Volume 1 Issues - (June 13 Issue6)

2. Role of Geoinformatics for Ghana oil and gas industry  

Authors: Jonathan A. Quaye-Ballard, Ru An, Samuel A. Andam-Akorful and Naa L. Quaye-Ballard

Page No.: 539-546


3. Probabilistic Rough Classification in Information Systems with Fuzzy Decision Attributes  

Authors: D.Latha, D.Rekha, K.Thangadurai, G.Ganesan

Page No.: 547-552


4. Remote Data Integrity Checking in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Khaba M.V, M.Santhanalakshmi

Page No.: 553-557


5. Soft and Softer Handover in Communication Netwoks  

Authors: Dr. Jitendra Kumawat, Shrinth Tailor

Page No.: 558-562


6. A Study on Ajax in Web Applications with Latest Trends  

Authors: S. Rajesh Kumar, R. Aravaz

Page No.: 563-568


7. Randomized Response Technique in Data Mining  

Authors: Monika Soni, Vishal Shrivastva

Page No.: 569-574