Volume 1 Issues - (December 13 Issue12)

1. An Investigation Into Providing Educational Resources Over a Cloud Service Using The Openstack and Eyeos Platforms  

Authors: Damoah Dominic, Ekow Daniels, Edward Ansong, RonkyDoh, Agyemang Brighter

Page No.: 834 - 842


2. A Review to Increase Productive Output of An Active Solar Distillation System  

Authors: Umang R Soni, Dr. P.K.Brahmbhatt, Hemant B Patel

Page No.: 843 - 848


3. The Necessity & Successful E-Learning Through Various Methods  

Authors: P.Samuel., P.Mohan., P.Hephzibah., S.Senthilkumar.

Page No.: 849 - 851


4. Implementation of Security Protocol for Wireless Computer in Virtual Laboratory  

Authors: H. N. Watane (ME IInd yr), A. B. Deshmukh (Asso.Prof), Dr. A. D. Gawande (HOD)

Page No.: 852 - 857


5. Influence of Electrode Material and Process Parameters on Surface Quality and MRR in EDM of AISI H13 using ANN  

Authors: Bhavesh A. Patel, D. S. Patel, Haresh A. Patel

Page No.: 858 - 869


6. Wireless Networks Simulation with Assessment in PT Software  

Authors: Prof. Priyang Bhatt, Prof. Brijesh Patel

Page No.: 870 - 875


7. Impact Analysis of Wormhole and Blackhole attacks over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  

Authors: Pratibha Kaswan, Deepika Gupta

Page No.: 876 - 881


8. A Survey On Hybrid Routing Protocols In MANETS  

Authors: Parinaz Shahbazi

Page No.: 882 - 887


10. Asymmetric Prevention Based Techniques In Ad-Hoc Networkss  

Authors: Budesh Kanwer

Page No.: 896 - 899


12. Comparative study on Social Competence in Adolescents  

Authors: Sarita Sanwal

Page No.: 905 - 907


13. Secure Computation in Privacy Preserving Data Mining  

Authors: Mr. Rajdeep Brar, Mrs. Monika Soni

Page No.: 908 - 912


14. On The Existence of Discrete Solitons in a Hexagonal Lattice  

Authors: Arvind Sharma, A.K. Nagar

Page No.: 913 - 914


15. Secure Mechanism For Wireless Sensor Networks - A Review  

Authors: Vani.Hiremani, Monali.Madne

Page No.: 915 - 918


16. Semantic Web Mining Review  

Authors: Arti Shukla(Student), Akanksha (Student), Priyanka Yadav

Page No.: 919 - 922


17. Performance Analysis of a signal by removing ICI using Kalman Filter for OFDM Channel  

Authors: Abhishek Tiwari, Devendra Singh

Page No.: 923 - 927


18. Web Spam DetectionUsing Fuzzy Clustering  

Authors: J.Shyam Jegadeesh, P.Libin Jacob, J.John Spencer, C.Stanly DevaKumar

Page No.: 928 - 938


20. A Zigbee Technology for Lighting Control Application  

Authors: Tejal H. Patel, Chatali Panchal

Page No.: 944 - 948


21. A Survey on Design of Multiband Monopole Antenna for Wireless Applications  

Authors: Na.Nanthini, V.Dinesh, J.Vijayalakshmi, K.T.Dhivya

Page No.: 949 - 954


22. Dynamic Characteristics of PV System in Shaded/Un-shaded Portions Using MPPT Algorithm  

Authors: Ms Sushila Chahar,Javed Khan Bhutto, Prof.Y C Bhatt

Page No.: 955 - 960


24. A Review on Software Development and Project Estimation Process  

Authors: Sachhidanand, Shivanand S. Rumma

Page No.: 965 – 968


25. Improved Performance of Network Attack Detection using Combination Data Mining Techniques  

Authors: Amrit Priyadarshi, Dr. Rashi Agarwal

Page No.: 969 - 973