Volume 4 Issues - (December 16 Volume 4 Issue 12)

1. Analysis of Load Balancing Technique using Clustering Approach by PSO Algorithm  

Authors: Reshami Pathekar Prof. A. B. Jirapure

Page No.: 01 – 04


3. A Novel Method of Home Energy Management System Using Microcontroller for Increasing Load Factor  

Authors: Nikhil S. Batra, Dr. Harikumar Naidu

Page No.: 09 – 11


4. An overview of E-learning Tools and Analysis of its Awareness among Management Students  

Authors: Mukesh Ahirrao, Dinesh Ahirrao, S. R. Vispute, Laxmikant Mankumbare

Page No.: 12 – 15


5. Finding Patterns in Biological Parameters  

Authors: Suja Panicker, Shruti Bhujange, Shraddha Karne, Reshma Kadam

Page No.: 16 – 21


6. Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Based on Sound Recognition and Sound Localization  

Authors: Min-Jeong Kim, Hyeon-Ji Yoo, Soo-Yeon Lee, Seung Ho Choi

Page No.: 22 – 23


7. Eye Disease Detection Using Computer Vision  

Authors: Neha Naik, Namrata Deshmukh, Snehal Shinde, Srishti Nikam

Page No.: 24 – 29


8. Smart Home using Internet  

Authors: Vatsal Muchhala, Nimesh Gohil, Akshay Sonawane, Abhishek Upadhyay

Page No.: 30 – 32


9. Implementation of Text Extraction From Video Using Morphology and DWT  

Authors: Mr. Sumit R. Dhobale, Prof. Akhilesh A. Tayade

Page No.: 33 - 39


10. Automatic Volume Control Based on Background Noise Characteristics  

Authors: Yeong Hwangbo, Chang Jun Park, Seung Ho Choi

Page No.: 40 - 41


11. Automated Management in Cloud Storage  

Authors: Jai Singh Gupta, Dr. Rajeev Srivastava

Page No.: 42 - 45


12. Path Navigation For Robot Using Matlab  

Authors: Prof.A.G.Andurkar, Ms.Rupali Tankar, Ms.Suvarna Patil

Page No.: 46 - 53


13. Data Hiding using Emoticons  

Authors: Miss. Madhura A. Bhoi, Miss. Barkha V. Budhwani, Miss. Poonam R. Dhayagode, Miss. Tahurafeeza J. Sayyed, Miss. Pratvina Talele

Page No.: 54 – 56


14. An Application of Haar Wavelet Decomposition in Video Frames Preservation in Association with Visual Cryptography  

Authors: Miss. Megha A. Chandak, Prof. Ajay B. Gadicha

Page No.: 57 – 62


16. Dynamic Resource Management for Cellular Cognitive Networking  

Authors: Mrs. Showme, P. Sathiya

Page No.: 69 – 72


17. Microstrip Antenna using EBG Substrate  

Authors: Komal V. Tumsare, Dr. P. L. Zade

Page No.: 73 – 76


19. Android Based Smart Speech Recognition Application to Perform Various Tasks  

Authors: Lakshya Aggarwal, Mayank Kaushik

Page No.: 83 – 86


20. Chinese Chemical Named Entity Recognition and Translation Method Based on Rules  

Authors: Wen XIONG, Zi-Hui DING

Page No.: 87 – 90


21. ZigBee Based Control System for People with Multiple Disabilities: A Review  

Authors: Ms. Parashar Shraddha Rajendra, Prof. M. R. Dhotre

Page No.: 91 – 96


22. Assessment of Sustainable Biodiesel Feedstock in Rajasthan  

Authors: Neeraj Vyas, Dr. Y. B. Mathur

Page No.: 97 – 101


23. Effect of Pesticide Pollution on Environment and Human Health  

Authors: Dr Manish Singh

Page No.: 102 - 106


25. High Speed Data Cryptography Technique of Blowfish Algorithm using VHDL  

Authors: Chanchal D. Pande, Prof. S. S. Mungona

Page No.: 113 - 116


26. Heuristic Method for Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs)  

Authors: Kalpana More, Sunil Sontakke

Page No.: 117 - 121


27. Sentimental Analysis and Its Applications - A Review  

Authors: Akriti Kaura, Er. Gitika Sharma

Page No.: 122 - 125


28. An Enhanced Approach of Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem based Unicode Representation  

Authors: Fatima Amounas, Lahcen El Bermi

Page No.: 126 - 131


29. Circuit Design of Programmable Logic and Interconnect Blocks using Spin Transfer Torque RAM for Non-Volatile FPGAs  

Authors: Karrar Hussain, Naveen Pitla, Dr. C V Krishna Reddy, Dr. K Lal Kishore

Page No.: 132 - 138


30. Dynamic Document Annotation for Efficient Data Retrieval  

Authors: Deepali R Dagale, Prof. Poorna Shankar

Page No.: 139 - 145


31. Solar Thermal Power Technology  

Authors: Prof. Gopal Chaudhari, Prof. Sharvari Sane, Ms. Jyoti Sanjay Bharati, Ms. Gulrez Aslam Bodhle

Page No.: 146 - 151


32. The Classification of Workforce Requirement Planning for Service Oriented Operations  

Authors: Sefik Ilkin SERENGIL, Alper ÖZPINAR

Page No.: 152 - 158


33. One opinion about the Riemannian Hypothesis  

Authors: Tanya Kirilova Mincheva

Page No.: 159 – 162


34. Building Information Modeling in Commercial Construction Projects  

Authors: Ganesh Nandkumar Gore, Prof. Abhijit. N. Bhirud

Page No.: 163 – 167


35. Study on Value Engineering in Construction Projects  

Authors: Abraham Lintu Varghese, Prof. Abhijit. N. Bhirud

Page No.: 168 – 172


36. A Review on: Association Rule Mining Using Privacy for Partitioned Database  

Authors: Mr. Rajesh R. Kshirsagar, Mr. H. A. Tirmare

Page No.: 173 – 178


37. Intelligent Routing Metric for Wireless Body Area Networks  

Authors: Rakhi Chauhan, Ravi Malik

Page No.: 179 – 185


38. A Survey on PiCode: Picture-Embedding 2D Barcode  

Authors: Ms. Arati P. Patil, Mr. C. J. Awati

Page No.: 186 – 189


39. Enhanced Tracking Aerial Image by Applying Frame Extraction Technique  

Authors: Mayuri M. Mankar, Prof. N. M. Dhande

Page No.: 190 – 195


40. Split Middle Domination in Graphs  

Authors: M. H. Muddebihal, Naila Anjum, Nawazoddin U. Patel

Page No.: 196 – 199


41. Analysis of Image Retrieval using Hybrid Texture and Shape based Feature Vectors  

Authors: Apoorva Mathur, Sunita Chaudhary, Dr. Meenu Dave, Dr. Amit Sanghi

Page No.: 200 - 205


42. Movie Recommendations using Hybrid Recommendation Systems  

Authors: Khyati Aggarwal, Yashowardhan Soni, Gaurav Jain

Page No.: 206 – 209


43. Securing User Data in Local Connectivity using Multicast Key Agreement  

Authors: Manoj Kumar Chaurasiya, Prof. Kailash Patidar, Manoj Kumar Yadav, Rishi Kushwah

Page No.: 210 – 217


44. Intelligent Geographical Information Retrieval using Ontology  

Authors: Mansi A. Radke, Omkar B. Nagare, Umesh A. Deshpande

Page No.: 218 – 225


46. Estimation of Finantial Ratio Analysis between Different Selective Construction Companies in Pune  

Authors: Prof. Abhijit N. Bhirud, Mr. Arvind G. Atrale

Page No.: 230 – 232


47. Modeling of Rainfall- Runoff relationship using Artificial Neural Networks  

Authors: Nimiya Baby, Dr. Varija K.

Page No.: 233 - 237


48. Efficient Image Processing Based Liver Cancer Detection Method  

Authors: Yogita Ashok Deore, Prof. Namrata D.Ghuse

Page No.: 238 – 241


49. Group Reverse Nearest Neighbor Search using Modified Skip Graph  

Authors: Upinder Kaur, Dr. Pushpa Rani Suri

Page No.: 242 – 250


51. Cryptographic Key generation using Sclera and Finger Print: Proposed Method  

Authors: Shilpa Das, Arya C

Page No.: 254 – 257


52. Remotely Activated Virtual Laboratory An e-Learning Tool  

Authors: Mr. Praahas Amin, Mr.Vasudeva Rao P V

Page No.: 258 – 260


53. A Review on GPU Based Parallel Computing for NP Problems  

Authors: Swati S. Dhable, Santosh Kumar

Page No.: 261 – 264


54. A Comprehensive Survey on Data Integrity Proving Schemes in Cloud Storage  

Authors: Miss. Moakumla, Dr. Lakshmi Prasad Saikia

Page No.: 265 – 270


55. Identification of Protein Alignment for Elder Health Care  

Authors: Sneha A. Khaire, Prof. N.R. Wankhade

Page No.: 271 – 273


57. Determination of Terminal Velocity to Test Purity of Milk  

Authors: Shahera S. Patel

Page No.: 277 – 279


61. A Review of Cluster Heads Selection in WSN  

Authors: Ms. Sonali Gadwar, Prof. D. M. Sable

Page No.: 294 – 296


62. A Study on Cyclosporine a Production by Fungal Cells  

Authors: Rajesh K. Srivastava

Page No.: 297 – 300


63. Testing Methodologies and Effects Associated with Ceramic Materials  

Authors: Anand Kumari

Page No.: 301 – 304


64. Water pollution–Causes, Effects and Solution  

Authors: Dr. Manish Singh

Page No.: 305 - 308


65. Study of Different algorithm in Euler Graph  

Authors: Dr. Sudhir Praksah Srivastava

Page No.: 309 – 311