Volume 2 Issues - (September 14 Issue9)

1. A New Distributed Load Balancing Algorithm  

Authors: Md Firoj Ali, Rafiqul Zaman Khan

Page No.: 2556 - 2559


2. Application of coatings and their Influence on Carbide Inserts  

Authors: M.Narasimha, S. Ramesh

Page No.: 2560 - 2565


3. A Review on Algae Biodiesel: A Novel Source of Renewable Energy in India  

Authors: Mr. Alpesh V Mehta, Dr. Nirvesh Mehta

Page No.: 2566 - 2568


4. Teaching Mathematics in Engineering Education through Technology  

Authors: Mr.V. Naganjaneyulu, Dr.A.Ramakrishna Prasad

Page No.: 2569 - 2571


5. Resolving Load Balancing Issue of Grid Computing through Dynamic Approach  

Authors: Er. Roma Soni, Dr. Kamal Sharma, Er. Sharad Chauhan

Page No.: 2572 - 2579


6. Create a Simulator for Load Balancing in Grid Environment  

Authors: Dr. Kamal Sharma, Er. Sahil Verma, Er. Shalu Soni

Page No.: 2580 - 2583


7. Image Segmentation Review A Survey of Image Segmentation Techniques  

Authors: Shikha Rani Dhiman, Rajneesh Talwar

Page No.: 2584 - 2588


8. Analysis of Clustering Approaches for Data Mining In Large Data Sources  

Authors: Srinivas Sivarathri, A.Govardhan

Page No.: 2590 - 2595


9. Wax Defects in Investment Casting and its Minimization  

Authors: Ajay Bhardwaj, C. K Mukherjee

Page No.: 2596 - 2598


11. An efficient FIS and RSA based Signcryption Security Scheme  

Authors: Shailee Namdev, Prof. Piyush Singh

Page No.: 2612 - 2617


12. Computerized Drilling Machine  

Authors: Ms. P.H.Dahake, Mr. N. Hite

Page No.: 2618 - 2620


13. Importance of Edge Detection in Modern Era  

Authors: Shivanand S. Rumma Sachhidanand

Page No.: 2621 - 2626


14. Image Inpainting Algorithm for Region Filling Application  

Authors: Ishita N. Theba, Viranchi C. Pandya

Page No.: 2627 - 2630


16. Quantum and Floer Type Cohomologies on Almost Contact Metric Manifolds  

Authors: Young Do Chai, Yong Seung Cho

Page No.: 2636 - 2641


18. Online Examination System for University Level Descriptive Examinations  

Authors: Vijaylaxmi Patil, M. S. Emmi, P. V. Gajanan

Page No.: 2649 - 2651


19. Bespoke Image Search Engine Based On User Sensitivity  

Authors: Dr. A.Suresh

Page No.: 2652 - 2655


20. Testing on weak form efficiency & Volatility of FMCG sector: The evidence from National stock exchange  

Authors: K. Hemalatha, Dr. V. R. Nedunchezian

Page No.: 2656 - 2661


21. A Compact Dual Band E-Shape Microstrip Antenna For Wireless Application  

Authors: Er Shiv Kumar Jaiswal, Rajeev Shankar Pathak, Er Arun Shukla, Dr Vinod Kumar Singh

Page No.: 2662 - 2665


23. New Enhance Approach Based on RC4 for the Grid Security  

Authors: Navjeet Singh Chehal, Naseeb Singh

Page No.: 2670 - 2675


24. A Comparative study of Traditional and Component based software engineering approach using models  

Authors: Anshula Verma, Dr. Gundeep Tanwar

Page No.: 2676 - 2681


25. Brain Tumour Extraction Based On Segmentation  

Authors: D. Anithadevi, K. Perumal

Page No.: 2682 - 2689


26. Prioritization Of Implementation Based Testing Technique For Class Under Test  

Authors: Prof. Rajkumar V. Panchal, Prof. Gyankamal J. Chhajed

Page No.: 2690 - 2694


27. Automated Toll Plaza Using RFID and GSM  

Authors: Tejonidhi Aphale, Rahul Chaudhari, Jinit Bansod

Page No.: 2695 - 2699


29. K Mean Evaluation in Weka Tool and Modifying It using Standard Score Method  

Authors: Sudesh Kumar, Nancy

Page No.: 2704 - 2706


30. A Novel NSNN Technique for the Estimations of TP Optical Properties  

Authors: Yu-Ju Chen, Chuo-Yean Chang, Rey-Chue Hwang*

Page No.: 2707 - 2710


31. Prediction of Anomalies for a Dynamic Data System in an Optimized Approach  

Authors: Nethravathi K, Dr.Anna Saro Vijendran

Page No.: 2711 - 2718


32. Detecting Object with Content Video Tracking  

Authors: Dimple Bohra, Gaurav Vaswani, Priyanka Punjabi, Ajay Chotrani

Page No.: 2719 - 2723


33. A Machine Learning for Rule-Based System  

Authors: Asma Mehdia, Mohd Ayazuddin, Mirza Younus Ali Baig

Page No.: 2724 - 2726


34. An Energy Conservative System for Reducing DOS Factors using Network Simulator 2  

Authors: Jagdish Bassi, Taranjit Aulakh, Yogesh Singla

Page No.: 2727 - 2730


35. A Study on the Performances of Representation Strategies Handled For Text Categorization  

Authors: Dr. K. Meenakshi Sundaram, K. Ramya

Page No.: 2731 - 2737


36. Congestion Detection and Avoidance in Dynamic Networks  

Authors: K.Rangaswamy, Dr.Pandurangan Ravi, Y.Subba Reddy, Y.Sreedhar

Page No.: 2738 - 2741


37. Energy Conservation in Bagasse Fired Boiler  

Authors: Mr. Priyank Dave, Mr. Fenil Desai, Mr. Hitesh Tailor

Page No.: 2742 - 2745


38. A Study on Cyber Crimes in Digital World  

Authors: J. Vanathi, S. Jayaprasanna

Page No.: 2746 - 2749


39. Reconstructing of search Results in web Search Engine Using Feedback Activities  

Authors: M.V.S.Prabha, A.Krishna Mohan

Page No.: 2754 - 2757


40. Investigation on Mechanical and Tribological properties of Al-Si Alloy based MMC  

Authors: A.K.Senapati, SatyajitPadhy, NeelkamalRout, Priyabrata Nikhandia

Page No.: 2758 - 2763


41. Effect Of Particle Size Of Groundnut Husk Ash (Gha) In Cement Paste And Mortar  

Authors: Egbe-Ngu Ntui Ogork, Okorie Austine Uche

Page No.: 2764 - 2769


42. Development of a Method for Wavelet Multispectral Analysis to Weather Forecasting  

Authors: D.Bullibabu, Ch.V.M.S.N.Pavan Kumar, Dr.Amit.P.Kesarkar

Page No.: 2770 - 2774


43. Investigation and analysis of main effect and interaction effect for turning of Aluminium alloy Al7050  

Authors: Dr. Narayan.B.Doddapattar, S Puneeth

Page No.: 2775 - 2779


44. A Riskless Prudent Data Transfer in Clouds  

Authors: K.Manideep, Dr.Shaik Nazeer, K.Arun Babu, Rakesh Koduri,

Page No.: 2780 - 2785


48. Fingerprint Based Classroom Attendance Recording Device  

Authors: Varun Chandrasekar, T.S.Natarajan

Page No.: 2802 - 2805


49. Synthesis and Characterization of CdO Nanomaterial and their Photocatalytic Activity  

Authors: A.K.Barve, S.M.Gadegone, M.R. Lanjewar, R.B.Lanjewar

Page No.: 2806 - 2810


52. A Nobel Approach for Entropy Reduction of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)  

Authors: Roma Agarwal, Rajesh Kumar

Page No.: 2819 - 2823


53. Hybrid Techniques On Color And Multispectral Image For Compression  

Authors: C. Senthilkumar, Dr. S. Pannirselvam

Page No.: 2824 - 2832


54. Comparative Analysis of Grid side Converters for Leakage Current Reduction  

Authors: J.Venkata Ramanaiah, V.Naga Bhaskar Reddy

Page No.: 2833 - 2838


55. Hadoop Map Reduce Performance Evaluation and Improvement Using Compression Algorithms on Single Cluster  

Authors: Mr. Bhavin J. Mathiya Dr. Vinodkumar L. Desai

Page No.: 2839 - 2850


56. Corporate Social Responsibilities of Multinational Companies  

Authors: M.Saranya, Dr. R. Ramaa Baanu, S.Elakkiya, S.Lalitha

Page No.: 2851 - 2854


57. Impact of concentration on banking stability in Albania  

Authors: Arjan TUSHAJ, Valentina SINAJ

Page No.: 2855 - 2861


58. A Review on Edge Based Image Steganography  

Authors: Deepika Dongre, Rina Mishra

Page No.: 2862 - 2866


59. Simulative Analysis with QRED to Decrease Packet Loss  

Authors: Erekar Bala Krishnarjuna Rao, CH. Vijaya Bhaskar, M. Nagaraju

Page No.: 2867 - 2873


60. Energy Auditing: A Basic Tool For Optimization Of Boiler Parameter  

Authors: D.D.Patel, S.I.Shah, P.A.Upadhyay, Y.M.Holia

Page No.: 2874 – 2878


61. Fine-Grained Sand Reinforced with Granulated Tire Chips  

Authors: Mahmood Anvari, Issa Shooshpasha

Page No.: 2879 – 2882


63. Energy Efficient Policies in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Sandeep Kaur, Meenakshi Bansal

Page No.: 2887 - 2890


64. Reconstruction Methods for Providing Privacy in Data Mining  

Authors: Vishal R. Shinde, Rahul P. Shukla, Jagdish V. Patil, Nitin S. Pawar

Page No.: 2891 – 2894


65. Reversible Logic Circuit Based Twiddle Factor Generation  

Authors: Mr.M.Saravanan, Dr.K.Suresh Manic

Page No.: 2895 – 2897


66. Implementation of Trust Issues in Ecommerce  

Authors: Mrs.Pallavi Chandratre, Prof. Umesh Kulkarni

Page No.: 2898 – 2902


67. Question Answering System for Election Database in Telugu Language  

Authors: Smt.M.Humera Khanam, MS.V.Bhargavi

Page No.: 2903 - 2907


68. A Novel Approch for Digital Image Watermarking Using Cryptography  

Authors: Nirdesh Jain, Rashika Gupta

Page No.: 2908 - 2913


69. Feature Selection Technique for Text Document Classification: An Alternative Approach  

Authors: S.W. Mohod, Dr. C.A.Dhote

Page No.: 2914 - 2917


70. Extracting Interests of Users from Web Log Data Log  

Authors: B Swetha, K Srinivasa Rao

Page No.: 2918 - 2922


71. Design of Wallace Tree Multiplier with Power Efficient Adiabatic Logic  

Authors: Ms. Smita S.Wakhare, Prof. Payal M.Ghutke

Page No.: 2923 - 2926


72. Implementation of Cost Efficient Image Enhancement Technique Reduce Speckle in Ultrasound Images  

Authors: Ms. Monika N. Dhole, Prof. Payal M. Ghutke

Page No.: 2927- 2929


73. Evaluating the Performance Using Hybrid Data Aggregation Method for Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Sakshi Kapoor, Dr. Rajiv Mahajan

Page No.: 2930 - 2933


74. Automatic Labelling and Document Clustering for Forensic Analysis  

Authors: Ms. Raksha K.Mundhe, Prof. Ankush Maind

Page No.: 2934 - 2941


76. Technological Risks in Developing E-Governance Projects  

Authors: Ms. Harmeet Malhotra, Dr. Ruchira Bhargava, Dr. Meenu Dave

Page No.: 2949 – 2953


77. A Fast Data Structure for Anagrams  

Authors: Sk. Mohiddin Shaw, Hari Krishna Gurram, Rama Krishna Gurram, Dharmaiah Gurram

Page No.: 2954 - 2956


78. ABC based Double Layer-Triple Encryption Method for Data Security in Cloud  

Authors: Priyanka Vishwakarma, Sini Shibu

Page No.: 2957 - 2962


79. VERILOG Implementation of Reconfigurable Routers for Low Power  

Authors: D. Manaswi, P. Koteswara Rao

Page No.: 2963 – 2968


80. Role of Human Resource Management in Sustainable Development  

Authors: Dr. J. Pandu Rangarao, Smt. J.V Jayanthi Kumari, Dr. S. Ravi Dharma Raju

Page No.: 2969 – 2972