Volume 4 Issues - (April 16 Volume 4 Issue 4)

1. The Survey On: Data Mining Data Warehousing & OLAP  

Authors: Prof. Palash. M. Gourshettiwar, Prof. Dhiraj Shirbhate, Prof. Rushikesh Shete

Page No.: 01 - 04


2. Artificial Intelligence approaches in Cyber Security  

Authors: Abhilash Kamtam, Anshuman Kamar, Prof. U. C. Patkar

Page No.: 05 - 09


3. “CSMA-Based Link Scheduling in Multihop MIMO Networks using SINR Model ”  

Authors: Priti V Chaudhari, Prof. S. M. Patil

Page No.: 10 - 13


4. Analysis Shaped Dielectric Lens Antennas using Hybrid method  

Authors: Mahesh A, Ravishankar S

Page No.: 14 - 16


5. Internet Controlled Vehicle  

Authors: Akshay Vishwanath, Lalit Bhosle, Rishab Bhandari, Sharmila Gaikwad

Page No.: 17 - 21


6. DNA Computing and Implementations  

Authors: Vijay Prakash Tiwari, Vikas Tiwari, Prof. U. C. Patkar

Page No.: 22 - 26


7. Price Forecasting using Artificial Neural Network  

Authors: Roneda Mucaj, Valentina Sinaj

Page No.: 27 - 30


8. Assessment of Different Technologies for Improving Visibility during Foggy Weather in Mining and Transportation Sectors  

Authors: K. Saurabh, S.K. Chaulya,G.M.Prasad, S. Ansari, D. Kumar

Page No.: 31 - 40


9. Design Paper on Petrol Pump Theft Security System  

Authors: Riddhi Dedhiya, Apurva Jain, Shubhangi Gumme, Prof. Nisha Vanjari

Page No.: 41 - 44


10. An Image Based Approach of IRIS Recognition for Person Identification using Segmentation Algorithm  

Authors: Prajakta D. Patil, Vaishali B. Bhagat, Pravin D. Soni, Chetan J. Shelke

Page No.: 45 - 47


11. Smart Irrigation Employing Direct Root Watering  

Authors: KavyaAjith, Dr. S R S Prabaharan

Page No.: 48 - 51


12. Modified Fast ICA for Blind Signal separation  

Authors: Anumula.Janardhan, Prof. K. Kishan Rao

Page No.: 52 - 59


13. An Improved Min-Min Task Scheduling Algorithm for Load Balancing in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Prerit Chawda, Partha Sarathi Chakraborty

Page No.: 60 - 64


14. Unlocking Electronic Lock using Biometrics  

Authors: Prof. Prathamesh Mestry, Sandesh Bagwe, Pranav Manjrekar, Ishita Pokle, Kinjal Patel

Page No.: 65 - 67


15. Low cost EEG signal acquisition for health care and person identification  

Authors: Anu Rose Jolly, Parvathi L Prabhakar, Vaishna S Kumar

Page No.: 68 - 71


16. Distributed in-memory JVM cache  

Authors: Nikhil Kurhe

Page No.: 72 - 75


17. Breadth-First Search on a MapReduce One-Chip System  

Authors: Voichita Dragomir

Page No.: 76 - 81


18. Finite-Generalized-Laplace-Hankel-Clifford-Transformation  

Authors: V. R. Lakshmi Gorty

Page No.: 82 - 89


19. Data Classifier for Encryption in Cloud  

Authors: Ms. Arnika, Vivek Verma

Page No.: 90 - 93


21. Numerical Vibration Analysis of Rectangular Beams for Different End Conditions  

Authors: Thota Nithin Prabhakar, Dommeti Vamsi Krishna

Page No.: 98 - 101


22. Improving Performance of AODV with Energy Efficient Routing in MANET  

Authors: Priyanka Warwadekar, Prof. Kavita Mhatre

Page No.: 102 - 105


23. Design of Vedic ALU for 16-Bit Processor  

Authors: Mugdha Fadnavis, Augusta Sophy Beaulet P.

Page No.: 106 - 109


24. Interface Interaction Designer Integrated With Widgets  

Authors: Shweta Dhareshwar, Sowmya H N, Vijaylakshmi S Katti, Sushitha S

Page No.: 110 - 113


25. Load-Scheduling for Residential Hub Structure for Electricity Distribution  

Authors: Bharati. A. Raul, Prof. Kavita Joshi

Page No.: 114 - 115


26. Application of Robot in CNC Manufacturing Process in Connection with Embeddedsystem  

Authors: M. S. Manoranjani, T. Rishika, N. Vinodha Reddy, Dr. Dipak Ranjanjana

Page No.: 116 - 120


30. Secure Data Communication using AES Algorithm, Palindrome Number & Color Code  

Authors: Prof. Manoj Dhande, Akshaya Sawant, Nidhi Pandey, Pooja Sahu

Page No.: 136 - 138


31. Identification of Identical Twins using Face Recognition with Results  

Authors: Ms. Kanchan D. Patil, Mr. Sandip A. Patil

Page No.: 139 - 144


32. Secure Image Transmission using Visual Steganography  

Authors: Prof. Manoj Dhande, Pooja Jaiswal, Saloni Barvalia, Smit Shah, Krishma Shah

Page No.: 145 - 147


33. Secure Mobile Based E-Voting System  

Authors: Akshay Akhare A, Manoj Gadale R, Rajashree Raskar S, Bhagyashree Jaykar V, Mrs. D. A. Phalke

Page No.: 148 - 150


34. Coin Based Solar Mobile Charger  

Authors: Ekta Gupta, Manas Singhal, Akash Verma, Arshad khan, Osheen, Swati Singh

Page No.: 151 - 153


36. Design and Implementation of Automated Irrigation Control System using WSN: An overview  

Authors: Ms. Tasneem Sanglikar, Prof. Puranik V. G.

Page No.: 157 - 161


38. Study on Miniaturized Dual Polarized MIMO Antenna  

Authors: Prakhar D. Vyas, Abhijit G. Raut, Dr. Usha Kiran Kommuri, Govindu vinod kumar

Page No.: 164 - 166


39. Emulated Control System for a Nuclear Reactor  

Authors: Srividya. N, Nivedita Konin, S. R. S. Prabaharan

Page No.: 167 - 170


40. Grading of Cashew Nuts on the Bases of Texture, Color and Size  

Authors: Miss. Vrushali Nagpure, Prof. Kavita Joshi

Page No.: 171 - 173


41. Secured Data Communication using Steganography  

Authors: Aliyu Haruna Ahmad, G.Kalpana

Page No.: 174 - 180


42. Extracting Tasks from Customize Portal using Natural Language Processing  

Authors: Prachi Rayate, Prof. Devendra Singh Thakore

Page No.: 181 - 185


43. Assistive Domotics for Physically Disabled  

Authors: Achsah Mary Marks, A Nishitha Reddy, S.R.S Prabaharan*

Page No.: 186 - 189


44. Extracting Reviews of Mobile Applications from Google Play Store  

Authors: Palak Thakur, Asmita Raut, Salina Bharthu, Prof.Bhagirath Prajapati, Prof. Priyanka Puvar

Page No.: 190 - 193


45. Investigation of the Movement of a Mass Loaded Spring on Insertion in an Acoustic Medium  

Authors: Seyfullayev Alizade Imamali Oqli, Mamedova Guldasta Akif Kizi

Page No.: 194 - 204


46. Enhancement of Battery Life by using Efficient Energy Monitoring System  

Authors: Piyush Awachat, Sumedh Deshmukh, Shubham Dhote, Pranay Shete

Page No.: 205 - 208


47. Learning Aid for Autistic Students  

Authors: Sanket Vichare, Aakash Trivedi, Prajakta Thorat, Prof. ShubhadaLabde

Page No.: 209 - 211


48. Smart Internal Combusion Engine Exaust Monitoring & Control System  

Authors: Tejashree S.Lohar, Prof.G.K.Andurkar

Page No.: 212 - 215


50. A Finite Element Analysis of Orthodontic Single Buccal Tube with Hook, on Molar Tooth Movement  

Authors: V. Venu Kumar, Dr. Pandurangan Harikrishnan, Mr. V. Magesh

Page No.: 220 - 222


51. Virtual Furniture using Augmented Reality Technique  

Authors: Akshata Salunkhe, Priyanka Paygude, Arti Salunke, Amit Wachakawade

Page No.: 223 - 225


52. RF Controlled Digital Wireless Camera  

Authors: Aakash Patel, Hema Soni, Suraj Patil, Dr.(Mrs.)Saylee Gharge

Page No.: 226 - 229


53. Model Based Prioritization Technique for Component Testing  

Authors: Ms. Rupali A. More, Dr. Shashank.D.Joshi

Page No.: 230 - 233


54. Test Case Prioritization Based on Specific Events  

Authors: Ms. Snehal D. Shinde, Dr. Shashank.D. Joshi

Page No.: 234 - 237


55. Low Power FinFET based SRAM Cell Design  

Authors: Ayon Manna, Sudarshan Patil, V S Kanchana Bhaaskaran

Page No.: 238 - 243


56. Review on Design of OTA Using Non-Conventional Analog Techniques  

Authors: Jasbir Kaur, Deepak Goel

Page No.: 244 – 249


57. Wearable Technology and Extended Applications  

Authors: Saurabh Marne, Harshal Patil, Vijay Prakash Tiwari, Prof. A. M. Ingole

Page No.: 250 -253


58. Shadow Detection and Removal in Single-Image Using Paired Regions  

Authors: Ms. Hrituja Gujar, Prof. V. N. Dhage

Page No.: 254 - 261


59. Cloud Computing Data Security: A Review  

Authors: Poonam M. Umbarkar, N. R. Borkar

Page No.: 262 - 265


61. Authentication System using Secret Sharing  

Authors: Nitesh M. Agrawal, Dr. Prashant R. Deshmukh

Page No.: 269 - 274


62. Approximate Controllability of Semi-linear Fuzzy Dynamical System  

Authors: Purnima Pandit

Page No.: 275 - 279


64. A Study on Effects of Sound Masking on Speech Intelligibility  

Authors: Seung Ho Choi

Page No.: 288 - 292


65. Some Contribution of Statistical Techniques in Big Data: A Review  

Authors: R. D. Patil, Omprakash S. Jadhav

Page No.: 293 - 303


66. Implementation of Stacked-CMOS Inverter based TIQ Comparator for FADC.  

Authors: Vishal Moyal, Dr. Neeta Tripathi

Page No.: 304 - 307


67. Dual Polarization of Antenna for Wireless Applications  

Authors: M. Sreenivasulu reddy, R. Ramesh, K. Usha Kiran

Page No.: 308 - 311


68. File Recovery Technique using Mirroring concept in Cloud as Storage as a Service  

Authors: Shilpi U. Vishwakarma, Pravin D. Soni

Page No.: 312 - 315


69. Comparative Study of Various Reactive MANET Protocols  

Authors: Ms. Jyoti Prabha, Dinesh Goyal, Savita Shiwani, Dr. Amit Sanghi

Page No.: 316 - 318


70. JSP Custom Tag Library for In-Place Editing in Disconnected Architecture – A Case Study  

Authors: Dr. Poornima G. Naik, Dr. K. S. Oza

Page No.: 319 - 326


71. Hybrid Wireless Network Approach for QoS  

Authors: Sagar D. Pande, Prof. V. B. Bhagat

Page No.: 327 - 332


72. Sensor Node Failure Detection Using Round Trip Path in WSNs  

Authors: Panchshila G. Sabale, Prof. Swapna M. Patil

Page No.: 333 - 336


73. Implementation of Clever Crawler  

Authors: Anuja Lawankar, Nikhil Mangrulkar

Page No.: 337 - 339


74. Wearable Internet of Things Medical Alert Device with Fall Detection and Real Time Posture Monitoring  

Authors: Shubhankar B J, Pranav S, Varun S, Chandrashekar B M

Page No.: 340 - 342


75. Integer Optimization Model of Dynamic Interactions in Social Networks  

Authors: Maya Silvi Lydia, Herman Mawengkang

Page No.: 343 - 346


76. Productivity Improvement in CNC Machining Process by using DCMT 11 T304 Tool Bit  

Authors: M Saikrishna, A. Pruthvi Raju, B. Niranjan, M. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Dipak Ranjan

Page No.: 347 - 352


77. Analysis Of Shaped Dielectric Lens Array Antenna By Modal expansion  

Authors: K S Shushrutha, S Ravishankar

Page No.: 353 - 356


78. Identification and Parsing of SQL Query Command by Implementation of JSON  

Authors: Pritesh Patel, Dr. Paresh Virparia, Jigisha K Patel

Page No.: 357 - 359


79. Adaptive Kalman Filter Based on Evolutionary Algorithm and Fuzzy Interference System  

Authors: Janvi Verma, Anirudh Mudaliar

Page No.: 360 - 364


80. Ontology Based E-Healthcare Information Retrieval System: A Semantic Approach  

Authors: Michael Raj T. F, Priya Govindarajan, Ravichandran. K. S, Gayathri. M, Uma. R

Page No.: 365 - 369


81. To Implement “Lean Six Sigma” Concept in Automobile Manufacturing – A Case Study  

Authors: Dr. Narendra Mohan Mishra, Dr. S. M. Karim

Page No.: 370 - 408


82. Lean Manufacturing for Productivity Improvement  

Authors: Krunal Desai, Dr. K.V.L.Narayana

Page No.: 409 - 413


83. Design of Reconfigurable Network-on-Chip Topology  

Authors: Shuchi A. Parkhani, Vaishali A. Tehre

Page No.: 414 - 417


84. An Ant Colony Optimization based Routing Techniques for VANET  

Authors: Snehal K. Gaikwad, A. R. Deshmukh, S. S. Dorle

Page No.: 418 - 422


85. Cognitive Power of Women  

Authors: Dr. Srinivas Adapa, Neelima Adapa, A. Subha Lakshmi, V. Alekya

Page No.: 423 - 426


86. Curvelet transform and Hybrid Bacterial Foraging Optimization for image denoising  

Authors: Mehak Punj, Mrs. Prabhjot Kaur

Page No.: 427 - 430


87. Footstep Power Generation using Piezoelectric Transducers  

Authors: Deepak Rasaily, Seden Bhutia, Hishey Choden Lachenpa, Aarfin Ashraf, Joyce Dayal Rai, Rummit Lepcha

Page No.: 431 - 434


88. Thermometer Designed using AT89C51 for Displaying Digital Records  

Authors: Deepak Rasaily, Cherryla Tobden, Chitize Thapa, Yehmika Subba, Neelima Baraily, Aarfin Ashraf

Page No.: 435 - 438


89. Close Circuit Security System Using At89c51  

Authors: Deepak Rasaily, Praveen Pradhan, Joyce Dayal Rai, Aarfin Ashraf, Rinku Bhutia

Page No.: 439 - 443


90. Survey on Software Task Extraction and Navigation  

Authors: Mr. Swapnil Gangadhar Thaware, Prof. Dinesh Bhagwan Hanchate

Page No.: 444 - 447


91. Study and Analysis of Human Nervous System and Effects of External EM Signals on Conduction in Human Nerves  

Authors: Manish Kumar Gupta, R. K. Khanna, K. J. Rangra

Page No.: 448 - 458


92. Credit Risk Evaluation as a Service (CREaaS) based on ANN and Machine Learning  

Authors: Alper Ozpinar, Aysun Birol

Page No.: 459 - 465


93. Innovative Approach to Detect Mental Disorder Using Multimodal Technique  

Authors: Shamla Mantri, Poonam Sarnikar, Aishwarya Bhosale, Dr. Dipti Patil, Dr. V. M. Wadhai

Page No.: 466 - 470


94. Pioneering Method to Analyse Depression in Human Being Using Audio-Video Parameters  

Authors: Shamla Mantri, Deepali Sanap, Vimal Dongre

Page No.: 471 - 474


95. Privacy Preserving For Secure Cloud Storage  

Authors: Miss. Ankita R. Makode, Prof. V. B . Bhagat

Page No.: 475 - 479


96. Performance Analysis of WDM Network Based On EDFA Amplifier with Different Pumping Techniques  

Authors: Varsha Honde, Anuja Mhatre, Sourabh Tonde, Supriya Barkul, Pruthviraj Pund

Page No.: 480 - 485


98. Spatiotemporal Saliency Detection: State of Art  

Authors: Sultana Kadri, Pooja, Manju Bala

Page No.: 491 - 501


100. Text Recognition Past, Present and Future  

Authors: Amandeep Kaur, Manju Bala, Pooja

Page No.: 507 - 516


101. Optimum Use of Handheld Device Using Monolithic Kernel Architecture for Security Purpose  

Authors: Nilesh Dhale, Prof. Shrikant B. Ardhapurkar

Page No.: 517 - 521


102. Women Entrepreneurship: An Analysis of Bikaner District  

Authors: Ritu Jakhar, Dr. Gaurav Bissa, Dr. Puneet Bafna

Page No.: 522 - 524


103. Compact Broadband Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna  

Authors: Javed K. Sayyad, R. M. Autee

Page No.: 525 - 527


104. Internet of Things in Various Scenarios: A Survey  

Authors: T. Pavithra, T.Rajasekaran, S.Prem Akshaya, N. Venkatesh Brabhu

Page No.: 528 - 531


105. Review on FM0/Manchester encoder-decoder used in DSRC based Applications  

Authors: Bhavik Mehta, Prof. Munmun ghosal

Page No.: 532 - 535


106. Increasing accuracy and reducing time of face recognition with Euclid norm  

Authors: Karimov Madjit Malikovich, Tashev Komil Akhmatovich, Islomov Shahboz Zokirugli, Khudoyqulov Zarif Turakulovich, Khujayarov Ilyos Shiraliyevich

Page No.: 536 - 540


107. High Performance AXI4 to AHB Bridge (Using a local interface)  

Authors: Dhwani Bhatt, Mr. Santosh Jagtap

Page No.: 541 - 543


108. Optimum Design of Linear Phase Paraunitary Filter Bank & its Applications in Signal Processing  

Authors: Sourabh Tonde, Prof.Yepuganti Karuna, Varsha Honde

Page No.: 544 - 548


109. Ontology Modelling for FDA Adverse Event Reporting System  

Authors: Rima Borah, Rajarajeswari S.

Page No.: 549 - 553


110. Improved MPPT Methods for PV Array Under Patrially Shaded Condition  

Authors: Siddhi J. Kamani, Girish K. Mahajan

Page No.: 554 - 559


111. E-Mail Data Analysis by Considering Auxiliary Information  

Authors: Priyanka Sharma, Sudhi Tiwari, SyedIbrahim.S. P

Page No.: 560 - 563


112. Virtual Ergonomics and Time Optimization of a Factory  

Authors: Y.S.R.Vamsi Krishna

Page No.: 564 - 568


113. Partial PSABC Based Test Case Prioritization Using Regression Testing In Agile Software  

Authors: Mr Madan Singh, Pratibha Dabas, Priyanka Sachdeva

Page No.: 569 - 572


114. Implementation of AMBA AHB protocol using verilog HDL  

Authors: Abhinandan Aggarwal, Prof. (Dr.) Neelam Sharma

Page No.: 573 - 576


116. Fabrication and Automation of Solvent less Packaging Machine  

Authors: Masood Nazir, Prof Rashmi Ranjan Das

Page No.: 581 - 585


117. Detection of Glaucoma and Microaneurysm in Retinal Fundus Images Based on Optic Disk and Optic Cup Segmentation  

Authors: S. Kishore Kumar, M. Puniyamoorthi, T. Rajesh, B. Karthiga

Page No.: 586 - 588


118. Image Inpainting with Improved Storage Capability using DCT  

Authors: Ms. Snehal Ingole, Ms. Aishwarya Ganjal Student, Ms. Babita Sonare, Ms. Priyanka Yadav

Page No.: 589 - 592


119. Providing Security in Collaborative Data Publishing from Heterogeneity Attack  

Authors: Shalaka Ragit, Sagar Badhiye

Page No.: 593 - 596


120. GPS Based Vehicular Monitoring and Tracking Using Arm  

Authors: Sachin B. Ade, Prof. Y. D. Kapse

Page No.: 597 - 600


121. Improved K-means clustering on Hadoop  

Authors: Kaustubh Chaturbhuj, Gauri Chaudhary

Page No.: 601 - 604


122. Design of Microstrip Log Periodic Patch Antenna with The Help of HFSS Software  

Authors: Ashish Goyani, Hardik Goti, Rutik Choksi, Sameep Dave

Page No.: 605 - 607


124. Comparative Analysis of Quagi and Yagi-Uda Antenna using 4NEC2 Tool  

Authors: Vinay kumar V. Angadi

Page No.: 514 - 519


125. Study and Analysis of Connecting Position on the Vibration Characteristics for Beam  

Authors: Sathiyaseelan M, Nandakumar P

Page No.: 520 - 523


126. Summarizing Text Using Lexical Chains  

Authors: Pooja Jain, Sachin Jain

Page No.: 524 - 530


127. Design and Implementation of High End Multiple Security Based ATM Monitoring System  

Authors: B. Rajesh Rao, Priyanka Rao, Rachana G N, Sushma B V

Page No.: 531 - 535


128. A Common Fixed Point Theorem in Intuitionistic Menger Spaces  

Authors: Dr. Varsha Sharma

Page No.: 536 - 541


129. Guided Filter Technique: Various Aspects In Image Processing  

Authors: Ms.D.G.Raul

Page No.: 542 - 544


130. Effect of Microstructure on Gas Sensing  

Authors: Sumati Pati

Page No.: 545 - 547


131. An Efficient Energy Harvesting Assited Clustering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: I.S.Akila, Dr.R.Venkatesan

Page No.: 548 - 558


133. A fuzzy approach for unequal workers-task assignment with heptagonal fuzzy numbers  

Authors: K. Rathi, S. Balamohan, M. Revathi, B.Ananthi

Page No.: 564 - 569


134. Area Efficient, Low Power 4:1 Multiplexer using NMOS 45nm Technology  

Authors: Pragati Gupta,Keshav Mehrotra, Khushboo Kashyap, *1Harmeet Kaur, Parth Dhall

Page No.: 570 - 573


135. QRS Complex Detection in ECG Signal  

Authors: Mr. J. A. Ukirade, Mr. S. A. Navale, Mrs. Jyoti J.Dhumal

Page No.: 574 - 577


136. Watermarking for Security in Database  

Authors: Prof. Manoj Dhande, Aishwarya Kotyankar, Nidhi Mannadiar, Prajkta Jagtap

Page No.: 578 - 583


137. Secure Routing Packet Transmission  

Authors: Manjula. M, Mrs. Pavithra. G. S

Page No.: 584 - 587


138. Secured Uploading and Retrieval of Data Using Visual Cryptography Scheme  

Authors: Priyanka. K, Mrs. V.Mercy Rajaselvi

Page No.: 588 - 592


139. A Novel Software Solution to Diagnose the Hearing Disabilities In Human Beings  

Authors: Prithvi B S, Sanjay H S, Deeksha Hegde, Bhargavi S

Page No.: 593 - 597


140. Processing of GPS Data using Accuracy Enhancement Techniques for Sag Monitoring Device  

Authors: S. Kamboj, B. Kaur Mann, M. Vats

Page No.: 598 - 601


141. A Review on Enhancing Organization Security using Attribute-Based Encryption for Data Sharing  

Authors: Ms. Priya D. Tangde, Prof. Avinash S. Kapse, Dr. V. M. Thakare

Page No.: 602 - 603


142. Cheapest method of leakage testing of casting  

Authors: Kupwade Shubham Raosaheb, Gopale Kamlesh Tukaram

Page No.: 604 - 605


143. Criminal Identification Based on Androgenic Hair Pattern Using KNN-Clustering Method  

Authors: T V Raghava Kaushik, Sushmitha Sudarsan, M Sandeep, Ms. S. Sudarvizhi

Page No.: 606 - 609


144. Nutrition Facts Recognition from Food Labels Images  

Authors: Ashish Sinha, Shainky, Shashank Pamidi, Ms. S. Sudarvizhi

Page No.: 610 - 613


145. Identification of potential targets and Screening for common signature in novel anticancer inhibitors in human  

Authors: Kusum Paul, Shambhu M.G, Bhavya BK, Sarwath Fathima, Praveena D, Kusuma, Raghavi G, Pareekshith S, Tanusree Chaudhuri

Page No.: 614 - 618


146. Life Mate- A Reliable Match Making using Hunt’s algorithm  

Authors: A. Arjuna Rao, K. Sujatha, P. Poornima, P. Divya, B. Harika, K. Chaitanya

Page No.: 619 - 622


147. Analysis of TIG Welding Process on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Aa6063 Aluminum Alloy Joints  

Authors: Jaladi Divya Susmitha, Manne Vijaya Ram, K Srinivas

Page No.: 623 - 626


148. Avoiding Traffic Congestion Based on MHR tree in Carpool Services  

Authors: R. Prasanthini, Dr. K. Kavitha

Page No.: 627 - 630


149. Image processing techniques for Lung Cancer Detection  

Authors: S. Shyamala, Dr. M. Pushpa rani

Page No.: 631 - 634


150. Liver Tumour Detection for Ct Images  

Authors: S. Saranya, Dr. M. Pushparani

Page No.: 635 - 637


151. An Image Compression– Encryption Hybrid Algorithm Using DWT and Chaos System  

Authors: A. Ilakkiya, Dr. M. Pushparani

Page No.: 638 - 643


152. Efficient Energy Management System with Storage  

Authors: Mr. Mukesh Bhavsar, Ms. Kavita Joshi

Page No.: 635 - 638


153. A Clustering Based User-Centered (CBUC) Approach for Integrating Social Data into Groups of Interest  

Authors: Geetharani M, Poonkodi R, Anuradha K

Page No.: 639 - 646


154. Health Parameters Monitoring System  

Authors: Mr. Swapnil Gaikwad, Ms. Ankita Thote, Mr.Palash Meshram, Prof. S. D. Ruikar

Page No.: 647 - 650


155. A Context-Aware Search System for Smart Phones Based on Context-Aware Infrastructure  

Authors: Gayatri Dange, Prof. Rajan Jamgekar, Prof. Swapnaja Ubale

Page No.: 651 - 653


156. Memory Reliability Enhancement against Multiple Cell Upsets Using Decimal Matrix Code for 32-Bit Data  

Authors: Satyabala, Assistant Prof. Akhilesh Jain

Page No.: 654 - 659


157. Content-based Image Retrieval using Color and Geometry  

Authors: Jeebachh Jha, Prof. Manoj Sabnis

Page No.: 660 - 664


158. Camera Shake Removal With Multiple Images Via Weighted Fourier Burst Accumulation  

Authors: Ms. Snehal P. Kharche, Prof. B.H. Pansambal

Page No.: 665 - 670


159. Validating sensor nodes in Wireless sensor networks using scoring algorithm  

Authors: Kanagaraj P, G Prakash

Page No.: 671 - 674


160. Detection of Breast Cancer using ANN  

Authors: Sonal Naranje

Page No.: 675 - 677


161. Evaluation of Android anti-malware resistance against transformation attacks  

Authors: Omkar Yeshvekar, SnehalZende, Deepti Walvekar, Namrata Wabale, Akash Korde, Mrs. Nilam S. Patil

Page No.: 678 - 682


162. Optimised Method of Resource Allocation for Hadoop on Cloud  

Authors: Shilpitha swarna, Amogh Pramod Kulkarni

Page No.: 683 - 686


163. Data Acqusition and Monitoring system in Agriculture Field  

Authors: Dharti Hiteshkumar Vyas, Ravindrakumar Devendrakumar.Bhatt

Page No.: 687 - 690


164. Design of Ternary Memory Cell Using QDGFET  

Authors: Tarang Makwana, Prof. Divyang Shah

Page No.: 691 - 695


165. Erasure Code Based Cloud Storage System  

Authors: Makhan Singh

Page No.: 696 – 699