Volume 2 Issues - (January 14 Issue1)

1. Image Retrieval Using Gradient Operators  

Authors: Ajinkya P.Nilawar.

Page No.: 1 - 4


2. PAPR Reduction in the OFDM signal Using Partial Transmit Sequence  

Authors: Dipen B. Patel, Niraj Tevar, Anand Patel

Page No.: 5 - 10


3. Object Tracking Using Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Nandhini.S, Mehzabeen.S.M.M, Swantana.K.L

Page No.: 11 - 16


4. Design and Performance Evaluation of DL MAC Scheduling Model in LTE  

Authors: Siddharth Mahida, Aslam .S. Durvesh

Page No.: 17 - 19


5. AUSHDHI- A Life Saver  

Authors: Vardhman Jain

Page No.: 20-24


6. Web Authoring Tool for Effective Content Management  

Authors: J.Shyam Jegadeesh, J.John Spencer, P.Libin Jacob, Anisha Pearl

Page No.: 25 - 32


7. A Survey Paper of Optical Fiber Sensor  

Authors: Parikh Meera J., Prof.Gharge Anuradha P.

Page No.: 33 - 39


8. Enterprise Resource Planning Driving Human Resource Management  

Authors: Vikas Bansal, Dr. Vani Narula

Page No.: 40 - 47


9. Maximizing Throughput of Decentralized Wireless Sensor Network Using Reinforcement Learning  

Authors: Mr. Hardik Kumar M. Patel, Mr. Krunal N. Patel

Page No.: 48 - 50


10. A Review to Improve the Productivity of the Hemispherical Type Solar Sill  

Authors: Ajayraj S Solanki, Palak Patel, Umang R Soni

Page No.: 51 - 57


11. Localization Algorithm for Mobile Sensor Nodes Using 3D Space in Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Pratik S. Patel, Jignesh R. Patel

Page No.: 58 - 62


13. Review on Software Testing Techniques  

Authors: Bindia Tarika

Page No.: 68 - 72


14. A Universal Similarity Model for Transactional Data Clustering  

Authors: Mr.G.Kamalraja, Mrs.K.Prathiba, Ms.C.M.Parameshwari

Page No.: 73 - 79


15. Cluster Based Intrusion Detection Technique for Wireless Networks  

Authors: Mr. P.Sundara Vadivel, Mr. J. Senthil Kumar, Mr. M.Sudharsanan

Page No.: 80 - 87


16. Cell Selection Techniques in Heterogeneous LTE Advanced System  

Authors: Dhaval M. Tandel, Tanvi Shah

Page No.: 88 - 91


17. PAPR Reduction in the OFDM Signal Using Selective Mapping  

Authors: Patel Jigar, Darshana Shah, Patel Anand

Page No.: 92 - 95


18. Research Paper on Basic of Artificial Neural Network  

Authors: Ms. Sonali. B. Maind, Ms. Priyanka Wankar

Page No.: 96 - 100


19. Testing of Analog and RF Circuits using Embedded Sensors  

Authors: Shrikant Bhoyar, Nilesh Chide, Ashwini Shende, Avinash Mahule

Page No.: 101 - 104


20. Efficient Measurement Procedure for Access Control to Maximizing Throughput in LTE Femtocell Networks  

Authors: Prof.Utkarsh V.Shah, Mr.Dhvanil J. Patel

Page No.: 105 - 108


21. Evaluate the Performance of Video Transmission Using H.264 (SVC) Over Long Term Evolution (LTE)  

Authors: Mr. Jaimin Surati, Mr. Ketan Goswami

Page No.: 109 - 113


22. Web Server Security and Survey on Web Application Security  

Authors: Shaikh Bushra Almin

Page No.: 114 – 119


23. Revolution Technique for Internet Of Things 6LowPAN  

Authors: Jaydev Vaidya, Punit Raninga, Dr.Jaymin Bhalani

Page No.: 120 – 123


24. Smart Attendance System  

Authors: Pushpa S. Gagare., Priyanka A. Sathe, Vedant T. Pawaskar., Sagar S. Bhave

Page No.: 124 - 127


25. Emotion Generation using LPC Synthesis  

Authors: Mrs.Sulakshana N. Bhatlawande, Prof. Dr. Shaila D. Apte

Page No.: 128 - 134


26. Performance Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms  

Authors: S. Suganya, D. Menaka

Page No.: 135 - 140


27. Parent Aid Mobile Application  

Authors: Tazeen Sayad, Jash Upadhyay, Chetan Naik, Priyanka Mane

Page No.: 141 - 143


29. Analysis of Training Functions in a Biometric System  

Authors: Anusree K, Dr. Binu G S

Page No.: 150 - 154


30. A Review on Different Image De-noising Methods  

Authors: Keyur Patel, Hardik N. Mewada

Page No.: 155 - 159


31. Red Tacton  

Authors: Sayli M. Rane., Vishakha V. Dalvi., Bhushan Gaikwad., Sanchita D. Balsarf.

Page No.: 160 - 164


32. An Efficient Distributed Intrusion Detection System in Grid Environment Using IDS  

Authors: Ms G.Supraja , Mr.C.Gopala Krishnan , Ms.S.Yasmin Junaithi Nisa

Page No.: 165 - 169


33. Zigbee Technology  

Authors: Vinita A. Batini, Prachi P. Kamble., Snehal S. Mharse.

Page No.: 170 - 172