Volume 2 Issues - (November 14 Volume 2 Issue 11)

1. Cut Detection and Recovery in Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Nivedha.M, Velmurugan.S, Sukanya.S, Balaji.S

Page No.: 3331 - 3336


2. Design of 8 and 16 Bit LFSR with Maximum Length Feedback Polynomial & Its pipelined Structure Using Verilog HDL  

Authors: Dr. R. V. Kshirsagar, Purushottam Y. Chawke

Page No.: 3337 - 3339


3. Study of Various Techniques for Medicinal Plant Identification  

Authors: Shyam Vijayrao Pundkar, Prof. M.M. Waghmare

Page No.: 3340 - 3343


4. Echo Path Transfer Function Estimation for Spectral Subtraction-based Acoustic Echo Suppression  

Authors: Jong Han Joo, Jung Hoon Lee, Young Sun Kim, Jae Young Kang, Seung Ho Choi

Page No.: 3344 - 3345


5. Challenges to Computing  

Authors: G. Donald Allen

Page No.: 3346 - 3351


6. Transactions Processing Subsystems for Databases Based On ARIES Write-Ahead Logging for The Client-Server Architecture Approach  

Authors: Dominic Damoah, Dr. J. B. Hayfron-Acquah, Edward D. Ansong, Selby L. Maxwell Jnr., Shamo Sebastian

Page No.: 3352 - 3359


7. Analysis of Various Decentralized Load Balancing Techniques with Node Duplication  

Authors: Rajesh Tiwari, Dr. Manisha Sharma, Dr. Kamal K. Mehta

Page No.: 3360 - 3365


8. Review Paper - High Utility Item sets Mining on Incremental Transactions using UP-Growth and UP-Growth+ Algorithm  

Authors: Miss. A. A. Bhosale, S. V. Patil, Miss. P. M. Tare, Miss. P. S. Kadam

Page No.: 3366 - 3368


9. Computer Vision based Intelligent Lane Detection and Warning System: A Design Approach  

Authors: Divyajeet Bajpayee ,Prof.Gulrej Ahmed

Page No.: 3369 - 3371


10. Adaptive Data Aggregation with Mobile Agents and Evolutionary Computing based Clustering in Sparse Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Naladala Mounika, Ratna Kumari Challa, Kanusu Srinivasarao

Page No.: 3372 - 3374


12. Supply Chain Management Using Cloud Based RFID Technique  

Authors: Archana Thange, Amrit Priyadarshi

Page No.: 3380 - 3382


13. Load Balancing in Cloud Computing using Observers Algorithm with Dynamic Weight Table  

Authors: Anjali Singh, Mahender Kumar Beniwal

Page No.: 3383 - 3388


14. A Flexible Framework For Implementing Multi-Nested Software Transaction Memory  

Authors: Dominic Damoah, Dr. J. B. Hayfron-Acquah, Edward D. Ansong, Selby L. Maxwell Jnr., Shamo Sebastian

Page No.: 3389 - 3397


15. Comparative Analysis of Bit Error Rate and Outage Capacity for MIMO Space Time Trellis Coding  

Authors: Abhishek Saini, Mr. Supreet Singh

Page No.: 3398 - 3401


16. A Review: Enhancement of Degraded Video  

Authors: Ms. Neha A. Wadaskar, Dr. S. A. Ladhake

Page No.: 3402 - 3405


17. Type-Ahead Search in XML data based on Improved Forward Index Structure: ATASK  

Authors: Sonali Shahaji Kadam, Prof. Sanchika A. Bhajpai

Page No.: 3406 - 3410


18. Review Paper Title: Research & Evaluation of Keyword Search Techniques over Relational Data  

Authors: Mrs. Supriya Sanjeevan Mane, Prof. Mrs.S. A. Bajpai

Page No.: 3411 - 3414


19. Accessibility Issues in HTML5 A Comparison of HTML5 Websites and Those Coded in Earlier Versions  

Authors: Howard Bryan, Professor Mark Anderson

Page No.: 3415 - 3421


20. Support Vector Machines for Human Face Detection: A Review  

Authors: Ms. Ruchida S. Sonar, Dr. P.R. Deshmukh

Page No.: 3422 - 3427


21. Hybrid based Collaborative Filtering with Temporal Dynamics  

Authors: Cigdem Bakir

Page No.: 3428 - 3432


22. Design of a Rectangular Microstrip Antenna with Artificial Magnetic Conductor Ground Plane  

Authors: Shruti Karkare, Kavita Tewari

Page No.: 3433 - 3436


23. Impact Of Image Enhancement Parameters On Variations In GM &CM  

Authors: Miss P.R.Pawar, Dr.Mrs.V.V.Patil

Page No.: 3437 - 3440


24. An ACO Improved Approach for Critical Node Tracking in WSN  

Authors: Preeti Gupta, Bhagwat Kakde

Page No.: 3441 - 3446


25. Recent Technologies and The Recording Time Detection on Time Reversal Signals  

Authors: Juan Manuel Velázquez Arcos and Jaime Granados Samaniego

Page No.: 3447 - 3450


26. Intelligent Marketing Analysis  

Authors: Naveen Kankate, Kriti Srivastava

Page No.: 3451 - 3453


27. Proposing a Comprehensive Meta-model for Technology Acceptance  

Authors: AdhiSusilo, Dr. David Kaufman

Page No.: 3454 - 3472


28. Design and Analysis of Smartphone Application Development Methodology  

Authors: Prof. P.L.Ramteke , Dr. D.N. Chaudhari

Page No.: 3473 - 3476


29. A Review: Data Mining Technique Used for Searching the Keywords  

Authors: Rasika Ashokrao Dugane, Prof. A. B. Raut

Page No.: 3477 - 3479


30. Genetic Algorithm to Generate the Automatic Time-Table – An Over View  

Authors: Asif Ansari, Prof Sachin Bojewar

Page No.: 3480 - 3483


31. Multi Objective Criteria for Selection of Manufacturing Method using NLP Parser  

Authors: Mr. Girish R. Naik, Dr. V.A.Raikar, Dr. Poornima G. Naik

Page No.: 3484 - 3493


32. Detailed Concept of Network Security  

Authors: Er. Anup Lal Yadav Er. Sahil Verma Er. Kavita

Page No.: 3494 - 3498


33. A Framework to Reversible Data Hiding Using Histogram-Modification  

Authors: R. Neeraja, M. Gnana Priya

Page No.: 3499 - 3504


35. Survey on a Rule Based System to Refine User Walls  

Authors: Aniket N.Tirgul, Salunke Shrikant D, Rajpure Amol S., Bere Sachin S.

Page No.: 3511 - 3513


36. Survey on Security Management of Multiple Spoofing Attackers in Wireless Networks  

Authors: Mr. Rajpure Amol Subhash, Prof. Bere Sachin Sukhadeo

Page No.: 3514 - 3516


37. Apriori- A Big Data Analysis – A Review  

Authors: Asif Ansari, Ajit Parab, Sachin Kadam

Page No.: 3517 - 3520


38. Automatic License Plate Recognition System using Histogram Graph Algorithm  

Authors: Divyang Goswami, Mrs. Rama Gaur

Page No.: 3521 - 3527


39. B to Z transition of the DNA  

Authors: Tapas Kumar Sinha, Sachinandan Chanda

Page No.: 3528 - 3531


40. Tracking and Recognition: A Unified Approach on Tracking and Recognition  

Authors: Ms. Anuja V. Vaidya, Dr. Mrs. S.B. Patil

Page No.: 3532 - 3539


41. Review of Multimodal Biometric  

Authors: Er. Inderjit Singh, Er. Prabhjot Kaur, Dr Rakesh Chandra Gangwar

Page No.: 3540 - 3543


43. A Survey on Privacy Preserving and Content Protecting Location Based Queries  

Authors: Swapnil Ramesh Jadhav, Prof. Rajesh Nandkumar Phursule

Page No.: 3548 - 3551


45. A Survey on Uncovering trending stories from Twitter by extracting ground truth from datasets  

Authors: Shinde Vishal Dilip, Dhaigude Tanaji A.

Page No.: 3556 - 3559


46. Survey on Efficient Information Retrieval for Ranked Query in Cost-Efficient Clouds  

Authors: Ms. Jyotsna T. Kumbhar, Prof. Navnath D. Kale

Page No.: 3560 - 3564


47. On Fault-Tree Analysis : A Possibilistic Approach  

Authors: Dr. Rabisankar Chanda

Page No.: 3565 - 3568


48. Makespan Minimization Using WQACO Algorithm  

Authors: Manoranjitham.M

Page No.: 3569 - 3573


49. Survey on Secure Authorized De-duplication in Hybrid  

Authors: Ms. Akanksha V. Patil, Mr. Navnath. D. Kale

Page No.: 3574 - 3577


50. MoS2 and MoSe2 Single Crystal Growth of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides  

Authors: Bhupendra Mor, Dr. Madhvi Dave, Vidhi Raval

Page No.: 3578 - 3582


51. Multimedia Retrieval: Survey Of Methods And Approaches  

Authors: Shweta Satish Kadam, Usha Sunil Gound, Prof. Tanaji A. Dhaigude, Avinash Shivaji Gaikwad

Page No.: 3583 - 3586


52. A survey on Response Computaion Authentication techniques.  

Authors: Usha Sunil Gound, Prof. Tanaji A.Dhaigude, Shweta Satish Kadam, Avinash Shivaji Gaikwad

Page No.: 3587 - 3590


54. A Survey on Sentiment Mining  

Authors: Ms. Sonali. D. Ingale, Dr. R. R. Deshmukh

Page No.: 3595 - 3601


55. Sentimate Analysis For Web Product Ranking  

Authors: Miss Swati A. Shinde, Mr. N.D.Kale

Page No.: 3602 - 3604


56. Computationally Efficient Algorithm for Detecting Moving Objects with Moving Background  

Authors: Pushpa D,Dr. H.S. Sheshadri

Page No.: 3605 - 3610


57. Higher Order Approximation for Stimulated Raman Scattering Including Walk-off Effect  

Authors: Mr. Lokesh Chaudhary, Mr. Gautam Pandit

Page No.: 3611 - 3614


58. Fast Face Recognition Using Eigen Faces  

Authors: Mr.Arun Vyas, Rajbala Tokas

Page No.: 3615 - 3618


59. Cross Platform Applications With IBM Worklight  

Authors: P.S.S.Vara Prasad, Mrs. S.Durga Devi

Page No.: 3619 - 3624


60. Design and Study of QWT FED Microstrip Patch Antenna at 6.5 Ghz Application  

Authors: Sourabh Bisht, Vikas Rathi, Rahul Chauhan, Hemant Pokhariya

Page No.: 3625 - 3627


62. Green HRM: Practices and Strategic Implementation in the Organizations  

Authors: Sushma Rani, Dr. K. Mishra

Page No.: 3633 - 3639


63. Multifaceted Access Scheme Using I-Button  

Authors: Ms. Shraddha Waghmare, Ms. Priya Duggal, Ms. Prachi Palpankar, Dr. S.P. Mohani

Page No.: 3640 - 3642


64. A Review of Clustering Algorithms for Clustering Uncertain Data  

Authors: Ajit B. Patil, Prof. M. D. Ingle.

Page No.: 3643 - 3646


65. Review Paper-Social networking with protecting sensitive labels in data Anonymization  

Authors: Miss. P.S.Kadam, Prof. S. V. Patil, Miss. A. A. Bhosale, Mr. D. H. Dewarde

Page No.: 3647 - 3649


66. Efficient Multi - Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Computing  

Authors: Miss. Snehal M. Shewale, Prof. Y. B.Gurav

Page No.: 3650 - 3653



Authors: Harpreet Kaur, Er.Monika Aggarwal

Page No.: 3654 - 3658


68. A Novel Load Balancing Scheme for Hot-spot Cells  

Authors: Mr. Kushal Mandge, Dr. D.J. Pete

Page No.: 3659 - 3662


69. Implementation of Image Steganography in Image by using FMM nested with LSB Substitution  

Authors: Praneeta Dehare, Padma Bonde

Page No.: 3663 - 3667


70. Review of an Enhanced Authentication Strategy for Multiservice Authorization over Mobile Cloud  

Authors: Falesh M. Shelke, Prof. Pravin D. Soni

Page No.: 3668 - 3673


71. Review of Malware Defense in Mobile Network using Dynamic Analysis of Android Application  

Authors: Miss. Ashwini A. Dongre, Prof. C. J. Shelke

Page No.: 3674 - 3678


72. Survey on Biometric Image Sharing Using Cryptography and Diverse Image Media  

Authors: Ms. Pratidnya Deshmukh, Prof. N. D. Kale

Page No.: 3679 - 3681


73. Analysis and Implementation of a Data Pre-processing System  

Authors: Snigdha Petluru, Renu Nishitha Salver, L Smitha

Page No.: 3682 - 3685


74. Transformation of HR: Impact & Reverence in IT trends  

Authors: Meghna Mishra, Dimple Chawla

Page No.: 3686 - 3691


76. Contrast Enhancement Using Bacteria Foraging Optimization  

Authors: Jassimrat Kaur, Er. Sukhpreet Kaur

Page No.: 3697 - 3700


77. Bayesian Network and Network Pruning Strategy for XML Duplicate Detection  

Authors: Ms. Trupti Patil, Siddheshwar Patil, Miss Swapnali Patil, Sadanand S. Howal

Page No.: 3701 - 3703


78. A Survey Report on Cellular Technology  

Authors: Asif Ansari, Prof. Sachin Bojewar

Page No.: 3704 - 3710


79. Novel Composite Approach to Reduce Broadcast Storm Problem  

Authors: Krupa Popat, Jyoti Joglekar

Page No.: 3711 - 3714


80. under publication process  

Authors: Author 1, Author 2

Page No.: 3715 - 3721


81. Overview of Android for User Applications  

Authors: Ms. N. Usha Rani, Ms. Y. Ramya Krishna

Page No.: 3722 - 3725


82. Survey on the Use of Feedback Sessions for Inferring User Search Goals  

Authors: Mr. Ajinkya A. Godbole, Mrs. V. S. Nandedkar

Page No.: 3726 - 3729


83. Control Natural Language Query Editor Guided by OWL/XML Path  

Authors: Prof. M. U. Kharat, Mr. Kasar Sandeep Popat

Page No.: 3730 - 3733


84. A Review on Multilingual Text to Speech Synthesis by Syllabifying the Words of Devanagari and Roman  

Authors: Mr. Shankar B Chaudhari, Dr. S. K. Yadav

Page No.: 3734 - 3736


85. Implementation of Customized UTP Algorithm for Attack Detection in Multitier Web Applications  

Authors: Ms. Ashwini Patil, Prof. Sachin Deshpande

Page No.: 3737 - 3741


86. Implementation and Analysis of Different Equalizers using SIC and V-Blast Architecture for MIMO systems  

Authors: Er. Virinder Pal Singh, Prof. Supreet Singh

Page No.: 3742 - 3745


87. Performance enhancement of AODV using piggyback and neighbor stability technique.  

Authors: Dr. R.S. Patil , Mrs. Smita Anil Mungare

Page No.: 3746 - 3751


88. Background Surface Estimation and Stroke Edge Detection by Using Document Image Binarization  

Authors: Nimbalkar Amruta A, Prof. Amrit Priyadarshi.

Page No.: 3752 - 3753


89. eNavigate: A Survey On Effective and Efficient User Website Navigation  

Authors: Mr. N. B. Kasar, Prof. Priyadarshi Amrit P, Mr. S. D. Chopade, Mr. S. P. Ghode

Page No.: 3754 - 3758


90. Evaluations of Thinning Algorithms for Preprocessing of Handwritten Characters  

Authors: R N Khobragade, Dr. N A Koli, M S Makesar

Page No.: 3759 - 3761


91. Image Pattern Recognition Using Evolutionary Algorithm  

Authors: Mahendra Makesar, Dr.Nitin Koli,Ratnashil Khobragade

Page No.: 3762 - 3765


92. Sentiment Analysis over Online Product Reviews: A Survey  

Authors: Mr. S. P. Ghode, Prof. S. S. Bere, Mr. A. S. Kamale, Mr. A. V. Moholkar

Page No.: 3766 - 3774


93. A Cloud-Oriented Green Computing Architecture for E-Learning Applications  

Authors: K. Palanivel, S. Kuppuswami

Page No.: 3775 - 3783


95. A Review: Analysis of White Space for Designing Communication Module  

Authors: Shruti S. Kshirsagar, Prof. Amit G. Fulsunge

Page No.: 3788 - 3792


96. Malware Detection Using N-GRAM Based File Signature Based Method  

Authors: Nutan Navnath Phalke, Sushadevi Shamrao Adagale, Prof. Amrit Priyadarshi, Varsha Balasaheb Shinde

Page No.: 3793 - 3795


97. BPMN to BPEL: Implementing ATM System  

Authors: Neetu Gupta, Ms. Hitesh Yadav

Page No.: 3796 - 3798