Volume 2 Issues - (May 14 Issue5)

1. Performance Analysis of Active Solar Still with ETHP Solar Collator Attached as Natural Convection  

Authors: Hemant B Patel, Umang R Soni, Dr. G N Asthana

Page No.: 958 - 966


2. Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Internal Fins of same Hydraulic Diameter  

Authors: K.S.Parmar, M.J.Patel, Umang R. Soni

Page No.: 967 - 972


3. Weight Optimization of Deep Groove Ball Bearing  

Authors: Rajnikant Nagarbhai Anjara, Milan J Pandya

Page No.: 973 - 976


4. Design of a CMOS Comparator using 0.18µm Technology  

Authors: Deepak Parashar

Page No.: 977 - 982


5. Experimental Analysis of Solar Still with External Condenser  

Authors: Samirkhan Malek

Page No.: 983 - 986


6. Review: PVT Variation and Power Consumption in Frequency Synthesizer  

Authors: Lakhwinder Singh, Amandeep Kaur

Page No.: 987 - 989


7. Load Balanced With Distributed Self Organization in File Sharing and File Accessing  

Authors: Ms. A. Muthulakshmi, Mr. S. Hariraman

Page No.: 990 - 996


9. Changing Roles and Responsibilities from Traditional project management to Agile project management  

Authors: Vishvadeep Tripathi, Arvind Kumar Goyal

Page No.: 1005 - 1009


10. A Wideband Multi Segment Dielectric Resonator Antenna  

Authors: Sk.Rekha Parveen, B.Anand Kiran, P.Om Prakash, K.Kalyani, G.Venkatesh

Page No.: 1010 - 1012


11. Hyperspectral Image Classification Using ANN Classfier  

Authors: Khamar Sabha S, Shaila V Hegde

Page No.: 1013 - 1018


12. Linux Hardening  

Authors: KNamita Arora, Tejasvi Bhosale, Vishakha Sharma, Jyoti Supe

Page No.: 1019 - 1022


13. Voting System Using Advanced Biometrics with Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol  

Authors: A.Pandiaraj, N.Ramshankar

Page No.: 1023 - 1028


14. Analysis of ECG signal by Polynomial Approximation  

Authors: Ranjana Chaturvedi, Yojana Yadav

Page No.: 1029 - 1033


15. Design of 4 bit ALU using Reversible Gates  

Authors: Ravi Kant, Manpreet Kaur

Page No.: 1034 - 1037


16. Analysis of risk Contributors for Major Corridors of Urban traffic mobility  

Authors: Dr. Awari Mahesh Babu

Page No.: 1038 - 1043


17. Energy Conservation of DC Motor with Temperature Stability Analysis to Reduce Heating of the Motor Winding  

Authors: Shailesh k. Watekar, Pawan D. Kamdi, Suraj S. Ghawaghawe

Page No.: 1044 - 1046


19. Mixed Pixel Clustering and Classification Techniques: A Review  

Authors: Er. Sumit Kaur, Er. R.K. Bansal

Page No.: 1054 - 1059


21. Faamac Forensic Analysis of Android Mobile Applications using Cloud Computing  

Authors: S.V. Nagendra Prasad Yadav, R.C. Shivamurthy

Page No.: 1069 - 1073


22. Solar and Wind Hybrid System for Rural Electrification  

Authors: Ajay S. Tiwari

Page No.: 1074 - 1077


23. Text Classification of Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes in Heart, Lung and Blood Studies  

Authors: Mr. Suresh S Kolekar, Mr. Satish S Kumbhar

Page No.: 1078 - 1080


24. An Automated Skin Lesion Diagnosis by using Image Processing Techniques  

Authors: Sujaya Saha, Dr. Rajat Gupta

Page No.: 1081 - 1085


25. A Performance Analysis of Unsupervised Change Detection Method for Hyper spectral Images  

Authors: Neha Kumari, Dr. Rajat Gupta, Er. Abhishek Sharma

Page No.: 1086 - 1091


26. Removal of Data Vulnerabilities Using SQL (Seqel)  

Authors: Hemant Kumar, S. Aravinth Kumar

Page No.: 1092 - 1100


27. A Four Element Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Improved Bandwidth for MIMO Systems  

Authors: A.Tatha Babu, B.Dhanalakshmi, J.L.S.Patanjali, G.V.V.Satish Kumar

Page No.: 1101 - 1104


29. Imapct of Network layer DoS Attacks on performance of AODV  

Authors: Er. Nitin Aggarwal, Ms. Kanta Dhankar

Page No.: 1111 - 1115


30. Cloning in Reused Components  

Authors: Ritu Garg

Page No.: 1116 - 1118


31. A Modified AODV Mechanism to Prevent Root Request Flooding Attack in Mobile Adhoc Networks  

Authors: Er. Nitin Mohil, Ms. Kanta Dhankhar

Page No.: 1119 - 1125


32. Generation of Virtual Identities to Provide Secure Authentication through Mixed Fingerprint  

Authors: Geetha.A, Kanthasamy.D, Anantharaj.B

Page No.: 1126 - 1129


34. Detecting and Classifying Attacks using Artificial Neural Network  

Authors: Reema Jaggim, Jidnyasa Sangade

Page No.: 1136 - 1142


35. Cataloguing Most Severe Causes that lead Software Projects to Fail  

Authors: Vikas Sitaram Chomal, Dr. Jatinderkumar R. Saini

Page No.: 1143 - 1147


36. XRD, FTIR and the Optical Studies of Pure Polystyrene Film  

Authors: K.Maragatham, S.Muruganand, N.Manikandan

Page No.: 1148 - 1151


37. Survey on Various Techniques for the Enhancement of Brain Tumor Patterns  

Authors: Varsha A. Kshirsagar, Prof.Jagruti R. Panchal

Page No.: 1152 - 1156


38. Operative Scout Cyborg  

Authors: Ms.Meghna Katkamwar, Ms.Priyanka Shinde, Mr.Pratik Shah

Page No.: 1157 - 1161


39. Evaluating the Short Comings of Digital Image Fusion Techniques  

Authors: Shivdeep Kaur, Dr. Rajiv Mahajan

Page No.: 1162 - 1167


40. Critical Analysis of Cryptography Methods Used for Secure Data Transmission  

Authors: Sangeeta Kumari, Rakhi Emelaya, Sonal Pawar, Dr. Sanjay Agrawal

Page No.: 1167 - 1171


41. Verifying Data Integrity Using PDP Technique in Multi Cloud Storage  

Authors: Sachin S Lakde, Mirza M Baig

Page No.: 1172 - 1174


42. Analysis of Vertical Handover using Analytical Hierarchcy Process & Analytical Network Process  

Authors: Indu Gupta,Pratikshya Sharma, Ajay Kumar Gupta, Nausrat J.Ahmed

Page No.: 1175 - 1182


43. Enhance Energy Utilization in WSN by using Chain Based Protocol  

Authors: Neha Behl, Prof. J.P.S.Raina

Page No.: 1183 - 1187


44. Data Analysis of Students Marks with Descriptive Statistics  

Authors: Dr. Manju Kaushik, Bhawana Mathur

Page No.: 1188 - 1190


45. Performance Analysis of MIMO OFDM with Different Detection Techniques  

Authors: Geeteli Mohammedikram Mohammedyusuf, Patel Hardik N.

Page No.: 1191 - 1194


46. Overview on K-anonymity Model for Overlapped Attributes  

Authors: Bhakti Maheshwarkar, Assi. Prof. Pawan Patidar, Dr. M K Rawat

Page No.: 1195 - 1199


47. Sixth Sense Technology - A New Innovation  

Authors: Prof. Mr. D.S. Patil, Mr. Shahak Patil

Page No.: 1200 - 1204


48. Design and Implementation of Efficient APRIORI Algorithm  

Authors: Rupinder Kaur, Rajeev Bedi, S. K. Gupta

Page No.: 1205 - 1208


49. Comparative Analysis of Enhanced APRIROI Algorithm with Existing Algorithm  

Authors: Rupinder Kaur, Rajeev Kumar Bedi, Sunil Kumar Gupta

Page No.: 1209 - 1213


50. Reputation Management using Trust Based Decision Making System through Temporal and Correlation Analysis  

Authors: Dr. S. Jabeen Begum, Rajeshkumar. G, R. Varanambigai

Page No.: 1214 - 1219


51. Materialized View Creation for Query Optimization Using Data Base Client Engine  

Authors: Ramanand Samdekar, Prof. Mirza Moiz Baig

Page No.: 1220 - 1222


52. 16 Bit Carry Select Adder with Low Power and Area  

Authors: Prof. Mary Joseph, Renji Narayanan

Page No.: 1223 - 1225


53. Mathematical Modelling of Buck Converter  

Authors: Rajvir Kaur, Navdeep Kaur

Page No.: 1226 - 1229


54. A New Approach for Approximate Modeling and Controller Design of SISO Multiple Time Delay System  

Authors: P.Venkata Mahesh, Shyma Muhammad, Dr. Sunil Kumar T.K.

Page No.: 1230 - 1234


55. A Compact Triple Band Antenna for WLAN and WPAN Applications  

Authors: Palak Khandelwal, Ajay Patidar

Page No.: 1235 - 1238


56. Signature Processing in Handwritten Bank Cheque Images  

Authors: Nancy, Prof. Gulshan Goyal

Page No.: 1239 - 1243


57. BER analysis of OFDM based WIMAX using Punctured Convolutional Codes  

Authors: Mandeep Kaur, Hardeep Kaur, Jaipreet Kaur

Page No.: 1244 - 1248


58. Need of Skill Based Training in Computer Science Education  

Authors: Srinivas Aluvala, Nagendar Yamsani

Page No.: 1249 - 1251


60. Advance Method for Brain Tumor Classification  

Authors: Dipanshu N. Masalkar, Mr. Shitole A.S.

Page No.: 1255 - 1259


61. Alternative Cropping Possibilities for Rainfed Crop Based on Length of Growing Period Driven by Web User Interface  

Authors: R.S. Parmar, Y.R.Ghodasara, G. J. Kamani, K. V .Patel

Page No.: 1260 - 1265


63. Automatic Naming of Character using Video Streaming for Face Recognition with Graph Matching  

Authors: Nivedita. R. Pandey, Ranjan. P. Dahake

Page No.: 1275 - 1281


65. Performance Analysis of Raptor Codes in Mobile Wimax using FEC scheme  

Authors: Ashwini Biradar, Dhanashree Kutre

Page No.: 1289 - 1293


66. Decision Tree Based Intrusion Detection System with Sampling  

Authors: Pankaj R. Ambartani, Bhushan B. Shinde, Prof. Usha Devi G

Page No.: 1294 - 1298


67. Echo Cancellation using Adaptive Filtering  

Authors: Nutan Saini, Anuj Kumar

Page No.: 1299 - 1301


68. Hamming Codes on SRAM Based FPGA for Space Applications  

Authors: Prof. Mary Joseph, Ancy George

Page No.: 1302 - 1304


69. Human Computer Interaction using Hand Gestures  

Authors: Prof. Sachin A Urabinahatti., Prof. Apeksha S Bandekar.

Page No.: 1305 - 1311


70. Activity Recognition System using Smartphone  

Authors: Priti Moon, B. B. Gite

Page No.: 1312 - 1317


71. Collaborative Policy Administration in Online Social Networks  

Authors: Supriya V. Pawar ME, L. J. Sankpal

Page No.: 1318 - 1324


72. Comparative Analysis of Patch Based Image Restoration Techniques for Diversified Field Images  

Authors: Ms.Snehal Gandhi, Prof. A. D. Bhoi, Prof. A. L. Wanare

Page No.: 1325 - 1331


73. Collusion Avoidance in Fingerprinting Outsourced Relational Databases with Knowledge Preservation  

Authors: Ms. Varsha Waghmode, Ms. A.A. Mohanpurkar

Page No.: 1332 - 1337


74. E-Lab Access using Wireless Sensor Technology  

Authors: Swathi. K, Vanitha. S, Keshavamurthy

Page No.: 1338 - 1342


75. Colour Conversion from Gray to RGB for Predicting Image Differences  

Authors: Laxmi Patil, Mr. Siddappaji

Page No.: 1343 - 1347


76. An Agglomerative Analysis of Nifty Companies for an Investment Perspective  

Authors: Preeti Baser, Dr. Jatinderkumar R. Saini

Page No.: 1348 - 1352


77. A Sleazy and small Microstrip UWB symmetric polyhedral slotted patch antenna with enhanced performances and multiband characteristics  

Authors: Mohsin M. Mulani, Vishal R. Shelke, Faisal Khan, Priyanka K. Umap

Page No.: 1353 - 1356


78. Analysis & Comparison of Mobility Models for Ad-hoc Network  

Authors: Mrs. N. S. Samshette, Prof. A. D. Bhoi, Dr. R. D. Kharadkar

Page No.: 1357 - 1362


79. Fusion of Multibiometric in Security Management System  

Authors: S. S. Chowhan, M. H. Kondekar, M. R. Mahamune.

Page No.: 1363 - 1366


80. Overview of SinkTrail Protocol for Energy Efficient Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Pradip O. Balbudhe, Kemal Koche

Page No.: 1367 - 1370