Volume 2 Issues - (April 14 Issue4)

1. A Survey on Secret Key Extraction Using Received Signal Strength in Wireless Networks  

Authors: Hemavathi M N, Annapurna V K

Page No.: 709 - 713


2. A Study on Transient Stability Improvement of 5-machine 14-bus system using SVC  

Authors: Rajeev Kumar Verma, Sangeeta Mishra

Page No.: 714 - 717


3. Obtaining Fuels from Plastic Waste  

Authors: Rima Ingle,Rahul Masal, Atul Gargad

Page No.: 718 - 720


4. TACID Transaction in DBMS  

Authors: Ms. Ankita. S. Chikhale, Prof. S.S. Dhande

Page No.: 721 - 725


5. Video Retrieval Using Embedded Audio Content  

Authors: Akash Tawde, Vipul Tare, Mrs. Geetanjali Khanvilkar

Page No.: 726 - 728


6. Design and Development of Cordless Multidoor Alarm System Using NE555 Timer  

Authors: Pabitra Kumar Nandi, Samiran Maiti

Page No.: 729 - 732


7. Text Line Segmentation of Handwritten Documents in Hindi and English  

Authors: Sunanda Dixit, Sneha, Nilotpal Utkalit, Suresh H.N.

Page No.: 733 - 739


8. Power Optimization of Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) for Low Power BIST A Review  

Authors: Gagandeep Singh Aqida, Amandeep Kaur

Page No.: 740 - 742


9. Data Security in Cloud Computing Using Separate Encryption Decryption Cloud Service  

Authors: Prajakta R Rajapure, Deepali S Khandzode, Swati N Ranpise, Meghana R Kanthale

Page No.: 743 - 746


10. Analysis of VLSI Pacemaker Designs A Review  

Authors: Amandeep Kaur, Amandeep Kaur (Astt. Prof.)

Page No.: 747 - 749


11. Secure Data Transmission Using Wireless Data Transmission and Face Detection  

Authors: Swapna V. Tikore, Dhainje Prakash

Page No.: 750 - 753


13. A Comprehensive Study on Generalized Search Engines versus Semantic Search Engines  

Authors: J.Sirisha, B.V.Subbarao, D. Kavitha, Y. Padma

Page No.: 757 - 761


14. Modularization of Existing Product Using OSGi Framework  

Authors: Prachee Kane, Dr. Radhakrishna Naik

Page No.: 762 - 765


15. A Survey on Mobile Cloud Computing  

Authors: Mahesh Kadibagil, Dr. H S Guruprasad

Page No.: 766 - 769


16. Cloud Computing Issues and Challenges  

Authors: Juee U.Daryapurkar, Prof. Karuna G. Bagde

Page No.: 770 - 773


17. A Power Sector of India by Electric Grid  

Authors: Prof.R.S.Somalwar, Mr.S.M.Apte, Mr.Y.R.Ikhe

Page No.: 774 - 777


18. Gabor Wavelet analysis for mammogram in Breast Cancer Detection  

Authors: Snehal A. Mane., Dr.K. V. Kulhalli.

Page No.: 778 - 781


19. Ontology Based Contextual Intent Recognition for Speech Gesture Utterances  

Authors: Ms.R.Saktheeswari, Ms.N.Devi

Page No.: 782 - 788


21. A Survey on Big Data in Real Time  

Authors: Rasika Ashokrao Dugane, Prof. A. B. Raut

Page No.: 794 - 797


23. Network Based Intrusion Detection Using Honey pot Deception  

Authors: Dr.K.V.Kulhalli, S.R.Khot

Page No.: 805 - 810


24. A Survey on Emerging Schemes in Brain Image Segmentation  

Authors: K.Vinodhini, K.Harinee, P.Mohanapriya

Page No.: 811 - 813


25. Barcode Detection of Barcode Images Captured by Mobile Phones Android application  

Authors: Ms. Waghmode Shital R., Prof. Mrs. G. J. Chhajed

Page No.: 814 - 819


26. Next Generation in Vehicle Networking  

Authors: Shripad S Kulkarni, Prof. Nita Vishwakarma

Page No.: 820 - 823


27. Digital Simulation of 48 Pulse GTO Based Statcom and Reactive Power Compensation  

Authors: Subhasis Bandopadhyay, Amartya Roy

Page No.: 824 - 827


28. A Brief Survey on Design of Intrabody Communication System for Human Area Network Applications  

Authors: Sumit Kumar, Prof. M. U. Inamdar

Page No.: 828 - 832


29. Energy Minimization and Conformation Analysis of Molecules using Block diagonal Newton Raphson Method  

Authors: B.J.Jaidhan, Prof. P.Srinivasa Rao , Prof. Allam Apparao

Page No.: 833 - 837


30. Comparative Study On Data Aggregation Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Abhijith H V, Dr M Dakshayini

Page No.: 838 - 845


32. Improve the Performance of Heat Exchanger Twisted Tape Insert With Metallic Wiry Sponge  

Authors: Maheshkumar J.Patel, K.S.Parmar, U. R. Soni

Page No.: 850 - 853


33. Design and Develop an Intrusion Detection System Using Component Based Software Design  

Authors: Er. Mohit Angurala, Er. Malti Rani

Page No.: 854 - 860


34. A Note on Distributivity of a Poset of Subhypergroup of a Hyper Group  

Authors: A.D. Lokhande, Aryani Gangadhara

Page No.: 851 - 866


35. Femtocell Energy Efficient Cellular Networks  

Authors: Jundre Pramod Vitthal, Dr. Jayarekha P

Page No.: 867 - 872


36. A Novel Method for Movie Character Identification Based on Graph Matching A Survey  

Authors: Mr. B. S. Salve, Prof. S. A. Shinde

Page No.: 873 - 879


37. A Development Approach towards Self Learning Schedulers in Linux  

Authors: Prashant T. Raut, Sushma S. Nandgaonkar

Page No.: 880 - 884


38. Implementation and Performance Analysis of LSB Based Steganography  

Authors: Prof. Arjun R. Nichal, Mr. Abhinav C. Gorle, Mr. Nitin S. Chavan, Ms. Rohini R. Kondhalkar

Page No.: 885 - 889


39. Framework for Element Management System and Performance Analysis  

Authors: Amulya V, Dr. Jayarekha P

Page No.: 890 - 894


41. Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgment in MANET’S with Clustering  

Authors: L. Anita Elizabeth, S. Hari Prasanth, S. Gopesh, B. Kripa Sankar

Page No.: 900 - 906


42. Study of Hybrid Network using different Routing Protocols  

Authors: Prachi Kamat Timble, Nayana Shenvi

Page No.: 907 - 910


44. A Safety Check In Application for Location Recognition over Smartphones  

Authors: Channabasamma, Mohan G Kabadi, Ravikumar G K

Page No.: 915 - 919


45. Location Based Services Using Data Mining For Mobile Users  

Authors: Aakriti Malik, Mrs. Aditi Kajala

Page No.: 920 - 923


46. Implementation of Audio Watermarking Using Wavelet Families  

Authors: Mr. Kamlesh. C. Badhe, Prof. Jagruti. R. Panchal

Page No.: 924 - 929


47. Secret Key Extraction for Wireless Networks During Data Transmission  

Authors: S. Vijayasivaraman, R. Satheeskumar, B. Anbuselvan

Page No.: 930 - 937


48. Geographical Search with Approximate String in Spatial Databases  

Authors: S.Anandhi, B .Anantharaj, R.Hariraman

Page No.: 938 - 941


49. Intelligent Note to Coin Exchanger with Fake Note Detection  

Authors: Prajyot Soor, Shreyas Agate, Gandhar Deshpande

Page No.: 942 - 946


50. Sign Language Recognition System  

Authors: Apoorva Ranjini S S, Chaitra M, Deepika V, Mrs Jyothi M Patil

Page No.: 947 - 953


51. Edge Detection Technique by Fuzzy Logic CLA and Canny Edge Detector using Fuzzy Image Processing  

Authors: B. Divya, Dr. T. K. Shanthi, T. K. Sethuramalingam, Ebin Ephrem Elavathingal

Page No.: 954 - 957