Volume 1 Issues - (August 13 Issue8)

1. Gesture Recognition and Control Part 2 - Hand Gesture Recognition (HGR) System & Latest Upcoming Techniques  

Authors: Prof Kamal K Vyas, Amita Pareek, Dr. Sandhya Vyas

Page No.: 632-637


2. Improved Clustering using Hierarchical Approach  

Authors: Megha Gupta, Vishal Shrivastava

Page No.: 638-640


3. A New Approach for Jamming Attacks using -Packet-Hiding Methods  

Authors: G.Jagadeesh Kumar, B.Purushotham

Page No.: 641-644


4. Analyze Different approaches for IDS using KDD 99 Data Set  

Authors: Mr. Kamlesh Lahre, Mr. Tarun dhar Diwan, Suresh Kumar Kashyap, Pooja Agrawal

Page No.: 645-651


5. A New Approach for Text String Detection from Natural Scenes By Grouping & Partition  

Authors: Regula SriLakshmi, S.Swetha, Thillai Nayagi3

Page No.: 652-655


6. Extraction of Page-Level Data for Efficient Webpage Indexing  

Authors: P.Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Nagarjuna Neelam

Page No.: 662-666


8. Secure Database Access and Transfer Using Public Key Cryptography  

Authors: M.Princy, C.Karthikeyan, Fenella Ann Fowler

Page No.: 674-678