Volume 1 Issues - (November 13 Issue11)

1. Improved Data Gathering System in Wireless Sensor By Using Mobile Data Aggregator  

Authors: D.Shasha Vali, D.R.Srinivas

Page No.: 800 - 803


2. Live Human Detecting Robot for Earthquake Rescue Opeartion  

Authors: Rupnar Pallavi Sharad , Prof. Thorat P.R.

Page No.: 804 - 806


3. A New Approach for Evaluating Of Performance Appraisal  

Authors: Sk.Irshad, T. Priyanka

Page No.: 807-811


4. A Survey on Disease and Nutrient Deficiency Detection in Cotton Plant  

Authors: Ashish Miyatra, Dulari Bosamiya, Nilesh Kamariya

Page No.: 812-815


5. A Survey on Drivers Drowsiness Detection Techniques  

Authors: Jay D. Fuletra, Dulari Bosamiya

Page No.: 816-819


6. Impact of a Node mobility in two Mobile WiMAX Networks under different speeds  

Authors: Jupinder Singh, Sachin Majithia

Page No.: 820-824


7. Performance Evaluation of NTRU Algorithm on Cloud Network on an Android Platform  

Authors: Sukhjinder Singh, Mr.Sachin Majithia

Page No.: 825-829


8. Survey on Various Intelligent Traffic Management Schemes for Emergency Vehicle  

Authors: Nikunj P. Bhensadadiya, Dulari A. Bosamiya

Page No.: 830-833