial Peripheral Interface) Protocol with DO-254 Compliance  

Authors: Koushik M, Anushree R, Kumaraswamy K V

Page No.: 188 - 191


45. Enhancement of Writeback Caching by changes in flush and its parameters  

Authors: Chandan J, Kavitha S N

Page No.: 192 - 194


46. An Optimization Model for Cargo Container Loading Plan Problem for Seafood Products  

Authors: Zainal Azis, Herman Mawengkang

Page No.: 195 - 200


47. Advanced Integrated Fire Halt Robot  

Authors: Dr. B. S. Rao, K. Chandrakanth, M. Yaswanth kumar, Ch. Mahesh

Page No.: 201 - 203


48. Sharing of Data Using Key Aggregation and Searchable Encryption  

Authors: V. Vignesh Kumar, Dr. Sunanda Dixit, Nadia Saba, Priyanka Surana, Viyani Sushmitha M J

Page No.: 204 - 206


49. Hybrid Approach for Video Compression Using Block Matching Motion Estimation  

Authors: Rohini K. Akotkar, Prof. sanket B. Kasturiwala

Page No.: 207 - 211


50. Detecting Malicious Applications from the cloud by using user feedback method  

Authors: Prof. Chetan J. Shelke, Dr. P. P. Karde, Dr. V. M. Thakre

Page No.: 212 - 215


51. “Effectiveness of Animal conservation projects using Tools of Information Tech: Indian perspective”  

Authors: Prof. Madhavi Shamkuwar, Dr. Aniruddha Joshi

Page No.: 216 - 219


52. Design and Optimization of Bicycle Frame for the Cyclist's Comfort  

Authors: Aparna Deshpande, Amol B. Gaikwad

Page No.: 220 - 224


53. IOT Based Intelligent Bin for Smart Cities  

Authors: Meghana K C, Dr. K R Nataraj

Page No.: 225 - 229


54. Simulation of Planar Inverted F Antenna for On-Body and free space Communication  

Authors: Navdeep Kaur, Pallavi Sharma

Page No.: 230 - 233


55. Case Study on a Structural Building Subjected to Earthquake Forces Considering Soil Structure Interaction  

Authors: Nawaraj Kapil, Karthik N.M, Dr. Rajendra .S, Likhitha.R

Page No.: 234 - 237


56. Generalized evaluations in sociological researches  

Authors: Abdirimov Kudrat Raximberganovich, Turimov Dilmurod Mustapoyevich

Page No.: 238 - 241


57. Heterogeneous Sim-Rank System For Image Intensional Search  

Authors: Ms. Jyoti B. Thorat, Prof. Sachin S. Bere

Page No.: 242 - 245


58. Friendbook: An Advanced Friend Recommendation System For Social Networking sites  

Authors: Ritu V, Shreya Sharanagowda, Megha H. A, Tejaswini M.S, Mrs. Rajeshwari J

Page No.: 246 - 248


59. Effect of Black hole Attack on Mobile Ad-hoc Networks  

Authors: Alphonsa George, Dhanya Narayan, Cincy Mary Sebastian

Page No.: 249 - 253


60. Studies on Slot Coupled Junction Radiator using S-Band Wave Guides  

Authors: P. Ujjvala Kanthi Prabha, G. S. N. Raju

Page No.: 254 - 261


62. An Examplar Based Video Inpainting using Dictionary Based Method  

Authors: Ms. Radha R. Shirodkar, Prof. Manisha J. Darak

Page No.: 270 - 273


63. Honeypot System: An Intrusion Detection System  

Authors: Mr. Ajinkya S. Gudadhe, Prof. D. H. Deshmukh, Prof. Kalbande, Prof. F. M. Shelke

Page No.: 274 - 276


64. Anonymous Key Generation Technique with Contributory Broadcast Encryption  

Authors: Ankush V. Ajmire, Falesh M. Shelke, Prof. Avinash P. Wadhe

Page No.: 277 - 281


65. Hand Gesture Recognization Using Virtual Canvas  

Authors: Mr. Ram M. Deshmukh, Prof. P. D. Lohiya, Prof. F. M. Shelke

Page No.: 282 - 283


67. A Performance Evaluation of 8-Channel WDM System Using Optical Amplifiers  

Authors: Dwinder Singh, Inderpreet Kaur

Page No.: 288 - 291


68. A Study on Primitive Ring  

Authors: Tulasi Prasad Nepal

Page No.: 292 - 293


69. Feature Match for Medical Images  

Authors: Raina Sinha, Sandeep Kumar, Sanjna K, Shaloo Tulsyan, Mrs. Rajeshwari J

Page No.: 294 - 298


72. A Novel Approach for Multilingual Speech Recognition with Back Propagation Artificial Neural Network  

Authors: Rajat Haldar, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Mishra

Page No.: 312 - 318


73. Design of Hybrid Intelligent Power System Stabilizer for a Multi-Machine System  

Authors: Sherin George, Ramya R

Page No.: 319 - 325


74. Design and control of electronics based medical emergency system using a Quadcopter  

Authors: Mansi Joshi, Aswina P. Mohanan, Vilas J Kharat

Page No.: 326 - 332


75. Enhancement of DNVME device driver  

Authors: Sucheta Shivakalimath, Dr. Ramakanth Kumar P.

Page No.: 333 - 336


76. An Economical, Eco friendly and Technical Assessment of Cement Replaced by Marble Dust in Permeable Concrete  

Authors: Mr. Amarnath A. Shende, Dr. D. M. Ghaitidak

Page No.: 337 - 340


77. Efficient Image Steganography  

Authors: Nitesh H. Shenare, Kishor Wane

Page No.: 341 - 344


78. Services Marketing: Challenges and Strategies  

Authors: Habiba Abbasi, Monika Dahiya

Page No.: 345 - 349


79. A Neural Network-Based Classification of Water Resource Images  

Authors: Sanket D. Kharalkar, Prof. Sneha U. Bohra

Page No.: 350 - 353


80. Design of Capacitor Controlled Oscillator with the help of Operational Trans Resistance Amplifier  

Authors: Sujan Biswas, Khushi Banerjee, Sumanta Karmakar, Ashmi Chakraborty, Lipika Mondal

Page No.: 354 - 355


81. Fault Classification in double circuit transmission lines using ANN  

Authors: Chhavi Gupta, Rohit Arora

Page No.: 356 - 361


82. Implementation of using classification Data Mining Techniques for Software Cost Estimation  

Authors: Snehal A. Deshmukh, Prof. S. W. Ahmad

Page No.: 362 - 363


84. Optimization of Weather Model  

Authors: Mr. Mirajkumar Bhadreshbhai Naik, Ms. Ancymol K Thomas

Page No.: 369 - 372


85. Improving Energy Efficiency of MapReduce Framework using Dynamic Scheduling of Work  

Authors: Prashant Sugandhi, Harshit Karnewar, Cheryl Joseph, Prof. Jayashree Chaudhari

Page No.: 373 - 377


86. Mining of Frequent Item with BSW Chunking  

Authors: Pratik S. Chopade, Prof. Priyanka More

Page No.: 378 - 381


87. Preventing Collaborative Attack by Cooperative Bait Detection Approach  

Authors: Tanmayee Deepakrao Buradkar, Prof. Bharti D. Patil

Page No.: 382 - 386


88. Review Paper on Opinion Extraction of Drug Reviews Using PAMM  

Authors: Smita Sudhakar Auti., U. A. Jogalekar

Page No.: 387 - 389


89. Analysis and Edge Detection of Lung Cancer – Survey  

Authors: C. Jeya Bharathi, Dr. P. Kabilan

Page No.: 390 - 392


90. Application of Speaker Recognition on Biometric  

Authors: Sumanta Karmakar, Amit Kumar Rai, Sambit S. Mondal

Page No.: 393 - 395


91. Coverage and Energy Based Clustering Techniques to Increase The Lifetime Of Network  

Authors: Akhil Jajulwar, Pravin Kulurkar

Page No.: 396 - 400


92. A review on Data Mining for Indian Online Retail Industry  

Authors: Ms. Pradnya Muley, Dr. Aniruddha Joshi

Page No.: 401 - 404


93. Delay Mitigation Using Link State Dynamic Routing Protocol Techniques  

Authors: Sweta Bokade, Pravin Kulurkar

Page No.: 405 - 408


94. Optimization of WSN using Biological Inspired Self-Organized Secure Autonomous Routing Protocol  

Authors: Sayali R. Thorat, Prof. M. K. Nighot

Page No.: 409 - 412


95. Survey on: Software Puzzle for Offsetting DoS Attack  

Authors: Miss. Rupali Anil Suravase, Mr. Pramod Patil

Page No.: 413 - 415


96. Medical Affiliated Hadoop Application (MAHA)  

Authors: Prof. Sunil Yadav, Pooja Maller, Darshana Mohite, Sameera Shaikh

Page No.: 416 - 418


97. Genetic Algorithm based Application Research in Computer Network Security Evaluation  

Authors: Priya Rathi, Prof. Falesh M. Shelke

Page No.: 419 - 422


98. Scope of Women Entrepreneurship in India  

Authors: Ms. Monika Dahiya Ms. Habiba Abbasi

Page No.: 423 - 426


99. Stock Market Prediction Using Time Series  

Authors: Alestair Varghese, Harpreet Tarhen, Aquib Shaikh, Prasenjit Banik, Prof. Ashish Ramadasi

Page No.: 427 - 430


100. Orientation System for Blind Person  

Authors: Prof. Ashwini. G. Andurkar, Ashwini. M. Kaurase

Page No.: 431 - 434


101. Inventory Management System Automation for Coherency in E-Commerce Web Portals  

Authors: Muzameel Ahmed, Rachana. I. S, Rathna. S, Smitha. R, Thrushitha. S. Bhaskar

Page No.: 435 - 437


102. Enhancing Decision Support for Secondary Education with OLAP  

Authors: Vaios Papaioannou, George-Peter K. Economou

Page No.: 438 - 442


104. Study of properties of Aegle Marmelos Reinforced Composite Fiber  

Authors: Rohit Kumar, Mr. Piyush Tiwari

Page No.: 454 - 456


107. Study of Network Security Using Cryptographic Techniques  

Authors: Sanket Kadu, Prof. K.H. Hole, Prof. A.P. Ambarkhane, Prof. F. M. Shelke

Page No.: 464 - 465


108. Survey on wavelet based image fusion techniques  

Authors: Kavitha S, Thyagharajan K. K.

Page No.: 466 - 473


109. Modified DA based FIR Filter in Multirate DSP systems on FPGA  

Authors: Mrs. Bhagyalakshmi. N, Dr. Rekha K. R, Dr. Nataraj K. R

Page No.: 474 - 478


110. Design of Pseudo Random Binary Sequence Generator using VHDL  

Authors: Ashwini .M. Kaurase, Rashmi .S. Deshmukh, Tejashree .S.Lohar

Page No.: 479 - 480


111. An Analysis Study of Web Page Ranking Algorithms  

Authors: Mrs. Nirmala Shinge

Page No.: 481 - 485


112. Electronic Fund Transfer: A study of security control in selected banks of Pune Region  

Authors: Mrs. Pooja Kulkarni, Dr. S. A. Ghumare, Dr. Ashish Kulkarni

Page No.: 486 - 489


113. File sharing between mobile devices  

Authors: Mr. Shubham Kulkari, Mr. Sanath Kumar, Mr. Shivaraju N, Mr. Shivaraj

Page No.: 490 - 492


114. Telecommunication Fraud and Detection Techniques: A Review  

Authors: Neha Bhullar

Page No.: 493 - 495


115. Simulation of Field Oriented Control Variable Frequency Induction Motor Drive  

Authors: Dhananjay kumar chandrakar, Miss Smriti Kesharwani, Dr. Dharmendra Kumar singh

Page No.: 496 - 499


116. ARM7 based Bus Passenger Alert System for the Blind and Visually Impaired  

Authors: Anuj Narayanaswamy, U. Ashwin, Srichakradhar Kadavendi

Page No.: 500 - 505


117. Analysis of fMRI data based on prediction of neural response using MVPA  

Authors: Mrs. Nagalakshmi B naik, Mrs. Deepthi Dayanand

Page No.: 506 - 507


118. Rule based Model for Credit Evaluation using Rough Set Approach  

Authors: Anjali Kulkarni, Dr. Seema Purohit

Page No.: 508 - 511


119. An Efficient Polynomial-based Filtering Against False Data Injection Attack in CPNS  

Authors: Ms. Sanjana R. Heralgi, Ms. D. B. Gothawal

Page No.: 512 - 515


120. Adsorption Properties of Dextrin onto Modified Coal Surface  

Authors: Nwoko Christopher Ikpe Amadi, Okoji Josephine Nkechi, Atu Ausaji Ayuk

Page No.: 516 - 522


121. A Proxy-Based Resolution to Ceaseless Location- Based Spatial Queries Importable Backgrounds  

Authors: R. S. Shalini, S. Reena Esther, S. Sylvia Irish, R. Preethi

Page No.: 523 - 525


122. Stability Enhancement of HVDC Line by Firefly Controlled Pi  

Authors: Savita Devi, Dr. Naresh kumar

Page No.: 526 - 530


123. Implementation of a Smart Ward System in a Hi-Tech Hospital by Using a Kinect Sensor Camera  

Authors: Jyothilakshmi Pa, K R Rekhab, K R Natarajab

Page No.: 531 - 536


124. Review Paper: Real Time Based Data Acquisition System  

Authors: Dr. Javed Khan Bhutto, Mr. Bhawani Shankar Chaudhary , Mrs. Prerna Khatri

Page No.: 537 - 538


125. Big Data Approach for Secure Traffic Data Analytics using Hadoop  

Authors: Koushalya Bijjaragi, Poonam Tijare

Page No.: 539 - 542


126. Migratory Birds Tracking System using RF as Communication Medium and Android Mobile Base Station  

Authors: Puneet Shirish Beri, Piyush Arvind Dawande, Ruturaj Anil Eksambekar, Ruta Anant Gokhale, Prof. Mrs. Shilpa S. Sonawani

Page No.: 543 - 545


127. A Review of Data Mining Techniques  

Authors: Anjli negi, Dr. Varun jaiswal

Page No.: 546 - 548


128. A Novel Approach for Design of Carry Select Adder  

Authors: Miss. Nimisha A. Deshmukh, Prof. A. P. Khandait

Page No.: 549 - 553


129. On Board Diagnostics (OBD) Scan Tool to Diagnose Emission Control System  

Authors: Prajakta Kulkarni, Prof. P. K. Rajani, Kanupriya Varma

Page No.: 554 - 558


130. Integration of Microfluidic Devices and Smart Phones for Water Monitoring –A Review  

Authors: Kunal B. Mahajan, Prof. G. K. Andurkar

Page No.: 559 - 562


131. Adoption and Utilization of Drones for Advanced Precision Farming: A Review  

Authors: Aditya S. Natu, Prof. S. C. Kulkarni

Page No.: 563 - 565


132. 20W Output Broadband Amplifier with Automatic Gain Control and Thermal Protection  

Authors: Yash Gupta, Sunil Kumar, S.V. Kulkarni, S.M. Patel

Page No.: 566 - 570


133. A Theorem on the Prime Graph of 2x2 - Matrix Ring of Z2  

Authors: Satyanarayana Bhavanari, Srinivasulu Devanaboina, Mallik arjun bhavanari

Page No.: 571 - 573


134. A Novel Technique for Storage in Cloud Data Centers  

Authors: Makhan Singh

Page No.: 574 - 578


135. A Security Architecute for Mobile Agent Based Creeper  

Authors: Manju Kumari, Kinnari Jangid

Page No.: 579 – 581