Volume 2 Issues - (June 14 Issue6)

1. Data Hiding in Color Image for Visual Information Security  

Authors: Mr. Prashant M. Pattanshetti, Prof. Dhanashree P. Kutre

Page No.: 1371 - 1373


3. Comparative Analysis of AODV DSR and DSDV Routing Protocols for VANET City Scenario  

Authors: Namita Chandel, Mr. Vishal Gupta

Page No.: 1380 - 1384


4. A Survey on Personalized Recommendation Techniques  

Authors: Saranya.K.G, Dr.G.Sudha Sadasivam

Page No.: 1385 - 1395


5. Analysis of Pointing Error on Satellite Link using GNU Radio  

Authors: Roopa R, Priyadarshini S A, Mamilla Tejaswi, Danesh G Kurup, Sunitha R

Page No.: 1396 - 1399


6. Wavelet Thresholding for Image Noise Removal  

Authors: Debalina Jana, Kaushik Sinha

Page No.: 1400 - 1405


7. ATLIST Tree for analysis of Vulnerability  

Authors: Kavita S. Kumavat, Ranjana P. Dahake, Dr. M. U. Kharat

Page No.: 1406 - 1411


8. Simulation of Closed Loop Controlled Boost Converter for PV System  

Authors: Mrs Yogini V Dhotre, Mr Ponkshe V.S.

Page No.: 1412 - 1416


9. Solution to Profit Based Unit Commitment Problem Using Bacterial Foraging Algorithm  

Authors: P.V. Rama Krishna, Dr Sukhdeo Sao

Page No.: 1417 - 1422


10. Intranet Cloud Security  

Authors: Lekshmy.D.Kumar, B.R.Shankar

Page No.: 1423 - 1428


11. Android Based Health Monitoring  

Authors: Ashwini R. Jadhav, Prof.Dr.Virendra V. Shete

Page No.: 1429 - 1431


12. Novel Approch of Man Machine Interaction using Brain Waves Electric Signals  

Authors: Pravin Balbudhe, Prof. Mirza Moiz Baig

Page No.: 1432 - 1436


13. Analyzing the Edges of a Snowboard  

Authors: Shaun Abbott, Benjamin Vaichus

Page No.: 1437 - 1449


15. Motion Artifact removal in Ambulatory ECG Signal using ICA  

Authors: Deepak Vala, Tanmay Pawar, V. K. Thakar

Page No.: 1457 - 1461


16. Performance Evaluation of Optical CDMA Transmission System  

Authors: Jyoti Rana, Er. Ankur Singhal

Page No.: 1462 - 1464


18. Security and Watermarking of Color Images  

Authors: Piyush .V. Gattani, Dr. C. S. Warnekar

Page No.: 1471 - 1475


21. Speed Control of Solar Powered Induction Motor Drive using SVPWM Technique  

Authors: B. Madan Lal, D.V.Rao, Savita Nema, Sushma Gupta

Page No.: 1484 - 1489


22. Facebook To Safebook - Facebook Hacking And Security  

Authors: Madhulika Singh, Arun Kumar Singh1

Page No.: 1490 - 1494


23. Mitigating Blind Signature Attacks Using Daily Updated Quotes (DUQ)  

Authors: S. Kalaiselvi, B.Sathya, Ms. A. Priyadharshini

Page No.: 1495 - 1498


24. Improvement in Techniques of Reservoir Lining BSE Type of Reservoir Lining  

Authors: Bhaviksinh Rana, Santosh Shetty, Vipul Zinjala, Prof. S. L. Panchal

Page No.: 1499 - 1501


25. Accelerated Target Detection using Fractional Fourier Transform  

Authors: Ajmeet Singh, Sanjay Kumar

Page No.: 1502 - 1505


26. Analysis of Variations in Speed for Different Mobility Models in Ad Hoc Networking  

Authors: Jasndeep Kaur, Sukhwinder Kumar

Page No.: 1506 - 1510


27. Analysis of Image Compression Techniques  

Authors: Moumita Dasandhi, Trisha Jha, Priyanka, Pratikshya Sharma

Page No.: 1511 - 1514


28. Aggregation Environment for Query Optimization in Network Monitoring  

Authors: Ms. Manisha Thombare, Prof. K. V. Metre

Page No.: 1515 - 1518


29. Efficient Storage and Processing Of High Volume Network Monitoring Data  

Authors: Ms. S. Malathy, Ms. D. Saranya, Ms. S. Naveena,Mr. D. Rajesh Kumar

Page No.: 1519 - 1521


30. Divided Exemplar Based Image Inpainting  

Authors: Assist. Prof. Mrs. Waykule Jyoti .M.

Page No.: 1522 - 1530


31. Awareness and Protection Against Cyber Threats  

Authors: Madhulika Singh, Arun Kumar Singh

Page No.: 1531 - 1534


32. Human Identification Using Finger Vein and Texture Matching  

Authors: Sandhya Mandhare, P.K.Ajmera

Page No.: 1535 - 1539


33. All Optical Packet Processing in Optical Network  

Authors: Shrihari S. Muttagi, Devidas T. Kushnure, Premanand K. Kadabe

Page No.: 1540 - 1544


34. Audio Signature for Song Identification  

Authors: Dipali D. Bendale, Prof. Dr. Mrs. S. D. Apte

Page No.: 1545 - 1549


35. Web Data Extraction from Template Pages  

Authors: Sayali P. Badhan, Sumedha K. Chumble

Page No.: 1550 - 1553


36. Model Reference Adaptive System (MRAS) Based Speed Sensorless Vector Control of Induction Motor Drive  

Authors: P N H Phanindra Kumar, D M Deshpande, Manisha Dubey

Page No.: 1554 - 1559


37. Updating Streaming Data Ware House By Scalable Scheduling Using Multitrack Algorithm  

Authors: Mrs. V. N. Rane, Prof. R. K. Makhijani

Page No.: 1560 - 1563


38. Simulation of Brushless DC Motor for Performance Analysis using MATLAB/SIMULINK Environment  

Authors: Pramod Pal, TM Shubhum, Dr. Amit Ojha

Page No.: 1564 - 1567


39. Implementation of CAN Bus Protocol  

Authors: Ms. Ashwini S. Shinde, Ms. Aarti S. Deshpande, Mr. Pradnyant N Kalamkar, Mr. Arjun R. Nichal

Page No.: 1568 - 1573


40. Multiple Gate Silicon On Insulator MOSFET Technology  

Authors: Shailesh M. Keshkamat

Page No.: 1574 - 1576


41. Evaluating the Key Finding of Texture Smoothing & Filtering Techniques  

Authors: Bhupinderkaur, Rajeev Mahajan

Page No.: 1577 - 1580


43. Facial Emotion Identification  

Authors: Rashmi S. Deshpande Prof. Dr. Mrs. S.D.Apte

Page No.: 1585 - 1588


44. Cluster based Cognitive Radio Network A Review  

Authors: Nikhil Dhamne, Prof. Madhuri Bhalekar, Dr. M.U.Kharat

Page No.: 1589 - 1593


45. Sidelobe Suppression Methods for Cognitive Radio Applications A Review  

Authors: Manisha Upadhyay, Mr. Rahul Gedam

Page No.: 1594 - 1598


47. Authentication of Service Provider in the Cloud using Distributed Accountability  

Authors: G.Ranjith kumar, Y.Satyam, P.Venkatram Reddy

Page No.: 1603 - 1606


48. WirelessHART Communication based protocol for petrochemical complex  

Authors: Sreejith Menon, Harikrishnan D, Remya Gopalakrishnan, Sujith Menon

Page No.: 1607 - 1617


49. Design of Testable ripple carry adder in Quantum Dot Cellular Automata  

Authors: Ms.Punam Prabhakar Bhalerao, Sameena Zafar

Page No.: 1618 - 1622


50. Analysis of Enhancement Speech Compression using various Wavelets  

Authors: Rupali, Monika Aggarwal

Page No.: 1623 - 1626


51. GIS Enabled Tool For Effective Land Records Management  

Authors: Yuvraj M Patil, Dr Sumedh Y Mhaske

Page No.: 1627 - 1631


52. Primary Level Classification of Brain Tumor using PCA and PNNÂ  

Authors: Dr. Mrs. K.V.Kulhalli, Mrs.V. S. Kolge

Page No.: 1632 - 1637


53. Performance Evaluation of AES using Hardware and Software Codesign  

Authors: Vilas V Deotare, Dinesh V Padole Ashok S. Wakode

Page No.: 1638 - 1643


54. Sentiment Analysis for Opinion Mining Using Cross-Domain Classifier  

Authors: Pravin Jambhulkar, Smita Nirkhi

Page No.: 1644 - 1648


55. Survey on Various LSB (Least Significant Bit) Methods  

Authors: Mayuri Bomewar, Trupti Baraskar

Page No.: 1649 - 1653


56. Extracting Information from website using Site Style Tree  

Authors: Pratiksha U. Jadhav, Sayali P. Badhan

Page No.: 1654 - 1656


57. Optimal Fuzzy Based Noise Removal from Colored Images  

Authors: Monika Raghav, Sahil Raheja

Page No.: 1657 - 1661


58. Evaluating The Shortcomings Of DEEC Variants  

Authors: Vikramjit Singh, Er.Rishma Chawla

Page No.: 1662 - 1668


59. Improved Harmony Search Algorithm For Color Image Compression  

Authors: Sarang Bansod, Sweta Jain

Page No.: 1669 - 1672


60. Detection and Elimination of Fake Access Points in WLAN using Multi Agents Sourcing Methodology  

Authors: Priyanka G. Sasane, Prof. S. K. Pathan

Page No.: 1673 - 1678


61. Implementation of a 4 Bit Direct Charge Transfer Switched Capacitor DAC and DWA DEM technique  

Authors: Madhu Gudgunti, Prof. Mrs. A.A. Askhedkar

Page No.: 1679 - 1682


62. Smart Sleeping Policies for Energy Efficient Tracking in Sensor Networks  

Authors: Supriya N. Borkar, Rajni Jounjare

Page No.: 1688 - 1691


63. MIMO-OFDM : Foundation for Next-Generation Wireless Systems  

Authors: Vaishali Bahl, Rakesh Dubey, Dr. Dalvir Kaur

Page No.: 1692 - 1695


64. Evaluation of Color Constancy Algorithms  

Authors: Er. Sumandeep Kaur, Er. Rajbhupinder Kaur

Page No.: 1696 - 1700


66. Sky and Foliage Detection using Perceptual object Tagging  

Authors: Megha J. Patil, Prof. P. M. Patil

Page No.: 1708 - 1712


67. A Database Forensic Approach to Detect Tamper Using B+-Trees  

Authors: Tanushree Shelare, Varsha Powar

Page No.: 1713 - 1717


68. An Efficient Data Sharing Technique in the Cloud: An EDSTÂ  

Authors: Rachapalli Devendra Reddy, P Ravi Kiran

Page No.: 1718 - 1720


69. Android Smartphone Based Health Monitoring System  

Authors: Vrushali Gadade, Venkat Ghodke

Page No.: 1721 - 1725


70. Analysis of different OCDMA techniques A review  

Authors: Khushdeep Kaur

Page No.: 1726 - 1729


72. Switching Techniques in IGBTÂ  

Authors: Er. Harpreet Singh, Snigdha Sharma

Page No.: 1734 - 1736


73. A Robust Distortion Minimization Fingerprinting Technique for Relational Database  

Authors: Namrata Gursale,Arti Mohanpurkar

Page No.: 1737 - 1741


74. Protect Integrity of Data in Cloud Assisted Privacy Preserving Mobile Health Monitoring  

Authors: Mr. Shantanu Shankar Pawar, Mr. Rajesh N. Phursule

Page No.: 1742 - 1745


75. Text Detection and Extraction from Video  

Authors: Pallavi P. Shinde, Prof. P. M. Patil

Page No.: 1746 - 1749


77. Implementation and Applications of Various Feeding Techniques Using CST Microwave Studio  

Authors: Dr Sourabh Bisht, Ankita Singh, Rahul Chauhan, Gaurav Pant

Page No.: 1754 - 1760


78. Power Optimization of I/O Ports Using Clock Gating Technique  

Authors: Kirti, Surendra Waghmare

Page No.: 1761 - 1763