Volume 3 Issues - (September 15 Volume 3 Issue 9)

1. Design High speed Reed Solomon Decoder on FPGA  

Authors: Saroj Bakale, Dhananjay Dabhade

Page No.: 5371 - 5375


2. A Survey: Secure Data Storage Techniques in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Rakhi Emelaya, Dr. Sanjay Agrawal

Page No.: 5376 - 5379


4. A Survey of Biological Entity Recognition Approaches  

Authors: Gurinder Pal Singh Gosal

Page No.: 5385 – 5392


5. Religion in North East States of India: A Review  

Authors: Namita Chakma, Lalparvul Pakhuongte

Page No.: 5393 - 5400


6. Advance development in Dual Mass Flywheel  

Authors: Tejashri Khochare

Page No.: 5401 - 5408


7. Different Transmission Control Protocol Variants in Wireless Environments  

Authors: Mr. Ranjeet V. Bidwe

Page No.: 5409 - 5416


8. Survey on Reducing Power Consumption in Peer to Peer System  

Authors: Mr. Sumit V. Dusane, Mr. Pranay Chauhan

Page No.: 5417 - 5420


9. Conversion of NNLM to Back-off language model in ASR  

Authors: Mr. Pappu kumar, Dr. S. L. lahudkar

Page No.: 5421 - 5424


10. Face Image Retrieval in Image Processing – A Survey  

Authors: Deepthi.S, Dr. Sunanda Dixit

Page No.: 5425 - 5430


11. Imbibition in Double Phase Flow Through Porous Media  

Authors: Priti V. Tandel, P. H. Bhathawala

Page No.: 5431 - 5433


12. Improve Performance of Power and Stability Point for Photo Voltaic System by Fuzzy Logic  

Authors: Mahesh Verma, R. K.Gupta, Dhanraj Meena

Page No.: 5434 - 5438


13. Neural Network based Statcom for Grid Connected wind Generator  

Authors: Dhanraj Meena, R. K. Gupta, Mahesh Verma

Page No.: 5439 - 5444


14. Word Reordering using Rule based Parser in Telugu to English Machine Translation  

Authors: KanusuSrinivas Rao, Ratnakumarichalla

Page No.: 5445 – 5450


15. Wireless Sensor Network using DRINA  

Authors: Aditi C. Jadhav, Rashmi V. Telang, Akriti R. Verma, Prof. Kavita S. Kumavat

Page No.: 5451 – 5455


16. An Experiential Study of SVM and Naïve Bayes for Gender Recognization  

Authors: Sneha Pradeep Vanjari, V. D. Thombre

Page No.: 5456 - 5460


17. Multimedia Storage System Providing QoS in Cloud Based Environment  

Authors: Minal Padwal, Prof. Manjushri Mahajan

Page No.: 5461 - 5465


18. SURVEY: Increasing Energy of Node by Modified Leach protocol  

Authors: Surabhi Saxena, Dr. Kanojia Sindhuben Babulal

Page No.: 5466 - 5468


19. TDDA- Traceback-based Defence against DDoS Attack  

Authors: Akash B. Naykude, Krushna D. Kudale, Sagar S. Jadhav, Sumaiya sheikh, Yogendra Patil

Page No.: 5469 - 5474


20. Face Recognition using SOM Network  

Authors: Ms. Pooja A. Patil, Dr. Shubhangi B. Patil

Page No.: 5475 - 5477


21. Human Motion Retrieval Using Video or Drawn Sketch  

Authors: Sumit S. Rathi, Mr. Sachin Patil

Page No.: 5478 - 5483


22. A Novel Algorithm for Discovering Frequent Closures and Generators  

Authors: G. Usha Rani, P. Premchand, A. Govardhan

Page No.: 5484 - 5487


23. Multi-Language based Android Application for Motor Control  

Authors: Prasad S. Kautkar, Kiran S. Kandalkar, Akash R. Raut, Vaibhav N. Baviskar, Prof. V. D. Badgujar

Page No.: 5488 - 5492


24. Experimental Study on Surface Roughness in MS Bar by using Double Point Cutting Tool in Turning  

Authors: S. Vanangamudi, M. Pradeep Kumar

Page No.: 5493 - 5499


25. DC Motor Dual Close-Loop PID Speed-Tuning System on The Basis of ABC Algorithm  

Authors: Kumari Anjali, Ritu Jain

Page No.: 5500 - 5502


26. Performance Analysis of OFDM Transceiver using GMSK Modulation Technique  

Authors: Gunjan Negi, Anuj Saxena

Page No.: 5503 - 5507


28. Instant-Fuzzy search using Phrase Indexing and Segmentation with Proximity Ranking  

Authors: Ramesh S. Yevale, Prof. Vinod S. Wadne

Page No.: 5514 - 5518


29. Avoid duplicate key overheads for same data in storage  

Authors: Reshma S. Dhake, Swati B. Mali, Shweta B. Pawar, Roshani B. Torawane, Prof. V. D. Badgujar

Page No.: 5519 - 5523


30. E- Farming: an Innovative Approach for an Indian Farmer  

Authors: Ghodke Tushar D., Devde Nitin N., Agwan Sagar C., Kudal Yogesh N., Prof. Kumbharde M. V.

Page No.: 5524 - 5526


31. Android based Maximum Discount Finder  

Authors: Jyoti Ramteke, Khushal Thakur, Vinayak More, Supriya Walakunde

Page No.: 5527 - 5529


32. Load Balancing for Wireless network by using Min-Max algorithm  

Authors: Rishikesh Balkrishna Pansare, Prof. Imran R. shaikh

Page No.: 5530 - 5535


33. Crowd Search: Generic Crowd Sourcing Systems Using Query Optimization  

Authors: Akshay S. Patil, Ankit D. Katiyar, Satyaprakash A. Singh, Prashant P. Kachhava, Prof. D. B. Bagul

Page No.: 5536 - 5539


34. Efficient Deep-Web-Harvesting Using Advanced Crawler  

Authors: Gaikwad Dhananjay M., Tanpure Navnath B., Gulaskar Sangram S., Bakale Avinash D., Prof. Shaikh I. R.

Page No.: 5540 - 5542


35. Analyzing Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search  

Authors: Prateek C. Shukla, Tekchand D. Patil, Yogeshwar J. Shirsath, Dnyaneshwar N. Rasal, Prof. S. R. Jadhav

Page No.: 5543 - 5548


36. Missing Girls in North East India: An Analysis  

Authors: Namita Chakma, Ms. Lalparvul Pakhuongte

Page No.: 5549 - 5554


37. Selection of online Features and its Application  

Authors: Adhav Pradip N., Bhalerao Amol R., Deore Tushar J., Shinde Nitin M.

Page No.: 5555 - 5558


38. Review Paper on Smart Security System  

Authors: Apurva Jain, Riddhi Dedhiya, Shubhangi Gumme, Prof. Nisha Vanjari

Page No.: 5559 - 5563


39. Neural Networks in Data Mining  

Authors: Rashmika K. Vaghela

Page No.: 5564 - 5567


40. Obtaining Approximation using Map Reduce by Comparing Inter-Tables  

Authors: Prachi Patil, Anilkumar Kadam

Page No.: 5568 - 5573


41. User Feedback Analysis System using Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence  

Authors: Sameer N. Kolhe, Swati V. Darade, Pratiksha B. Suryavanshi, Pramod S. Ahire, H. D. Sonawane

Page No.: 5574 - 5577


42. Biometric Security System for Fake Detection using image Quality Assessment Techniques  

Authors: Rinu Prakash T, Vipin Thomas

Page No.: 5578 - 5583


43. Survey of Android based Healthcare Application  

Authors: Mayuri Bomewar

Page No.: 5584 - 5588


44. A Trusted Model for Secure Cloud Environment  

Authors: Dipti Singh Galav, Dr. H. R. Sharma, Dr. S. M. Ghosh

Page No.: 5589 - 5591


46. Improved Storage Security using IDS and Performance using Container De-Duplication  

Authors: Shelke Pooja H., Pardeshi Yogita K., Shelke Aarti H., Khairnar Shweta S., Prof. Khumbharde M. V.

Page No.: 5596 - 5599


47. A Robust Student Attendance Monitoring System using NFC Technology and Biometrics  

Authors: Sanjana Ekbote, Valarmathi P

Page No.: 5600 - 5603


48. A Novel Theory of Wind Power in KGF  

Authors: Somashekar.B, Dhanalakshmi.V

Page No.: 5604 - 5607


49. Different Security Mechanisms for Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Nidhi Chhajed, Mayank Kumar Sharma

Page No.: 5608 - 5613


50. A Secure Approach for Reversible Data Hiding using Visual Cryptography  

Authors: Miss. Nuzhat Ansari

Page No.: 5614 - 5618


51. OTMM based Proposal Classification and Clustering  

Authors: Sunil T. Datir, Arpit Solanki

Page No.: 5619 - 5623


52. Design of a Simple, Low-Cost, Underwater Acoustic Modem  

Authors: Mrs. S. J. Kulkarni, Mrs. S. N. Jadhav, Prof. S. N. Pawar, Mrs. M. R. Dhavale

Page No.: 5624 - 5628


53. Load Balancing Through Map Reducing Application Using CentOS System  

Authors: Nidhi Sharma, Bright Keswani

Page No.: 5629 - 5633


54. Development of Surveillance Technique on Database for Forensic Analysis  

Authors: Swati Purohit, Dr. Rajesh Purohit

Page No.: 5634 - 5637


55. Computation off loading to Cloud let and Cloud in Mobile Cloud Computing  

Authors: Rushi Phutane, Prof. Tushar Rane

Page No.: 5634 - 5637


56. Electroencephalogram Signalling diagnosis using Softcomputing  

Authors: Shikha Sharma, Meenu

Page No.: 5644 - 5648


57. Title Under Publication Process  

Authors: Author, Author2

Page No.: 5649 - 5652


58. A Secured Technique for Transmission of an image/ video Via Mosaic image/video Creation.  

Authors: Gija Susan Issac, Jobi Jose

Page No.: 5653 - 5658


59. Automatic Wall Plastering and Repairing Robot using Artificial Intelligence  

Authors: Dr. S.K. Rajesh Kanna, A.D. Jaisree

Page No.: 5659 - 5662


60. Security on the Abusive Social Network Sites- A Survey  

Authors: J. Adamkani, Dr. K. Nirmala

Page No.: 5663 - 5665


63. A Review on Software Performance Analysis for Early Detection of Latent Faults in Design Models  

Authors: G. Kasi Reddy, Dr. D Sravan Kumar, Dr. D Vasumathi

Page No.: 5678 - 5686


64. A Review on UPQC Based one Feeder and Double Feeder Distribution System for Power Quality Improvement  

Authors: Mr. Sidhhant N. Patil, Mr. S.M. Shembekar

Page No.: 5687 - 5692


65. Semantic Web-based Turmeric Expert System using IWD Algorithm  

Authors: Prof. M. S. Prasad Babu, Ms. Dakineni Pavani

Page No.: 5693 - 5697


66. A review on GPRS Applications  

Authors: Sarla Kharwar, Krupa Patel, Prof. Shyamal Virnodkar

Page No.: 5698 - 5701


67. A New Perception in Cloud Computing: Hybrid Model  

Authors: Heli P. Vyas, Sanjay M. Shah

Page No.: 5702 - 5704


68. Forensic Document Analysis using Apriori Algorithm  

Authors: Mr. Amit N. Borkar, Prof. P. S. Kulkarni

Page No.: 5705 - 5710


69. A Review on Present State-of-the-Art of Self Adaptive Dynamic Software Architecture  

Authors: Sridhar Gummalla, G. Venkateswara Rao

Page No.: 5711 - 5716


70. Teachers' Attitudes toward using Vocabulary Materials via Association, at Jazan University, Saudi Arabia  

Authors: Ms. Norah Hussain Banafi, Dr. Ahmed Altayeb Alhaj

Page No.: 5717 - 5724