Volume 1 Issues - (May 13 Issue5)

2. Detection And Tracking Of Moving Objects using Particle Filter  

Authors: S.N.Sangeethaa, Dr.P.Umamaheswari

Page No.: 424-428


3. Hash Based Four Level Image Cryptography  

Authors: Jagminder Kaur Cheema, Mandeep Singh Sandhu, Sukhveer Singh

Page No.: 429-432


4. A Swarm Based Approach to Improve Traditional Document Clustering Approach  

Authors: Kanika Khanna, Madan Lal Yadav

Page No.: 433 - 437


5. Under Publication Process  

Authors: Author 1, Author 2

Page No.: 438-442


6. A New Hybrid Approach to OSPF Weight Setting Problem  

Authors: Nikhil Hemant Bhagat

Page No.: 443-450



Authors: Mrs. Neeraj Sharma

Page No.: 451-452


10. A Review Approach on various form of Apriori with Association Rule Mining  

Authors: Ms. Pooja Agrawal, Mr. Suresh kashyap, Mr.Vikas Chandra Pandey, Mr. Suraj Prasad Keshri

Page No.: 462-468


11. Query Optimization in OODBMS using Query Decomposition & Query Caching  

Authors: Atul Thakare, Prof. Ms. S.S. Dhande, Dr. G. R. Bamnote

Page No.: 469-474


12. Analysis of Hybrid Soft Computing Techniques for Intrusion Detection on Network  

Authors: Alka Chaudhary, Anil Kumar, V.N.Tiwari

Page No.: 475-478


13. Optimization of Dijkstra Algorithm  

Authors: Charika Jain, Dr. Jitendra Kumawat

Page No.: 453-457


14. Power flow analysis with TCSC using Newton- Raphson method  

Authors: Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Pardeep rana

Page No.: 485-488


15. Recognition of Human Actions in Video  

Authors: Hetal Shah, N. C. Chauhan

Page No.: 489-493


16. Optimized power generation using hybrid wind and solar power  

Authors: Mrs T.S.Geetha, Dr.James arputha vijaya selvi

Page No.: 494-497


17. The NFC tag structure in AmI Environment  

Authors: eduardo alvarez navarro

Page No.: 498-503


18. XML based Heterogeneous Database Integration System Design and Implementation  

Authors: Yogesh R.Rochlani, Prof. A.R. Itkikar

Page No.: 504-510