Volume 2 Issues - (October 14 Issue10)

1. Rule Based Syntax Analyser for Telugu Poems  

Authors: Smt. M. Humera Khanam, Mr. I. Reddy Sekhar Reddy

Page No.: 2973 - 2978


2. Low Complexity Estimator for Downlink MC-CDMA System  

Authors: Nitin Kumar Suyan, Mrs. Garima Saini

Page No.: 2979 - 2981


4. Data miningto reduce Drop Out rate of student: Use of Classification and Prediction method  

Authors: Shubhangi Bhatambrekar, Savita Mohurle

Page No.: 2985 - 2988


6. Review on Present State-of-the-Art of Secure and Privacy Preserving Data Mining Techniques  

Authors: J. Pradeep Kumar, Dr. A. Udaya Kumar, Dr. T. Ravi

Page No.: 2997 - 3002


7. Review on Heart Disease Prediction System using Data Mining Techniques  

Authors: Beant Kaur, Williamjeet Singh

Page No.: 3003 - 3008


8. Security for Java Applets  

Authors: Yashwanth Byalla, B Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, B Sudeep

Page No.: 3009 - 3012


9. Computational Approach to Generalized Ratio Type Estimator of Population Mean Under Two Phase Sampling  

Authors: Subhash Kumar Yadav, S. S. Mishra, Vishwas Tiwari, Alok Kumar Shukla

Page No.: 3013 - 3017


10. Artificial Immune System based Firefly Approach for Web Page Classification  

Authors: Miss. Rupali A. Mulay, Abhishek Singh Chauhan

Page No.: 3018 - 3021


12. VLSI Implementation of Encoder and Decoder for Advanced Communication Systems  

Authors: B. Pullaiah, Dr. M. Sailaja

Page No.: 3028 -3032


13. HMPFIM-B: Hybrid Markov Penalized FCM in Mammograms for Breast Cancer  

Authors: Ms. Siva Priya, E. Ashok Kumar,

Page No.: 3033 - 3037


14. Load Balancing Techniques in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Asitha Micheal, Jalpa Mehta

Page No.: 3038 - 3044


16. Brain Tumor Identification using MRI Images  

Authors: Mr. Vishal Shinde, Miss. Priti Kine Miss,. Suchita Gadge, Mr. Shekhar Khatal

Page No.: 3050 - 3054


17. Performance Enhancement of Interference Alignment Techniques for MIMO Multi Cell Networks  

Authors: B.Vijayanarasimha Raju, Hari Krishna K

Page No.: 3055 - 3060


18. Ameliorating the Saliency of Objects in digital Images  

Authors: Arvinda Sharma, Dr. Rajiv Mahajan

Page No.: 3061 - 3068


19. The Location Measurement Unit (LMU): An Application of Embedded Systems in Mobile Location Estimation  

Authors: Engr. J. N Eneh, Prof H.C Inyiama, Awka, Prof. V. E Idigo

Page No.: 3069 - 3073


21. Effective And Efficient Approach for Detecting Outliers  

Authors: M.Sowmya, Tanuja A.Krishna Mohan

Page No.: 3077 - 3080


22. A New Clustering Algorithm for Comparable Entities from Web  

Authors: M. Choharika, A. Krishna Mohan

Page No.: 3081 - 3085


23. A Multi Phase Transformation System Using a Special Transformer Connection  

Authors: K. Chennaiah, R. Aruna, N. Venkateswarlu, Sk.Masthan Vali

Page No.: 3086 - 3091


24. Monitoring and Control of a Variable Frequency Drive Using PLC and SCADA  

Authors: Rinchen Geongmit Dorjee

Page No.: 3092 - 3098


26. Study of a Framework For Video Streaming In Mobile Devices (AMoV and ESoV)  

Authors: Dhirajkumar Gupta, Prof. Minal V. Domke

Page No.: 3104 - 3107


27. A Modified transmission Algorithm for Resolving Vehicle Routing Problem by Intelligent Water drop Algorithm  

Authors: Ravinder Kaur, Rupinder Kaur, Navpreet Kaur

Page No.: 3108 - 3113


28. Customized Audit Approach to Achieve User Desired Control over Cloud Data  

Authors: K. Karthik, D. Meenu

Page No.: 3117 - 3120


30. Security Issues and Challenges (SIC) of Ad-hoc Networking.  

Authors: Hoshiyar singh kanyal,, Prof. (Dr.) S. Rahamatkar, Dr .B.K Sharma

Page No.: 3125 - 3129



Authors: Dr. Rabisankar Chanda

Page No.: 3134 - 3137




Page No.: 3138 - 3142


34. Microstrip Inverted F Antenna for GPS Application  

Authors: Ms. S.Sridurga Devi, Ms. M. Pradeepa

Page No.: 3143 - 3148


36. Estimation of Mean Time between Failures in Two Unit Parallel Repairable System  

Authors: Seema Sahu, V. K. Pathak, Kamal Mehta, Ashish Namdeo

Page No.: 3155 - 3160


38. Bifurcation in Coupled Predator-Prey Model with Time Delay  

Authors: Tapas Kumar Sinha, Sachinandan Chanda

Page No.: 3167 - 3170


40. Comparative Study of Load Balancing Algorithms in Cloud Environment  

Authors: Harvinder singh,Rakesh chandra gangwar

Page No.: 3195 - 3199


41. An Advanced Natural Language Interface to Databases  

Authors: Jaya Sharma, Khushdeep Kaur

Page No.: 3200 - 3203


44. Parallel FIM Approach on GPU using OpenCL  

Authors: Sarika Swapnil Kadam, Sudarshan S.Deshmukh

Page No.: 3216 - 3221


45. Social Media Aggregator Using a focused Crawler and a Web & Android UI  

Authors: Vivek Patani, Rhythm Shah, Vruksha Shah, Riya Patni, Nirmala Shinde

Page No.: 3222 - 3225


46. Sustainability Relations for Innovation, Low-Carbon Principles for “Rubik’s Cube” Solution  

Authors: Csaba Fogarassy, Mária Bakosné Böröcz, Sándor Molnár

Page No.: 3226 - 3232


47. Appraising the Modulation Techniques for Wireless Sensors  

Authors: Shilpi Sharma

Page No.: 3233 - 3236


48. HHT Based Analysis of Non Stationary Signals and Metal Structures  

Authors: Yashwanth N, Harish M, Sujatha B R

Page No.: 3237 - 3242


49. Artificial Neural Network Based Iris Recognition System  

Authors: Ritu Bansal, Prof. Minu Choudhary

Page No.: 3243 - 3246


50. DCT Image Compression for Color Images  

Authors: Priya Kapoor, Sunaina Patyal

Page No.: 3247 - 3252


51. Study of Tree Base Data Mining Algorithms for Network Intrusion Detection  

Authors: Kailas Shivshankar Elekar, Prof. M.M. Waghmare

Page No.: 3253 - 3257


52. Evaluation and Analysis of Different Type of Edge Detection Techniques on Cartridge Case Image  

Authors: Ranjeet Kumar Nigam, N. P. Waghmare, A. K. Gupta

Page No.: 3258 - 3261


53. Cloud Computing Based-Collaborative Network Security Management System Using Botnet  

Authors: Miss. Namrata A. Sable, Prof. D. S.Datar

Page No.: 3262 - 3266


54. An Improved MAC Protocol to Reduce Packet Loss and Energy Wastage in Ad-Hoc Networks  

Authors: Vivek Sharma, Savita Shivani

Page No.: 3267 - 3271


55. An Approach for Segmentation of Colored Images with Seeded Spatial Enhancement  

Authors: Jagmeet Singh, Lovnish Bansal

Page No.: 3272 - 3279


56. Part-Of-Speech Tagging Of Urdu in Limited Resources Scenario  

Authors: Ms. M. Humera Khanam, Prof. K. V. Madhu Murthy

Page No.: 3280 - 3285


57. P2P Computing Concepts and Their Discussions  

Authors: Er. Anup Lal Yadav, Er. Sahil Verma, Er. Kavita

Page No.: 3286 - 3290


58. Development by Using the Test Driven Approach  

Authors: Er. Anup Lal Yadav, Er. Sahil Verma, Er. Kavita

Page No.: 3291 - 3296


59. Accelerating Security on Cloud Based Data  

Authors: Anandteerth Gopal Onkar, Dyaneshwar Rokade

Page No.: 3297 - 3300



Authors: Priya R Sankpal, P.A.Vijaya

Page No.: 3301 - 3306


62. Variation of Roughness in a Non-Prismatic Converging Compound Channel  

Authors: Deepika P. Palai, Abinash Mohanta, K.C.Patra

Page No.: 3311 - 3316


64. A Survey on Opinion Mining Techniques  

Authors: Mr. A. V. Moholkar, Prof. S. S. Bere, Mr. S. P. Ghode, Prof. B. S. Salve

Page No.: 3322 - 3325


65. MAC IEEE802.11 CSMA/CA: A Simulative Performance Analysis  

Authors: Mr. Mohit Dashora Prof. Mahesh Kumar Porwal

Page No.: 3326 - 3330