Volume 4 Issues - (June 16 Volume 4 Issue 6)

1. Comparison of Compressed Sensing algorithms for MIMO-OFDM Systems  

Authors: P. N. Jayanthi, Dr. S Ravishankar, Chethana G

Page No.: 01 - 06


2. Performance Evaluation of AODV with and without Black hole Attack in MANETs  

Authors: Devottam Gaurav, Charu Wahi

Page No.: 07 - 13


3. Method of Moments and Circuit Network Theory in Antenna Analysis  

Authors: Ifeoma B. Asianuba

Page No.: 14 - 16


5. Modeling the Existence of Basic Offspring Number on Basic Reproductive Ratio of Dengue without Vertical Transmission  

Authors: Hamidah Nasution, Herman Mawengkang, Syahril Pasaribu

Page No.: 21 - 26


6. An Enhanced K-Medoid Clustering Algorithm  

Authors: Archna Kumari, Pramod S. Nair, Sheetal Kumrawat

Page No.: 27 - 31


7. Technologies and Techniques for Detection of Nitrate in potable water: A Review  

Authors: Deepak Borole, M. S. Sadavarte

Page No.: 32 - 36


8. Computerized Approaches for Retinal Microaneurysm Detection  

Authors: Shivani S. Puranik, Mrs.V. B. Malode

Page No.: 37 - 42


9. Technique for proficiently yielding Deep-Web Interfaces Using Smart Crawler  

Authors: devendra Hapase, Prof. M. D. Ingle

Page No.: 43 - 47


11. Reduce the Cross Talk in Omega Network by Using Windowing Techniques  

Authors: Ramniwas, Lokesh Lodha

Page No.: 54 - 57


12. Wireless Power Transmission through Air, Wood & Concrete Medium at Utility Frequency of 50 Hz  

Authors: B. Somashekar, Laxmi Nandhihal, Mary Nancy.D, Shilpa.C

Page No.: 58 - 62


13. An Systematic implementation to calculate Co-Channel Interference  

Authors: A. V. R. Mayuri

Page No.: 63 - 65


14. Biomedical Waste Management – A Review  

Authors: P. V. Deshmukh, R. H. Rathod

Page No.: 66 - 70


15. Validation of Octanary Adders in VHDL  

Authors: Jasbir Kaur, Parv Sapra

Page No.: 71 - 74


16. Analysis and Comparison of Different Multiplier  

Authors: Jasbir Kaur, Sumit Kumar

Page No.: 75 - 78


17. High Sensitive and Relevant Data Sharing with Secure and Low Time Consuming  

Authors: Princy.B, Nishley Elizabeth Joseph

Page No.: 79 - 80


18. Performance Analysis of Full Adder Circuits Using CMOS 90nm Technology  

Authors: Aastha Gupta, Akshay Goyal, Pragati Gupta

Page No.: 81 - 84


20. Design of a Quality of Service-Based Load Balancing Relay Selection Mechanism for Long Term Evolution-Advanced Systems  

Authors: San-Yuan Wang, Guan-Hsiung Liaw, Chih-Hao Hsu, Lain-Chyr Hwang, Tain-Lieng Kao, Hsing-Yen Hsieh

Page No.: 92 - 97


21. Resilient security against hackers using enchanced encryption techniques: Blowfish and Honey Encryption  

Authors: Prof. Rohini S. More, Prof. Smita S. Konda

Page No.: 98 - 102


22. Radial-Distance Based Shape Descriptor for Image Retrieval  

Authors: Spoorthi R Hiremath, Dr. Jagadeesh. Pujari, Prof. Naveen S. Mirajkar, Prof. J C. Karur

Page No.: 103 - 106


23. Design of High Performance CMOS Comparator using 90nm Technology  

Authors: Shankaragouda S Chikaraddi, Spurtinath S P

Page No.: 107 - 109


24. A Review of Wireless Sensor Network For Agriculture  

Authors: Mr. Sunil N. More, Mr. Mininath Nighot

Page No.: 110 - 113


25. Network Forensics for detection of malicious packets in Internet of Things (IoT)  

Authors: Meet Tilva, Vandana Rohokale

Page No.: 114 - 118


26. Text Extraction and Localization From Captured Images  

Authors: Taufin M Jeeralbhavi, Dr. Jagadeesh D. Pujari, Shivananda V. Seeri

Page No.: 119 - 121


27. Air Pollution Monitoring & Control System For Vehicles  

Authors: Tejashree S.Lohar, Prof.G.K.Andurkar

Page No.: 122 - 126


29. A Review on working of Cflow  

Authors: Madhuri Bhalekar, Arjun Jain, Debajyoti Majumdar, Nigrah Bamb, Ajinkya Shendre

Page No.: 135 - 138


30. Portable Camera Based Assitive Product Label Reading for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals  

Authors: Ashwini. V. Mhaske, Prof. Mahesh. S. Sadavarte

Page No.: 139 - 141


31. Architecture for Automated Irrigation System  

Authors: Pramod V Deshmukh, Prashant R Deshmukh

Page No.: 142 - 145


32. The Removal of Random Valued Impulse Noise Using Contrast Enhancement and Decision Based Filter  

Authors: Bharathi S. L, N. Reshmi, A. Murali

Page No.: 146 - 150


33. A Novel Approach for Preserving Privacy of Content Based Information Reterival System  

Authors: Miss Sayali .P Shinde, Prof. Jyoti. S Raghatwan

Page No.: 151 - 155


34. A Framework to Categorize Shill and Normal Reviews by Measuring it’s Linguistic Features  

Authors: Mrs. Sarika S. Nalawade, Mrs. V. L. Kolhe

Page No.: 156 - 160


36. Simulation for Feeder Protection with Micro-Controller in proteus  

Authors: Anuradha S Deshpande, Bhargav Vaishnav, Bhikadiya Pratik

Page No.: 164 - 168


37. “CSMA-Based and Optimal link scheduling in Multihop MIMO Networks using SINR Model ”  

Authors: Priti V Chaudhari, Prof. S. M.Patil

Page No.: 169 - 171


40. “Implementation on Distorted Fingerprints”  

Authors: Mr. Ganesh V. Kakade, Prof. Bere S. S.

Page No.: 178 - 182


41. Vehicular Ad-hoc Network with Adaptive Cruise Control  

Authors: Ms. Priti V. Rane, Mr. Sushil T. Andhale

Page No.: 183 - 185


42. Embedded Based Energy Efficient Handling of Big Data Using Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Prof. M. R. Dhotre, Rupesh D. Chaudhari

Page No.: 186 - 189


43. Study of Five Level Inverter for Harmonic Elimination  

Authors: Farha Qureshi, Prof. Surbhi Shrivastava

Page No.: 190 - 193


44. Proteus Simulation Using Various Power Converters for a Photovoltaic System  

Authors: Rakshith P, Anitha Bhat T A, Dhanuja N K, Reshma H, Mirzarazamehdi

Page No.: 194 - 198


45. Performance of Medium Access Control Protocol in WBAN for Energy Conservation  

Authors: Samruddhi P. Wagh, Himangi M. Pande, Dr. M. U. Kharat

Page No.: 199 - 202


46. Secure Authorized Deduplication for Hybrid Cloud Storage  

Authors: Bhavanashri S. Raut, Prof. H. A. Hingoliwala

Page No.: 203 - 207


47. Implementation of Ac Power Stand by Switch-Off Outlets using Arduino mega2560  

Authors: Ashwini M U, Menosha J K, Vishnu Priya K, Sridevi A

Page No.: 208 - 211


49. Establishing Frame Relay Connections Using Packet Tracer  

Authors: Shipra Suman, Er. Aditi Agrawal

Page No.: 214 - 218


50. Password Breach Protection Using Honeyword  

Authors: Prashant C. Dhas, Prof. Ismail Mohammed

Page No.: 219 - 221


51. Equity Reports Optimization Using Hive, HDFS.  

Authors: Mr. Prashant R. Mahajan, Prof. Amrit Priyadarshi

Page No.: 222 - 224


52. Low Area, Low Power and High Bandwidth Operational Amplifier by 130nm CMOS Technology  

Authors: Chintan Suman Verma, Dr. R. H. Talwekar

Page No.: 225 - 227


53. Upgradation of Manual Magnetic Core Drill Machine  

Authors: Ms. Anuja V. Vaidya, Dr. Mrs. S. B. Patil

Page No.: 228 - 230


54. Wireless Sensor Node Employed Air Quality Monitoring and Analysis based on Gsm  

Authors: Afrah Mohammad, Prof .M. T. Hasan

Page No.: 231 - 234


55. Auto Agent Commission calculation Using BST  

Authors: Chandrashekhar S Khese, Prof. Amrit Priyadarshi

Page No.: 235 - 238


56. An Experimental Study to Evaluate the Calorific Values of Bagasse after Solar Cabinet Drying  

Authors: Rakesh Kumar, Mahesh Kumar, Amit, Rakesh Kumar

Page No.: 239 - 241


57. Performance of Residential Buildings during Nepal Earthquake  

Authors: Aditya Kumar Tiwary, Khushpreet Singh, Ankush Thakur, Sandeep Nasier

Page No.: 242 - 247


58. Texture Based Malware Pattern Identification and Classification  

Authors: Aziz Makandar, Anita Patrot

Page No.: 248 - 253


59. Detection and Mitigation of Sybil Attack by implementing Extended Genetic Algorithm  

Authors: Shilpa Goyal, Ms. Nisha Pandey

Page No.: 254 - 259


60. An Effectively Deploying of Relay Stations (Rs) In WIMAX Networks  

Authors: Priyanka Rani, Ms. Renu Singla

Page No.: 260 - 265


62. Mining Semantically Consistent Patterns for Cross view data with CCA and CJFL  

Authors: Miss. Ujwala S. Vanve

Page No.: 270 - 277


63. Preserving Privacy for User Profling in Personalized Web Search  

Authors: Neha Dewangan, Prof. Rugraj

Page No.: 278 - 281


65. Solution for Water scarcity Problem in Construction  

Authors: Rupali D Anjikhane, Ashish P .Waghmare, Pranay R. Khare

Page No.: 286 - 289


66. Energy Efficient Handling of Big Data  

Authors: Rupesh D. Chaudhari, Prof. M. R. Dhotre

Page No.: 290 - 292


67. Data Security in Cloud Computing Using Threshold Cryptography and User Revocation  

Authors: Nikeetaa P. Choudharri, Ms. Kanchan M. Varpe

Page No.: 293 - 297


68. Smart Automation System for Office Environment  

Authors: Renuka N. Bhuyar, Prof. S. M. Ansari

Page No.: 298 - 301


69. Efficient Utilization of Node Energy by Detecting and Preventing Denial of Sleep Attack  

Authors: Usha C. Khake, Prof. Narendra Gawai

Page No.: 302 - 305


70. A Novel Approach to Improve Quality of Web Service Discovery  

Authors: Miss Ashwini B. Dune, Prof. Trupti K. Dange

Page No.: 306 - 310


71. A Survey of Intrusion Detection Techniques in Computer Network  

Authors: Miss Vinita R. Shewale, Dr. Hitendra D.Patil

Page No.: 311 - 313


73. A Survey on Anonymous On-Demand Routing Protocols for MANETs  

Authors: Sunetra P. Salunkhe, Dr. Hitendra D. Patil

Page No.: 318 - 320


74. Design of a 85 GHz Rotary Traveling Wave Oscillator for Imaging Applications  

Authors: Samar Hussein, Ahmed Eladawy

Page No.: 321 - 324


76. Basic policy driven to shared photo on OSN’s  

Authors: Miss. Priti Ashok Mali, Prof. Rugraj

Page No.: 331 - 334


77. Parallel Solving Tasks of Digital Image Processing  

Authors: Khujayarov Ilyos Shiraliyevich, Islomov Shahboz Zokir ugli, Nuriev Sirojiddin Abduraxmonovich, Ochilov Mannon Musinovich

Page No.: 335 - 339


78. Design and Analysis of Antiroll Bars for Automotive Application  

Authors: Mr. Khartode Ankush .N, Prof. Gaikwad. Mahendra. U

Page No.: 340 - 345


80. Personality Based Recommendation System Using Social Media  

Authors: Sachin Manohar Gaikwad, Prof. Satish S. Kumbhar

Page No.: 349 - 354


81. Secure Auditing and Maintaining Block Level Integrity with Reliability of Data in Cloud  

Authors: Ms. Aishwarya R. Kumthekar, Prof. Jyoti Raghatwan

Page No.: 355 - 359


82. A text Ontology Method based on mining Develop D –MATRIX  

Authors: Tanaji L Dhikale, Asso. Prof. Mr. Ajay Kumar Kurra

Page No.: 360 - 363


83. Fast Nearest Neighbor Search with Keywords Using IR2-Tree  

Authors: Mr. Pramod Khandare, Dr. Nilesh Uke

Page No.: 364 - 368


85. Strategy for Smart City Development  

Authors: Kunkulol. M. K, Pranay R Khare

Page No.: 374 - 376


86. Enhancement of Productivity and Minimization of Waste using Lean Construction Techniques  

Authors: Aakanksha Ingle, Prof Ashish Waghmare

Page No.: 377 - 385


87. Dual Axis Solar Tracker Using Arduino Uno  

Authors: Dhanalakshmi.V, Lakshmi Prasanna.H.N, Priyanka.V, Rani. K.J

Page No.: 386 - 388


88. FRAppE: Detecting Malicious Facebook Applications  

Authors: Shital B. Mandhane, Ismail Mohammed

Page No.: 389 - 393


89. Efficient Mining of Sequential Patterns in a Sequence Database with Weight Constraint  

Authors: A. Sirisha, Suresh Pabboju, G. Narsimha

Page No.: 394 - 397


90. A Ubiquitous Solution for Mitigation of Black Hole Attack in Cognitive Radio  

Authors: Girish Tiwari, Nishant Doshi

Page No.: 398 - 403


91. JSP Custom Tag for Pagination, Sorting and Filtering – A Case Study  

Authors: Dr. Poornima G. Naik, Girish R. Naik

Page No.: 404 - 411


92. Implementation of Efficient Cooperative Message Authentication for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks  

Authors: Mrs. Prathiba . N, Mrs. Saritha I G, Mrs. Sowmyashree M S

Page No.: 412 - 417


93. Study of a imaging indexing technique in JPEG Compressed domain  

Authors: Pooja .D. Phumatiya

Page No.: 418 - 421


94. Speed Control of Dc Motors Using Wireless Technology  

Authors: Nayana V.N, G Sandhya raj, Nagasandhya K V, Umadevi Sreedhar.D

Page No.: 422 - 427


95. Design Graphical User Interface of Linear Algebra System Package by Using MATLAB  

Authors: Hussain A. J. Alziarjawey, Ünal Çamdal?, Ilyas Çankaya, Hadeel K. Aljobouri

Page No.: 428 - 433


96. Study of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  

Authors: Manish Kukreja, Akash singh Nervaiya

Page No.: 434 - 437


97. Smart mobile service that helps users to access the applications faster  

Authors: Mr. Amit Rohra, Mr. Nikesh Posam, Prof. Nishi Tiku

Page No.: 438 - 440


98. Ranking for Database in view of User Opinions  

Authors: Madhuri M, Aruna T M, Divyaraj G N

Page No.: 441 - 444


99. Study of Various Automated Construction Materials Tracking Technology  

Authors: Saurabh Badjate, Pranay Khare

Page No.: 445 - 446


100. Development of a Prototype for Critical Disease Predictions using Data Mining  

Authors: Mohammad Taha Khan, Professor Dr. Shamimul Qamar, Dr. Ripu Ranjan Sinha

Page No.: 447 - 453


101. Apache Hive  

Authors: Haresh Masand, Deep Mandani, Aman Dikshit, Ameya Parkar

Page No.: 454 - 456


103. Powerline Communication: Efficient Communication Considerations  

Authors: Shishir G. Patil, Shashank N.

Page No.: 463 - 466


104. Survey on Web Spam Detection using Link and Content Based Features  

Authors: Mr. Rahul C. Patil, Ms. Vishakha R. Bhadane

Page No.: 467 - 470


105. REST API: An advance technique to develop light weight application  

Authors: Shiv Kumar Goyal, Prashant Kashinath Chaudhari, Krunalsinh Gajrajsinh Vala, Adwait Vijay Kulkarni

Page No.: 471 - 473


106. Automated Tool for Calibration Features Checking Engine Platform  

Authors: Deepali P. Pathak, Dr. N. B. Chopade, Mr. Vishal Halale

Page No.: 474 - 476


107. A Novel Adaptive method for Acoustic Echo Cancellation  

Authors: Pravat Ku. Dash, Pradyumna Ku. Mohapatra, Sunil Ku. Bisoi

Page No.: 477 - 481


108. Simplifying Ecommerce  

Authors: Varun Kumar Singhal

Page No.: 482 - 484


109. Text Categorization of Documents using K-Means and K-Means++ Clustering Algorithm  

Authors: Aditi Anand Shetkar, Sonia Fernandes

Page No.: 485 - 489


110. Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Pooja .C. Mohod

Page No.: 490 - 493


111. Study of Manga, Animation and Anime as an Art Form  

Authors: Steena. J. Mathews

Page No.: 494 - 497


112. WSN based Automated Irrigation Control System  

Authors: Ms. Tasneem Sanglikar, Prof. Puranik V. G.

Page No.: 498 - 501


113. Granulometric Analysis of the Exotic Sandstones in and around Moreh and Chandel, Chandel District, Manipur  

Authors: Oinam Nishila Devi, R. A. S. Kushwaha, Thokchom Devala Devi

Page No.: 502 - 508


114. Chatbots on Messaging Platform Revolution in app world  

Authors: Geocey Shejy, Suhas Thakur, Mohit Jabshetty

Page No.: 509 - 511


115. Database Security: A Study on Threats & Attacks  

Authors: Ganesh Shankar Pote, Prof. Anandhi Giri

Page No.: 512 - 513


116. Comparative Study on Cost Analysis of Natural & Manufacture Sand in Residential Building  

Authors: Bhishma k Vaidya, Ashish Waghmare, Shreedhar Patil

Page No.: 514 - 517


117. Design and development of Automated irrigation System  

Authors: Nayana Shivaji Gaikwad

Page No.: 518 - 520


118. Performance Analysis of Image Scaling Algorithms  

Authors: P. S. Parsania, P. V. Virparia

Page No.: 521 - 526


119. Implementation of Excel Parser for Web Integration of Digital Evaluation System of CSIBER  

Authors: Dr. Poornima G. Naik, Mrs. S. S. Jamsandekar, Mrs. K. S. Mahajan, Dr. R. S. Kamath, Mr. M. B. Patil

Page No.: 527 - 534


120. Intelligent Energy Saving Using Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Rupesh D. Chaudhari, Prof. M. R. Dhotre

Page No.: 535 - 537


121. On Strong Split Middle Domination of a Graph  

Authors: Dr. M.H. Muddebihal, Megha Khandelwal

Page No.: 538 - 541


122. Optimal Parameter of Tuned Liquid Column Damper attached to SDOF System Subjected to periodic loading  

Authors: Kazi Iqbal Nizamoddin, Dr. Keshav K. Sangle

Page No.: 542 - 546


123. An Experimental Study on Rigid Pavements by Using Various Waste Materials  

Authors: Ankita Chakraborty, Bharat Nagar

Page No.: 547 - 554


124. Analysis of Labour Productivity in Construction Sector around Mumbai region  

Authors: Prachi R. Ghate, Pravin R. Minde, Dr. A. B. More

Page No.: 555 - 557


125. A Novel Multi-Attribute Authority Based Encryption for Controlling Access to Cloud Data  

Authors: Asst. Lect. Saif Khalid Musluh, Asst. Lect. Riyadh Rahef Nuiaa

Page No.: 558 - 562


126. Detection of Glaucoma by Segmenting Retinal Images and evaluating the DDLS stage  

Authors: Mr. Vikas Bhagwat, Prof. Milind B. Tadwalkar

Page No.: 563 - 566


127. Diagnosis of Heart Disease Using K-means Clustering and Bell Curve Fitting  

Authors: Natasha S Gajbhiye, Mr. Kapil Nagwanshi

Page No.: 567 – 569


128. Iris Recognition and Automated Eye Tracking  

Authors: Patil Priyanka, V. k. Patil

Page No.: 570 – 574


129. Seismic Hazard Prediction on Basis of Risk Targeted MCE Using Clustering  

Authors: Soniya Sinha, Mr. Kapil Nagwanshi

Page No.: 575 – 578


130. Improving Search Rank by Optimizing TTFB  

Authors: Shiv Kumar Goel, Nalawade Pranali .P .B

Page No.: 579 – 581


131. A Non Invasive Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Remote Monitoring System  

Authors: Varghese Thomas Thoppil, Anoop Thomas

Page No.: 582 – 585


132. Field Oriented Controlled Speed Sensorless Control of Induction Motors  

Authors: Gayatri Gite, Prabodh Khampriya, Preeti Bhatkar

Page No.: 586 – 589


135. A Study of Swelling Pressure of Soil along Left Bank Canal of BARGI Dam  

Authors: Rohit Kumar Singh, Rakesh Grover, A .K. Singhai

Page No.: 606 – 610


137. Trends in the Solution of Distributed Data Placement Problem  

Authors: Rohini T V, Ramakrishna M V

Page No.: 615 – 618


138. A Survey of Hashing Techniques for High Performance Computing  

Authors: G M Sridevi, M V Ramakrishna

Page No.: 619 – 623


139. Evaluation of Docker for IoT Application  

Authors: Ruchika

Page No.: 624 – 628


140. Privacy Preservation in data leakage detection of dynamically changing sensitive data  

Authors: Manish Prabhu, Supriya Sarkar

Page No.: 629 – 631


141. Advance Authentication Technique: 3D Password  

Authors: Pooja M. Shelke, F. M. Shelke, Mr. B. G. Pund

Page No.: 632 – 635


143. Processing Natural Language and grading it using Artificial Intelligence  

Authors: Shiv Kumar Goel, Ricky Yadav

Page No.: 640 – 643


144. Link Quality Driven Multipath Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  

Authors: Chandra Prakash Sharma, Savita Shiwani

Page No.: 644 - 652


145. An Agent Based Approach for Lead Management System in Banking Sector  

Authors: Harsha Saxena, Ekta Sarda

Page No.: 653 - 658


146. Design of Video Compression Approach in Grid Environment  

Authors: Makhan Singh

Page No.: 659 - 661