Volume 4 Issues - (February 16 Volume 4 Issue 2)

2. Analysis of EEG Seizure using Fractal Dimensions by the Application of ECT Stimulus to Cerebral Cortex  

Authors: Kotresh.S, Sarojini.B.K, Dr. Mukartihal G.B

Page No.: 13 - 17


3. Review On : A Secure Encryption approach for Textual Data Transmission  

Authors: Anagha P. Zele, Prof. Nitin R. Chopde, Prof. Dinesh S. Datar

Page No.: 18 - 21


4. Clustering Optimisation Techniques in Mobile Networks  

Authors: Eleni Rozaki

Page No.: 22 - 29


5. Performance Evaluation of Differential Evolution Algorithm Using CEC 2010 Test Suite Problems  

Authors: Amit Khaparde, Dr. M. M. Raghuwanshi, Dr. L. G. Malik

Page No.: 30 - 34


6. Using Technology Immersion to Promote Student Engagement  

Authors: Jerri Post, Belinda Deal

Page No.: 35 - 37


7. Thermal Analysis of Gas Burner  

Authors: Manish Walecha, Viki A. Revaskar

Page No.: 38 - 40


8. Analysis and Design of E-mail Systems for Disabled Population  

Authors: Sanket Shahane, Riddhi Sawant, Rohit Gangawar, Sakshi Deshmukh

Page No.: 41 - 43


9. A Study on Health Care in Internet of Things  

Authors: Sreekanth K U, Nitha K P

Page No.: 44 - 47


10. An Exhortation to Improve Student’s Progression: A Framework  

Authors: Savita Mohurle

Page No.: 048 - 050


11. Implementation of AMI Systems in CFE-Distribution, Mexico  

Authors: J. García-Hernández, P. J. Sandoval-Campos, S. Martín-Covarrubias, R. Narváez-Tristán, M. Moro-Mendoza

Page No.: 051 - 056


12. A Novel Approach of Filtration for Analysis and Detection of Malicious Web Pages  

Authors: Mr. Pranav More, Prof. Amruta Amune

Page No.: 057 - 060


13. Cascaded Fuzzy Inference System for Overall Equipment Effectiveness of a Manufacturing Process  

Authors: Mr. Girish R. Naik, Dr V. A. Raikar, Dr. Poornima G. Naik

Page No.: 061 - 069


15. Concrete Productivity And Performance Comparison Of Pumped Concrete For High Rise Structure  

Authors: Prof. Dr. A. W. Dhawale, Kazi Rizwan Nizamuddin

Page No.: 077 - 079


16. Multilevel Hashing based Access Control for Authentication and Security in Relational Database Management System  

Authors: Mr. Surya Pratap Singh, Dr. Upendra Nath Tripathi, Dr. Manish Mishra

Page No.: 080 - 084


18. News House - A Sublime Horizontal Portal  

Authors: Aniket Padwal, Ujjwal Bagwe, Rahul chaskar, Rashmi Chawla

Page No.: 089 - 091


19. Impact of Yoga and Meditation Among the Student Community  

Authors: Mr. A. Sivakumar., Dr. G. Pazhanivelu.

Page No.: 092 - 094


20. under publication process  

Authors: Author 1, Author 2

Page No.: 95 - 98


21. Cloud Computing with Reference to Data Mining  

Authors: Amiya Kumar Sahu

Page No.: 099 - 102


23. Autoregressive Modeling of Visual Evoked Potentials and Its Applications to Optic Nerve Diseases-Ischemic Optic Neuropathy and Optic Neuritis  

Authors: Sarojini.B.K, Dr. Basavaraj S. Anami, Dr. Mukartihal G.B, Kotresh.S

Page No.: 110 - 114


24. A Novel Method for the Application of Adaptive filters for Active Noise Control System  

Authors: Pradyumna Ku. Mohapatra, Jibanananda Mishra

Page No.: 115 - 119


25. Online De-Noising of Radar Data using Multi Resolution Analysis  

Authors: Swetha S, Dr. SGK Murthy

Page No.: 120 - 123


26. Empirical Analysis of Function Point Analysis – Research View  

Authors: Vuppu Padmakar, Dr. B V Ramana Murthy, Dr. Vaibhav Bansal

Page No.: 124 - 129


27. Optimizing Test Cases for Object-Oriented Software  

Authors: Chaitra M, Prakruthi M.K, Sarala N.R

Page No.: 130 - 133


28. Representation of Temporal Relationship Among Events  

Authors: Suresh Kumar Sanampudi, D Ramesh

Page No.: 134 - 137


30. Classification of EAP methods and Some Major Attacks on EAP  

Authors: Meenu Katoch, Randhir Bhandari

Page No.: 145 - 148


33. Engineering Research Models Evaluation Methods  

Authors: Awari Mahesh Babu

Page No.: 158 - 161


34. Comparison and Enhancement of Sorting Algorithms  

Authors: Neha Gupta

Page No.: 162 - 166


35. Detail image Enhancement Survey  

Authors: Sayara S. Shikalgar, S. S. Tamboli

Page No.: 167 - 170


36. Growth and Characterization Of Tantulam Selenide  

Authors: Vidhi V Raval, Dr. Madhvi D. Dave, Bhupendra B Mor

Page No.: 171 - 174


37. Plagiarism detection for document  

Authors: Varun Shukla, Farhana Khan, Komal Mody, Prof. Sarita Rathod

Page No.: 175 - 178


38. “Smart Cane Indicating a Safe free Path to Blind People Using Ultrasonic Sensor”  

Authors: Arun G. Gaikwad, H. K. Waghmare

Page No.: 179 - 183


39. Colour image Enhancement using Background Brightness Preserving Histogram Equalization  

Authors: Pooja Gupta, Anila Dhingra, Gaurav Choudhary

Page No.: 184 - 187


40. A Smart Real Time Ridesharing Android Application  

Authors: Divyesh Patel, Darshan Panchal, Prof. Sarita Rathod

Page No.: 188 - 192


41. Single Cloud Security Enhancement using key Sharing Algorithm  

Authors: Mrs. Vijaya Pinjarkar, Mr. Neeraj Raja, Mr. Krunal Jha, Mr. Ankeet Dalvi

Page No.: 193 - 196


42. Car Detecting Method using high Resolution images  

Authors: Swapnil R. Dhawad, Mrs. Rajashri R. Itkarkar

Page No.: 197 - 203


43. CrowdCE: A Collaboration Model for Crowdsourcing Software with Computing Elements  

Authors: Tarek Ali, Mervat Gheith, Eman S. Nasr

Page No.: 204 - 213


44. Measures to Evaluate the Superiority of a Search Engine  

Authors: Soumya George, M. Sudheep Elayidom, T. Santhanakrishnan

Page No.: 214 - 220


45. Classification of Acute Leukemia using Fuzzy Neural Networks  

Authors: Dr. B. B. M. Krishna Kanth, Dr. B. G. V. Giridhar

Page No.: 221 - 224


46. Automated Mobility and Orientation System for Blind Person  

Authors: Prof. Ashwini G. Andurkar, Ashwini M. Kaurase

Page No.: 225 - 227


47. A Real Time System for Hand Gesture Recognition  

Authors: Prof Sonali N Jadhav, Mrunmayi Deshpande, Atishay Jain, Shambhavi Gadhia, Upendra Karki

Page No.: 228 - 231


48. Energy Monitoring System  

Authors: Piyush Etankar, Kartik Umalkar, Alok Shende, Pranay .S. Shete

Page No.: 232 - 234


49. A Review Paper on Biometric Recognition using Iris Scanner  

Authors: Kartik Awari, Ruchita Kondvilkar, Arunima Venkatesan, Prof. Ankush Hutke

Page No.: 235 - 237


50. Mining High Dimensional Web Content With Sentimental Analysis: A Proactive Approach  

Authors: Mrs. S.Yamini, Dr. V. Khanna, Dr. Krishna Mohanta

Page No.: 238 - 242


51. Autonomous Vision Based Facial and voice Recognition on the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  

Authors: Sanjaa Bold, Batchimeg Sosorbaram, Bat-Erdene Batsukh, Seong Ro Lee

Page No.: 243 - 249


52. Minimizing the Overhead caused due to dynamic nodes in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks using Zone routing protocol  

Authors: Levina Tukaram, Asha K H, Pundalik Chavan

Page No.: 250 - 255


53. Electronic Waste: Time to Wake Up  

Authors: Dr. Sabah Khan

Page No.: 256 - 259


54. Emergency Rescue: Helping hands for people in city  

Authors: Prachi Walawalkar, Pranav Jagajampi

Page No.: 260 - 262


55. Software Performance Engineering for Cloud Applications – A Survey  

Authors: P.Ganesh, D Evangelin Geetha, TV Suresh Kumar

Page No.: 263 - 267


56. Reliable Communication using Path Recovering in Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: K. Meena, K. Chitra

Page No.: 268 - 272


58. Web Login Security & Authentication using Dynamic Password  

Authors: Mr. R. B. Nimbalkar, Mr. S. B. Lavhate, Mr. N. D. Toradmal

Page No.: 278 - 279


59. Partial Image Enhancement by Re-sampling of Pixels using Image Enhancement Techniques  

Authors: Y Sri Lakshmi, Dr T V RajiniKanth, B V Kiranmayee, S.Nagini,

Page No.: 280 - 284


60. Analysis and Simulation of Polarization Mode Dispersion in SMF  

Authors: Dr. C. M. Jadhao

Page No.: 285 - 289


61. Improving Care using Network-Based Modeling and Intelligent Data Mining of Social Media  

Authors: R. Nalayini, Mrs. L. Anitha, Mrs. P. Karthika, Mrs. S. Kanaga Lakshmi

Page No.: 290 - 295


62. Multilingual Speaker Identification using analysis of Pitch and Formant frequencies  

Authors: Vinay Kumar Jain, Dr. (Mrs.) Neeta Tripathi

Page No.: 296 - 298


64. Ferrocrete Technology Best for Conventional Technology  

Authors: Ganesh O. Lonagre, Abhijit N. Bhirud

Page No.: 306 - 308


67. Study of Name Plate Detection using Blob analysis Method  

Authors: Shivanand S. Rumma

Page No.: 320 - 322


68. Implementation of Single Layer Perceptron Model using MATLAB  

Authors: Poonam Gupta, Parveen Mehta

Page No.: 323 - 327