Volume 2 Issues - (December 14 Volume 2 Issue 12)

1. Fast filter Based Noise Removal in Digital Images  

Authors: K. Elavarasi, P. Rajasekar

Page No.: 3799 - 3802


2. Secure & Encrypted Accessing and Sharing of Data in Distributed Virtual Cloud: A Review  

Authors: Ashish G. Ahuja, Prof .Komal B. Bijwe

Page No.: 3803 - 3807


3. Optimum cluster labeling and Document Clustering for Forensic Analysis  

Authors: Miss. Sushadevi Shamrao Adagale, Mr. Vairagar Sagar G., Ms. Shubhangi Sagar Vairagar., Mr. Prof. Amrit Priyadarshi

Page No.: 3808 - 3811


5. Improved Z Source Inverter Performance with Reduced Z-Source Voltage Stress and Current Mechanism Using Buck and Boost Approach  

Authors: J. Shanmugapriyan, Dr. A. Chilambuchelvan, Dr. S. Vijayan

Page No.: 3816 - 3819


6. Information Retrieval using Context Based Document Indexing  

Authors: Mandar Donge, V. Nandedkar

Page No.: 3820 – 3822


7. PID Controller Tuning Optimization with BFO Algorithm in AVR System  

Authors: G. Madasamy, C. S. Ravichandran

Page No.: 3823 - 3827


8. A Novel Theory of Three Phases to Eleven Phases  

Authors: Mr. B. Somashekar, Mr. David Livingston. D

Page No.: 3828 - 3834


9. Image Inpainting Using Super Resolution  

Authors: Ms. Manisha P. Dhande, Prof. Amrit Priyadarshi, Sushadevi Shamrao Adagale, Ms.Nutan Phalke

Page No.: 3835 - 3838


11. A Review of Internal Combustion Engine Design  

Authors: Patel Mehulkumar Nandlal, Krutika V Prajapati

Page No.: 3843 – 3851


12. Efficent Approach Use to Increase accuracy Multimodal Biometric System for Feature Level Fusion  

Authors: Er. Inderjit Singh, Er. Prabhjot Kaur, Dr. Rakesh Chandra Gangwar

Page No.: 3852 - 3855


13. An Efficient Technique for mining Association rules using Enhanced Apriori Algorithm A Literature survey  

Authors: Mr. Gaurav P. Wankhade, Prof. Ms. V. M. Deshmukh

Page No.: 3856 - 3858


14. E-Crime; A Digital Syndromme That Needs To Be Cured  

Authors: Virginiah Sekgwathe

Page No.: 3859 - 3865


15. An Area Efficient Pulse Triggered Flipflop Design under 90nm CMOS Technology  

Authors: Arul Kumar.M, Sathya Moorthy. M, Gowthami. M

Page No.: 3866 - 3870


16. A Method of Segmentation for Hyper spectral & Medical Images Based on Color Image Segmentation  

Authors: Praveen Agrawal, Ashok Kajla, Manish. N. Raverkar

Page No.: 3871 - 3874


17. Introducing Object Oriented Programming to Engineering Technology Students with an App Development Tool  

Authors: Rolfe Josef Sassenfeld, Michael Morrell, Luke Nogales

Page No.: 3875 - 3878


18. Data Anonymization Using Map Reduce on Cloud based A Scalable Two-Phase Top-Down Specialization  

Authors: Zorige Priyanka, K Nagaraju, Dr. Y Venkateswarlu

Page No.: 3879 - 3883


19. A Novel Scheme for High scale IVC and RVC Over Bluetooth  

Authors: Krantish V. Pol, Dr. D.J. Pete

Page No.: 3884 - 3889


21. Image Compression Using Lossless Compression Techniques  

Authors: Gaurav Gupta, Parul Thakur

Page No.: 3896 - 3900


22. An Effective Data Embedding Technique Based on APPM in Transform Domain  

Authors: Phaneendra Reddy GS

Page No.: 3901 - 3905


23. Development of Android Mobile Application for Cloud Server  

Authors: Miss. Bhagyashri D. Patil, Prof. P. L. Ramteke, Dr. D. N. Chaudhari

Page No.: 3906 - 3910


24. information leak detection system using fingerprint of data  

Authors: Rudrani Sinha, Prof. Chaitali Choudhary

Page No.: 3911 - 3915


25. Impact of Irrigation of Industrial Effluents on Soil-Plant Health  

Authors: Dr. Deepti Sahare, Dr. S.K Rajput, Pratima Rani Dwivedi3

Page No.: 3916 - 3925


26. Algorithms to Find Linear Geodetic Numbers and Linear Edge Geodetic Numbers in Graphs  

Authors: S. Albert Antony Raj, Dr. S. P. Victor

Page No.: 3926 - 3931


27. A Survey on Securing Images in Cloud Using Third Party Authentication  

Authors: Ms. Shubhangi Edake, Prof. Laxmi Madhuri

Page No.: 3932 - 3935


28. FPGA Implementation & Performance Comparision of Various High Speed unsigned Binary Multipliers using VHDL  

Authors: V. Satya Kishore, J.E.N. Abhilash, G.N.V.Ratnakishor

Page No.: 3936 - 3940


29. A Survey on Framework for Improved Web Data Clustering Using Language Processing Technique  

Authors: Ms. Aashwini T Thakare, Prof. M. S. Chaudhari

Page No.: 3941 - 3944


30. Evaluation of Network Architecture and Its Implication on Connectivity and Data Security  

Authors: Emerole Kelechi C Nwadike Stanley Nwogu Uchenna

Page No.: 3945 - 3950


32. A Review: Urbanization and Life Satisfaction  

Authors: Serene Shekhar, Dr. Shridhar Joshi, Sarita Sanwal

Page No.: 3956 - 3961


33. Application of Data Mining Technique for Prediction of Academic Performance of Student A Literature survey  

Authors: Mr.Bhushan S. Olokar, Prof. Ms. V.M.Deshmukh

Page No.: 3962 - 3965


34. An Ant Colony Optimization approach to solve Travelling Salesman Problem  

Authors: Dr. K. Shyamala, S.Sudha Prabha

Page No.: 3966 - 3971


35. A Survey on Feature-Sentiment Classification Techniques  

Authors: Mr. A. S. Kamale, Mr. S. P. Ghode, Prof. P. B. Dhainje, Mr. A. V. Moholkar

Page No.: 3972 - 3978


36. Survey on Mining Effective Information Using Ontology Based semantic web Crawler Mechanism  

Authors: Mr. Bandar Muneer Khan Aslam, Mr.Gurav Yogesh B.

Page No.: 3979 - 3983


37. Assessment of Procurement Parameters for A Construction Project  

Authors: Miss Ingale Nilam Nandkumar, Mr. Jadhav Vishal B., Prof. Abhijit Warudkar, Mr.Jadhav Sujit Balasaheb

Page No.: 3984 - 3986


38. Survey on Type-ahead search  

Authors: Mr. Salunke Shrikant Dadasaheb, Prof. Bere Sachin Sukhadeo, Mr. Rajpure Amol Subhash, Mr.Tirgul Aniket Nandkumar

Page No.: 3987 - 3989


39. A Comparative Study on Social Maturity among School Going Rural Teenagers; Gujarat, INDIA  

Authors: Sarita Sanwal, Dr. Shridhar Joshi, Serene Shekhar

Page No.: 3990 - 3993


40. Low Power Design Of Asynchronous Fine-Grain Power-Gated Logic  

Authors: P. BalaPadma, BabuIlluri

Page No.: 3994 - 3998


41. Integrated Monitoring Software with real time process level data analysis using Map Reduce Framework  

Authors: Prof. Poonam D. Lambhate, Mr. Sandeep Aher

Page No.: 3999 - 4002


42. Review on Synchronization for OFDM Systems  

Authors: Ms. Krushangi J. Soni, Mr. Jignesh N. Patel, Mr. Hardip K. Shah

Page No.: 4003 - 4007


44. Review on PAR Reduction Techniques for MIMO-OFDM  

Authors: Hardik Patel, Mr. S. M. Patel

Page No.: 4016 - 4020


45. Random Access Career Sense Protocol: A Comparative Analysis of Non Persistent and 1 Persistent CSMA  

Authors: Mr. Mohit Dashora, Prof. Mahesh Kumar Porwal

Page No.: 4021 - 4025


47. Analysis of Equity-Based Mutual Funds of HDFC and ICICI  

Authors: Neha Kuhar

Page No.: 4030 - 4040


48. Survey on EAACK - A Secure Intrusion-Detection System for MANETs  

Authors: Priyanka Dhondiram Lohar, Prof. Archana C. Lomte

Page No.: 4041 - 4046


49. Desirable Ontologies for the Construction of Semantic Applications  

Authors: R. Pavan Kartheek, M. Gamya, Dr. Sk. Nazeer

Page No.: 4047 - 4055


50. An Overview of Neodymium Magnets over Normal Magnets for the Generation of Energy  

Authors: Prof. Parag G Shewane, Abhishek Singh, Mayuri Gite, Amit Narkhede

Page No.: 4056 - 4059


51. Survey on Enhancing Clustering Output using Side Information by the Textual Extraction Mechanism  

Authors: Mr. Amol B. Mahadik, Prof. Yogesh B. Gurav

Page No.: 4060 - 4062


52. Exploiting Emergence of New Topics via Anamoly Detection: A Survey  

Authors: Miss. S.V.Saswade,Prof. S. S. Nandgaonkar

Page No.: 4063 - 4069


53. A Novel Approach for Simple Distributed Brillouin Scattering Modeling for  

Authors: Mandeep Kaur, Prof. Navpreet Kaur

Page No.: 4070 - 4074


54. An Intrusion Detection System Algorithm for Defending MANET against the DDoS Attacks.  

Authors: Prof. H. D. Sonawane, Prof. D. B. Bagul, Prof. V. D. Badgujar, Prof. S. R. Jadhav

Page No.: 4075 - 4077


55. Density Based Clustering Using Gaussian Estimation Technique  

Authors: R. Prabahari, Dr. V. Thiagarasu

Page No.: 4078 - 4081


56. Secure and Distributed Approach for Mining Association Rules  

Authors: G. Chandana, C. Vasu Murthy, S. G. Nawaz

Page No.: 4082 - 4085


57. Filtration in OSN for Personalized Message  

Authors: Gaurav N. Gharte, Bhuvaneshwari B. Ugale, Bhagyashri B. Pagar, Prof. Kavita S. Kumavat

Page No.: 4086 - 4090


58. Literature Review on Secure Mining of Association Rules in Horizontally Distributed Databases  

Authors: Ms. Priyanka B. Korde., Prof. Mr. N R. Bogiri.

Page No.: 4091 - 4094


59. Analysis of Wear Behaviour of a Heat Treated Modified ZA-27 Alloy by Taguchi Technique  

Authors: Veerabhadrappa Algur, V.R. Kabadi, Ganechari S M, P.B. Shetty, Poornima Hulipalled

Page No.: 4095 - 4104


60. Attribute Based Secure Data Retrieval System for Decentralized Disruption Tolerant Military Networks  

Authors: Sagar L. Khairnar, Gayatri V. Patil, Pooja D. Bankar, Pooja P. Bharade, Hemant D. Sonawane

Page No.: 4105 - 4108


61. Roller Chain Link Plate design Based on FEA  

Authors: Mr. Brage Prashant Ravindra, Prof. V. H. Waghmare, Mr. S.D.Chavan

Page No.: 4109 - 4113


64. Literature Review on Efficient Algorithms for Mining High Utility Itemsets from Transactional Databases  

Authors: Ketkee Kailas Gaikwad, Mininath Nighot

Page No.: 4126 - 4129


65. Efficiency Enhancement by Live Sun Tracking for Solar PV System  

Authors: Mr. Nirajkumar Maurya, Mr. Pranay Shete, Mr. Prashant Meshram, Ms. Subina Khan

Page No.: 4135 - 4139


66. Survey On Moving Towards Frequent Pattern Growth for Infrequent Weighted Itemset Mining  

Authors: Miss. Rituja M. Zagade, Prof. Megha V. Borole

Page No.: 4140 - 4144


67. Geo-Sensor Network System for Industrial Pollution Monitoring  

Authors: Harsh S. Chalke, Kalyani V. Patil, Atish S. Mandlik, Prof. Kavita S. Kumavat

Page No.: 4145 - 4149


69. Survey of Noise Estimation Algorithms for Speech Enhancement Using Spectral Subtraction  

Authors: Miss. Anuja Chougule, Dr. Mrs. V. V. Patil,

Page No.: 4156 - 4160


70. Ontology based e-Learning approach over Traditional e-Learning  

Authors: Shaileshkumar K. Patel, Dr. Harshad B. Bhadka, Bhaveshkumar K. Patel

Page No.: 4161 - 4164


71. Haze Removal in Color Images Using Hybrid Dark Channel Prior and Bilateral Filter  

Authors: Yadwinder Singh, Er. Rajan Goyal

Page No.: 4165 - 4171


72. Detection and Localization of Wireless Jammer  

Authors: Ms. Swati Shripati Kadam, Prof. Y. M. Patil

Page No.: 4172 - 4175


73. Review On High Performance Quaternary Arithmetic and Logical Unit in Standard CMOS  

Authors: Nikita C. Band, Prof. A. U. Trivedi

Page No.: 4176 - 4179


74. Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption Technique with its Key Management Protocol  

Authors: Samyak Shah, Yash Shah, Janika Kotak

Page No.: 4180 - 4183


76. Survey On Ensuring Distributed Accountability for Data Sharing in the Cloud  

Authors: Gayatri Karvande, Prof. Megha Borole

Page No.: 4189 - 4193


77. A Review of Thyroid Disorder Detection Using Medical Images  

Authors: Miss. Dhaygude Priti Shivaji, Prof S. M. Handore

Page No.: 4194 - 4197


78. A Hash Based Frequent Item set Mining using Rehashing  

Authors: Sirisha Aguru, Batteri Madhava Rao

Page No.: 4198 - 4204


79. A Machine Learning Approach for Detection of Phished Websites Using Neural Networks  

Authors: Charmi J. Chandan, Hiral P. Chheda, Disha M. Gosar, Hetal R. Shah, Prof. Uday Bhave.

Page No.: 4205 - 4209


80. Scattered Dropping Attack on TCP-Based Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks  

Authors: Priyanka Gaur, Neha Goswami

Page No.: 4210 - 4222


81. Application of Linear Programming in Scheduling  

Authors: Ajay Tiwari

Page No.: 4223 - 4229


82. Adaptive Load Balancing Policy for Web Server Custer  

Authors: Ajay Tiwari

Page No.: 4230 - 4234


83. PGP Implementation with modified 3DE  

Authors: Vibha Ojha, Deepak Gupta, Ravindra Singh

Page No.: 4235 - 4238


84. Automatic Object Detection in Image Processing: A Survey  

Authors: Ekta Saxena, Mrs. Neha Goswami

Page No.: 4239 - 4242


85. Proposed Framework for Quality Assurance System with Duplicate Bug Detection  

Authors: Aniruddha Kshirsagar, Pankaj Chandre

Page No.: 4243 - 4247


88. Evolution of eCommerce and Future Aspects  

Authors: Halkar Rachappa

Page No.: 4257 - 5259


90. Industrial Applications of Mathematics- A Review  

Authors: Indu Ratti

Page No.: 5264 - 5265


91. Artificial Neural Networking and Human Brain  

Authors: Poonam Gupta, Parveen Mehta

Page No.: 5266 – 5270


92. How Can an Individual Construct Optimal Portfolio with Reference to Sharpe’s Single Index Model  

Authors: Rampilla Mahesh, Mekala Tulasinadh

Page No.: 5271 – 5274


93. Assessment of Sensitive Node for IEEE-30 Bus System by Load Variant  

Authors: Sumalatha Kalakotla

Page No.: 5275 – 5278


95. Application of Graph Theory in Computer Science  

Authors: Dr. Sudhir Prakash Srivastava

Page No.: 5283 - 5287