Volume 4 Issues - (July 16 Volume 4 Issue 7)

1. Exposing Issues and Challenges in Performance of Cloud Computing Services.  

Authors: Mr. Shripal H. Shah, Dr. Sanjay Buch

Page No.: 01 - 03


2. Friend Finder: A Lifestyle based Friend Recommender App for Smart Phone Users  

Authors: Chinar Bhandari, Prof. M. D. Ingle

Page No.: 04 - 08


4. FPGA Based Acoustic Modem for Underwater Communication  

Authors: Jagdale M. R., Puranik V. G.

Page No.: 12 - 15


5. Photo Sharing and Privacy Control Decisions  

Authors: Ms. Nampalli Divyalaxmi R., Prof. Dange Trupti K.

Page No.: 16 - 20


7. Running Big Data Privacy Preservation in the Hybrid Cloud Platform  

Authors: Onkar S. Undale, Prof. Bharati Kale

Page No.: 26 - 31


8. Creating Searchable Public-Key Ciphertexts with Hidden Structure for Efficient Keyword Search  

Authors: Mr. Rohit S. Gore, Prof. Bharati Kale

Page No.: 32 - 37


9. A New Approach: Data Segregation Model  

Authors: Heli P. Vyas, Sanjay M. Shah

Page No.: 38 - 40


10. Realization of Advanced Encryption Standard for Power and Area optimization  

Authors: Mohini Mohurle, Prof. Vishal V. Panchbhai

Page No.: 41 - 44


11. Foreground Segmentation of Live Videos Using Boundary Matting Technology  

Authors: Leena S. Kalbhor, Sachin V. Todkari

Page No.: 45 - 49


12. Location Based Sentiment Analysis of Products or Events over Social Media  

Authors: Aarati Patil, Srinivasa Narasimha Kini

Page No.: 50 - 55


13. Identity Based Encryption and Data Self Destruction in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Madhavi S. Langute, Prof. H.A.Hingoliwala

Page No.: 56 - 60


14. Providing Security for Storing and Sharing Video Data in Cloud  

Authors: Prayas Gajbhiye, Arati Dandavate

Page No.: 61 - 63


15. Multimedia Answering and Retrieval System based on CQA with Media Query Generation  

Authors: Priyanka N.Patil, Prof. Dr R.B Kulkarni

Page No.: 64 - 68


17. Texture Features from Handwritten Images for Writer Identification  

Authors: Rashmi Mundas, Deepa Bendegeri, Dr. Jagadeesh Pujari

Page No.: 76 - 79


19. Correlation between Project Management Processes  

Authors: Mr. Jagdish Deshmukh, Prof. Dr. A. W. Dhawale

Page No.: 83 - 86


21. Energy Efficient and Guaranteed Packet Delivery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  

Authors: Mr. Girish J Khorate, Prof. Ms. Urmila Biradar

Page No.: 91 - 95


22. Framework for Map Reducing Technique Using Correlation for Duplicate Image Identi?cation Process  

Authors: Mr. Deshmukh Amol Sahebrao, Prof. P. D. Lambhate

Page No.: 96 - 100


23. Three-Dimensional Technology in the Educational Process and Learning  

Authors: Jabiz Golzar Moghadam

Page No.: 101 - 105


25. A Novel Technique for Cloud Computing Data Security and Public Auditing  

Authors: Mr. Amir Ali, Prof. Nivedita Kadam

Page No.: 113 - 117


26. Estimation of GPS User Location Using Linearization Technique and Bancroft Algorithms  

Authors: B. Hari Kumar, Dr. G. Sasibhushana Rao

Page No.: 118 - 122


27. Dynamic Query Forms for Database Queries Based on Ranking Mechanism.  

Authors: Mr.Abhijit S Nashte, Prof. S. R. Ghungrad

Page No.: 123 - 126


28. A Modified Cross Correlation Double Talk Detector using Variable Threshold for Acoustic Echo Cancellation  

Authors: Harkirat Kaur, Rupinder Kaur, Pulkit Sharma

Page No.: 127 - 133


29. Electric Hybrid Cars: A Review and Advantages  

Authors: Vivek Singh Yadav, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Muazzam

Page No.: 134 - 136


30. Analysis of Life Cycle Cost  

Authors: Avinash Bhaskar Chate, Pranay Khare

Page No.: 137 - 140


32. Analysis of Balanced Stiffness Valve by using Transient Finite Element Analysis  

Authors: Ms. Megharani S. Kashid, Mr. D. P. Patil, Mr. Vinaay G. Patil

Page No.: 145 - 151


33. Intrusion Detection System by using SVM and Ant Colony  

Authors: Ms. Priti V. Thorat, Prof. P. N. Kalavadekar

Page No.: 152 - 155


34. Design and Fabrication of Automatic Ground Clearance Adjustment System  

Authors: S. Madhavarao, Ch. Ramabhadri Raju, P. Ravi Varma, M. Anil Kumar

Page No.: 156 - 159


35. Novel Approach towards Controlling and Monitoring Nutrient of Soil in Polyhouse  

Authors: Shubhangi Bhosale, Dr. S. S. Sonavane

Page No.: 160 - 162


36. Survey and Idea of Enhancement over Various RSA based Cryptographic Techniques  

Authors: Shikha Mathur, Deepika Gupta

Page No.: 163 - 168


37. Efficient binary cutting packet classification  

Authors: Miss. Priti Rathi, Prof. Ganesh Bandal

Page No.: 169 - 173


39. Study of Authentication and Authorization in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Dr. Nilesh Mahajan, Mrs. Devyani Patil

Page No.: 178 - 180


40. Harmonics Cancellation in Three-Phase Four-Wire Systems by Using a Filtering Topology  

Authors: Miss. Prajkta R. Gangurde, Prof. M. M. Hapse

Page No.: 181 - 185


42. A Comparative Study of Adsorption of Cyanide onto Dried Peels of Plantain and Banana  

Authors: Nwoko Christopher Ikpe Amadi, Mbonu Petrolina Ihuoma, Okoji Josephine Nkechi

Page No.: 190 - 196


46. Hybrid filtering technique to remove noise of high density from digital images  

Authors: Hardeep Kaur Bains, Er. Sukhpreet Kaur

Page No.: 211 - 216


47. Optimal Advisor Search for Knowledge Sharing in Collaborative Environment  

Authors: Vandana S.Lokhande, Prof. Narendra Gawai

Page No.: 217 - 222


48. Simulation studies of PV fed Line Frequency Commutated 5-Level Inverter  

Authors: Krithiga S., Sujitha N.

Page No.: 223 - 225


49. Harmonics Cancellation in Distribution Systems by Using a Hybrid Power Filter  

Authors: Miss. Prajkta R. Gangurde, Prof. M. M. Hapse

Page No.: 226 - 231


51. In Combination of WSN and GSM for Long Distance Sensor Monitoring and Parameter Control  

Authors: Sneha Mahalingayya, Nagalingayya

Page No.: 236 - 238


53. Spectrum Monitoring Using Fuzzy Logic for OFDM- Based Cognitive Radio Network  

Authors: Pulkit Sharma, Rupinder Kaur, Harkirat Kaur

Page No.: 245 - 248


55. Integration of Configurable Dynamic Notification System with CSIBER Website  

Authors: Dr. Poornima G. Naik

Page No.: 256 - 262


56. Human Movement Recognization using Radars  

Authors: Sumathi M S

Page No.: 263 - 266


57. Recommendation Item Based on Keyword Search using Big Data  

Authors: Jafar Sadik Kamadod, Prof. Shrivatsa Koulgi

Page No.: 267 - 269


58. Hybrid Technique to Maintain Consistency in Cache Based Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Preeti Sharma, Richa Mahajan

Page No.: 270 - 272


59. A Survey on Big Data and Cloud Computing  

Authors: D. Asir Antony Gnana Singh, B. Tamizhpoonguil, E. Jebamalar Leavline

Page No.: 273 - 277


60. Evaluation of Trust and Revocation of Malicious Nodes in MANETs  

Authors: Neethu Jayan, Madhumita Chatterjee, K. S. Charumathi

Page No.: 278 - 281


61. Smart Cities and New Technology Trends State of the art and perspectives  

Authors: Talhaoui Mohamed Amine, Daif Abderrahmane, Rachad Zahira, Azouazi Mohamed

Page No.: 282 - 285


63. MLA for Identifying Disease-Treatment  

Authors: Ms. Pallavi B. Lamkane, Mr. Kunal M. Shirkande

Page No.: 293 - 295


65. A Technical Review on Energy Efficient Protocol based on PEGASIS and LEACH  

Authors: Mr. Tushar Chauhan, Ms. Meenakshi Nayyer

Page No.: 303 - 307


66. An Efficient Threshold Based Mixed Noise Removal Technique  

Authors: Shubh Karman Kaur, Rupinder Kaur

Page No.: 308 - 311


67. A 9-Bit Flash Analog to Digital Convertor  

Authors: Gururaj Balikatti, Monisha D, Manuja A, Priyanka S R, Rohini M R

Page No.: 312 - 314


68. The Impacts of Religious Tourism on Urban Sustainable Development Process; Zanjan City - Iran  

Authors: Mahmoud Fallsolyman, Mohammad Hajipour, Ahmad Romyani

Page No.: 315 - 320


69. Dynamic and Efficient Power Efficient Bandwidth Allocation Method for LTE Networks  

Authors: Mundele Tshienda Serge, Prof. Yingzhuang Liu

Page No.: 321 - 326


72. Voice Recognition Smart Home Automation Using ZIGBEE and Android  

Authors: Meghna R. Sharma

Page No.: 339 - 341


73. Parametric Evaluation of Fused Image  

Authors: Supriya S. Laykar, S. B. Patil

Page No.: 342 - 344


74. An Enhanced fall detection system with GSM and GPS Technology  

Authors: Vishal S. Borle, Prof. S. N. Kulkarni

Page No.: 345 - 348


78. Review of Linguistic Text Steganographic Methods  

Authors: Sunita Chaudhary, Dr. Meenu Dave, Dr. Amit Sanghi

Page No.: 377 – 381