Volume 3 Issues - (November 15 Volume 3 Issue 11)

1. Web Service Based News Portal  

Authors: Aniket Padwal, Ujjwal Bagwe, Rahul Chaskar

Page No.: 6072 - 6074


3. Detection of Coronary Heart Diseases using Data Mining Techniques  

Authors: Harita Jagad, Jehan Kandawalla, Prof. Sindhu Nair

Page No.: 6090 - 6092


4. TB-ASBE: Secure Key Agreement for Data Access Control Using Tree Based Attribute-set-based Encryption  

Authors: Kaushiki Upadhyaya, Prof .Umesh kulkarani

Page No.: 6093 - 6096


6. Parallel Implementation of Apriori Algorithm on Multicore System for Retail Market  

Authors: Nitin Maul, Ganesh Jagtap, Pooja Kale, Priti Waydande, Prof. Meghna Lokhande

Page No.: 6102 - 6104


7. A Novel Approach to remove Ink Bleed through Degraded Document Images  

Authors: Er. Hemani, Er. Charandeep Singh Bedi

Page No.: 6105 - 6109


10. AMM loaded Y-Shaped UWB Antenna for Health Monitoring Systems  

Authors: Deshdeep Gupta, Deergha Agarwal, Brijesh Yadav

Page No.: 6123 - 6126


11. A Survey and Security Analysis on One-To-Many Order Preserving Technique on Cloud Data  

Authors: Miss. Harshali Anant Agutale

Page No.: 6127 - 6131


12. Comparative Analysis of Relational Keyword search Systems  

Authors: Miss Kate Surekha B., Prof.Ingle Madhav.D.

Page No.: 6132 - 6134


13. A Cluster Tree Based Model for Secure Data Retrieval in Military using Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Mrs. J. Sreemathy, Mr.N.Prasath, Mr. M.Saravanan

Page No.: 6135 - 6139


14. Trend of Disability in North-East India, 2001-2011: An Assessment  

Authors: Dr. Namita Chakma

Page No.: 6140 - 6145


15. Design of a FLAP antenna for in-flight satellite communication  

Authors: Deergha Agarwal, Kartik Goyal, Sovan Mohanty

Page No.: 6146 - 6148


16. Learning Aid for Autistic Students  

Authors: Sanket Vichare, Aakash Trivedi, Prajakta Thorat, Prof.Shubhada Labde(Guide)

Page No.: 6149 - 6150


17. Overview of 802.11 Power Saving Mechanisms  

Authors: Mr. Sachin D. Latkar, Dr. Mrs. Swati V. Sankpal

Page No.: 6151 - 6155


18. A Review Paper on Automated Fuel Pump Security System  

Authors: Mayur Gawade, Sandesh Gawde, Sonal Kanade, Prof. Rashmi Adatkar Jadhav

Page No.: 6156 - 6158


19. Design of Power Efficient and High Slew Rate Class AB OPAMP  

Authors: M. Santosh Kumar, Dr. D. Asha Devi

Page No.: 6159 - 6162


20. Web Content Extraction Techniques: A survey  

Authors: Kinnari Ajmera, Khushali Deulkar

Page No.: 6163 - 6165


22. Permission based Mobile Malware Detection System using Machine Learning Techniques  

Authors: Mayuri Magdum, Prof. S. K. Wagh

Page No.: 6170 - 6174


23. Hybrid Security Framework for Activity Based Authentication using RSA & Genetic Algorithm  

Authors: Mr. P.M.More, Dr. Poornima G. Naik

Page No.: 6175 - 6184


24. Voice Data (Compressed) Transmission Over Zigbee Protocol with Moderate Quality Voice Signal  

Authors: Khushboo Sahal, Ashwary Kulsresth

Page No.: 6185 - 6189


25. Comparative study of DR Nanoantenna Array For Optical Frequencies  

Authors: Anvita Srivastava, Sovan Mohanty, Kartik Goyal

Page No.: 6190 - 6193


26. Nanostructured CdO doped MnO2 Thick Film Resistors as Ethanol Sensors  

Authors: R. R. Attarde, D. R. Patil

Page No.: 6194 - 6199


27. Binary Search Tree and Its Applications: A Survey  

Authors: Mr. Chandrashekhar S. Khese, Prof. Amrit Priyadarshi

Page No.: 6200 - 6203


28. Experimental & Finite element Analysis of Composite Mono Leaf Spring  

Authors: Amardip Vijay kumar Jadhav, Sushil Patil

Page No.: 6204 - 6207


29. Comparative Analysis of MANET Routing Protocol by Varying Number of Groups in Group Mobility Model  

Authors: Ms. Rini Sara Alex, Ms. Swati Chauhan

Page No.: 6208 - 6214


30. A Survey of Evaluation Techniques for Android Anti-Malware using Transformation Attacks  

Authors: Omkar Yeshvekar, Snehal Zende, Deepti Walvekar, Namrata Wabale, Akash Korde, Mrs. M. Saravanapriya, Mrs. Nilam S. Patil

Page No.: 6215 - 6219


31. Application of Neural Networks in Sign Language Gesture Recognition  

Authors: Ms. Rashmi S. Gaikwad, Mrs. Pooja P. Belagali

Page No.: 6220 - 6224


32. An efficient technique to provide webpage recommendation based on domain knowledge and web usage knowledge  

Authors: Ms. Priyanka Kolekar, Prof.Suchita Wankhade

Page No.: 6225 - 6228


33. Study of website Promotion Techniques and Role of SEO in search engine results  

Authors: Swati P. Patil, B. V. Pawar

Page No.: 6229 - 6234


34. A Study of Cost comparison of precast concrete vs. Cast-in-Place  

Authors: Vaishali Turai, Prof. Ashish Waghmare

Page No.: 6235 - 6238


35. Energy Efficient Minimum Broadcast Routing in ASN  

Authors: Anujatai Patil, Prof. A. V. Mophare

Page No.: 6239 - 6243


36. Feature Vector Construction of 2D Images using Local and Global Features  

Authors: Anjali Gangwar, Abhishek Dixit

Page No.: 6244 - 6247


37. A Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search for Knowledge Mining: A Survey  

Authors: Miss. P.T. Sawant, Prof. Amrit Priyadarshi, Miss Monali D Jagtap

Page No.: 6248 - 6252


38. Designing Change Assimilation Process using Close-up Down Graph for Switch Based Networks  

Authors: Ms. Deepti Metri, Prof. A. V. Mophare

Page No.: 6253 - 6257


39. Survey Paper of Approaches for Real Time Fire Detection  

Authors: Sagar Lute, Akshada Sadaphal, Aarti Samudra, NamrataWaghmare, Akash Narkhede, Ms. Madhavi Dharmadhikari, Mrs. V. L. Kolhe

Page No.: 6258 - 6261


40. Hadoop Distributed file system, Hive and Its Applications: A Survey  

Authors: Mr. Prashant R. Mahajan, Prof. Amrit Priyadarshi

Page No.: 6262 - 6265


41. Aspect Mining for Drug Recommendation: A Survey  

Authors: Ms. Jagtap Monali D, Prof. Salve B. S., Prof. Amrit Priyadarshi, Ms. Sawant Pooja T.

Page No.: 6266 - 6271


42. Cordial Labeling in Context of Ring Sum of Graphs  

Authors: A. H. Rokad, G. V. Ghodasara

Page No.: 6272 - 6275


43. A Review: Analysis of Image Feature Selection Using Group Structure  

Authors: Miss. Namrata. M. Naik

Page No.: 6276 - 6278


44. A New Methodology for Contactless Energy System Using Inductive Coil Positioning Flexibility  

Authors: Prof. Ms. Madhuri Balasaheb Zambre, Mr. Vivek Vitthal Waiphale, Prof. Mr.Chetan Madhukar Gaikwad

Page No.: 6279 - 6286


45. Microcontroller Based Protection and Control of Three-Phase Induction Motor  

Authors: Prof. Ms. Madhuri Balasaheb Zambre, Mr. Vivek Vitthal Waiphale, Ms. Bhupali Popat Kumbhar

Page No.: 6287 - 6292


46. A Review: Raspberry Pi-2 Based Anti-Theft System for Car Logo  

Authors: Chaitali N. Surkar, Prof. Amit Welekar

Page No.: 6293 - 6295


47. Recognition of Overlapped 2D Geometrical Objects  

Authors: Amrita kaur, Abhishek dixit

Page No.: 6296 - 6300


48. Pattern Matching based on Extracted Features of Leaves  

Authors: Modassir Anis, Mukesh Azad

Page No.: 6301 - 6303


49. Application of Two Dimensional Fractional Sine Transforms to Differential Equation  

Authors: V. D. Sharma, S. A. Khapre

Page No.: 6304 - 6307


50. Use of Multimodal Biometric System for the Authentication and Security  

Authors: Deep Kumar Sharma, Mukesh Azad

Page No.: 6308 - 6312


51. A Survey of Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks  

Authors: Navpreet Kaur, Mrs. Inderdeep Kaur Aulakh

Page No.: 6313 - 6316


52. Pure Contention-Based MAC Layer Protocols to avoid The Hidden Node Problem – A Review  

Authors: Navpreet Kaur, Mrs. Inderdeep Kaur Aulakh

Page No.: 6317 - 6322


54. A Survey Paper on Photo Sharing and Privacy Control Decisions  

Authors: Divyalaxmi R. Nampalli, Prof. Trupti Dange

Page No.: 6327 - 6331


56. Contrast Enhancement and Brightness Preservation of Radiography Images using Gamma Correction  

Authors: Toshi Patel, Prabhakar Gupta, Mukesh Azad

Page No.: 6339 - 6343


57. Image Compression using Gaussian Smoothing Filter and Median Filter  

Authors: Anurag Verma, Asst. Prof. Abhishek Mishra

Page No.: 6344 - 6347


58. Realtime video survillence and analytics  

Authors: Abhijeet Thakurdesai, Ritesh Ojha, Amitesh Gaikwad, Divya Prakash Singh

Page No.: 6348 - 6350


59. “Erp and its Effective Application in Infrastructure Construction Industry”  

Authors: Bhushan M Revatkar, Abhijit N. Bhirud

Page No.: 6351 - 6353


60. Speech Enhancement using Hmm and Snmf(Os)  

Authors: BarinderPal Singh, Dr. Shashi Bhushan

Page No.: 6354 - 6359


61. An Enhanced Bayesian Decision Tree Model for Defect Detection on Complex SDLC Defect Data  

Authors: Nageswara Rao Moparthi, Dr. N. Geethanjili

Page No.: 6360 - 6365


63. Survey Paper on Multi Keyword Similarity Search over Encrypted Cloud Data  

Authors: Sumeet S. Pinjarkar, Tushar Saindane, Payal Rahatal, Pradip Shinde, Amol Kekan, Mrs. N. S. Patil, Mrs. M. Saravanapriya

Page No.: 6371 - 6374


64. Generalized Fourier-Laplace Transform and Differential Equations  

Authors: V. D. Sharma, A. N. Rangari

Page No.: 6375 - 6378


65. Implementation of Sea Water in Construction  

Authors: R. D. Anjikhane, Prof. P.R.Khare

Page No.: 6379 - 6383


66. Zone Segmentation and Thinning based Algorithm for Segmentation of Devnagari Text  

Authors: Er. Japneet Kaur, Er. Suppandeep Kaur, Dr. Meenakshi Arya

Page No.: 6384 - 6387


67. Mobile Application based detection of Seizures using Inertial Measurement Units and Emergency Care  

Authors: Meghana.P, Vadali Venkata Sravani

Page No.: 6388 - 6391


68. Feasibility Study of Construction of Building Using Rapid Wall Panel  

Authors: Kadam S.P., Darade M. M.

Page No.: 6392 - 6393


69. Cluster Optimization for Improved Web Usage Mining  

Authors: Roshni Ali

Page No.: 6394 - 6399


70. Noise Compression of ECG Signal for Epic Cardio Signal  

Authors: Anurag Agarwal, Ambalika Sharma

Page No.: 6400 - 6402


71. Text Extraction System From High As Well As Low Resolution Natural Scene Images  

Authors: Ms. Soniya A. Gite, Prof. H.A. Hingoliwala

Page No.: 6403 - 6407


72. Monitoring of Greenhouse gases with a Sensor Network  

Authors: Akash Sahay Srivastava, Dipanjan De

Page No.: 6408 - 6411


73. Privacy-Preserving in Cloud Computing with Security-as-a-Service  

Authors: Divya Pritam, Madhumita A Chatterjee

Page No.: 6412 - 6415


74. A Survey on Bug Triage Using Data Reduction Technique  

Authors: Swati Bhaskar Ghusalkar, Prof. Sachin Bere

Page No.: 6416 - 6418


75. MEDOOP: Medical Health Information System Based on Hadoop  

Authors: Komal Mandal, Pooja Maller, Darshana Mohite, Sameera Shaikh

Page No.: 6419 - 6421


76. Shadow Detection using DWT with Multi-Wavelet Selection & user Configurable Variance Parameters  

Authors: Vandna Thakur, Vikash Mishra, Ankur Raj

Page No.: 6422 - 6426


77. Development Of Working Model of 3-D Mixer  

Authors: Vandan Kamlakar Gundale

Page No.: 6427 - 6431


79. Identification & Suggestion of Energy Efficient Alternative for Selected Building Materials  

Authors: Mr. Mali Ajit P., Prof. Waghmare Ashish P.

Page No.: 6437 - 6440


80. Impedance Spectroscopy of Nano-Grain ZnO Thin Films  

Authors: Sumati Pati

Page No.: 6441 - 6446


83. Smart Cloud Storage Service in Public Cloud Using Dropbox  

Authors: B. Srujana, P. Vijaya Bharati

Page No.: 6456 - 6458


85. Design of Multi-Layer Metamaterial in Terahertz Response  

Authors: Najuka Hadkar, Prof.Santosh Jagtap, Prof.Pravin Patil

Page No.: 6464 - 6467