Volume 4 Issues - (August 16 Volume 4 Issue 8)

1. An Automated Approach for Video Surveillance Using Kalman Filter  

Authors: Surbhi Agarwal, Ankur Goyal

Page No.: 01 - 03


2. Thermal Analysis of Solar Parabolic Collector Using Goal Programming  

Authors: N. Manikantachari, S. Bhaskar

Page No.: 04 - 06


3. Effect of Packet Drop and Jitter on Perceived Video Quality for Various Encoded Video over Streaming Network  

Authors: Dipendra J. Mandal, Asst. Prof. Subodh Ghimire

Page No.: 07 - 11


4. A Vision Based Lane Marking Detection, Tracking and Vehicle Detection on Highways  

Authors: Mr. Mangesh Mhalu Hajare, Prof. D. G. Chougule

Page No.: 12 - 16


5. Animation: From Black Screen to Green Screen  

Authors: Deepak Sharma

Page No.: 17 - 21


6. FPOA Implementation for WSN Energy Efficient Routing  

Authors: Mandeep Kaur, Prof. R. S. Uppal

Page No.: 22 - 26


7. Overuse/Misuse of Smartphones and Family Disintegration  

Authors: Dr. Sumati, Dr. Cheena Gambhir

Page No.: 27 - 32


9. GPS Based Ambulance Tracking & Traffic Control System  

Authors: Miss Shivali Walvekar, Miss Kinjal More

Page No.: 37 - 38


10. Secure E- Commerce Transaction using Noisy Password with Voiceprint and OTP  

Authors: Komal K. Kumbhare, Prof. K. V. Warkar

Page No.: 40 - 45


12. Optimization of Clustering Algorithm Using Metaheuristic  

Authors: Ayushi Sinha, Mr. Manish Mahajan

Page No.: 50 - 54


13. Optimization of Association Rule Using Heuristic Approach  

Authors: Shivika, Mr. Manish Mahajan

Page No.: 55 - 61


14. PSO Algorithm Based Resource Allocation for OFDM Cognitive Radio  

Authors: Kokil Tyagi, Er. Bhawna Sharma

Page No.: 62 - 68


15. Differential Difference Current Conveyor (DDCC) Based Schmitt Trigger Circuit & Its Application  

Authors: Rupam Das, Khushi Banerjee, Ashmi Chakraborty3 Lipika Mondal

Page No.: 69 - 72


16. Does CSR Spending Really Matters – A Case Study of 250 BSE Listed Companies  

Authors: Dr. Nilmani Tripathi, Dr. Vidhi

Page No.: 73 - 77


17. A Security Scheme for Textual & Graphical Passwords  

Authors: Shaik Nazeer, Dr. P. Premchand

Page No.: 78 - 80


18. Protection Schemes for 4G Multihop wireless Networks  

Authors: Sridevi

Page No.: 81 - 86


19. Design and Analysis of Co-Planar Waveguide fed Micro Strip Patch Antenna for UWB  

Authors: Shubhangi, Mukesh Kumar, A. K. Jaiswal, Rohini Saxena

Page No.: 87 - 89


20. TABU Search Based Cluster Head Selection in Stable Election Protocol  

Authors: Varsha Sahni, Manju Bala, Rajeshwar Sharma

Page No.: 90 - 94


21. The Enterprise Telecommunication Network Design and its Implementation Using Technology PLC  

Authors: Júlia Sitárová, Michal Maár, Miloš Orgon

Page No.: 95 - 104


22. “A Review on Design and Implementation of Image Enhancement for Underwater Image”  

Authors: Shalini A. Ghore, Prof. Puja Khangar.

Page No.: 105 - 107


23. A Review on OFDMA and MU-MIMO MAC Protocols for upcoming IEEE Standard 802.11ax  

Authors: Mr. Deepak Nandal, Priyanka Yadav

Page No.: 108 - 114


24. Impact of Technology on Business Values and Marketing in Insurance Sector in India  

Authors: Rajesh Raghunathrao Gawali

Page No.: 115 - 125


25. Design of 16-Bit Quaternary adder using Various Encoding Techniques  

Authors: Mr. Gaurav M. Kathalkar, Prof. Vaishali Raut

Page No.: 126 - 128


27. Note to Coin Exchanger Using PLC  

Authors: Pranav Tondgaonkar, Kishor Dhamdhere, Prof. D. O. Patil

Page No.: 135 - 138


28. An Architecture of Future Forest Fire Detection System  

Authors: Sunny Samanta

Page No.: 139 - 140


29. Applications of Data Mining in Diverse Business Domains  

Authors: Dr. Surwade Dayanand

Page No.: 141 - 143


30. A Proposed Approach for Multiserver Authentication and Key Agreement with User Protection and Security  

Authors: Amita Jangid, Er. Akhil Pandey, Vishal Shrivastava

Page No.: 144 - 146


31. RTS hypervisor qualification for real-time systems  

Authors: Hasan Fayyad-Kazan, Luc Perneel, Long Peng, Fei Guan, Martin Timmerman

Page No.: 147 - 155


32. A Survey on Review Based Recommendation System  

Authors: Ms. Sarika P. Khot, Dr. V. R. Ghorpade

Page No.: 156 - 159


33. Convolution Structure of Fractional Quaternion Mellin Transform  

Authors: V. D. Sharma, P. B. Deshmukh

Page No.: 160 - 163


34. Energy Management in smart Grids using Embedded System & IOT  

Authors: Jyoti Prakash Pansare, Dr. S. S. Sonavane

Page No.: 164 - 168


35. Study of Thermoelectric Generator for Harnessing of the heat energy wasted from automobiles and Thermal Power Plant  

Authors: Talape Vishal V., Jagtap Amruta B., Chaudhari Gopal S.,Jain Aakruti A.

Page No.: 169 - 171


36. Numerical Tests-Based Assessment of the Procedures of Blurry and Noisy Image Enhancement  

Authors: Malgorzata Przytulska, Juliusz Kulikowski, Diana Wierzbicka

Page No.: 172 - 176


38. Tuberculosis Disease Forecasting Among Indian Patients  

Authors: Rupali Zakhmi

Page No.: 180 - 183


39. A Wireless Infrastructure for Emergency Medical Care  

Authors: Ravi Rohith Kuntsam

Page No.: 184 - 186


40. Data Compression to combat tracking issues in RADAR Sensor scenario: An on going case study  

Authors: N. S. Murti Sarma, V. Dhananjayulu, S. P.Venumadhava Rao

Page No.: 187 - 189


41. A Review Paper on Various Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Ask and Bing)  

Authors: Manika Dutta, Dr. K. L. Bansal

Page No.: 190 - 195


42. Security provision for biometric authentication systems using Enhanced Nelder Mead Algorithm  

Authors: Miss Poonam Janardan Talele, Prof. Vanita Mane

Page No.: 196 - 200


44. Management Information Systems  

Authors: Dr. Dayanand Surwade

Page No.: 204 - 205


45. Understanding Consumer Behavior In Globlized Era  

Authors: Dr. Dayanand Surwade

Page No.: 206 - 210


46. Fusion of Multiple Biometric For Photo-Attack Detection in Face Recognition Systems  

Authors: Ms. Deveshree R. More, Prof. Vanita Mane

Page No.: 211 - 214


47. Face Spoof Detection from Single Image Using Various Parameters  

Authors: Ms. Manisha Pansare, Prof. Vanita Mane, Prof. Suchita Walke

Page No.: 215 - 217


49. Analysis of IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi)  

Authors: Budesh Kanwer

Page No.: 222 - 224


50. Ralph Waldo Emerson as Nature Poet  

Authors: Raghunath Singh Shekhawat

Page No.: 225 - 227