Volume 2 Issues - (August 14 Issue8)

2. A Review on Design of Low Bit Rate Video Encoding for Image Compression  

Authors: Sandeep Sherki, Prof. Nilesh Bodne

Page No.: 2088- 2091


3. Grey Cast iron The best suitable material for lathe machine bed  

Authors: Ajay Bhardwaj

Page No.: 2092- 2093


4. Emergent System using Tweet Analyzer Naturally Inspired Computing Approach  

Authors: N.sharmila, B .Anantharaj, R.Hariraman

Page No.: 2094 - 2097


5. Review on Analysis of LTE and Cognitive Radio Network using OFDM signal  

Authors: Gurwinder Singh, Puneet Mehta

Page No.: 2098 - 2101


6. Preparation and Properties of Macrocyclic Ligand  

Authors: Ms B.Mary Juliet, Dr M.Amaladasan

Page No.: 2102 - 2105


7. C Band Microstrip Patch Antenna with EBG & Superstrate Structure  

Authors: Raju Verma, Namrata Dewangan

Page No.: 2106 - 2110


8. An Investigation paper on Congestion Control Policy  

Authors: Ravi Verma, Dr. Bharat Bhushan, Er. Pooja Saxena

Page No.: 2111 - 2113


9. A Review on Micro strip Band Pass Filters for Global Positioning System Applications  

Authors: Ms. Neeta .S.Pingle, Dr. Abbhilasha D.Mishra

Page No.: 2114 - 2116


10. Probabilistic Rough indices in Information Systems under Intuitionistic Fuzziness  

Authors: D.Rekha, K.Thangadurai

Page No.: 2117 - 2121


11. Image Analysis Using Improved Otsu’s Thresholding Method  

Authors: Himanshu Makkar, Aditya Pundir

Page No.: 2122 - 2126


12. Framework for Phishing Detection in Email under Heave Using Conceptual Similarity  

Authors: Sowndarya Karri, SSSN.Usha Devi N

Page No.: 2127 - 2132


13. Convergence of MLE to MVUE of reliability for exponential class software reliability models  

Authors: B. Roopashri Tantri, Murulidhar N. N.

Page No.: 2133 - 2136


14. Selfish Attack Detection in Cognitive Ad-Hoc Network  

Authors: Mr. Nilesh Rajendra Chougule, Dr.Y.M.Patil, Mr.Akshay.G.Bhosale

Page No.: 2137 - 2143


15. Secure Transmission To Remote Cooperative Groups With Minimized Communication Overhead  

Authors: K.Udaya Ravi Kiran, Mrs.Usha Devi SSSN

Page No.: 2144 - 2147


16. A Lossless Image Compression using Modified Entropy Coding  

Authors: Dr. R. Mala, S. Sarathadevi

Page No.: 2148 - 2150


17. Load Balancing Algoritms in Cloud Computing Environment: A Review  

Authors: Swati Katoch, Jawahar Thakur

Page No.: 2151 - 2156


18. Removing Atmospheric Noise Using Channel Selective Processing For Visual Correction  

Authors: Rajbeer Kaur, Er.Aman Saini

Page No.: 2157 - 2161


20. Network Bandwidth Predictive analysis using Stacking  

Authors: Bhushan Gehi, Prof. Irfan Siddavatam

Page No.: 2166 - 2170


21. An Improved Alpha Blending Technique in DCT&DWT domain using Image Blocking  

Authors: Prerna Sharma, Vaishali Passi, Pankaj Shukla

Page No.: 2171 - 2174


22. Novel Algorithm for Hand Gesture Modeling Using Genetic Algorithm with Variable Length Chromosome  

Authors: Noor Adnan Ibraheem, Rafiqul Zaman Khan

Page No.: 2175 - 2183


23. Data Mining Techniques for Weather Prediction: A Review  

Authors: Divya Chauhan, Jawahar Thakur

Page No.: 2184 - 2189


24. Performance Evaluation of Training Based Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Wireless System  

Authors: G.Lohitha, M.Vijaya Lakshmi, Dr.K.Rama Linga Reddy

Page No.: 2190 - 2193


25. Spatial Variation of Surface Water Quality of Vrishabhavathi Watershed Using GISÂ  

Authors: P T Aravinda, H B Balakrishna, K C Jayaramu

Page No.: 2194 - 2201


27. Ant-Fuzzy Meta Heuristic Genetic Sensor Network System for Multi Sink Aggregated Data Transmission  

Authors: Mrs. S.Vijiya Chandra, Dr.K.Alagarsamy,Mr.S.Mageshwaran

Page No.: 2219 - 2223


32. IMS Based IP Telephony Over MPLS Network  

Authors: C.Devi Supraja, Dr.K.Rama Linga Reddy

Page No.: 2250 - 2253


33. “Permanent Mold Casting” Excellent Casting Method for Manufacture of Automotive Components  

Authors: Ajay Bhardwaj, Mahesh V. Rawlani, C.K Mukherjee

Page No.: 2254 - 2255


34. I/O Workload in Virtualized Data Center Using Hypervisor  

Authors: Mr. M. Rajesh, Dr. G. Singaravel

Page No.: 2256 - 2260


35. Detecting Targeted Malicious Email Through Mail Client  

Authors: Sandhya Rani Barre, SSSN. Usha Devi N

Page No.: 2261 - 2264


36. Iris Recognition System using Gabor Filter & Edge Detection  

Authors: Mrs. Rohini Sharma, Yachna Kumari

Page No.: 2261 - 2264


37. A Novel Method of Anatomical Data Acquisition Using the Perceptron ScanWorks V5 Scanner  

Authors: Elizabeth Welsh, Paul Anderson, Paul Rea

Page No.: 2265 - 2276


38. Wavelet Based Performance Analysis of Image Compression  

Authors: Md. Taslim Arefin, Md. Zahirul Islam, Md. Asaduzzaman Khan, Md. Mahfujur Rahman , A.S.M Shaem

Page No.: 2277 - 2284


39. Knowledge Architecture Framework based on Zachmans Enterprise Architecture Framework  

Authors: Mojtaba Nassiriyar,Maryam Haghshenas, Roghayeh Shahbazi, Abouzar Sadeghzadeh

Page No.: 2285 - 2288


40. Multiple Access System Based on ARM7 and 1-Wire Technology  

Authors: Snehal Thakur, Rahul Nawkhare

Page No.: 2289 - 2293


41. Multi Level Encryption Scheme for Transferring Secret image  

Authors: Prasanna Kumar H.R, Niranjan N. Chiplunkar

Page No.: 2294 - 2298


42. Design of 3-side Truncated Patch Antenna for UWB Applications  

Authors: Jashandeep Singh, Amrik Singh, Sushil Kakkar

Page No.: 2299 - 2302


43. Secretive Data Transactions Using Quantum Key in Wireless Networks  

Authors: Mr.S.Vijayanand, Dr.T.Senthilprakash

Page No.: 2303 - 2305


44. A Protected Single Sign-On Technique Using 2D Password in Distributed Computer Networks  

Authors: Mrs. P. V. Jothikantham, Mr. S. Prakadeswaran

Page No.: 2306 - 2311


45. LD: Identifying Misbehaving Nodes in MANET  

Authors: Tejaswi Bommi, SSSN. Usha Devi N

Page No.: 2312 - 2316


46. Bit Slicng based Visual Cryptography On Gray Scale Image  

Authors: K.Sindhu, Ch.RatnaKumari, K.Srinivasa Rao

Page No.: 2317 - 2320


47. Heart Beat Monitoring And Wireless Data Logging Using Arm Cortex A8  

Authors: Anish Vahora, Ripal Patel, Bhargav Goradiya, Arpan Desai

Page No.: 2321 - 2325


48. An Efficient Edge Servers Selection in Content Delivery Network Using Voronoi Diagram  

Authors: Debabrata Sarddar, Sandip Roy, Rajesh Bose

Page No.: 2326 - 2330


49. Study of Genetic Algorithm, an Evolutionary Approach  

Authors: Mrs.K.Jayavani, Dr.G.M.Kadhar Nawaz

Page No.: 2331 - 2334


50. A Genetic Algorithm Based Source Code Mining Approach for Language Migration  

Authors: S. Geetha, Dr. K. Iyakutti

Page No.: 2335 - 2338


51. Improving Energy Effeciency and Reliability of Disk Storage Systems  

Authors: Kiranmai Bellam, Yonggao Yang, Sherri Frizell, Timothy W. Robinson

Page No.: 2339 - 2349


52. Different Approaches for Speaker Diarization  

Authors: Pooja M. Gaud, Dr. V.V. Patil

Page No.: 2350 - 2354


53. BER Improvement in Rayleigh Fading SIMO Channel Using Hybrid Diversity Combining Technique  

Authors: Praksheksha Sharma, Avtar Singh Buttar

Page No.: 2355 - 2358


54. MRI Image Segmentation Using Active Contour and Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm  

Authors: Ruchika Bansal, Darshan Singh Sidhu

Page No.: 2359 - 2362


55. Study of Speaker Verification Methods  

Authors: Sneha M.Powar, Dr. V.V.Patil

Page No.: 2363 - 2367


56. Character Recognition by Levenberg-Marquardt (L-M) Algorithm Using Back Propagation ANN  

Authors: Surabhi Varshney, Rashmi Chaurasiya, Yogesh Tayal

Page No.: 2368 - 2372


57. 3D Printing: The Dawn of a New Era in Manufacturing  

Authors: G. Harsha Vardhan, G. Hari Charan , P. V. Subba Reddy, K. Sampath Kumar

Page No.: 2373 - 2376


58. FPGA Implementation of Low Power Serial to High Speed Data Networks  

Authors: Padmaneela Nallani, Mr. T. Vasudeva Reddy

Page No.: 2377 - 2383


59. Parallel Asynchronous Particle Swarm Optimization For Job Scheduling In Grid Environment  

Authors: Mr.S.Umarani, Dr.T.Senthilprakash

Page No.: 2384 - 2389


61. Unmanned Video/Audio Transmission Robot with Motion Sensor Using 8051 Microcontroller  

Authors: Dr Himani Goyal, Koneru Yadagiri Bharath, Murari Anusha

Page No.: 2394 - 2398


62. Bibliography on the Electrical Aspects of Small Hydro Power Plants  

Authors: Dr Himani Goyal, M.V. Sai Harshith, V. Shireesha, N. Alekhya

Page No.: 2399 - 2404


63. Spatial Decision Support System for Animal Diseases  

Authors: Mahmoud Bakr, Mona Nasr, Maryem Hazman

Page No.: 2405 - 2410


64. A Hash Based Visual Cryptography Scheme for Image Authentication  

Authors: Gonela Shiva, CH. Samson

Page No.: 2411 - 2414


65. Impact of LFSR Seeding on the Test Pattern Generator in BIST  

Authors: Mohammed Sabir Hussain, Syed Mohd Ali Faraz

Page No.: 2415 - 2418


66. Generic Approaches for Node Co operation in Ad hoc Networks  

Authors: Shabana Sultana, Dr. C. Vidya Raj

Page No.: 2419 - 2422


67. Stress Analysis of Bell Crank Lever  

Authors: Mr. M. M. Dange, Prof. S. R. Zaveri, Prof.S.D.Khamankar

Page No.: 2423 - 2430


68. Integrated Renewable Energy - A Green Source of Energy for The Future - A Review  

Authors: Dr Himani Goyal , Y.Bhulakshmi, Srivalli Pavana Gayathri, T.Surekha

Page No.: 2431 - 2435


69. Image Segmentation Using Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO)  

Authors: Sanjeevan Kaur Chahal, Darshan Singh Sidhu

Page No.: 2436 - 2440


70. Overview on Network Security and its Vulnerabilities  

Authors: S.Fathima, Dr.S.Karthik, R.M.Bhavadharini

Page No.: 2441 - 2447


71. Application of Firefly Algorithm for Combined Economic Load and Emission Dispatch  

Authors: Dinakara Prasad Reddy P, J N Chandra Sekhar

Page No.: 2448 - 2452


73. Privacy Preserving Access Control Policies Using Two Level Encryption In Public Cloud  

Authors: A. Karuna, T. Venkata Satish

Page No.: 2456 - 2459


74. Dynamic Resource Allocation for Parallel Data Processing in Cloud Computing Environment  

Authors: Vinayak V. Awasare, Prof. Sudarshan S. Deshmukh

Page No.: 2460 - 2465


75. Improved Multi-hop Pro-active Hand-off for Cognitive Radio Network  

Authors: A.VANI, G.John Israel

Page No.: 2466 - 2469


76. Observation Model for Retinal Image Normalization  

Authors: Pranali A Deshmukh, Prof. Sandeep Paranjape

Page No.: 2470 - 2472


77. HDR Image Quality Assessment using Tone Mapping Operators  

Authors: Mrs. P Lakshmi Devi, Dr. S Varadharajan, E Usha Rani

Page No.: 2473 - 2479


78. Microarray gene expression ranking with Z-score for Cancer Classification  

Authors: M .Yasodha, Dr P Ponmuthuramalingam

Page No.: 2480 - 2484


79. Optimisation of Wireedm Parameters for H11 Tool Steel using Correlation - TOPSIS  

Authors: Tenzing Dorjee Pradhan, B.B. Pradhan

Page No.: 2485 - 2492


80. Investigations for the Prediction of Resonant Frequency of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using RBF Neural Network  

Authors: Mohammad Aneesh, J.A Ansari, Ashish Singh, Kamakshi

Page No.: 2493 - 2496


83. Internet of Things: Usage of LiFi and Need for Flow Control Protocol  

Authors: B R Vatsala, Dr. Vidya Raj C

Page No.: 2510 - 2513


86. Understanding the role of emotions, usability components and design features in HCI  

Authors: Deepak Aggarwal, Somya Jain

Page No.: 2522 - 2525


87. Storage of Ontology as Database and Representation of Existing Database as Ontology  

Authors: Ivy Jane Thomas, Fr. Rubin Thottupuram

Page No.: 2526 - 2534


88. Novel Image Fusion Technique Based On DWT & MSVD  

Authors: M. Varsha, M. Ravi Kishore

Page No.: 2535 - 2540


89. Query Expansion Algorithm with Metadata Support for Ontology Matching  

Authors: Ancy Abraham, Rubin Thottupuram

Page No.: 2541 - 2544


90. Analysis and Improvement of Pegasis using Sink Mobility  

Authors: Shifali Goyal, Balraj Singh Sidhu

Page No.: 2545 - 2549


91. Close Range High Voltage Multiplier Device  

Authors: Ronit Rudra, Praneet Dutta

Page No.: 2550 - 2552


92. Co-operative Communication with Opportunistic Relays  

Authors: Dr Himani Goyal, Thota Kishore, K.Aravind, K.Swetha

Page No.: 2553 - 2555