Volume 2 Issues - (February 14 Issue2)

1. A Review to Increase the Performance of Solar Still Make It Multi Layer Absorber  

Authors: Palak Patel, Ajayraj S Solanki, Umang R Soni, Ashish R Patel

Page No.: 173 - 177


2. Animal Detection Using Histogram Oriented Gradient  

Authors: Mukesh B.Rangdal, Dinesh B. Hanchate

Page No.: 178 - 183


3. Towards NFC Services  

Authors: MI. Castro, J. F. Bolaños, R. A. Sánchez, J. F. Cantú and L. J. González

Page No.: 184 - 187


4. Testing as a Service on Cloud A Review  

Authors: Shruti N. Pardeshi, Vaishali Choure

Page No.: 188 - 193


5. Human Emotion Recognition using Electrocardiogram Signals  

Authors: A. N. Paithane, Dr. D. S. Bormane, Sneha Dinde

Page No.: 194 - 197


6. Image Mosaicing and Producing a Panoramic Visibility  

Authors: Manmohan Sharma

Page No.: 198 - 201


7. Enhance the Performance of Heat Exchanger with Twisted Tape Insert A Review  

Authors: M.J.Patel, K.S.Parmar, Umang R. Soni

Page No.: 202 - 207


8. Development of Transmuting Bots Welcome to the World of Claytronics  

Authors: Ravi Ahuja, Bharat Oberoi, Ashish Kumar, Shubham

Page No.: 208 - 211


9. Capacity Improvement in Multi-User MIMO System using Dirty Paper Coding  

Authors: Garima Saini, Shivkaran Meghwal

Page No.: 212 - 215


10. Naive Properties on Rough Connectives under Fuzziness  

Authors: G.Ganesan, BNV Satish

Page No.: 216 - 221


11. An Auction Based TATKAL Scheme For Indian Railway  

Authors: Srushti Hnajage, Rutuja Megde, Kshitija Kshirsagar, Nutan Navale, Prof. A. N. Nadaph

Page No.: 222 - 224


13. Attribute Based Encryption with Privacy Preserving In Clouds  

Authors: M. Suriyapriya, A. Joicy

Page No.: 231 - 236


14. Line Following Robot without Using Microcontroller  

Authors: Asst. Prof. Anjumanara Begam, Ravi Kumar Mishra, Vinita Sinha, Nina Banik

Page No.: 237 - 239


16. Digital Identity on Internet  

Authors: Supriya Khadake, Bernice Nadar, Sonal Ramteke, Sonali Pakhmode

Page No.: 246 - 248


17. Dynamic Slice of Aspect Oriented Program A Comparative Study  

Authors: Sk. Riazur Raheman, Amiya Kumar Rath, Hima Bindu M

Page No.: 249 - 259


18. Ewallet and Financial Advisor  

Authors: Amruta Bhat, Vishakha Patil, Viraj Kamble, Anil Kale

Page No.: 260 - 262


19. Review on Internet base Services of Cloud Computing  

Authors: Kaustubh Satpute, Charudatt Satpute, Dipti Bhade

Page No.: 263 - 266


21. Efficient Ranked Keyword Using AML  

Authors: K. Padmapriya, S. P. Karthik

Page No.: 276 - 281


22. Development in Key Share Management to Protect Data over Cloud  

Authors: Priyanka Ambatkar, Prof. P. Velavan, Prof. Arun Katara

Page No.: 282 - 287


23. LI_FI Overview and Implementation in Medical Field  

Authors: PoojashreeN.S, P. Haripriya, Muneshwara M.S , Anil G.N

Page No.: 288 - 291


25. Adaptive Noise Cancellation using Delta Controlled Affine Projection Algorithm  

Authors: Rajul Goyal, Pankaj Shukla, Dr. Girish Parmar

Page No.: 298 - 301


27. A Surveyon Detection of Reviews Using Sentiment Classification of Methods  

Authors: Rekha V.Bandakkanavar, Ramesh Medar , Geeta Hegde

Page No.: 310 - 314


28. Denoising and Compression of Medical Image in Wavelet 2D  

Authors: Tanay Mondal, Dr. Mausumi Maitra

Page No.: 315 - 318


29. XML Standardized W3C Tool for effective communication between B2B or B2C Applications  

Authors: J.Shyam Jegadeesh, J.John Spencer, P.Libin Jacob, D.Shine Rajesh

Page No.: 319 - 324


30. PAPR Reduction in OFDM System by using Nonlinear Companding Technique  

Authors: Ms. Pallavi Dhok, Ms. Manisha D. Raut

Page No.: 325 - 328


31. Web Application for News Portal  

Authors: Kalyani S. Bharambe, Chaitali P. Rane, Harshal P Ganvir, Shweta V. Panse

Page No.: 329 - 333


32. Cyber Crimes and Phishing Attacks  

Authors: Shreya Suman, Neha Srivastava, Renu Pandit

Page No.: 334 - 337


33. Web Based Interactive Embedded Power Plant Management System  

Authors: P.Angel Deepa, M.Jeya Prabha, A.Brindha Sherly

Page No.: 338 - 342


34. Comparative Study of Musical Performance by Machine Learning  

Authors: Yashoda N. Sakhare, Mr. D. B. Hanchate

Page No.: 347 - 352


35. Wireless Sensor Network with MIHOP technique & Mobile Sink  

Authors: Nisha Patil, Prof. Shivom Tiwari

Page No.: 353 - 357


36. Multifunctional Generic System  

Authors: Ajinkya Dhote, Vipin Makde, Preeti Kamley, Rutuja Manusmare

Page No.: 358 - 362


37. Internet on Smartphones Exploring the Potential and Challenges For News Media Professionals  

Authors: Nikhil Eyeroor, Prof. Uma Kanjilal

Page No.: 363 - 366


38. Fabric Defect Detection Based on Fuzzy C-Mean Algorithms  

Authors: Sheetal Thorave, Prof. M.S.Biradar

Page No.: 367 - 371


39. Detecting the Optic Disc and Optic Cup Boundary for Glaucoma Screening A Review  

Authors: Sushma G.Thorat, Prof: Savita Raut

Page No.: 372 - 375


40. Content Aware Video Retargeting using Seam Carving  

Authors: V.Suruthi, R.Suganya, C.RanjeethKumar

Page No.: 376 - 379


41. Certificate Generation System  

Authors: Srushti A. Shimpi, Sanket Mandare, Aman Trivedi, Tyagraj Sonawane

Page No.: 380 - 383


42. Audio Visual Media and English Learners  

Authors: Dr.Y.L. Sowntharya., S.Gomathi., C. Muhuntarajan

Page No.: 384 - 386


43. An Improved AMR AMI Approach for Metering & Energy Monitoring  

Authors: Swapnil R. Katre, Prof. V. Nikam

Page No.: 387 - 390


45. A Novel Ant based Clustering of Gene Expression Data using MapReduce Framework  

Authors: Bhavani R, Dr.G.Sudha Sadasivam

Page No.: 398 - 402


46. Automatic Facial Feature Extraction From Detected Face  

Authors: Shukla Nilkanth Sanjaybhai, Darji Tarak Vijaykumar

Page No.: 403 - 406


47. A Novel Input Method of Computers: Virtual Keyboard  

Authors: Shukla Nilkanth Sanjaybhai, Darji Tarak Vijaykumar

Page No.: 407 - 410


48. A Study on Increasing Cyber Crimes on Internet  

Authors: Kavita Manikrao, Sachhidanand

Page No.: 411 - 413