Volume 2 Issues - (July 14 Issue7)

1. Mobile Computing: Fundamentals  

Authors: Ms. Kiran Gandhi, Ms. Pooja, Mr. Atul Rana

Page No.: 1764 - 1767


2. Biometric Template Spoofing Detection Using Sparse Watermarking Scheme  

Authors: Rohit Thanki, Komal Borisagar

Page No.: 1768 - 1772


4. 1.6V Wide Linear Range Subthreshold OTA Using 130nm CMOS Technology  

Authors: Liya Thadevus K, Linu Shine

Page No.: 1779 - 1783


5. Application Dependent GEO Routing Protocol on Multi Radio Networks  

Authors: Smt. Geetha Jayaram Bhat, Mahanthesha U

Page No.: 1784 - 1789


6. Separable Reversible Knowledge Activity in Encrypted Image with Compression of Knowledge and Image  

Authors: D. Anithamma, D. Lakshmi Narayana Reddy

Page No.: 1790 - 1793


7. An Enhanced VCS of Image Encryption using SDS algorithm without secret keys  

Authors: Kanchana M V, Annapurna V K

Page No.: 1794 - 1798


9. ECG Simulation using Fourier Series: From Personal Computers to Mobile Devices  

Authors: Sami M. Halawani, Sarudin Kari, Ibrahim AlBidewi, Ab Rahman Ahmad

Page No.: 1803 - 1811


11. Knowledge Extraction Using Combined Mining Approach With Parallel Processing  

Authors: Sharayu Pawar, Madhuri Bhalekar, Dr. M. U. Kharat

Page No.: 1816 - 1820


12. Analysis of Pollution of River Challawa by Industrial Effluents  

Authors: T.A. Adedokun, J. C. Agunwamba

Page No.: 1821 - 1826


13. Optimization of Insertion Error using PSO with BSCS Collusion Secure Fingerprinting  

Authors: Ms. Mudegol Nandinee Lingappa, Ms. Mohanpurkar Arti A.

Page No.: 1827 - 1830


15. Real time video watermarking scheme based on HVS and DWT  

Authors: Hedayath Basha Shaik, Hari Krishna K

Page No.: 1836 - 1840


16. Performance analysis of Switched Reluctance Motor using Linear Model  

Authors: M. Venkatesh, Rama Krishna Raghutu

Page No.: 1841 - 1846


17. Design and Implementation of Wishbone Bus Interface Architecture for SoC Integration USING VHDL ON FPGA  

Authors: Swati R. Mishra, Pramod Patil, Sudhir Shelke

Page No.: 1847 - 1850


18. Enhancing Data Dynamic Security & Trust for Cloud Computing Storage System  

Authors: Trupti V. Junghare, Prof. Mirza M. Baig

Page No.: 1851 - 1854


20. Audio Watermarking For Embedding Maximum Characters With Statistical Features  

Authors: Mr. Khot S. R., Miss. Rasale Mohini B.

Page No.: 1858 - 1861


21. Temperature monitoring and control system using NI ELVIS and LabVIEW  

Authors: Prof. Hiren J. Patel, Prof. Robinson P. Paul, Prof. Ghansyam B. Rathod, Prof. Rajvirsinh Rana, Palak Patel

Page No.: 1862 - 1864


22. A survey on Datamining in Cyber Bullying  

Authors: K. Nalini, Dr. L. Jaba Sheela

Page No.: 1865 - 1869


23. Improved method to solve Client Server Assignment Problem in Distributed System  

Authors: Bharati Patil, Prof. V.S. Wadne

Page No.: 1870 - 1874


24. Implementation of Multi-Level Trust in Privacy Preserving Data Mining against Non-linear attack  

Authors: Vaishali Bhorde, Prof. S.M. Tidke

Page No.: 1875 - 1878


25. Comparative Study Of Relational Database Model and Resource Description Framework(RDF) Model  

Authors: Mradula singh, Miss. Pallavi Jain

Page No.: 1879 - 1882


26. Design & Implementation of PCI Express BUS Physical layer using VHDL  

Authors: Ankita R. Tembhare, Dr.Pramod B. Patil

Page No.: 1883 - 1886


28. Development of Geo-Visualized Information System for states of India based on rainfall using ArcGIS  

Authors: Dr. Priya R. Swaminarayan, Ms. Subodhini Gupta

Page No.: 1894 - 1896


29. Low Power Design for D Flip Flop  

Authors: Aditi Mehta, Riya Jain, Vaishali Yadav, Mrs. Ashu Soni

Page No.: 1897 - 1899


30. Eliciting an Eye on Cyber Crime through Case Studies  

Authors: Dr. Manju Kaushik, Vaibhav Bhatnagar

Page No.: 1900 - 1902


31. Damping of Sub synchronous Resonance and Power Swing using TCSC and Series capacitor  

Authors: Durga Prasad Ananthu, Rami Reddy Mannem

Page No.: 1903 - 1908


32. A Review on Digital Image Compression Techniques  

Authors: Er. Shilpa Sachdeva, Er. Rajbhupinder Kaur

Page No.: 1909 - 1913


33. Data Hiding Scheme using 14 squares Substitution Cipher & Index Variable  

Authors: Milind S. Deshkar, Prof. P.S.Kulkarni

Page No.: 1914 - 1918


34. Microstrip Patch antenna for ISM band applications  

Authors: Waghmare G. B., Bhanarkar M. K.

Page No.: 1919 - 1921


35. Ranking clustered Keyword Search On Semi structured data  

Authors: Dayananda P, Dr. Rajashree Shettar

Page No.: 1922 - 1928


37. Comparison and Performance Analysis on Clustering Scheme  

Authors: Parul Goel, Premlata Sati, Shubhashish Goswami

Page No.: 1934 - 1937


38. Online Distributor System Using Android OS  

Authors: Prof. Sunil Jadhav, MR. Musale Ameya

Page No.: 1938 - 1941


39. Internet Phishing and Current Trend Ghana  

Authors: Edward Danso Ansong, J. B. Hayfron-Acquah, Dominic Damoah, Amponsah-Kaakyire K, G. Nagappan

Page No.: 1942 - 1944


40. An Algorithm to Avoid Confidential Data Theft from Storage Devices  

Authors: A. N. Magdum, Dr. Y. M. Patil

Page No.: 1945 - 1948


41. Effect of Process Parameters on Surface Quality and MRR in EDM of SS 440 C Using ANN  

Authors: Vaishav A. Panchal, Ravi K Patel, Bhavesh A. Patel, Haresh A. Patel

Page No.: 1949 - 1957


42. State of The Art in WBAN Security & Open Research Issues  

Authors: Ms. Sanchari Saha, Dr. Dinesh K Anvekar

Page No.: 1958 - 1964


43. Design of Plus Shape Fractal Antenna for Various Applications  

Authors: Gursimranjit Singh, Ms.Amanpreet Kaur

Page No.: 1965 - 1968


44. Introducing Three Tier Captcha to Prevent DDOS Attack in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Bharat Yadav, Roopal Satija

Page No.: 1969 - 1973


45. Comparative Study of Leakage Reduction Techniques for Domino Logic Circuit  

Authors: Shweta Garg,Ms. Geetika Goyal

Page No.: 1974 - 1978


46. Implementation of 8 Point FFT with IEEE 754 Floating Format for OFDM System  

Authors: Yogesh Sharma, Preeti Mankar, Yogesh Gaidhane, Atul Borkar

Page No.: 1979 - 1982


47. Survey on Classification Techniques in Data Mining  

Authors: Dr.A.Bharathi, E.Deepankumar

Page No.: 1983 - 1986


48. Fractionally Spaced Adaptive Equalizer: A Review  

Authors: Harmanpreet Kaur, Amandeep Singh Sappal

Page No.: 1987 - 1989


49. Signal Defects Classification Using Wavelet Transform and Multiclass Support Vector Machine  

Authors: Geeta D.Salunke, Sharad S. Jagtap

Page No.: 1990 - 1993


51. Image Restoration Techniques for Better Visualization  

Authors: Ms.Seemadevi M.Shelake, Ms.Trupti D.Deshmukh, Mr.Vijaykumar M.Shelake

Page No.: 1998 - 2001


52. Performance Measurement of Huffman Coding based Improved SPIHT Image compression Algorithm  

Authors: Mr. Amarsinh B. Farakte, Mr. S.B. Patil, Miss Mohini B. Rasale

Page No.: 2002 - 2006


53. Design and Analysis of A Dual Chamber Cardiac Pacemaker Using VHDL in Biomedical Application  

Authors: Amandeep Kaur, Amandeep Kaur (Astt. Prof.)

Page No.: 2007 - 2009


55. Embedding Approach of Audio Data in RGB Images Using Circle Equation  

Authors: Devendra Singh Rao, Pankaj Singh Parihar

Page No.: 2020 - 2026


56. Design of FIR Filter using Distributed Arithmetic Architecture  

Authors: Gurneet Kaur, Amandeep Singh Sappal

Page No.: 2027 - 2029


58. Performance of PAPR Reduction Techniques for MIMO-OFDM Systems in 4G Wireless Communication  

Authors: K.Naga Vaishnavi, Mrs.M.Vijalakshmi, Dr.K.RamalingaReddy

Page No.: 2033 - 2037


60. Mobile Embedded Wireless Sensor Network to Prevent Deforestation  

Authors: A.Lavanya, J.P.Shri Thranya, Dr.A.Jagadeesan

Page No.: 2045 - 2048


62. A Review of Ground-Bouncing-Noise Minimization Techniques in MTCMOS Circuits  

Authors: Nisha, Mr. Anup Kumar, Ms. Geetika Goyal

Page No.: 2054 - 2061


64. Personalized Image Search Using Complex Multiple Words Based Queries  

Authors: Nishant Singh Chauhan, Mr. S .Madhu

Page No.: 2066 - 2071


65. Embedded Reconfigurable Techniques in Wireless Sensor Network Applications  

Authors: B. Kirubakaran, P. Kalaiselvi

Page No.: 2072 - 2077


66. Image Authentication Resilient To Geometric Attacks Using DFT  

Authors: Prof. Ramesh Y. Mali, Mr. Bhalchandra D. Dhokale

Page No.: 2078 - 2080