Volume 4 Issues - (January 16 Volume 4 Issue 1)

1. Generalized Laplace-Fractional Mellin Transform and its Analytical structure  

Authors: V. D. Sharma, M. M. Thakare

Page No.: 01 - 05


2. A Survey on Fruit Quality Inspection Using K-Means Segmentation  

Authors: Sukhada Thorat, Supriya Jagtap, Anuja Mukhedkar, Priyanka Parhad, Pooja Polawar

Page No.: 06 - 08


3. A Combining Method with Many Sets of Weights and Biases in Pattern Recognition Neural Network  

Authors: Mr. A. Baskaran, Mrs. C. Christy, Mr. P. Arunmani

Page No.: 09 - 17


4. Recent Trends in Application of Neural Networks to Speech Recognition  

Authors: G Gnaneswari, S R VijayaRaghava, A K Thushar, Dr.S.Balaji

Page No.: 18 - 25


5. Android Application for Attendance Monitoring System using Biometric Overview and Survey  

Authors: Swapnali Pawar, Priya, Komal Thorve, Urvashi

Page No.: 26 - 29


6. Location Tracking with Safe Paths and Safe Zones in Android  

Authors: Mr. Manish Bane, Prof. Sujata Pathak

Page No.: 30 - 32


7. Review of Basic Secure Routing Protocols for MANETs  

Authors: A. Vani

Page No.: 33 - 35


8. An Interactive Method for Tracking & Geocoding  

Authors: Ajinkya Sarnobat, Rahul Rachamadugu, Pratik Tilekar, Sarthak Thakur, A P Ramdasi

Page No.: 36 - 39


9. AVL Tree Implementation  

Authors: Prof. Meenal Jabde, Prof. Mandar Upasani, Varsha A.Jadhav, Lina P. Bachhav

Page No.: 40 - 47


10. Mobile Cloud Computing and its Challenges: A Review  

Authors: Halkar Rachappa

Page No.: 48 – 51


11. A Survey on Feature Analysis and Classification for Image Annotation using Saliency Map  

Authors: Sayali Suryawanshi, Antara Bhattacharya

Page No.: 52 - 55


13. Analysis Design and Outcome for Mobile Cloud Computing On Various Platforms  

Authors: Mr. Rushi Raval, Dr. Atul Gonsai

Page No.: 60 - 68


14. Thermodynamics Optimization of GARRI (1) Combined Cycle Power Plant by Using ASPEN HYSYS Simulation  

Authors: AbdAllah Mokhtar .M, Mohammed Elayeb .M, Tawfiag Ahmed .J, Ala,a eldin, Abdalrahim, Hamdnalla

Page No.: 69 - 78


15. Glimpses of Semantic Web Technologies and Related Case Studies  

Authors: Seema H. Mohite, Dr. Poornima G. Naik

Page No.: 79 - 88


16. Under Publication Process  

Authors: Under Publication Process

Page No.: 89 - 91


17. Image Segmentation Using Dynamic Region Merging  

Authors: Archana G. Mahajan, Dr. P. M. Mahajan

Page No.: 92 - 98


18. An Efficient Approach to Privacy Preserving Association Rule Mining  

Authors: Abhinav Anurag, Dinesh Goyal

Page No.: 99 - 102


19. Scanned Document Compression Technique  

Authors: Deeksha kumari, Meeta Sharma, Ankur Raj

Page No.: 103 - 108


20. An Approach to Provide Safety over cloud using Efficient Encryption  

Authors: Miss. Deepa Tandale

Page No.: 109 - 112


21. A Novel Method for Filtering Unwanted Messages from OSN user Walls  

Authors: Mr. Vitthal G. Mulik, Mr. Sujit A. Navale, Mr. Vinodkumar J. Shinde

Page No.: 113 - 118


22. Hybrid Approach for Heart Disease Detection Using Clustering and ANN  

Authors: Neha Chikshe, Tejasweeta Dixit, Rashmi Gore, Prerana Akade

Page No.: 119 - 122


23. Using Network Model Represent Metadata in Data Warehouse  

Authors: Sampa Das

Page No.: 123 - 125


25. Named Entity Recognizer for Telugu language using Hybrid approach  

Authors: Dr. M. Humera Khanam, Miss. P. Sindhu Sree

Page No.: 132 - 139


26. Comparative Study of Improving Classifiers Accuracies  

Authors: Lakshmi Sreenivasa Reddy. D

Page No.: 140 - 144


27. A system based on Naive Bayesian for Denial-Of-Service Attack detection  

Authors: Sana Chaugale, Dr. Tanuja Dhope

Page No.: 145 - 148


29. A Review on an Authentication System using Secret Sharing  

Authors: Nitesh M. Agrawal, Dr. Prashant R. Deshmukh

Page No.: 155 - 158


30. Efficient resource Utilization in Cloud Computing Using Revised ROSP Algorithm (ERROSP)  

Authors: Priyanka Sankhla, Sohit Agarwal

Page No.: 159 - 162


31. Effective Multicast Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks  

Authors: Trupti patil, Prof. A. A. Phatak

Page No.: 163 - 167


33. Polymetric Analysis: Retrospective and Perspective  

Authors: Petro P. Trokhimchuck

Page No.: 173 - 183


35. Stress Analysis in Crankshaft Through FEM  

Authors: Peeyush Chauhan, Om Prakash Umrao

Page No.: 189 - 191


37. A Review on Digital Forensic Investigation Frameworks and Real World Cyber Crime Cases  

Authors: N. Venkataramanan, Dr. T. N. Ravi

Page No.: 198 - 204


38. A Review on Implementation of Real Time Image Processing for a Human Eye Computer Interaction System  

Authors: Miss. Namrata V. Khope, Prof. M. S. Burange

Page No.: 205 - 208


39. Auto Sizing Control Panel for Needle Bearing  

Authors: Ms. Jyoti R. Rajput, Prof. A. R. Wadhekar

Page No.: 209 - 212


40. Dynamic Behaviour of Rotor Roller Bearing System with Bearing Defects  

Authors: Arvind Prajapati, Prathmesh Bhatt

Page No.: 213 - 218


41. A Comprehensive Analysis of Literature Reported Mac and Phy Enhancements of Zigbee and its Alliances  

Authors: Pasala Raja Prakasha Rao, B. Rajendra Naik

Page No.: 219 - 233


42. A Study on Emerging Trends and Challenges in Mobile Cloud Computing  

Authors: M. R. Sudha, Ibrahim V. Lema

Page No.: 234 - 237


43. A Comprehensive Analysis of Literature Reported Software Engineering Advancements Using AHP  

Authors: Jogannagari Malla Reddy, S.V.A.V. Prasad, Samabasiva Rao Baragada

Page No.: 238 - 249


44. Cost Control in Residential Construction Management  

Authors: Pavankumar Mohan Korke, Ganesh P. Jarad

Page No.: 250 - 256


45. Automatic Accident Detection and Ambulance Rescue System  

Authors: Mr. Sahil Gadroo, Mr. Pinkesh Jodhwani, Mr. Gunveer Singh, Mr. A. D. Londhe

Page No.: 257 - 259


46. Study of Probabilistic Parsing in Syntactic Analysis  

Authors: Dr. Girish Katkar, Krishna Karoo

Page No.: 260 - 264


47. Photovoltaic Grid Integrated System Based on MPPT Technique By using MATLAB/SIMULINK  

Authors: Reshma Sadhu Tidke, Prof. Dipak Kumar D. Gavai

Page No.: 265 - 267


48. Impact of Supervision on Rework in Construction Industry  

Authors: Maheshkumar Ramesh Shinde, Purva S Kulkarni

Page No.: 268 - 270


49. Pocket Bill: The Digital Receipt Management System  

Authors: Rohit Shenvi Diwadkar, Vivek Guna, Prof. Sarita Rathod

Page No.: 271 - 274


50. Restaurant Revenue Prediction and Recommendation System  

Authors: Binni Gandhi, Nivya Shah, Nidhi Thakkar, Prof. Seema Yadav

Page No.: 275 - 277


52. Effect of Size of Aggregate on the Compressive Strength of Pervious Concrete  

Authors: Kiran Babanappa Thombre, Dr. A.B.More

Page No.: 284 - 286


53. Fixed point theorem in fuzzy metric space for owc maps satisfying integral type inequality  

Authors: Asst. Professor Noori F. Al-Mayahi, Intisar H. Radhi

Page No.: 287 - 293


54. Cloud based Application Development and Various Software Quality Model  

Authors: Dr. Ganga Shirisha M S.

Page No.: 294 - 296