Volume 3 Issues - (December 15 Volume 3 Issue 12)

3. A Review on Image mosaicing for secure Transmission of University Exam Question Paper  

Authors: Miss. Suchita N. Sangvikar, Mr. P. R.Thorat

Page No.: 6478 - 6484


4. Development of Test RIG for Automated Driving Test Track and Issuing License Using LabVIEW  

Authors: Prince Samuel S, Kiruba R, Saranya M

Page No.: 6485 - 6490


5. Mobibush : A Cloud Enabled Mobile app for Farmers  

Authors: Vivek M. Patil, Sonakshi R. Yadav, Sneha R. Sathe, Snehankita B. Sandbhor

Page No.: 6491 - 6492


6. Estimation of Reliability Parameters of a Complex Repairable System  

Authors: V.K. Pathak, Ashish Namdeo, Anil Tiwari

Page No.: 6493 - 6502


7. Application of Reference - Based Lossless Genome Compression  

Authors: Heba Afify

Page No.: 6503 - 6506


8. Stress and Strength Evaluation of Double Lap Adhesive Joint.  

Authors: Mr. Nargide Raviraj R., Prof. Sonawane Sachin A.

Page No.: 6507 - 6510


9. Comparative Study between PPP Mode of Contracts and EPC Mode of Contracts  

Authors: Ashwini Wadedwer., Shreedhar Patil.

Page No.: 6511 - 6513


10. Adjoint Operators of Two Dimensional Fractional Fourier-Mellin Transform  

Authors: V. D. Sharma, P. B. Deshmukh

Page No.: 6514 - 6517


11. Comparative study of factors affecting productivity and cycle time of different excavators and their bucket size  

Authors: Mr. Mundane Sagar R., Prof. Khare Pranay R.

Page No.: 6518 - 6520


12. Study of Factors Affecting Productivity of Pumped Concrete for Multistory Buildings  

Authors: Mr. Shete Parag S., Prof. Khare Pranay R.

Page No.: 6521 - 6524


13. Pushing the Limit of Data Leakage Protection Solution  

Authors: Arzoo Arora, Prof. Ravindra Divekar

Page No.: 6525 - 6530


14. Information Retrieval Using Context Based Document Indexing and Term Graph  

Authors: Mr. Mandar Donge, Prof. V. S. Nandedkar

Page No.: 6531 - 6535


16. Analysing Modular Construction with Respect to Design and Cost  

Authors: Jangde R. D, Waghmare A. P

Page No.: 6543 - 6548


19. Framework for ATM Card & Safety: Preventing ATM Transaction from Hackers and Frauds  

Authors: Deepa Malviya, Sachin Jain

Page No.: 6559 - 6565


20. An Integrated Approach For Energy Efficient Routing Over Ad-Hoc Network Using Soft Computing  

Authors: Abhishek Kumar, Sachin Jain, Mohit Vats

Page No.: 6566 - 6571


21. Benchmark Classification of Handwritten Dataset by New Operator  

Authors: Rajiv Ranjan, Mohit Vats, Sachin Jain

Page No.: 6572 - 6576


23. A Novel estimation and Correction of Channel errors in LTE SYSTEMS  

Authors: G. Harsha Vardhan, R. Mohana Ranga Rao

Page No.: 6582 - 6589


24. Determination of Ranking Fraud for Mobile Applications  

Authors: Sadigale Rohit Birudev, Amrit Priyadarshi

Page No.: 6590 - 6592


26. Design a Product Aspect Ranking Framework and Its Applications  

Authors: Gaikwad Amit Prakash, Amrit Priyadarshi

Page No.: 6598 - 6600


27. A survey on various backup and recovery technique in cloud  

Authors: Shilpi U. Vishwakarma, Prof. Pravin D. Soni

Page No.: 6601 - 6604


28. Advanced Shift Register Design Using PSDRM Reversible Logic  

Authors: Sumit Anand, Mr. Vipin Gupta

Page No.: 6605 - 6612


29. Design, Modification and Analysis of Concrete Mixer Machine  

Authors: Amruta K. Wankhede, Dr. A.R. Sahu

Page No.: 6613 - 6616


30. Secure and Energy Efficient Data Aggregation Technique for Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Ashwini V. Sisal, Prof. Simran Khiani

Page No.: 6617 - 6621


33. Design of a Low Power SRAM Cell by Tanner Tool 45 NM  

Authors: Yashwant Singh Parihar, Ghansyam Jangid

Page No.: 6631 - 6636


34. Error Minimization Controlling in Antenna Position  

Authors: Monica Kanchan, Paresh Jain

Page No.: 6637 - 6642


35. Providing Customized Requirements for Privacy Preserving In Web Search Engines  

Authors: D. Veerendra, A. V. S. Pavan Kumar

Page No.: 6643 - 6646


36. Towards Differential Query Services in Taken a toll Efficient Clouds  

Authors: Mrs. Leena V. Patil, Mrs. Suchitra U. Patil

Page No.: 6647 - 6650


37. LEACH Based Method for Prolong the Network Life  

Authors: Nikhat Khan, Prof. K.K. Tiwari

Page No.: 6651 - 6655


39. Ontological Framework for Semantic Web  

Authors: Prof. Rashmi R. Janbandhu, Mr. Viplove Karhade, Mr. Ritesh Selote

Page No.: 6660 - 6664


40. A Survey Paper on Novel Approach to Improve Quality of Web Service Discovery  

Authors: Miss. Ashwini B. Dune, Prof. Trupti Dange

Page No.: 6665 - 6667


42. Study and Analysis of Software Testing  

Authors: Meenu, Navita

Page No.: 6674 - 6678


43. Voltage Sag Compensation by DVR for DFIG Wind Turbine System  

Authors: Sagar P. Joshi, Dr. Paresh J. Shah

Page No.: 6679 - 6685


44. Identify and Rectify the Distorted Fingerprints  

Authors: Mr. Ganesh V. Kakade, Prof. Bere S.S.

Page No.: 6686 - 6689


45. Energy Efficient Rectangular Indexing for Mobile Peer-to-Peer Environment  

Authors: Mr. Tusharsaheb G. Patil, Dr. M. U. Kharat

Page No.: 6690 - 6696


46. Regenerating-Code-Based Cloud Storage using Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing  

Authors: Kamini Suresh Bhavsar

Page No.: 6697 - 6698


47. Unsupervised Method for Change Map Generation  

Authors: Harshada Mahulkar

Page No.: 6699 - 6702


48. Over Voltage Protection Using Crowbar Devices for Low Voltage Loads  

Authors: Shahera S. Patel

Page No.: 6703 - 6705


49. A survey on diagnosis of diabetes using various classification algorithm  

Authors: Ms. Nilam chandgude, Prof. Suvarna pawar

Page No.: 6706 - 6710


50. Wireless Power Transfer Techniquies : A Review  

Authors: Firoz Ahmed Siddiqui, Akbar Nagani, Syed Rizwan Ali

Page No.: 6711 - 6716


51. Recent developments of Ocean Energy in India – An Overview  

Authors: Hitesh J. Yadav

Page No.: 6717 - 6721


52. Implementing Neural Fuzzy Rough Set and Artificial Neural Network for Predicting PCOS  

Authors: Dr. K. Meena, Dr. M. Manimekalai, S. Rethinavalli

Page No.: 6722 - 6727


53. Mimo and OFDM in Wireless Communication  

Authors: Mrs. Pranita Deshpande, Mr. Mahesh Badmera

Page No.: 6728 - 6732


54. Subcyclic Switching and Symmetrical Chopper with Tap Changing  

Authors: R. Kalaiprasath, R. Udayakumar

Page No.: 6733 - 6736


55. Discussing the Role of Classification Algorithms in Clinical Predictions with help of Case Studies  

Authors: Mohammad Taha Khan, Dr. Shamimul Qamar, F. Massin

Page No.: 6737 - 6744


56. Location Based Secure Communication in Mobile Sensor Network  

Authors: Madhuri Bhandalkar, Prof. Avinash Palve

Page No.: 6745 - 6748


57. Detecting sentiment orientation using supervised learning  

Authors: Akshay Sorate, Amrit Priyadarshi

Page No.: 6749 - 6752


58. A Survey on Program Slicing  

Authors: Priya Nagargoje, V. S. Jagatap

Page No.: 6753 - 6755


59. A Survey on Classification of Photo Aesthetics Based on Emotion  

Authors: Jyoti Chikhale, M. V. Phatak

Page No.: 6756 - 6758


60. Power Optimization in Johnson Counter through Clock Gating with Static Energy Recovery Logic  

Authors: Pankaj Panwar, Ghanshyam Jangid

Page No.: 6759 - 6766


61. Novel Wireless Biometric System with Sensor Analysis  

Authors: Ms. Monali A Patil, Prof. Sanjeev N Jain

Page No.: 6767 - 6771


62. Validation and Data Repairing of Document Image using Steganography Method  

Authors: Rahil Khan, Ruhina Quazi

Page No.: 6772 - 6775


63. A Survey on Touch Based Data Transfer Using Cloud  

Authors: Prof. Sukhada S. Thorat, Mayur K. Sancheti, Shubham P. Chaudhari, Mr. Abhishek B. Nimsudkar, Rushabh P. Jain

Page No.: 6776 - 6779


64. Zone Based Multi-Path Disjoint Routing In Manet Using Zbmdr Protocol  

Authors: J. Kavitha, Dr. S. Palaniammal

Page No.: 6780 - 6783


65. Neural Network Based Approach For Signature Verification And Recognition  

Authors: Ms. Shital S. Wagh, Dr. S. R. Gupta

Page No.: 6784 - 6787


66. Secure Transmission in Wireless Sensor Network using AODV Routing Protocol  

Authors: Nidhi Chhajed, Mayank Kumar Sharma

Page No.: 6788 - 6792


67. Detection and Prevention of Vampire Attack in MANET  

Authors: Anamika Garg, Mayank K Sharma

Page No.: 6793 - 6798


68. Comparison between kNN and SVM for EMG Signal Classification  

Authors: Mohammad Tafhim Khan, M. Tahseenul Hasan

Page No.: 6799 - 6801


69. A Novel Algorithm for Dehazing an Image  

Authors: Archana Kaushik, Alka Choudhary

Page No.: 6802 - 6807


70. A Novel Approach for Image Deblurring  

Authors: Florisha Taneja, Alka Choudhary

Page No.: 6808 - 6812


72. A Survey of Non-Linear Filtering Techniques For Image Noise Removal  

Authors: Mr. Sanjeev N Jain, Miss. Mrunali P. Mahajan

Page No.: 6820 - 6828


73. E-commerce Portal with Live Chat  

Authors: Deepanshu Namdeo, Neha Ledwani, Anjali Kukreja, Shubham Barde, Ajay karare

Page No.: 6829 - 6832


75. ARM Based Security & Safety System for Base Transceiver Station  

Authors: S. A. Shaikh, P. R. Gavhane

Page No.: 6839 - 6842


78. A Review on Evaluation of BER in CDMA using SGA Technique  

Authors: Smriti Sachan, Ajmeet Singh, Rajveer Marwal

Page No.: 6851 - 6855


79. Study of Indian coin identification by using Blob detection technique  

Authors: Shivanand S. Rumma

Page No.: 6856 - 6858


80. E Learning Concept in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Dr. Ganga Shirisha M S.

Page No.: 6859 – 6861


82. Integrated Management of Root Knot of Tomato Disease by Fungal Bioagent  

Authors: Dr, Manish Singh

Page No.: 6867 - 6870